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«The majority of list contains stuff not really related to the Gods, however, I’ve included at list at the end of TV shows/books/movies/computer ...»

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The Gods Are Everywhere!

I had great fun compiling this initial list and adding to it as I uncovered and

discovered more things. One of the most comprehensive lists of its kind ☺

I already knew of a lot of companies, Street names, fictitious characters,

etc with the names of the Ancient Gods. I was to find a great deal more,

on further net searches and upon my own travels. A work in progress, as I

am discovering more and more :) The aim, at first was to find companies, also famous bands, fictitious places, characters, etc in movies/TV etc that shared the names of the Gods (mainly Greek/Roman), without being affiliated with the Gods and Goddesses such as ‘Athena stationery’, Hermes Removals... Apollo Cheese (Actually back then, Apollo was the patron God of Cheese makers ☺) I once saw a car’s license plate which read AP:OLLO and another which read APO11O.

The majority of list contains stuff not really related to the Gods, however, I’ve included at list at the end of TV shows/books/movies/computer games featuring the Gods (and famous creatures and mortals) such as Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, Hercules/Xena, Roman Mysteries, Age of Mythology, etc and compiled a list of English words that were inspired by the Gods, eg Herculean (meaning mammoth effort), from Hercules’ legendary strength and labours, Titanic, meaning huge (and the name of the infamous ‘unsinkable’ ship) from the Titans’ gigantic size, etc. Please note that I had not included phone numbers for privacy. Some of the companies may have closed down since I started making this list in 2006.

I have not included most famous people with more common names such as Diana, Helen, etc - no offence to Dianas or Helens of the world (or Helen of Troy) - that would probably launch 1000 more pages … I keep to less common mortal names, such as Ele(c)ktra, Alek(c)tis, Olympia, etc.

Also not included are personal addresses/numbers, etc for security reasons. Also, no offence, but I have not included everyday mortals ☺ with names of the Gods/Goddesses as there are many. I’ve known people called Artemis, Athena, Elysia, Eris, Io, Hector, Phaedra, Persephone, Titania, Ulysses… I’ve also not included people’s personal online handles/ avatars, named after Gods/Goddesses or infamous ancient mortals or creatures.

I’ve also grouped the Gods’ other names (Such as Zeus/Jupiter/ Jove, Hades/ Pluto, Aphrodite/Venus, Hestia/Vesta, Hermes/Mercury, Poseidon/ Neptune/Triton, etc)

The list is organised thus:

Lists of companies, street names, etc named after the Gods 1) Fictitious characters and other fictitious mentions of names of the 2) Gods (Though not the Gods themselves) Famous folks, bands, songs, etc with names of the Gods 3) Planets, moons and other astrological bodies with mythological 4) names GaiaOnline collectibles with nods to the Gods 5) Movies, TV, Books, Operas and computer gamesetc, actually set in 6) the time of Ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt where the Gods and famous mortals star Some words in the English language which originate from the 7) ancient Greek

–  –  –

When I began this list, it amazed me just how many things, companies, famous folks and characters were named after the Gods. One night I stayed up excitedly, finding heaps of companies and things with names of the Gods, before I finally entered the realms of Hypnos and Morpheus and this was well *after* Apollo’s arrival!

It heartened me how ingrained their names are thousands of years later and although the majority of today’s world no longer honour or worship the ancient Gods… I’m sure Apollo has nothing to do with the production of baby prams ;) … Nor that Hades grinds the peppers in the excruciating hot pepper sauce which bears his name…maybe he’s tried it however ;) it’s really heartening that the Gods are still amongst us in spirit and in our everyday dealings with this world, even if most don’t even notice, realise or really think of the Gods directly when they see Venus Perfumes, Athena Hairdressers, or that Nike shoes take borrow their name from ‘Athena Nike,’ Goddess of Victory! So when they see things like Zeus Publications, or a truck with HERMES REMOVALS in big red letters passes them on the street, on some level, even subconsciously, it reminds us that the Gods are still and will always be amongst us. Bless!

Now without any further ado... on with the show!

–  –  –

USS Aeolus – More than one ship shared this name. A later version was featured in the creative non-fiction novel and movie The Perfect Storm.

Aeolus tyres Aeolus Trucks Aeolus Project Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Aeolus pipe organs Anubis (God of Judgment, Egypt) Anubis press

–  –  –

Aphrodite herb (also known as Damiana - for happiness, wellbeing and is an

aphrodisiac :) (That word comes from Aphrodite too, you know! :D

Aphrodite paintings Aphrodite perfume Aphrodite fashion Aphrodite promotions Aphrodite maintenance Aphrodite’s Temple Aphrodite bath products Aphrodite Natural lip tint from The Perfect Potion Aphrodite loose light pink eye shadow colour by Mica Beauty Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie, OPI nail colour – cute!

