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«Message from the It’s Summertime Editor -Jan Young It is with a heavy heart and many tears that I write this column today. Well, the heat is on ...»

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The Giant Hotline

Volume IX, Issue No. 4 May 2012

Message from the

It’s Summertime Editor

-Jan Young It is with a heavy heart and many

tears that I write this column today.

Well, the heat is on and, at least in Oklahoma, we

started the high temperatures in April. For those of you that were at Like Winter, the Summer brings unique problems and Southfork last Fall, you may remember issues for us to deal with regarding our dogs. We are all my Maggie, who was the oldest Giant aware that, even if the temperature is not terribly high, if in attendance. On Mother’s Day last our jet black babies are in direct sun they can overheat year, I was blessed to get to adopt very quickly so I have included an article on dehydration Maggie when her family gave her in this issue. away after 11-1/2 years.

Believe it or not, our black dogs can even get Maggie had the most beautiful sunburned if exposed to the harsh sun for too long.

personality I have seen in a Giant and With such a mild winter, at least here in the South, the as a certified Therapy Dog she was leas and ticks are bound to be out in force this year and the gentle darling of the residents at with them come risks for many diseases including whatever facility we visited. In the last heartworms. It is amazing how many people do not use 10 months of her life she got to give prophylaxis in their animals but it is so important to and receive love in abundance that protect our babies against these parasites. Once she had missed out upon.

infected, the treatment is so difficult on the dogs due to restriction of activity and the drugs; it is not an In January, I discovered a inexpensive undertaking either. recurrence of a previously removed Tina Fields has also provided some great follow up mammary tumor and she came stories on several of the HTZ-Rescue dogs she has been through repeat surgery like a trooper.

foster mom to and it is always heartwarming to hear

–  –  –

Not sure about the rest of you, but 2012 has certainly passed by in a hurry. It seems like only yesterday that we were meeting at South Fork for Fun Day. I guess 2012 has passed so quickly because Giant Rescue has kept me so busy. Starting the first week of January, I got a call about a young boy who needed fostering. Max was a dear boy, and luckily, we found him a great home about 15 miles from me. His story appears elsewhere in the newsletter along with a great picture of Max and his new family. The following week, HT-Z sent Annie down from Colorado – luckily we already had a home for her so I only kept her for a week. Annie was adopted by the daughter of the couple who adopted Max – that’s called keeping it in the family.

It was good to get these two pups placed quickly because the following week, along came Zen whose family was moving out of country and had to give him up. Zen was the typical 20month-old boy – all energy and no brain. Zen was quickly followed by Schmitty and then by Bogart. Each of these boys has a tale all their own – so you will meet them elsewhere in the newsletter. All in all, I had seven giants living in my house at one time, and I admit getting to the point that I did not remember their names.

Thank goodness, Zen has gone to his forever home in the Great Northwest and Bogart will be going to his new home this weekend. I will be keeping Schmitty for at least another 2 months, as he undergoes physical therapy.

So, it has been a wild 3 months!

During the time that I was fostering these great dogs, we were contacted about a Giant who was being given up and was heartworm positive. Because of her youth, we decided we would give her a chance. For some reason the fostering never occurred. I am hoping that the family decided to keep her and get her the needed medication. However, the reason I am bringing this situation up is that we did a crash course on heartworm treatment and follow-up care. If there is anything we all can do for our dogs, it is to ensure they are on heartworm prevention. I know some people say that they live in areas that have little issue with heartworm, and so people choose not to do the prevention. However, after reading the treatment for this horrible infestation, I can only say that if there is even a remote chance that your dogs might come into contact with heartworm, keep them on prevention. (Note: I own no stock in the company that manufactures heartworm prevention).

Shortly after South Fork, I received a call from one of our members expressing concern with how officers are elected. Our by-laws state that members elect the Board of Directors that in turn selects officers. I re-emphasized to the member that we were following by-laws.

