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«The majority of list contains stuff not really related to the Gods, however, I’ve included at list at the end of TV shows/books/movies/computer ...»

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Aurora Italiano pasta sauce (Now called Dolmio) Aurora, Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic research vessle Aurora picture frames Aurora sewing machines Aurora space ship Aurora Group Aurora (streets, etc) Hotel Aurora Aurora Hotel Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) & Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) Aurora (various) Aurora real estate Aurora, various car models Aurora, Chantecaille Galactic lip shine Aurora analog wristwatch by RipCurl, comes in purple and black Aurora, Dior fluid eyeshadow Aurora, historical Russian ship White Dawn, white house paint shade by Berger Eos lotions Volkswagen Eos Eos Canon camera Eos cosmetics, different from Eos lotions Cerridwen - Cerridwyn {Goddess of Wisdom} Celtic Ceridwen’s Cauldron – Lush bath melt – really nice!!

Chronos {Father of time} Greek Roman (Not to be confused with the Titan Kronos/Chronus)

–  –  –

Demeter organic foods (barley, etc - fitting!) Demeter bio dynamic milk Demeter perfumes & colognes Demeter produce Demeter - Napoleon Perdis lip colour

Ceres organic foods (also fitting! :)

Ceres Project - on sustainability (very fitting too!) Ceres community Ceres centre Ceres (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Ceres (praline cinnamon chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Art of Expression range} Ceres (various)

–  –  –

Dionysos wines (fitting, huh!) Dionysos theatre Dionysos resort Dionysos jewellery Dionysos clothing Dionysos erotic products (ooo ;) Dionysos extra virgin olive oil Dionysos name of an amazing African elephant Dionysian productions Dionysian pictures Bacchus wine/liqueur (what else, lol ;) Bacchus distillery (different company, located in Australia) Bacchus Marsh (a place in Victoria, Australia - must visit sometime, sounds lovely ☺) Bacchus, place in Newcastle, Australia Bacchus, type of apple Bacchus cigars Bacchus, Korean energy drink Bacchus books Bacchus Restaurant Bacchus music Bacchus Construction Bacchus wall plaque Bacchus bar & hotel Baccus hotel (spelt that way) Bacchanal hotel Epona ~ {Goddess of Healing and Horses} Gallo~Roman Epona.net, educational resource Epona Co, home wares Epona shoes Epona TV Epona Medical Epona fashion

–  –  –

Mount Erebus, mountain in Antarctica ErIs ~ Discord {Goddess of Chaos} Greek~Roman Eris (natural marzipan chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Art of Expression range}

–  –  –

Eros essential oil blend (and also Eros body care from The Perfect Potion, Australia) Eros clothing Eros adult theatre (very fitting ;) Eros adult products – ooo - fitting!

Eros (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Eros natural products (massage oils, etc) Body Shop Eros (books various) Eros satellite Eros electronics Eros cinema Eros perfume by Versace (mens and women’s versions) quite nice EROS image gallery, US Geological Survey Eros, Napoleon Perdis lip colour Rose Eros, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rogue Pur Caste Satin Radiance lipsick Cupid online dating service (again, fitting, lol) Cupid’s Arrow, web Avi’s, dinky’s, cursors, skins, etc Cupid sweets ☺ Cupid's Kiss, pink cocktail drink Cupid equestrian Cupid gifts Cupid weddings Cupid freestanding bath by Carma – nice!

Cupid wedding attire (different company and both very fitting! :D

Cupid hair Cupid Cash (cute Valentine’s Day instant scratch lotto tickets) Cupid (various) Cupid’s Revenge couples competition Struck By Cupid – redValentine’s Day ice cream – lovely with hearts and arrows – very cute and yummy!!

Cupid Lips, Kit Cosmetics, full colour lip glaze Cupid Pink, Body Shop hot pink high gloss nail colir

–  –  –

Gaia organic products Gaia finance Gaia publishing (books) Gaia Oasis spiritual retreat (Bali) Gaia Retreat & Spa (Australia) Gaia environmental company {Very fitting as we should look after our Mother) Gaia batteries Gaia comics Gaia hair and beauty Gaia beauty salon (different form above) Gaia safety products Gaia natural products Gaia natural baby products Gaia clothing Gaia (various) PanGaia magazine PanGaea – the supercontinent millions of years ago before they split apart GaiaOnline game & web fun site (Has cool God and Goddess things – www.gaiaonline.com See last page for GaiaOnline collectibles, items, etc) Hades ~ Pluto ~ Orcus {Sovereign of the Underworld, Justice Lord of the Dead. God of Wealth and Justice } Greek~Roman Hades Hills Mountain Range (Place in Quebec, Canada).