Aphrodite Illuminate candles Aphrodite’s Love Crate, goodie box for the skin and hair by Brightwood L’Aphrodite café – nice!

Aphrodite - Napoleon Perdis lip colour Rose Aphrodite, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rogue Pur Caste Satin Radiance lipsick Aphrodite yarn AprhodiTea, herb tea from Happy High Herbs and The Herbalist Aphroditea – tea company Venus (the name of a real humpback whale) Venus adult products (hehe ;) Venus adult shops Venus art supplies Venus (a buff shade of ‘Avon’ nail polish) Venus beauty (so fitting!!) Venus citrus Venus camping gear Venus, a style of carpet Venus Cove (place in the US) Vénus, Dior Lip gloss Venus de Violet, OPI nail colour – cute!

Venus drinks Venus doll hose furniture Venus electronics Venus exotic foods (Yow! Gotta get me some ;) Venus Envy, green Manic Panic hair dye Venus Florentine – a gorgeous garden statue I saved up for. For me she is Persephone Venus flower basket, beautiful deep sea sponges Venus group (a business website) Venus fashion Venus flytrap, incest eating plant Venus (ganache dark centre chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Love Mood Creations

range} Verrrry nice!!! :D

Venus Greek brandy – very nice in Goddess shaped bottles!

Venus hair Venus natural lip tint from The Perfect Potion (They also do Lakshmi, Sirona, Freya and Uzume) Venus maternity Venus manufacturing Mount of Venus (Palmistry term - referring to lines and formations on your palm) Mythical Venus, dress from Holy Clothing (check their eBay store for more gorgeous stuff!) Venus navel oranges Venus Perfumes, liquid Venus Perfumes, solid (different company from the liquid ones - Made in Greece - the ones that come in those gorgeous mini porcelain jars/ amphoras, with lovely Greek frescos painted on them) Pink Venus, M.A.C eyeshadow shade Venus repairs The Venus Project (an amazing project for positive change in humanity http://www.thevenusproject.com Venus sporting goods Venus scent by DB Venus swimwear Venus taps (faucets) Venus talent agency Venus trees Venus van Venus yarn Venus water purifiers/ionisers Venus women's shavers (also Venus Divine, Embrace, Breeze, Tropical, Oceana, Spa, Sensitive, Malibu. GaiaOnline also featured various “Venus Embrace” Avi clothing, purple bikini, skirt, etc) See GaiaOnline entry.

Venus (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Venus (various) Venus Vibe, metallic lilac house paint colour by Dulux Venustus beauty salon Venus comb shell Apollo ~ Apollon {God of the Sun, Muse of Poets} Greek {His Sanctuary was at Delphi} Apollo Asian foods Apollo art Apollo bathrooms & kitchens Apollo baby prams/strollers Apollo Bay Resort Apollo batteries Apollo Bay (place) Apollo bicycles Apollo blinds Apollo business centre Apollo campervans + magazine Apollo cakes Apollo cars Saturn Apollo Carpets Apollo candles Apollo chocolates Apollo collector’s magazine Apollo constructions Apollo cheeses Apollo computers and computer equipment & accessories Apollo computer font Apollo dive gear (One of Apollo’s forms was actually a dolphin) Apollo – fragrance of Lynx deodorant Apollo engineering Apollo electronics Apollo floor & sanding Apollo footwear Apollo fruit Apollo gas products Apollo Grey, Dulux dark grey, gritty house paint colour (Also have Mykonos blue) Apollonians Greek coin store Hammersmith Apollo, entertainment centre in London Apollo hi-fi Holden Apollo car Apollo holidays Isul Apollo (Gorgeous Dollfie vintage style explorer doll) Apollo insulation Apollo knit fabric Apollo lighting Apollo line/mount (Palmistry terms) Apollo Japanese sweets Apollo movie making company Apollo music Apollo, name of a meerkat cub in Meerkat Manor Apollo Movie Guide Apollo musical instruments Apollo marketing Apollo metals Apollo plastic sleeves Project Apollo (health) Apollo office stationery (different from the plastic sleeves) Apollo optical Apollo parking Apollo patios Apóllo printing Apollo printers Apollo relocations Apollo restaurant Apollo shops Apollo space program – also Apollo Space Academy Apollo (Street, Road, etc) Apollo take away food Apollo Theatre Apollo towels Apollo tomatoes Apollo truck(s) Apollo 13 computer font (has cute rockets) Apollo valley Apollo (the name of a real humpback whale) Apollo white goods Apollo wholesalers Apollo van Apollo (various) Apollon restaurant Delphi water ionizer Delphi cars Delphi electronics Delfini Restaurant

–  –  –

Ares electronics & technology Ares computer software Ares download site Ares environmentally friendly products Ares research Ares rocket Ares music Ares space program (Astromaterials and Exploration Research Science) Mars art Mars confectionery - (Mars bar ;) Mars was the inventor’s last name ☺ Mars Aquarium (yes, the same guys that make the chocolates, different division) Mars (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Mars foods Mars plastics Mars pressurized pen by Fisher – has over 80 years of ink and can write underwater and through water and oil – I wants one!!!

