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«ENCHANTED FOREST COMEDY THEATRE INFORMATION 2016 Are you a creative actor, looking for work that will stretch your imagination and challenge your ...»

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Are you a creative actor, looking for work that will stretch your imagination and

challenge your comic skills in the framework of a summer production? Do you have the skill to

keep an audience laughing for 30 minutes straight, several times a day, and the stamina and

attitude to keep striving to better your work all summer? Are you an actor always searching to

fine-tune your craft? --The Enchanted Forest wants you for this summer's comedy theatre ensemble.

Our new play for the 2016 season will be The Princess and the Pea. This is a working theatre, devoted to excellence in comedy. Expect hard work and the freedom to grow creatively in the exciting environment of a constantly changing production.

Our comedy theatre is part of the Enchanted Forest, a family owned theme park.

Approximately 100,000 people visit the park each season. The Enchanted Forest is located about 7 miles south of Salem, Oregon, a town of over 150,000 people. We are about 45 minutes south of Portland, Oregon.

All of our productions of farces on fairy tales are original, outrageous, physical, musical comedies. We use a small cast of three actors daily, on a rotating schedule, hiring 6 actors total for the main cast and normally 6 understudies. This means you work with a different combination of actors daily, keeping the work changing and fresh.

Normally main cast actors are cast three or four days a week in the theatre with the option to work in the Artistic Adventures Troupe to fill out to a five-day work-week if they wish. The understudies have the option to be part of our Artistic Adventures Troupe, which has many additional areas open to work in, including stock, face painting, Chippy mascot work, and park musical performances. The amount of work available in the park will depend on each person’s quality of work in the park, how busy we are, and weather.

PAY The trade-off for the hard work expected in this theatre is the fact that we are one of the best paying theatres in the area. A person working five days a week at the Enchanted Forest can earn approximately $5,000.00 for the theatre season and rehearsal period. Yes, you are paid for rehearsals. Starting salary is $10.25 per hour for your days in the theatre. Your total summer earnings can vary according to Oregon weather. Theatre will be canceled or shortened for the day in heavy rain. (This is rare during our normal season.) We do not guarantee hours for any positions in the park, including theatre.


Six understudies will be cast. Understudies will be involved in the rehearsal process from the beginning. After the initial rehearsal period, understudies will continue to rehearse. This could be in the morning weekly if they are working in the Artistic Adventures Troupe or a full day once every 2 weeks if they do not work in the park. Understudies are paid for all rehearsals and days that they act in the theatre. As with all actors, they have the option to work in the Artistic Adventures Troupe. Understudies can sometimes get more work in the theatre by working in the park because they are available on a moment’s notice if something happens and we need them immediately in the theatre. Again, your ability to fulfill the job description and your quality of work will determine how much work is available for you in the Artistic Adventures Troupe.


If a person is not cast in the main acting troupe or the Artistic Adventures Troupe, it is possible to apply for general park employment. This is a separate application process and the information is online.

REHEARSALS Our 2016 theatre season starts rehearsals Saturday, April 16th. Each actor will rehearse one weekend day from April 16th on, (either Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) for five weeks until our official opening on May 21st. The season opens daily unofficially in mid-May. I understand that some people I cast will still be in school or have other commitments and I will work around that until school is out. The last daily performances are on Labor Day, September 5th, followed by Saturday and Sunday performances for the rest of September. Rehearsals will usually be from 9:00-5:30 PM. You are paid for rehearsals. Scripts will be e-mailed prior to the first rehearsal. This is a fast-paced, physical comedy, so we must work very quickly, with only five days of rehearsals given to us before official opening and generally only 2 rehearsals before we are letting the public watch rehearsal performances. To start out the season with shows that excel and are exciting, I need actors who are prepared, quick studies, strong vocally, creative, positive, reliable and who take responsibility for their acting. This is a physical show requiring that actors be in excellent physical condition.


When applying to work in this theatre, please think carefully about your upcoming potential scheduling conflicts. If you list those conflicts at the time your audition, I will make every attempt to make sure I have 2 backup actors during your absence, and I will consider that time off to be a non-issue. Please give me this opportunity to get the part covered if you want off for any days during the season. This can be a huge problem if you suddenly want extra time off during the season and we have not prepared for it. I need actors who understand they need to work if we do not have the actors to cover for them.


Enchanted Forest is a drug-free workplace and conducts random drug testing. You will also be tested if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the Enchanted Forest premises.


If you are working as part of the Artistic Adventures Troupe you must be able to abide by the dress code. As part of this troupe, even if you opt to do stock, you will still be costumed as part of the Old West or Renaissance. You must look professional. No visible body piercings are allowed including ear gauges. Hair must be a natural looking color, for example, no purple or pink. No visible tattoos. You must be able to cover tattoos with your costume or makeup.


Our theatre is in a beautiful forested setting, with the stage area covered, and the audience seating open among the trees. The theatre seats about 200. Because of the wooded setting, a no smoking policy is strictly enforced in our theatre and park. If you smoke, you must be able to go smokeless between breaks, and on breaks, smoke only in the outside employee smoking area down at the bottom of the hill.


A normal show schedule would be 4 shows a day. It could be 5 if we are extremely busy or 2 or 3 if we are slow. This schedule is subject to change without notice. A four show schedule would

be something like the following:

9:30 Clean-up 9:45 Warm-ups and rehearsal 11:00 Makeup and costumes 11:30 Break (15 minutes) 11:45 walking meet and greet 12:00 Performance 12:30 Workshop show 1:00 Get ready for main stage performance 1:15 Performance 1:45 Break (30 minutes) 2:15 Get ready for main stage performance 2:30 Performance 3:00 Break (15 minutes) 3:15 Other performance activity, workshop or meet and greet.

