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«This research has been partially sponsored by the Dutch Joint Academic and Commer- cial Quality Research & Development (Jacquard) program on Software ...»

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Protecting user freedoms in a world of software communities and eGovernments 2010-09 Hugo Kielman (UL) A Politiele gegevensverwerking en Privacy, Naar een effectieve waarborging 2010-10 Rebecca Ong (UL) Mobile Communication and Protection of Children 2010-11 Adriaan Ter Mors (TUD) The world according to MARP: Multi-Agent Route Planning 2010-12 Susan van den Braak (UU) Sensemaking software for crime analysis 2010-13 Gianluigi Folino (RUN) High Performance Data Mining using Bio-inspired techniques 2010-14 Sander van Splunter (VU) Automated Web Service Reconfiguration 2010-15 Lianne Bodenstaff (UT) Managing Dependency Relations in Inter-Organizational Models 2010-16 Sicco Verwer (TUD) Efficient Identification of Timed Automata, theory and practice 2010-17 Spyros Kotoulas (VU) Scalable Discovery of Networked Resources: Algorithms, Infrastructure, Applications 2010-18 Charlotte Gerritsen (VU) Caught in the Act: Investigating Crime by Agent-Based Simulation 2010-19 Henri¨ tte Cramer (UvA) e People’s Responses to Autonomous and Adaptive Systems 2010-20 Ivo Swartjes (UT) Whose Story Is It Anyway? How Improv Informs Agency and Authorship of Emergent Narrative 2010-21 Harold van Heerde (UT) Privacy-aware data management by means of data degradation 2010-22 Michiel Hildebrand (CWI) End-user Support for Access to Heterogeneous Linked Data 2010-23 Bas Steunebrink (UU) The Logical Structure of Emotions 2010-24 Dmytro Tykhonov (TUD) Designing Generic and Efficient Negotiation Strategies 2010-25 Zulfiqar Ali Memon (VU) Modelling Human-Awareness for Ambient Agents: A Human Mindreading Perspective 2010-26 Ying Zhang (CWI) XRPC: Efficient Distributed Query Processing on Heterogeneous XQuery Engines 2010-27 Marten Voulon (UL) Automatisch contracteren 2010-28 Arne Koopman (UU) Characteristic Relational Patterns 2010-29 Stratos Idreos (CWI) Database Cracking: Towards Auto-tuning Database Kernels 2010-30 Marieke van Erp (UvT) Accessing Natural History - Discoveries in data cleaning, structuring, and retrieval 2010-31 Victor de Boer (UvA) Ontology Enrichment from Heterogeneous Sources on the Web 2010-32 Marcel Hiel (UvT) An Adaptive Service Oriented Architecture: Automatically solving Interoperability Problems 2010-33 Robin Aly (UT) Modeling Representation Uncertainty in Concept-Based Multimedia Retrieval 2010-34 Teduh Dirgahayu (UT) Interaction Design in Service Compositions 2010-35 Dolf Trieschnigg (UT) Proof of Concept: Concept-based Biomedical Information Retrieval

