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«Joan Landino Says. Contents Chapter 1. What it means to be Vegan Chapter 2. Why Vegan? Chapter 3. 10 Myths About Vegan Diets - - Where’s the Truth? ...»

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Myths of







Chapter 1… What it means to be Vegan

Chapter 2… Why Vegan?

Chapter 3… 10 Myths About Vegan Diets - - Where’s the Truth?

Chapter 4… Veganism For Athletes: Myth Debunked

Chapter 5… The Protein Myth of Vegan Diets

Chapter 6… Final Note From Joan



About 1/2 of a percent of Americans are


Counting some of the most famous celebrities among this group, even former President Clinton switched to a vegan diet after suffering from heart disease for years. In fact, he gives a vegan diet credit for curing his condition. So what does it mean exactly to be vegan? Here’s a look at what foods vegans refrain from eating in search of a




There are two main differences between vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarians still consume dairy and egg products. So a vegetarian will eat products such as pizza, salads with dairy cheese and cakes containing those items, while a vegan will not.

MEAT Vegans refrain from eating all forms of meat and products that contain any meat inside of them. This differs from pescetarians who still include fish in their diet while cutting out other forms of meat. This might cause you to ask how vegans get protein? Beans and legumes are high sources of protein. Additionally, there are some protein powders on the market that are vegan friendly as well.

DAIRY Vegans also refrain from eating any dairy eating any dairy as well. Milk, cheese and yogurt are off the table.

However, with so many people now enjoying a vegan diet, there are many products on the market such as vegan milk, cheese and yogurt made from a base of soy or other vegan-friendly products.

EGGS Because eggs are a product made by chickens, they are also not consumed by people eating a vegan diet.

However, not consuming eggs extends far beyond simply not ordering scrambled or sunny-side up eggs with your breakfast. Any item such as bread, cakes or other baked goods where eggs are used while they’re being made are also off the list. Instead, these items are made using applesauce, ground flax seeds, mashed banana or tofu as a binder.


Remember that many other foods are made with animal by-products. For example, lard is often used as a fat source in chips and crackers. Vegans look to find chips and crackers that are fried or baked in a plant based oil instead.

Additionally, during the sugar refining process animal products are used meaning that many sweet treats on the market don’t jive with a vegan diet. Instead, many vegans look to find items that are made with substitutes such as maple syrup or agave place of sugar.


Some people following a vegan diet, also extend this to the area of consumer products. Many vegans refuse to purchase leather clothing, fur and wool as well since animals are used in their creation.



In America, there are currently more than

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“When I think of the fact that literally tens of billions of animals are killed every year for human purposes,” he says softly, “part of me wants to go out and join the Animal Liberation Front [a militant group that breaks into labs and factory farms to release the animals held there]. But on a utilitarian level, I realize that to try to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number of people, sometimes we have to become salesmen for what we believe, and part of being a salesman is being effective.” Moby

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Recent studies have shown that people following a vegan diet receive some fantastic health benefits. Among them, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, a healthier Body Mass Index (BMI), decreased risk for heart disease, a decreased risk for cancer, better control and prevention of diabetes. With all of those benefits, you can see how people begin to be persuaded to the lifestyle.

Worried about changing your eating habits during a critical life cycle point? Don’t be. Research has also shown that children, woman who are pregnant and even highly active athletes can safely eat a vegan diet while still getting all of the nutrition they need on a daily basis.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”

- Albert Einstien #2



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There is a great impact on farming when people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle as well. For every person following a vegetarian or vegan diet, 50 animals lives are spared each year. Take into account that vegans are not eating egg or dairy products and the demand for those food classifications also goes down, reducing the need for chickens and cows to be raised on farms.


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While vegan diets are gaining popularity among youth and adults alike, vegans remain in the minority.

Because the vegan lifestyle is often regarded by non-vegans as being eccentric, extreme and even just plain weird, misinformation and myths about the vegan diet often deters would-be vegans from fully embracing a plant-centric lifestyle.

Myth # 1:

Vegan Diets Aren’t Good Enough For Serious Athletes...REALLY?

Try telling that to Brendan Brazier, triathlete and Canadian ultra-marathon champion, Olympic wrestling champ Chris Campbell, Davis Cup winner Peter Burwash or European super heavyweight boxing champion Peter Hussing - all highly successful pro athletes who happen to be vegan. In the next chapter we’ll dive deeper into this issue!

Myth # 2:

Vegan Diets Are Expensive As with any eating plan, you can spend a little or a lot of money on a vegan diet.

It’s entirely up to you. Buying prepared meals and specialty vegan foods like “mock meats” and “faux dairy products” can certainly be pricey and eating out is always a budget-buster, however, thrifty vegans swear that they spend less on food than their carnivore friends.


Myth #3:

Vegans Are All Animal-Rights Fanatics People choose to follow a vegan diet for a range of reasons, one of which may be out of concern for the welfare of animals. However, choosing to eat only plant-based foods does not make one fanatical about anything, including animal rights.

Myth #4: Vegans Diets Are Deficient In Vitamin B-12 According to the 2005 Vegan Health Study of over 900 adult vegans, those “who do not supplement their diets with Vitamin B-12 are at probable risk for deficiency of Vitamin B-12”. The study also noted that B-12 deficiencies “may not appear following consumption of an exclusively vegan diet” for a decade or more. When in doubt, vegans simply take a B-12 supplement.

