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Young J. 2007. The Sudan Peace Process,: a study commissioned by IGAD. At http://www.sudantribune.com/IMG/pdf/Igad_in_Sudan_Peace_Process.pdf Zenawi, Meles. 2006. ‘Melas Zenawi Press Conference’, 27 June 27, at http://www.ethioembassy.org.uk/Archive/PM%20Meles%20Zenawi%20Press%20Conferenc e%2027th%20June%202006.htm 19 20 Crisis States Working Papers, Series 2 WP1 James Putzel, ‘War, State Collapse and Reconstruction: phase 2 of the Crisis States Programme’ (September 2005) WP2 Simonetta Rossi and Antonio Giustozzi, ‘Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration of excombatants (DDR) in Afghanistan: constraints and limited capabilities’, (June 2006) WP3 Frederick Golooba-Mutebi, Gabi Hesselbein and James Putzel, ‘Political and Economic Foundations of State making in Africa: understanding state reconstruction’, (July 2006) WP4 Antonio Giustozzi, ‘Genesis of a Prince: the rise of Ismail Khan in western Afghanistan, 1979-1992’ (September 2006) WP5 Laurie Nathan, ‘No Ownership, No Peace: the Darfur Peace Agreement’, (September 2006) WP6 Niamatullah Ibrahimi, ‘The Failure of a Clerical Proto-State: Hazarajat, 1979-1984’ (September 2006) WP7 Antonio Giustozzi, “Tribes” and Warlords in Southern Afghanistan, 1980-2005’ (September 2006) WP8 Joe Hanlon, Sean Fox, ‘Identifying Fraud in Democratic Elections: a case study of the 2004 Presidential election in Mozambique’ Jo Beall, ‘Cities, Terrorism and Urban Wars of the 21st Century’, (February 2007) WP9 Dennis Rodgers, ‘Slum Wars of the 21st Century: the new geography of conflict in Central America’, WP10 (February 2007) WP11 Antonio Giustozzi, ‘The Missing Ingredient: non-ideological insurgency and state collapse in Western Afghanistan 1979-1992’, (February 2007) WP12 Suzette Heald, ‘Making Law in Rural East Africa: SunguSungu in Kenya’, (March 2007) WP13 Anna Matveeva, ‘The Regionalist Project in Central Asia: unwilling playmates’, (March 2007) WP14 Sarah Lister, ‘Understanding State Building and Local Government in Afghanistan’, (June 2007) WP15 Pritha Venkatachalam, ‘Municipal Finance Systems in Conflict Cities: case studies on Ahmedabad and Srinagar, India’, (July 2007) WP16 Jason Sumich, ‘The Illegitimacy of Democracy? democratisation and alienation in Maputo, Mozambique’, (September 2007) WP17 Scott Bollens, ‘Comparative Research on Contested Cities: lenses and scaffoldings’, (October 2007) WP18 Debby Potts, ‘The State and the informal in sub-Saharan African economies: revisiting debates on dualism’, (October 2007) WP19 Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín, Tatiana Acevedo and Juan Manuel Viatela, 'Violent liberalism? State, conflict, and political regime in Colombia, 1930-2006: an analytical narrative on state-making', (November 2007) Stephen Graham, 'RoboWar TM Dreams: Global South Urbanisation and the US Military’s ‘Revolution WP20 in Military Affairs’', (November 2007) WP21 Gabi Hesselbein, 'The Rise and Decline of the Congolese State: an analytical narrative on state-making', (November 2007) WP22 Diane Davis, 'Policing, Regime Change, and Democracy: Reflections from the Case of Mexico', (November 2007) WP23 Jason Sumich, 'Strong Party, Weak State? Frelimo and State Survival Through the Mozambican Civil War: an analytical narrative on state-making', (December 2007) WP24 Elliott Green, 'District Creation and Decentralisation in Uganda', (January 2008) WP25 Jonathan DiJohn, ' Conceptualising the Causes and Consequences of Failed States: A Critical Review of the Literature', (January 2008) WP26 James Putzel, Stefan Lindemann and Claire Schouten, 'Drivers of Change in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Rise and Decline of the State and Challenges For Reconstruction - A Literature Review', (January 2008) WP27 Frederick Golooba Mutebi, 'Collapse, war and reconstruction in Uganda: An analytical narrative on state-making', (January 2008) WP28 Frederick Golooba