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«DOCUMENT RESUME ED 070 108 CS 500 050 AUTHOR Thornton, Barbara L. TITLE Bibliography for a Research of the Literature in Nonverbal Communication and ...»

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ED 070 108 CS 500 050

AUTHOR Thornton, Barbara L.

TITLE Bibliography for a Research of the Literature in

Nonverbal Communication and Its Applications, As

Related to the Study of Black American Nonverbal


May 72


16p.; Submitted as a partial requirement for a Master


of Arts Program (Plan B), University of Minnesota MF-$0.65 HC-$3.29


*Bibliographies; *Communication (Thought Transfer);


*Ethnic Studies; *Human Posture; Literature Reviews;

*Nonverbal Communication; Research Reviews (Publications) *Black American Nonverbal Communication



This bibliography provides a general review of nonverbal communication--background and applications--in specific relation to Black American nonverbal communication. Approximately 230 entries from 140 authors, spanning the years 1932 to 1972, are arranged alphabetically by author. Professional journal articles and studies are the primary sources of information, but items from books, current dissertations, and unpublished manuscripts are also included.

















By Barbara L. Thornton May, 1972



BY Barbara L. Thornton






* Submitted as a partial requirement for a Master of Arts Program (Plan B).

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