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«Annual Vestry Report For year ended 31st December 2015 Parish Mission Prayer Father, pour out your Spirit upon the people of this parish, and grant ...»

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Coity Church Replaced broken and missing slates; tower re-point copings; re-point door surround to tower; second lightning conductor installed.

Nolton Church Reset grass concrete block in driveway; re-point walls in lime mortar to base of spire west face, re-point crack in windowsill north side, re-point crack west side vestry door; re-bed flagstones and steps, north entrance; second lightning conductor installed;

new lighting installed; asbestos ceiling in old boiler room removed and replaced with plasterboard.

Remedial Work completed Coity Church Tower roof walls waterproofed; bells checked over; missing wire netting fitted over tower louvers; leaking radiator in vestry replaced.

Coity Hall Toilet cistern, pan and tap repaired; leak between cistern and pan repaired;

gutters cleaned out; toilet siphon replaced; entrance wall, loose coping stones re-bedded.

Coity Churchyard Call out to remove fallen tree which was blocking the entrance; replaced broken hinges on rear shed; leaf blower repaired and serviced; moss, ivy and weeds sprayed with weed killer; silver birch sapling replaced (donated) Nolton Church Replaced vestry water heater; leaking and rotten wooden window frame replaced on spire west side; organ electric motor replaced f.o.c. asbestos survey completed.

Nolton Hall Water heater and central heating leak repaired; leaking radiator valves replaced; kitchen sink drainpipe replaced.

Nolton Churchyard Ivy and weeds sprayed with weedkiller.

Fred Custerson Chairman And that’s not all… In addition to the formal activities listed above the parish is engaged in a full range of pastoral ministries (including teams for Home Communions, Visiting and Befriending Teams, hospital visiting), discussion and study groups at Lent and other times of the year, preparation for Baptism, Communion, Confirmation and Marriage, etc. We also have links with nearly all the Primary Schools in the parish.

Ecumenically we have involvement in projects in Bridgend such as Street Pastors, Solid Rock Youth Café, FoodBank, and the Wallich charity for the homeless. As members of the 10 Bridgend Churches Together we share in joint acts of witness and discussions about matters of mutual concern, and also fund raise, with other churches, for Christian Aid.

We participate each year in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Description of the Parish The Parish is part of the Town of Bridgend, together with its adjoining areas of Wildmill, Litchard, the Village of Coity and Brackla. It is part of the Deanery of Bridgend, which is within the Diocese of Llandaff and the Province of the Church in Wales. The Parish is a Registered Charity - 1135927 Dedication of Churches The Parish Church is dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin and is situated in the Village of Coity.

The daughter Church is also dedicated to St. Mary and is situated very close to the Town Centre in the area of the Town known as Nolton.

The third Church, also dedicated to St. Mary, is situated within the Archdeacon John Lewis Church In Wales Voluntary Aided Primary School, on the Brackla Estate.

Objectives The Church in Wales is a Province within the Anglican Communion and as such has the task of advancing the Christian Religion, through worldwide Mission. The Parochial Church Council is required to ensure that the life and work of the churches within their Parish is fulfilled both locally and further afield.

The PCC is not a body corporate. Its composition, procedures and powers are set out and regulated by the Constitution of the Church in Wales. This is amended from time to time to keep pace with changing times. It is set up under Section 3(1) of the Welsh Churches Acts of

1914. Elections to serve on the Parochial Church Council take place at the Annual Vestry Meeting.

The Representative Body of the Church in Wales holds lands and property, which includes the churches of Coity and Nolton, their contents and churchyards. It also acts on behalf of the Province for paying stipends to full time clergy.

The PCC is responsible for promoting the mission of the Church, the parochial budget, all expenditure, the care and maintenance of church fabric and churchyards and also for acting on any matter referred to in the Constitution. The Council is the normal channel of communication between parishioners and the Bishop of the Diocese.