Mutebi, 'Collapse, war and reconstruction in Rwanda: An analytical narrative on state-making', (February 2008) WP29 Bjørn Møller, 'European Security: the role of the European Union', (February 2008) WP30 Bjørn Møller, 'European Security: The Role of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe', (February 2008) WP31 Laurie Nathan, 'Anti-imperialism Trumps Human Rights: South Africa’s Approach to the Darfur Conflict', (February 2008) WP32 Ben Moxham, 'State-Making and the Post-Conflict City: Integration in Dili, Disintegration in TimorLeste', (February 2008) WP33 Kripa Sridharan, ‘Regional Organisations and Conflict Management: comparing ASEAN and SAARC’, (March 2008) WP34 Monica Herz, ‘Does the Organisation of American States Matter?’ (April 2008) 21 WP35 Deborah Fahy Bryceson, ‘Creole and Tribal Designs: Dar es Salaam and Kampala as Ethnic Cities in Coalescing Nation States WP36 Adam Branch, ‘Gulu Town in War and Peace: displacement, humanitarianism and post-war crisis’ (April 2008) WP37 Dennis Rodgers, ‘An Illness called Managua’ (May 2008) WP38 Rob Jenkins, ‘The UN peacebuilding commission and the dissemination of international norms’ (June 2008) WP39 Antonio Giustozzi and Anna Matveeva, ‘The SCO: a regional organisation in the making’ (September 2008) WP40 Antonio Giustozzi, ‘Afghanistan: transition without end’ (November 2008) WP41 Niamatullah Ibrahimi, ‘At the Sources of Factionalism and Civil War in Hazarajat’ (January 2009) WP42 Niamatullah Ibrahimi, ‘Divide and Rule: state penetration in Hazarajat, from monarchy to the Taliban’ (January 2009) WP43 Daniel Esser, ‘Who Governs Kabul? Explaining urban politics in a post-war capital city’ (February 2009) WP44 Francisco Gutierrez et al, ‘Politics and Security in Three Colombian Cities’ (March 2009) WP45 Marco Pinfari, ‘Nothing but Failure? The Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council as Mediators in Middle Eastern Conflicts’ (March 2009) WP46 Anna Matveeva, ‘The Perils of Emerging Statehood: civil war and state reconstruction in Tajikistan’ (March 2009) WP47 Jennifer Giroux, David Lanz and Damiano Sguaitamatti, ‘The Tormented Triangle: the regionalisation of conflict in Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic’ (April 2009) WP48 Francisco Gutierrez-Sanin, ‘Stupid and Expensive? A critique of the costs-of-violence literature’ (May 2009) WP49 Herbert Wulf and Tobias Debiel, ‘Conflict Early Warming and Response Mechanisms: tools for enhancing the effectiveness of regional organsations? A comparative study of the AU, ECOWAS, IGAD, ASEAN/ARG and PIF’ (May 2009) WP50 Francisco Gutierrez Sanin and Andrea Gonzalez Pena, ‘Force and Ambiguity: evaluating sources for cross-national research- the case of military interventions’ (June 2009) WP51 Niamatullah Ibrahimi, ‘The Dissipation of Political Capital amongst Afghanistan’s Hazaras: 2001 (June 2009) WP52 Juergen Haacke and Paul D. Williams, ‘Regional Arrangements and Security Challenges: a comparative analysis’ (July 2009) WP53 Pascal Kapagama and Rachel Waterhouse, ‘Portrait of Kinshasa: a city on (the) edge’, (July 2009) WP54 William Freund, ‘The Congolese Elite and the Fragmented City’, (July 2009) WP55 Jo Beall and Mduduzi Ngonyama, ‘Indigenous Institutions, Traditional Leaders and Elite Coalitions for Development: the case of Greater Durban, South Africa’ (July 2009) WP56 Bjorn Moller, ‘Africa’s Sub-Regional Organisations: seamless web or patchwork?’ (August 2009) WP57 Bjorn Moller, ‘The African Union as Security Actor: African solutions to African problems?’ (August 2009) WP58 Francisco Gutierrez Sanin, ‘The Quandaries of Coding & Ranking: evaluating poor state performance indexes’ (November 2009) These can be downloaded from the Crisis States website (www.crisisstates.com), where an up-to-date list of all our publications including Discussion Papers, Occasional Papers and Series 1 Working Papers can be found.

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