Myth #5: Vegans Are All Scary-Skinny Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, just like everyone else. In fact, a 2005 study of vegans and vegetarians in Sweden revealed that 29 percent were either overweight or obese, while 40 percent of meat-eaters carried excess body fat.

Myth #6: Veganism Is Just A Fad Plant-based diets were first mentioned around 500 BCE by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (yes, the same one who discovered the Pythagorean theorem) while anthropologists have found evidence of vegan diets in ancient India and throughout the Mediterranean coast, discounting the notion of vegan eating as simply a “fad.” Myth #7: Vegans Don’t Eat Enough Protein When vegans eat a balanced diet that contains plant-based protein sources like legumes, nuts, grains, fruits and veggies, their protein needs can easily be met without resorting to eating red meat that’s packed with saturated fats as many carnivores do. See more about the protein myth in Chapter 5!

Myth #8: Vegans Eat Massive Quantities of Soy While vegans are free to eat whatever plant-based foods they choose, they aren’t “required” to eat tofu, drink soy lattes or snack on dried soybeans. In fact, many vegans don’t bother eating much soy-based food at all; the choice is up to each individual

Myth #9:

Vegans Are Impossible To Cook For Many non-vegans panic at the thought of inviting a vegan friend over for dinner after all, what do “those people” eat? Contrary to popular belief, most vegans are easy to please when it comes to food - simply incorporate a few plant-based dishes into your menu.

Myth #10:

Vegan Diets Are Boring Ask any vegan what they eat and chances are good that their regular diet is far more eclectic than that of their meat-eating friends. While it’s true that following a vegan diet can present some challenges, most vegans embrace their lifestyle as an opportunity to explore new foods and cultures. Asian, Indian, Hispanic and African cuisines are popular among vegans thanks to the wide range of plant-based products featured in many traditional ethnic recipes.




A particular myth that may need a little more evidence is that vegan diets aren’t good for athletes. This group may need a little more proof supporting plantbased diets because of their commitment to sustaining body mass and an adequate variation of minerals to enhance their performance.



Vegan Diets Give Athletes More Energy Ever feel too sluggish to participate in your favorite sport? You can avoid becoming fatigued with a vegan-based diet because it consists of numerous complex carbohydrates, such as cereals, pastas, brown rice, spelt, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and wheat products, and wheat breads. These types of foods prevent you from breaking down muscle tissue for energy, which leaves you too tired to lead an active life.

However, be sure to stay clear of refined carbohydrates, including sugar and white grains.

Plant-Based Diets Increase Good Cardiovascular Health Partaking in a vegan meal plan also helps reduce saturated fats. These fats are normally found in eggs, meats, and dairy products and known to clog arteries which increases cholesterol. High cholesterol is bad for your heart and can lead to heart disease. Limiting the amount of saturated fats in your diet will enable you build strength and endure intense workouts for longer periods of time.

Vegan Diets Provide Lean Muscle Mass Vegans consume plant-based foods that are good for developing lean muscle mass.

This helps stabilize weight, as well as allows you to enjoy a much firmer physique. It also protects your body from injuries that could hinder your career as an athlete.

A Vegan Athlete Has a Strong Immune System Lastly, the plant-based foods found in a vegan diet contain a high number of essential fatty acids. Omega-3’s and Omega 6’s are examples of what sustains your immune system and wards against sickness. Nuts (especially walnuts), olive oils (and seeds such as chia, flax, & hemp – a delicious raw addition to any meal), and several kinds of vegetables all have these acids that fights germs and keeps you in pursuit of the sport you enjoy.

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The Amount Of Protein Needed Is Less Than Most People Think Many individuals have the wrong idea that a lot of protein is needed in a person’s daily diet. This is far from the truth. Only 11% of our daily diet needs to be made up of protein. In fact, getting only 2.5% of protein in our daily diet is sufficient. This small amount of protein needed can easily be eaten in just one meal or can be spread out in snacks and meals throughout the day.

Vegans Will Not Suffer Ill Effects From Eating Just Plant Based Protein Many individuals have the wrong idea that vegans aren’t as healthy as those that eat protein from animals. In reality, if vegans have a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, their health can actually exceed those who consume a diet filled with meat. Even though meat does contain a lot of protein, it does also contain unhealthy things such as fat that is harmful to your health.


Vegans can get all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need by eating the right amount of items. You do not need to consume meat to fuel your body with the right foods it needs to function properly. If you are considering trying a vegan diet and whether or not you will be able to get enough protein you should remember that.





such as kidney disease, osteoporosis, & cancers-among others.

Recently more athletes & body builders are introducing more plant based foods as well….So remember to eat a variety of grains, vegetables, fruits, & legumes(beans-peas-lentils)…Enjoy!!




First when people tell me “Oh but I love meat” I ask what do you like? Usually I get “I love the consistancy” “I love the taste” but I then ask for an example i.e. “I love hot and spicy buffalo wings”…..Really? Would you like the wing boiled? Plain? I bet not– and they say “Oh no, I hate boiled meat”…Of course you DO – because it smells like a wet dog on a hot summers night(no pun intended)…..IT’S THE SEASONING(S)!!! I know in some cases people say but I like a big steak and can just grill it plain…So now you’re telling me you like a seared or burnt taste? …Well so do I and I get it all being vegan.

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