However, if you as a member have a concern with any component of the bylaws, you are certainly entitled to submit suggestions. If people want to volunteer to serve on a by-laws committee to review and make suggested revisions, please let me know.

This same member also expressed concern with always holding our annual event in the Dallas area. This has been done for two reasons: first, more members live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area than in other parts of the catchment area and thus we have larger turnouts at our The Giant Hotline 2 meetings when we hold them in Dallas/Fort Worth. Secondly, no other people/area of Texas has expressed an interest in hosting the event. In fact, we tried having the last Spring Fling in central Texas, and only 12 people attended. If there are people who would like to host the October Fun Day, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I know that the Dallas volunteers would certainly be willing to take a break, as hosting the event is certainly time consuming.

I want to say a big “welcome” to Jean Erath who has been elected to the Board of Directors. There will be a short intro piece about Jean elsewhere in the newsletter. New people on the board bring new ideas (and new people to do all those volunteer jobs). So, welcome, Jean!

In closing my rambling president’s column, I would like to express sympathy to Dr. Jan Young, newsletter editor, who recently lost her dear Maggie. For those of you who attended South Fork, you probably remember Maggie, the giant who barked like a seal. Dr. Jan adopted Maggie about a year ago. At that time, she knew that Maggie just had surgery for mammary cancer and was a “Grande Dame” at the time of the adoption. However, Dr. Jan took this great old gal who had never been out in society and in two weeks got a therapy dog title. I know the time was too short, Jan, but your love and devotion for 10 months was the best of life for Maggie. She will be awaiting you at the Rainbow Bridge.


My Maggie at Home

The Giant Hotline 3 I am thrilled to be part of this club! Having had dogs my whole life, I grew up with Miniature Schnauzers and, as an adult, have had Miniatures, Shih Tzus and a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.

Giants have been a major (and sometimes only) focus for the past 8 years of my life. I will give credit to my husband for introducing me to the breed, but I fell in love quickly and passionately!

Currently I have 5 that live with us full time and co-own numerous Giants around the country. I have been actively showing dogs for the past 9 years, obtaining multiple championships.

Breeding Giants under the kennel name of Tanglewood Giant Schnauzers, I have also fostered for rescue, am a member of the Minneapolis Kennel Club and the GSCA.

Being passionate about diet I cook daily for my dogs, only supplementing with a high grade commercial dog food.

I am looking forward to helping out in any way that I can and giving back to this breed that I love so much!

Jean Erath pictured with BIS CH Tanglewood's Bad Reputation, "Jett"

–  –  –

Dehydration is a lack of water in the body, and can cause serious complications for pets and people alike. Water is essential to all living beings, including dogs, who depend on proper daily fluid intake to maintain appropriate health. It makes up 80 percent of your dog’s body, and dissolves natural and unnatural substances as well as serves as the root of all his biological processes, including circulation, digestion and waste removal.

Dehydration occurs when fluid levels drop to less than normal. This is due to either reduced water intake or increased fluid loss. Fluid loss can be due to overheating in hot weather or a bout of vomiting or diarrhea, especially in puppies.

General symptoms of dehydration in dogs include sunken eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, dry mouth and depression. Dehydration may indicate a serious underlying problem. If you suspect that your dog is dehydrated, take him to a veterinarian immediately. You may be able to detect dehydration at home by gently lifting the skin on the back of your dog’s neck or between the shoulder blades; Unless your dog is seriously overweight or very thin, it should immediately return to a normal position. If he is lacking in fluids, the lifted skin may not quickly return to normal. Often, however, the signs of dehydration are not obvious, and only a veterinarian can provide proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dogs most at risk for dehydration are those who suffer from various illnesses such as kidney disorders, cancer and infectious disease. Elderly dogs and pregnant or nursing dogs may be prone to dehydration, as well as dogs with diabetes not under optimal control.

A veterinarian will administer intravenous or subcutaneous fluids, and run additional tests if necessary, to determine the underlying cause of the condition.

To prevent dehydration, provide clean water at all times, and change it frequently to ensure freshness. Also, don’t forget to wash your pet’s water bowl every day to prevent bacteria from forming.

