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«1778 Bony Fishes Suborder GOBIOIDEI ELEOTRIDAE Sleepers by E.O. Murdy, National Science Foundation, Virginia, USA and D.F. Hoese, Australian Museum, ...»

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Evorthodus lyricus (Girard, 1858). To 15 cm. Chesapeake Bay to N Gulf of Mexico and S to N South America.

Gnatholepis thompsoni Jordan, 1904. To 7.5 cm. Bermuda, Florida, and Bahamas to W Caribbean and N South America.

Gobioides broussonetii Lacepède, 1800. To 50 cm. South Carolina to Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and S to Brazil.

Gobioides grahamae Palmer and Wheeler, 1955. To 20 cm. Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil.

Gobionellus oceanicus (Pallas, 1770). To 30 cm. North Carolina to Brazil.

Gobionellus stomatus Starks, 1913. To 11 cm. Brazil.

Oxyurichthys stigmalophius (Mead and Böhlke, 1958). To 16.5 cm. Florida, Bahamas, and S Gulf of Mexico to Suriname.

Vomerogobius flavus Gilbert, 1971. To 2.5 cm. Bahamas.

SICYDIUM Sicydium adelum Bussing, 1996. To 9 cm. Costa Rica.

Sicydium altum Meek, 1907. To 10 cm. Costa Rica.

Sicydium antillarum Ogilvie-Grant, 1884. To 13 cm. Barbados, Panama.

Sicydium buscki Evermann and Clark, 1906. To 6 cm. Dominican Republic.

Sicydium caguitae (Evermann and Marsh, 1900). To 9.5 cm. Puerto Rico.

Sicydium gymnogaster Ogilvie-Grant, 1884. To 13 cm. Mexico to Honduras.

Sicydium montanum Hubbs, 1920. To 1 cm. Venezuela.

Sicydium plumieri (Bloch, 1786). To 24 cm. Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Vincent, Barbados.

Sicydium punctatum Perugia, 1896. To 8 cm. Martinique, Venezuela, Panama, Dominica.

Sicydium salvini Ogilvie-Grant, 1884. To 12.5 cm. Panama.

Sicydium vincente Jordan and Evermann, 1898. To 3.7 cm. St. Vincent.

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Perciformes: Gobioidei: Microdesmidae 1797


Wormfishes by C.E. Thacker, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California, USA D iagnostic characters: Small (to 27 cm; most 7 cm or less), elongate fishes with single continuous dorsal fin including 10 to 28 spines and 28 to 66 soft rays. Head rounded. Eyes small, sometimes very reduced. Mouth small, with protruding lower jaw. Jaw teeth small and straight, conical or spatulate. Anal fin with no spines and 23 to 61 soft rays. Caudal fin with 17 soft rays, rounded or lanceolate, often joined in continuous finfold with dorsal and anal fins. Pectoral fins with 10 to 13 soft rays, pelvic fins small, separate, with 1 spine and 3 soft rays. Scales small, cycloid, nonoverlapping, absent on head. No lateral line. Colour: pink or tan ground colour, often with scattered small or large spots or blotches, some with bars radiating from eye.

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Habitat, biology, and fisheries: Wormfishes inhabit shallow, nearshore waters, and are found buried in the sediment or in interstitial holes or burrows, sometimes shrimp burrows. They are most often caught by nightlighting or applying poison to the substrate and waiting for fish to emerge; pink wormfish may also be captured with bait pumps which pull the animals out of the burrows in which they hide. Wormfishes are of no importance to commercial fisheries, but may be used as bait by sportfishers.

Similar families occurring in the area May be confused with some elongate gobies (such as the violet goby), blennies, or small eels. Wormfishes may be distinguished from these families on the basis of their separate, small pelvic fins; small, underslung mouth with protruding lower jaw; lack of cirri on head; and single dorsal fin composed of both spines and rays.

Distinguishing characters of these families as compared to wormfishes are the following:

Gobiidae: pelvic fins not separate, fused into a ventral sucking disc.

Moringuidae, Ophichthidae, Nettastomatidae: no pelvic fins.

–  –  –

List of species occurring in the area Cerdale floridana Longley, 1934. To 8.0 cm. Widespread W Central Atlantic.

Microdesmus bahianus Dawson, 1973. To 6.5 cm. Adults known from S Atlantic, larvae from Area 31.

Microdesmus carri Gilbert, 1966. To 53 mm. SW31.

Microdesmus lanceolatus Dawson, 1962. To 4.5 cm. NW31.

Microdesmus longipinnis (Weymouth, 1910). To 27 cm. Widespread W Central Atlantic.

Microdesmus luscus Dawson, 1977. To 4.6 cm. S31.

References Dawson, C. E. 1962. A new gobioid fish, Microdesmus lanceolatus, from the Gulf of Mexico with notes on M. longipinnis (Weymouth). Copeia, 1962(2):330-336.

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Dawson, C. E. 1977. A new western Atlantic wormfish (Pisces: Microdesmidae). Copeia, 1977(1):7-10.

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