3:45 Prepare for performance 4:00 Performance 4:30 Meet and greet guests in park or clean up and go home *"Other performance activity" depends on the talents of each actor. This could be singing in the park, magic performances in the park, gunfights in the western town, making balloon animals for the kids or dressing as our mascot Chippy the Chipmunk for kids to hug and take pictures with, dressing like a storybook character such as Alice in Wonderland, or going through the park as your characters from our play.

Guests love to see our theatre characters walking around the park and mingling. You are expected to be “in character” when walking around the park in costume and making magical memories with guests. If you are not in character out in the park, you must take off your costume and makeup and present a professional image.


Auditions will be held by appointment Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd, or any scheduled time prior to callbacks. All auditions will be held at Enchanted Forest. Appointments will be scheduled in groups and last at least an hour, but may be much longer and overlap with the next group. You could be at the first round of auditions several hours. I will then call back about 15-20 actors to audition together on April 9th or 10th. The call back list will be e-mailed to all actors who auditioned. Since this is a group call back, it will run well into the afternoon.

Casting results will be e-mailed on the 11th of April and scripts e-mailed by the 12th so that actors have time to prepare before the first rehearsal.

If you have a great distance to travel and can only make one trip to audition please talk to me.

There is always a way to work around obstacles during the audition process.

Please reserve your audition time as soon as possible by e-mailing me at susan@enchantedforest.com or calling me or texting me on my cell phone (503)-510- 1377.

Auditions are videotaped in the event that later reference is need in casting.

If you cannot make it to auditions, it is possible to audition by mini DV, DVD, Blu-Ray or YouTube. Talk to me about what I need to see on the audition if this is what you need to do.

There is a lot of physical comedy in this show, so dress for freedom of movement at auditions.

Allow the outrageous side of your imagination to run free. Your first audition will be indoors, but callbacks will be in the outdoor theatre at Enchanted Forest even if the weather is bad. If you are called back for a second audition, please dress in layers, prepared for cold weather and bring food to snack on.

I am looking for:

1. Responsible, hard-working actors

2. Acting ability, believability

3. Vocal strength and singing ability

4. Comic timing and creativity 5. ‘Type’ for each role being considered.

6. The best ensemble.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems or questions. I am here to help you give your best possible audition for this theatre. I always look forward to these auditions. Every year they are exciting and fun! I hope to see you there!

Sincerely, Susan Vaslev Director of Theatre Enchanted Forest 8462 Enchanted Way SE Turner, OR 97392 Cell/text 503-510-1377 e-mail susan@enchantedforest.com


___Prepare a short monologue, NOT TO EXCEED TWO MINUTES that shows your strengths. (Hint, choose something challenging, not what is normally considered children's theatre. Hint, do not play down to children, play to an older audience such as your peers.) ___Learn the enclosed song cutting Age Occupation. You will only be doing the first verse and chorus, so the enclosed first page. Sing the entire melody line for the first round of auditions regardless of who is supposed to be singing each line. The song does NOT need to be memorized at the first round of auditions. The audio files for these songs are available online.

___Memorize the enclosed cuttings. Do not do physical bits. These will be learned during rehearsals.

___Mail in or e-mail your resume including theatre and non-theatre related experience.

___Mail in or e-mail your initialed calendar schedule of availability for weekend rehearsals and daily through the theatre season through the end of September. (It is enclosed at the end of this document.) If you are not available for a day or part of the season, do not give me the reason. I am only interested in what days you CAN work.

___Mail in or e-mail a photo. If you do not already have a head shot, please do not spend the money. You need a current photo that looks like you that can be attached to your resume and application. You can even just shoot one from someone’s phone and e-mail it to me. If you do not have one by auditions, we will take a photo of you for our files at the audition.

___Recommendation letters are helpful if I have not worked with you in the past, but not mandatory.


__WOMEN prepare both Princess Peutra and Queen Vana __MEN prepare Prince and Queen Vana QUEEN VANA can be played by either a man or a woman so I need both men and women to prepare for that role.

You are auditioning for all parts your sex can play.


(PRINCE comes running in dancing, gymnastics, bouncing up and down as curtain opens.) QUEEN: Son, settle down PRINCE: But I'm so excited. How many Princesses are you interviewing today Mama?

(Bouncing and dancing around Mother) QUEEN: How should I know? I'm busy. Does this dress make me look fat? (Sucks stomach in and then lets stomach hang out.) PRINCE: What! You said you sent out notices to all castles that you were giving interviews today for all eligible Princesseseses to be my wife.

QUEEN: Oh that! Yes Craig's List, the Twitter, Match.com, well my secretary did it, or her son did it, but the requirements, oooooh. I will be very surprised if any girls think they can come up to my, our standards.

PRINCE: I don't care about your standards...standards Schmandards QUEEN: (gasp) Watch that potty mouth young man. You are soooo on time out Mister.

PRINCE: Mom I am 25 years old. I'm not going on time out.

QUEEN: March to the wall young man, one minute for every year of your life.

PRINCE: 25 minutes!

QUEEN: Now or no more…no more...(Looks at audience) no more trips to Enchanted Forest!

PRINCE: (gasp) But why? It’s so affordable.

QUEEN: Time out!

PRINCE: (puts head against the wall) That's not fair!

QUEEN: When I want your opinion, I'll tell you what it is.

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