Monitor your dog’s water intake. Generally, a dog needs at least one ounce of water for each pound of body weight per day. If your dog is not drinking an adequate amount of water, seek veterinary advice. Monitoring water intake is especially important if he’s recovering from diarrhea, vomiting or other illnesses and if they are left outside in summer heat.

Water bowls with a weighted bottom will prevent your dog from knocking it over and there are automatic water bowls on the market for convenience.

Always bring extra water when you’re traveling or exercising with your dog.

If you notice your pet is drinking less than usual, check his mouth for sores or other foreign objects, such as burrs or sticks.

Keep your toilet lid closed to interrupt your dog’s efforts to turn the bowl, which can be a source of bacteria, into a water fountain. This can also be a source of poisoning if leave in appliances or chemicals are used.

–  –  –

Turti may be nearly 3 but he is the biggest kid at heart. He especially loves rescue puppies as he can play with them and teach them "all the ropes".

–  –  –

Sarah and Lee adopted Max in early January. At that adoption, Tina met Annie, the daughter of Sarah and Lee, and her family. Max was such a good representative of Giant Schnauzers, that Annie and her family decided to adopt a Giant. In mid-January, Annie went to live with her new forever home. Now, Max and Annie get together all the time and when summer arrives, they will be spending their time floating down the rivers in New Braunfels – what a life!

The Giant Hotline 8 Schmitty was originally rescued by a woman off of an ad on Craig's list. She picked up the sweet 5 year old boy, and the original owner told her the dog would be great as a running companion. She took him home where he was the perfect companion. He never messed up the house, never tore up anything. After one week, she took him out running. By the time they got back home from the run, Schmitty was so lame that he could not get out of the car. She took him to the vet who indicated the dog had severe hip dysplasia and should be put down. The new owner just could not do that to such a sweet dog so she called HT-Z.

I picked up the dog and took him to my veterinarian. She thought it was his knee and not hips. So we agreed to X-rays; if he had severe hip dysplasia, we would put it him. Luckily, it was not the hips but a horrible knee. So, Schmitty was scheduled for a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy), a surgical procedure that changes the biomechanics of the knee to reduce pain and add stability.

Schmitty now has 8 pins in his leg and is on "kennel rest" for 3 months. He can only be out of the kennel when he is on-lead and has a set physical therapy routine. So, for 3 months, Tina will be serving as a Physical Therapist.

When Schmitty came to me, he weighed about 100 pounds, and the knee implant is good for less than 100 pounds. So, poor Schmitty, in addition to needing surgery and getting used to living at Tina's, had to go on a crash diet. He went from 8 cups of junk food to 4 cups of low calorie food in one minute. Between the low cal food and the green beans, Schmitty is gaining back his figure (yes, you can tell the waist indention). He is still strong as an ox and does not like being cooped in his kennel. However, we are up to hill walking about 3-4 times a day. So, he really likes the quality time that he gets to spend "only with me."

–  –  –

How lucky we were. Zen had been raised his entire 20 months by the same family, but when they moved out of country, Zen came to HT-Z. He was in good health, but lacking a brain (your typical Giant Schnauzer 20 month old). The adopted dad was going to fly to Houston to escort his new dog home. I encouraged him to use Continental, as I have always had such great service with Continental from Bush International. It was love at first site (both for Bo and for Zen). Bo purchased a 700 kennel to fly his new friend back to Seattle. All is ready.

Monday night … I get a frantic call from Bo. Continental/United (they merged which I did not know) had refused to let Zen fly in a 700 (mind you, Zen is nowhere near the size of Hagrid which I flew to and from Hawaii in a 700). I was beyond disbelief and Bo was beyond mad! The attitude of the people at Cargo was rude, and they were not helpful at all. Bo changed his flight and said we would continue to work on the matter. Meanwhile, I had gobbled down my dinner in case I had to drive the 5 hours over to Houston to retrieve Zen.

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