With regard to the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit and the advancement of religion, we try to enable people in our communities to live out their faith as part of our parish through: worship and prayer; learning about the Gospel, and developing their knowledge, faith and trust in Jesus; providing pastoral care for the people of the parish; and engaging in missionary and outreach work. To facilitate this work we consider it vital that we maintain the fabric of our three churches and two church halls.

–  –  –

Organisation of Parochial Church Council The Parochial Church Council is at present organised into sub committees, which carry out the duties and business assigned to it by the parent body. All the deliberations and recommendations of the Sub Committees are brought back to the PCC for ratification and/or authorisation. Membership of the sub committees is decided at the first full meeting of the PCC after the Annual Vestry Meeting, each year. The PCC met as a full body on nine occasions during 2015.

12 The Mission Sub Committee The Committee was formed at the first full PCC meeting following the 2015 AVM, and considered how to take forward the Growing Healthy Churches initiative. One of the results was a successful PCC away day in September.

The Communications Sub Committee This Committee picked up on the work of the equivalent Committee that had ceased to function a couple of years ago. Its principal focus is the setting up of a parish Facebook page, work which is ongoing.

The Events Sub Committee Organises the annual Autumn Fayre and occasional other social events.

Finance Sub Committee The Committee prepares budgets for the forthcoming year and keeps a watching brief on all income and expenditure throughout the year. It also prepares budgetary advice on specific items referred to it by the PCC. The Parish Treasurer presents a written financial report to the PCC at each meeting.

Fabric Sub Committee The Committee normally meets prior to each PCC meeting. Its business, like all sub committees, is minuted and presented for approval by the parent body. It is authorised to spend up to £1000 on urgent items, without further approval by the PCC. The Committee has a pro-active concern for the fabric of the churches, churchyards, church halls, boundary walls and houses of the assistant clergy. It also considers in detail and prepares budgets for items referred to it by the PCC. Under the guidance of its chairman it also ensures a prompt response to all recommendations resulting from Quinquennial Inspections.

Electoral Roll The Electoral Roll has been reviewed for 2016. The current number on roll is 104.

–  –  –

14 Independent Examiner’s Report to the Parochial Church Council Independent Examiner’s Report to the Parochial Church Council I report on the Financial Statements of the Parish of Coity, Nolton and Brackla, Bridgend for the year ended 31 December 2015.

Respective responsibilities of Parochial Church Council and Examiner

As the Parochial Church Council, you are responsible for preparing the Financial Statements:

you consider that the audit requirement of section 43(2) of the Charities Act 1993 (the Act), as amended by s.28 of the Charities Act 2006 does not apply. It is my responsibility to state, on the basis of procedures specified in the General Directions given by the Charity Commissioners under section 43(7)(b) of the Act, whether particular matters have come to my attention.

Basis of Independent Examiner’s Report My examination was carried out in accordance with the General Directions given by the Charity Commissioners. An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the Parochial Church Council and a comparison of the Financial Statements presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the Financial Statements, and seeking explanations from you as Parochial Church Council members concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on the view given by the financial statements.

Independent Examiner’s Statement

In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention:

(1) which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements a. to keep accounting records in accordance with section 41 of the Act; and b. to prepare Financial Statements which accord with the accounting records and to comply with the accounting requirements of the Act have not been met: or (2) to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the Financial Statements to be reached.

Independent Examiner E Grant Date: 2016 Name: Ewan Grant Qualification: ACA (ICAEW) Address: c/o The Parish Office, Merthyrmawr Road, Bridgend CF31 3NH

–  –  –

b) The receipts and payments basis of accounting has been adopted.

c) Freehold property. The church buildings, their contents and churchyards are vested in the Representative Body of the Church in Wales. Consequently, none of these form part of the assets of the parish I. Nolton Institute was sold during 2014 and the proceeds from the lease were placed in a special fund held by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales and they paid out an income until March 2015 II. A property at Leominster was purchased for £442,026 on 29/01/2015 but we did not start to receive any income until March 2015 III. Coity Church Hall was inspected on behalf of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group On the 7th December 2006 and is stated at their recommended valuation of £495,023 for the building and £12,655 for the contents.