Hades hot sauce (“Infernal fires of Hades”) LOL!! I so wanna try this! Probably blow m’ head off, but hey ;) Hotter than Hades pepper mix Hades Company Many companies/things are called Shades, a dark and mysterious place of Hades. It’s Hades with an S in front. Interesting how sunglasses are called “Shades” and many people seek shady spots in the Summer ☺ I also had a perfume called Shades. Nice!

Hades 360 roller coaster – looks FUN!!!

Hades smoky eye & black make up Hades bath oil Hades roasted coffee essence by Cyclops – Yum! I wants some, precioussss! ;) Hadesmuse.com Pluto water (a laxative water from yesteryear - Pluto is a planet of releasing :)...

Have a chuckle, but it’s true. Releasing the physical, emotional & mental shit we no longer need. Go Pluto! Yes he’s still a planet as far as I’m concerned, so there!) Pluto Rocks {He sure does! And so do these! Little rock shaped chocolate coated coloured candies. Mmm! Pluto is delicious too ;) Got some before an overseas trip – hope I can go to Pluto one day!

Pluto pups {Also called Dagwood or Corn Dogs, though I think Pluto pups sounds waaay better & cuter! They’re battered & fried hot dog on a stick... I’m not too keen on hot dogs, but I luv Pluto Pups. When due to Severe anaemia, I could no longer be a vegetarian, I broke my vegetarianism with a Pluto pup ;) Pluto foods Pluto Dive, deep sea diving company Pluto wind chimes Pluto herb Pluto home wares (They make lovely purple Pluto Curtains!!!) Pluto (name of a prize winning goat - I shit you not!) Pluto press Pluto clothing Pluto ice cream Pluto computing Pluto pet food Pluto electronics & technology Pluto Company Pluto boating Pluto men's cologne Pluto books (various) Pluto perfume (No, I’m NOT kidding, lol! It’s in honour of Disney’s Pluto :) – Citrussy, I’m told! Must get me some!) Pluto (Street, Road, etc) Pluto (Various companies, etc) Plutonium (metal) Pluto is mentioned on the back of Oak choc mint milk – so funny I had to include it! – very yummy!

Plouton homeopathic cold & flu remedy – great stuff. Pluton is another of Hades’ names Orca whale, named after Orcus

–  –  –

Helios olives Helios records Helios vegan foods Helios snack foods Helios health foods Helios health & beauty Helios (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Helios heat Hotel Helios Helios natural therapies Helios, bright yellow house paint shade by Wattyl The Colossus (A Mammoth magazine crossword) The Colossus Crossword Book Colossus (A Mega kebab - you can even get Greek ones!) Colossus, coloured PC chassis/box Colossus cooking oil Hephaistos ~ Vulcan {God of the Forge} Greek~Roman Vulcan metals (fitting!) Vulcan air conditioning Vulcan Hotel Vulcan industrial Vulcan, UK fighter jet Vulcan, (Street, place, etc) Vulcan State Forest, NSW Australia Vulcan International, steel manufacturers Vulcan Plane Vulcan retro toy washing machine Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily) – There’s also a hotel called Aeolian there Vulcano hotel Vulcanologist, one who studies volcanoes

–  –  –

Hera (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Hera technical products Hera management Hera lighting Hera timber Hera perfume, Eau de Beaute, various fragrances, Korean Hera skin care Hera hair & beauty salon Prostant Hera – Latin name for the native Australian plant mint bush Hera, Napoleon Perdis lip colour Herra hair perfume (spelt that way – GORGEOUS STUFF!!! ☺)

–  –  –

Herakles (computer font) Hercules truck(s) Hercules House – a safe haven for the mentally challenged Hercules trampoline (these are awesome!!) Hercules tea Hercules Military supplies (The enemy doesn’t stand a chance, lol) Hercules aircraft carrier Hercules (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Hercules plastic snap-lock bags Hercules engineering Hercules fishing gear Hercules graphics Hercules adult toys ;) Hercules furniture Hercules Incorporated Hercules cologne – He’d need this after his 12 labours! ;) Hercules line fishing equipment – should catch the BIG one!

Hercules cleaning machines Hercules building material Hercules hardware Hercules construction Hercules strong tape Hercules plastics Hercules towing Hercules, giant moth Hercules (region on the Moon) The Pillars of Hercules, a phrase applied in Antiquity to the high hedland of the entrance to the straits of Gibraltar. Named by Hercules hinmself.