163SIKS Dissertation Series

2010-36 Jos´ Janssen (OU) e Paving the Way for Lifelong Learning; Facilitating competence development through a learning path specification 2010-37 Niels Lohmann (TUE) Correctness of services and their composition 2010-38 Dirk Fahland (TUE) From Scenarios to components 2010-39 Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui (VU) Integrative modeling of emotions in virtual agents 2010-40 Mark van Assem (VU) Converting and Integrating Vocabularies for the Semantic Web 2010-41 Guillaume Chaslot (UM) Monte-Carlo Tree Search 2010-42 Sybren de Kinderen (VU) Needs-driven service bundling in a multi-supplier setting - the computational e3-service approach 2010-43 Peter van Kranenburg (UU) A Computational Approach to Content-Based Retrieval of Folk Song Melodies 2010-44 Pieter Bellekens (TUE) An Approach towards Context-sensitive and User-adapted Access to Heterogeneous Data Sources, Illustrated in the Television Domain 2010-45 Vasilios Andrikopoulos (UvT) A theory and model for the evolution of software services 2010-46 Vincent Pijpers (VU) e3alignment: Exploring Inter-Organizational Business-ICT Alignment 2010-47 Chen Li (UT) Mining Process Model Variants: Challenges, Techniques, Examples 2010-48 Milan Lovric (EUR) Behavioral Finance and Agent-Based Artificial Markets 2010-49 Jahn-Takeshi Saito (UM) Solving difficult game positions 2010-50 Bouke Huurnink (UvA) Search in Audiovisual Broadcast Archives 2010-51 Alia Khairia Amin (CWI) Understanding and supporting information seeking tasks in multiple sources 2010-52 Peter-Paul van Maanen (VU) Adaptive Support for Human-Computer Teams: Exploring the Use of Cognitive Models of Trust and Attention 2010-53 Edgar Meij (UvA) Combining Concepts and Language Models for Information Access 2011-01 Botond Cseke (RUN) Variational Algorithms for Bayesian Inference in Latent Gaussian Models 2011-02 Nick Tinnemeier (UU) Work flows in Life Science 2011-03 Jan Martijn van der Werf (TUE) Compositional Design and Verification of Component-Based Information Systems 2011-04 Hado van Hasselt (UU) Insights in Reinforcement Learning; Formal analysis and empirical evaluation of temporal-difference learning algorithms 2011-05 Bas van der Raadt (VU) Enterprise Architecture Coming of Age – Increasing the Performance of an Emerging Discipline 2011-06 Yiwen Wang (TUE) Semantically-Enhanced Recommendations in Cultural Heritage 2011-07 Yujia Cao (UT) Multimodal Information Presentation for High Load Human Computer Interaction 2011-08 Nieske Vergunst (UU) BDI-based Generation of Robust Task-Oriented Dialogues 2011-09 Tim de Jong (OU) Contextualised Mobile Media for Learning 2011-10 Bart Bogaert (UvT) Cloud Content Contention 2011-11 Dhaval Vyas (UT) Designing for Awareness: An Experience-focused HCI Perspective 2011-12 Carmen Bratosin (TUE) Grid Architecture for Distributed Process Mining 2011-13 Xiaoyu Mao (UvT) Airport under Control. Multiagent Scheduling for Airport Ground Handling

164 SIKS Dissertation Series

2011-14 Milan Lovric (EUR) Behavioral Finance and Agent-Based Artificial Markets 2011-15 Marijn Koolen (UvA) The Meaning of Structure: the Value of Link Evidence for Information Retrieval 2011-16 Maarten Schadd (UM) Selective Search in Games of Different Complexity 2011-17 Jiyin He (UvA) Exploring Topic Structure: Coherence, Diversity and Relatedness 2011-18 Mark Ponsen (UM) Strategic Decision-Making in complex games 2011-19 Ellen Rusman (OU) The Mind’s Eye on Personal Profiles 2011-20 Qing Gu (VU) Guiding service-oriented software engineering - A view-based approach 2011-21 Linda Terlouw (TUD) Modularization and Specification of Service-Oriented Systems 2011-22 Junte Zhang (UvA) System Evaluation of Archival Description and Access 2011-23 Wouter Weerkamp (UvA) Finding People and their Utterances in Social Media 2011-24 Herwin van Welbergen (UT) Behavior Generation for Interpersonal Coordination with Virtual Humans On Specifying, Scheduling and Realizing Multimodal Virtual Human Behavior 2011-25 Syed Waqar ul Qounain Jaffry (VU) Analysis and Validation of Models for Trust Dynamics 2011-26 Matthijs Aart Pontier (VU) Virtual Agents for Human Communication - Emotion Regulation and Involvement-Distance Trade-Offs in Embodied Conversational Agents and Robots 2011-27 Aniel Bhulai (VU) Dynamic website optimization through autonomous management of design patterns 2011-28 Rianne Kaptein (UvA) Effective Focused Retrieval by Exploiting Query Context and Document Structure 2011-29 Faisal Kamiran (TUE) Discrimination-aware Classification 2011-30 Egon van den Broek (UT) Affective Signal Processing (ASP): Unraveling the mystery of emotions 2011-31 Ludo Waltman (EUR) Computational and Game-Theoretic Approaches for Modeling Bounded Rationality 2011-32 Nees-Jan van Eck (EUR) Methodological Advances in Bibliometric Mapping of Science 2011-33 Tom van der Weide (UU) Arguing to Motivate Decisions 2011-34 Paolo Turrini (UU) Strategic Reasoning in Interdependence: Logical and Game-theoretical Investigations 2011-35 Maaike Harbers (UU) Explaining Agent Behavior in Virtual Training 2011-36 Erik van der Spek (UU) Experiments in serious game design: a cognitive approach 2011-37 Adriana Birlutiu (RUN) Machine Learning for Pairwise Data, Applications for Preference Learning and Supervised Network Inference 2011-38 Nyree Lemmens (UM) Bee-inspired Distributed Optimization 2011-39 Joost Westra (UU) Organizing Adaptation using Agents in Serious Games 2011-40 Viktor Clerc (VU) Architectural Knowledge Management in Global Software Development

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