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«The Experience of a Sore Mouth and Associated Symptoms in Patients With Cancer Receiving Outpatient Chemotherapy By: Brown, Carlton G. PhD, RN, AOCN; ...»

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This research is in keeping with the newest Oncology Nursing Society Research Priorities wherein mucositis was ranked 20th in overall symptom importance.49 There is also a need for research that develops and tests intervention strategies focused on alleviating or preventing OM and its associated symptoms. In addition, more research is needed that investigates the consequences of OM, especially in the outpatient population where there is limited access to healthcare providers between chemotherapy treatments. Since the data are inconclusive on whether a particular gender experiences more severe OM, future prospective studies could be designed to detect gender specificity in relation to the impact of OM on overall patient quality of life. Finally, there is a need for studies that focus on the biological mechanisms underlying OM, including the role of proinflammatory cytokines and other substances in the development and interrelationships of OM and other symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and insomnia. Enhanced understanding of the pathobiology could ultimately lead to interventions designed to alleviate the burden associated with mucositis and other symptoms.

Finally, this study is one of the initial studies to examine selected consequences of an SM on oral intake, daily activity, time spent lying down, and the ability to work. The findings will hopefully stimulate further clinical research to delineate better assessment and management strategies for patients who have this challenging treatment-related adverse effect.


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