Hercules bath salts Herculaneum, ill-fated town of ancient Rome Herculaneum (computer font) Hermes ~ Mercury ~ Quicksilver

–  –  –

Hermes accessories Hermes abrasive cleaners Hermes boutique (leather goods, ties, etc) HERMES brain scan machine Hermes computer font Hermés Fashion (French) Goodyear tyres have Hermes’ sandal in their logo Hermes hotels (various) Hermes Hotel, 19 Apollonios St Hermes House pregnancy courses Hermes Hotel, Athens Hermes jewellery Hermes leather goods Hermes Messenger Service (This fits!) Hermes perfume Hermes Removals (I got my stuff moved by them, hehe!) – The inspiration for this list Hermes space exploration vehicle, never made, sadly Hermes research Hermes (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Hermes stamp Hermes (various) Hermes (vintage typewriters)

Hermestas artificial sweetener

Mercury alcoholic cider Mercury, Armani nail laquar, fade to grey Mercury AV charger Mercury boating equipment, (out-board motors, etc) Mercury Cinema Mercury consulting Mercury creative services Mercury catering Mercury cider (different from above) Mercury collages Mercury Cruiser Mercury engineering Mercury (car) Ford Mercury old cars Mercury liqueur Mercury management Mercury metals Mercury (the quicksilver metal) The Mercury, main Tasmanian newspaper The Mercury, local Australian Newspaper Mercury Mount (Palmistry term) Mercury mobile helpline Mercury publishing Mercury rubber seals for window & door frames Mercury Records Mercury Space Program Mercury shop Mercury shoes Mercury tobacco Mercury technology Mercury web graphics Mercury (various) Quiksilver sport fashion label (wetsuits, etc – spelt that way)

–  –  –

Hestia lingerie Hestia fashion Hestia shoes Hestia ornaments Hestia healing products (Aromatherapy, etc) Hestia financial services Vesta technology Vesta supplements Vesta land Vesta furnishings Vesta conferences Vesta building Vesta home products Vesta beauty Vesta jewellery Vestal clothing Vesta (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Vesta (Place in Minnesota & Virginia, USA) Vesta, antiqie matchboxes –named after her as she’s the Goddess of the Hearth. Saw these on The Antique Roadshow. Fascinating!!

Horus {Sun God} Egyptian Horus oil perfume (eye of Horus) Horus engineering Horus Oasis, spiritual group Eye of Horus natural eye make-up – very nice!

Eye of Horus on Isla Playa de Cleopatra (fiting!), Turkey – a beautiful eco house shaped like the Eye of Horus Hypnos {God of Sleep} Greek Hypnos music Hypnos records Hypnos beds - (the most comfortable beds in the world!) very fitting!

Hypnos Club, sleep site – fitting Hygeia {Goddess of Health} Roman Hygeia health foods – fitting!

Hyperion {Greek Titan} Hyperion books (Disney) Hyperion movies Iris{ Iris{Goddess of the Rainbow} Greek~Roman Iris natural pharmaceuticals Iris computer font Iris – of the eye Iris – type of flower IRIS – NASA Telescope, (Interface Region Imaging Spectograph) Iris café Iris - Napoleon Perdis lip colour Violet Iris (Yves Saint Laurent Mascara volume effect Faus Lils) Iris lane, street, etc Beautiful Iris, M.A.C eyeshadow shade Iris, Dior Colour & contour lipstick Iris perfume by L`Erbolario Iris Noir Secrets D'essences by Yves Rocher White Iris perfume by Bronnelly D’Iris perfime bu Bois also Iris Prima Iris Splash perfume by Ozmos Infusion D'iris Perfume by Prada Night Iris perfume by mark.

Blue Iris perfume by Shirley May Iris perfume by Yardley Iris perfume by Demeter Fleur D'iris Perfume by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Iris solid perfume by E’Rbolaria Figue-Iris perfume by Guerlain Iris Meadow perfume by Aerin – nice!

Iris plants Iris toner by Clarins Black Iris, scent from Mor Isis {Sun, Earth and Mood Goddess} Egyptian Isis chocolates Isis computer font Isis construction Isis books + Audiobooks Isis electronics & industrial Isis perfume Isis health + health club Isis jewellery Isis Theatre Isis design Isis (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) Isis (various) Isis zone meditation Isis Club, club of the Australian football team of the same name The River Isis – part of the river Thames in London Kalypso ~ Calypso {Sea Goddess} Greek Kalypso clothing Kalypso media Kalypso kold storage (spelt that way) Kalypso computer software Calypso Café Calypso Inn Calypso Col’s Roti Hut (Yummy Caribbean takeout) Calypso Seafood (Fitting! Yum! ;) Calypso Hairdressers Calypso home accessories {I have one of their funky green & purple desk fans, cool as!} Calypso music label Calypso clothing Calypso clothing Calypso (a type of mango) Calypso (place, various) Calypso internet Calypso Holiday Park Calypso cruises RV Calypso Jaques-Yves Cousteau’s research vessle Calypso beauty products Calypso charter Calypso diving – fitting!

Calypso - Napoleon Perdis lip colour Calypso – Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lip colour Calypso Coral, Bobbi Brown rouge for liups & cheeks Calypso shimmer – Bobbi Brown shimmer lip colour Calypso Blue, dark aqua house paint shade by Taubmans Kharon ~Charon {Ferryman of the Dead} Greek Charon software & technology Charon Company Charon Real Estate Charon (Street, Rd, Place, Ave etc)

–  –  –

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