IV. Nolton Church Hall was inspected on behalf of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group On the 7th December 2006 and is stated at their recommended valuation of £595,000 for the building and £43,000 for the contents V. Fenwick Drive was sold and completed on 15/10/2015 and after costs we received £140,513 proceeds from the sale after expenses, were placed in a special fund held by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales alongside of the money held from the Nolton Institute and another property is being looked for to invest in VI. No provision has been made for depreciation of the Church halls and Leominster.

Addition and replacements to the Church Halls contents are generally charged to funds as current expenditure d) Office equipment. All equipment has been charged in full to expenditure in the year of purchase.


f) Restricted Funds. Restricted Funds represent:

i) Income from trusts or endowments that may be used only on the objects provided for in the terms of the trust or bequest.

ii) Donations or Grants received for a specific object or invited by the Parochial Church Council for a specific object: The fund may then be used in relation to the specific object for which they have been given. Any balance must be carried forward as a balance on the fund.

g) Designated Funds. Designated funds represent funds made available by the Parochial Church Council out of general funds for the specific purpose designated when the fund is established

–  –  –

5. Special Collections Collections were taken for 38 charities during the year totalling £9071(see note 12) The Advent lunches & Christmas Tree Festival Donations (see note 6) we dispersed in the New Year which would have exceeded our £10,000 target

–  –  –

9. Refunds. This is the amount we receive for prompt payment of parish share £4275 from the RB and from Coychurch £17397 for their element of the parish share

–  –  –

The above list are the charities that we gave to during the year, there was also the Lent lunches and the Christmas Tree Festival that were paid out at the beginning of 2016 which would of brought our total to over £10,000

–  –  –

The Glyn Cule Jenkins Trust – investment through COIF Charity Funds-allows the parish to use the annual income in maintaining the graveyard at St. Mary, Coity. £484 was received and used accordingly.

15. Restricted (income) Funds (a) The Rebecca, Elizabeth and Catherine Thomas Trust, also invested through the COIF Charity Funds, allow the parish to use the gift at St. Mary, Coity. £92 was received and used accordingly.


i) The Roland and Ann Davies Trust invested through: The Representative Body of the Church in Wales General Funds Nolton. This fund is restricted the original value of the shares invested were £241,275. The interest from the shares is used to purchase extra shares that are accrued ii) The Roland and Ann Davies Trust invested through: The Representative Body of the Church in Wales General Funds Coity. This fund shows the (NAV) of the shares from which we receive money into our general fund. £7102 was received and used according to the terms of the legacy.

(c) The Betty Mavis Ingram Fund invested through CCLA COIF Charities Fund.

This fund is restricted. The interest of £130 from the shares is used to purchase extra shares that are accrued.

(d) The John and Barbara Ladbrooke Fund through CCLA COIF Charities Deposit Fund. This fund is restricted. The interest of £69 from the shares is used to purchase extra shares that are accrued.

(e) Miss Evelyn Mary Price-Jones Legacy invested through: The Representative Body of the Church in Wales General Funds. This Fund allows the parish to use the annual income to maintain the graveyard. This year £407 was received (f) The parish of Coity, Nolton & Brackla Charities Deposit Fund invested through CCLA. This fund is restricted. The interest of £214 from the shares was used to purchase extra shares that are accrued.

All the above legacies accrue extra value if the shares increase in value or decrease if the value drops. The funds are shown original value when purchased for the purpose of the accounts

16. Grant Aid. We have received 3 grants in total this year all for the use of renewing the lighting at Nolton Church £10,000 from the Welsh Church Act, £1,000 Churches Fund (Ecclesiastical) and £1,000 from BCBC.

Minor discrepancies in totals arise from the rounding up or down of figures to whole pounds Approved by the PCC and signed on its behalf by the Rector The Revd. Canon M.



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