Mars fabrics Mars fireworks Mars, grassroots company Mars café Mars Hill café Mars electronics Mars forklifts Mars home improvements Mars black (art paint colour) Mars mobile phone company Metro Mars, metallic gold Dulux house paint colour Mars printing Mars property Mars (various) Plain of Mars, Mars Positive & Mars Negative (Palmistry terms) Field of Mars, placed in Greece & Australia

–  –  –

of Animals} Greek~Roman Artemis fishing Artemis investments Artemis multimedia Artemis natural products Artemis perfume Artemis restaurant Artemis records Artemis showers Artemis security Artemis tea Artemis yacht Artemis wines Artemis (various minor companies) Artemisia (name of a herb, said to bring relaxing and sensual dreams when drunk as a tea :) and is very cleansing of stuck, stagnant and negative energies when burnt or used as a smudge stick.

ARTemis, art group Diana blueberries Diana kids blinds (for home) Mount of Luna (Palmistry term) Luna fabric range (Macquarie textiles) Nokia Luna (mobile phone model) Hotel Luna Convento, Italy Casa Luna hotel Luna, China Glaze nail polish colour Luna real estate Luna party gear Pizza Luna, pizzeria Cala Luna Ristorante La Luna, type of rose Luna Nuova, Italian/Spanish restaurant Luna, Apocalips colour by Rimmel Luna, name of a real Orca whale. Documentary made about him called The Whale Lune, Dior fashion mono eyeshadow Lunaria Financial, Ltd, creative financial company Lunar, RMS Beauty eye polish Lunar Escape, light yellow house paint shade by Wattyl Moon Goddess, off white house paint shade by Taubmans Karyatis foods Karyatis hotel Karyatis Greek Art Company Karyatis brandy (same as the Venus brand) Athena ~ Minerva ~ Pallas ~ Nike {Goddess of War and Wisdom} Greek~Roman – The Parthenon was built for her Athena adult products – ooo!

Athena bathrooms Athena biotechnology Athena cakes Athena champagne Athena cosmetics Athena beauty products Athena bags Athena bookshop Athena dairy Athena deli Athena designs Athena fashion Athena foods (other) Athena Greek foods Athena greeting cards Athena group Athena hairdressers Hotel Athena, Toscana Athena interior design Athena Institute, biomedical research Athena, name of a meerkat cub in Meerkat Manor Kult of Athena (kultofathena.com) cool reenacment weapons and armour store Athena - Napoleon Perdis lip colour Athena natural products Pallas Athena Hotel Athena perfume Athena restaurant Athena renovations Athena School – fitting for the Goddess of Wisdom!

Athena stationery Athena (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Athena technology Athena (various) Winter Storm Athena name given to a storm Plaza Athenee, in Paris Athens/Athenian (Various) – Such as Athenian hotel, Restaurant Athens, Greece and Georgia, USA, named in honour of Athena Athens, Greek pizza by Castile Athens Court apartment blocks Athens, very light grey/off white house paint shade by Wattyl Minerva olive oils (this is very nice) Minerva handcrafts & fabrics Piazza Della Minerva (in Rome) Minerva Books Hotel Minerva Minerva art magazine Minerva motorbikes (they look like Vespas, so cool!) Minerva (various) Nike shoes (Athena Nike - Goddess of Victory) Pallas Couture Parthenon – name of several Greek restaurants Atlas {Greek Titan} Atlas demolition (who can blame him…) Atlas cedarwood {an essential oil} Atlas books Atlas cotton Atlas construction Atlas campervan made by Olympic Atlas chairs Atlas Entertainment Atlas gardening gloves Atlas glass Atlas air Atlas computer font Atlas fabric range (Macquarie textiles) Atlas filming Atlas insect spray Atlas hearing aids Atlas Mountain Rose, (Body Shop fragrance) Atlas Mountains, Morocco Atlas (Map book of the Earth and other variations such as Atlas of Sacred Places, Vineyard Atlas, Travellers Atlas, Atlas of Middle Earth, etc) Atlas Mason Company Atlas (region on the Moon) Atlas Italian pasta maker Atlas Oceanic sound & Picture Atlas pools & pool service Atlas pet carrier Atlas (Map book of the Earth and other variations such as Atlas of Sacred Places, Vineyard Atlas, Travellers Atlas, etc) Atlas Souvenirs Atlas the service dog Atlas travel – fitting!

Atlas travel insurance (different from above) Atlas waste disposal Atlas water tanks Atlas (Various) Giant Atlas Moth (25 cm – 10 inch wingspan!) Would love to see one of these beautiful creatures!

Atlis (spelt this way) olive oil

–  –  –

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