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«The Electronic Cigarette The Electronic Cigarette is a device that is battery-powered to produce inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized ...»

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E-cig or E-cigarette – Electronic Cigarette  PV – Personal Vaporizer (think ecig that is beefed up)  APV – Advanced Personal Vaporizer  Atty – Atomizer  RBA – The abbreviation used for any Rebuildable Atomizer.

 RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer  RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer  Cart – Cartridge  Carto – Cartomizer  Bat – Battery  Filler – The fiber found inside your cartomizer that holds your e-liquid  PCC – Personal Charging Case  PT – Passthrough or passthrough battery  2-piece/Disposable – 2 part e-cigarette. The Battery and a “cartomizer”.

 Cartomizer – An atomizer built into the cartridge, marketed as disposable (you throw  it away when the e-liquid is used up).

3-piece – 3 part e-cigarette. Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge.

 Cutoff – Refers to how long the battery will activate the atomizer before shutting  down (safety measure to protect the atomizer).


E-juice, e-liquid, juice – the liquid nicotine that you fill your cartomizers with.

 DIY – Do it yourself (homemade e-liquid mixture)  PG – Propylene Glycol  VG – Vegetable Glycerin  High VG – An e-liquid that has a higher percentage of Vegetable Glycerin.

 Advanced – Vape Mods A vape mod is basically a high-powered version of a standard electronic cigarette. Mods are more commonly used by vapers these days, since they offer more power, longer battery life and an increase in flavor and vapor production. A mod can come in many different shapes and sizes, and can hold different features. A mod will typically have a set wattage or voltage (power) that it can go up to and you can adjust it as you want. It will also likely have a screen for you to see what is going on with your device. In addition, there will be a fire / activation button and two buttons to control the wattage / voltage up or down. A mod is commonly powered by an 18650 battery or two 18650 batteries. Some batteries are built into the device where you can not replace them and rely on a charging cable to charge the device, while other batteries can be taken out of the device and charged externally through a specific charger. Understanding vape mods, how they work, where to get them, and which is the best is all information we answer here.

Advanced – Resistance The resistance of your coil in your atomizer or clearomizer will make a huge different in your vaping experience. The main thing you’ll need to know is that the lower the resistance of the coil, the quicker and hotter the coil will heat up. This means, the lower your resistance, the more vapor you will be able to produce. Many manufacturers are now making sub-ohm clearomizers, where resistances go lower than 1.0Ω. These resistances are very low, but they perform very well too. Rebuildable Atomizers have become very popular since you can manually build the coil yourself, which allows you to build to your own preferred resistance.

It is highly recommended that you learn ohms law and how all this works before using low resistances on your device. Luckily, many of the mods available today have protection features built-in for your safety. Another thing to keep in mind with resistances, is that batteries have a certain rating on them. Do the research and choose a battery that can handle the load you are placing on it. We recommend that you read this battery safety guide for more information.

Advanced – Temperature Control Temperature Control has become the latest technology hype within the vaping market. Once upon a time, users were forced to strictly go by only voltage or wattage to control the outcome of their vaping experience. Since Evolv introduced the first temperature control chipset, nothing has been the same since. This technology has now allowed vapers to control the temperature of their coils, which results in a safer and more consistent vaping experience. Temperature control also prevents dry-hits (dry-hit: when your wick runs out of liquid that results in a burnt taste). This type of technology also keeps the vapor from getting hotter than you prefer, letting you choose how much warmth you receive.

Ultimately, temperature control is a technology that limits the temperature of the coil. By using your device that has the temperature control feature and a Nickel 200 or Titanium coil, you can completely control the temperature applied to your coil, giving you full control. However, we must inform you that the name temperature control isn’t exactly spot on, because our mods aren’t actually reading the temperature of your coil degree by degree like the climate control in your house. What actually happens is that the mod reads the change in resistance in your coil as it heats up. When a change in resistance gets to where it is greatly noticed, your temperature control device will either cut off the power all together, it will restrict the power flow or simply adjust the power flow.

Though an advanced feature on devices today, this feature can be great for beginner vapers, as it adds a layer of safety and prevents dryhits. In addition, most devices today that come packed with this feature will also store appropriate safety features as well.

Advanced – Rebuildable Atomizers A rebuildable atomizer is an atomizer that is non-disposable and that you can manually build your own coils for. If at any point you feel that your rebuildable atomizer isn’t performing to its best, you have the ability to pull the old coil out and stick another in its place. A rebuildable atomizer consists of a base and on that base is the “deck” where positive and negative post(s) sit. Covering this deck is a cap, which usually has adjustable airflow of some kind, and then above that is a drip trip or or large mouthpiece.

To rebuild an atomizer, it is as simple as wrapping a coil, then inserting one end of the wire into the positive post and the other end into a negative post to complete a circuit. Not all rebuildable atomizers are the same. The type of atomizer I explained above is called a rebuildable dripping atomizer. A rebuildable tank atomizer is more-so the same design, except there is a tank around the atomizer, which is in a smaller format and a design that is a bit different, but they work overall in the same way.

Rebuildable atomizers are used because they give the user more freedom over their setup. Since the user is manually building the coil, they can build it to their preferred resistance and can use their preferred wicking material. This also allows the user to build very intricate coils, and even ones that are directed at helping produce more flavor and vapor. Rebuildable atomizers have become really popular because they are cheap to run. The wire used to make the coils are very cheap, the cotton used as a wicking material is also cheap, which results in only pennies spent for a coil setup. However, rebuildable atomizers can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is vital that you learn ohms law and use a resistance checker (ohm meter) before ever using a coil in a rebuildable atomizer. In addition, be sure that your battery can handle the resistance of your coil, or things can easily go bad.

Advanced – High VG Vape Juice High VG vape juice has become a big part in vaping. In the past, users were more driven to use e-liquid that had a higher content of Propylene Glycol, but since the sub-ohm boom hit the vaping market, they’ve taken more of a liking to high VG e-liquids, and the vape juice manufacturers have followed. High VG vape juice is basically e-liquid with a higher percentage of Vegetable Glycern than Propylene Glycol. VG is known for helping produce more vapor, since it has the ability to capture moisture molecules from the air. This results in an increased vapor production when the user exhales.

High VG vape juice (or e-liquid as referred by many) is commonly used with sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers. Hardware manufacturers are even designing coil heads these days with larger juice holes to allow thicker e-liquids pass through to the coil freely. The only downside to high VG e-liquids is that some tanks utilize coil heads that are still not large enough and result in a dry hit. Another problem is that you’ll be sacrificing flavor for the larger vapor production, since PG is known to help with pronouncing the flavor in your eliquid.

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