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«STUDENT CATALOG Zion Ministerial Institute a Zion Fellowship ministry PO Box 70 • 54 County Road 60 • Waverly, New York 14892 Phone: (607) ...»

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Visit Zion Ministerial Institute online at: www.zmi.edu Visit Zion Fellowship online at: www.zionfellowship.org Facilities Zion Ministerial Institute’s main building is Glory Hall, which houses all dormitories, classrooms, food service and cafeteria, and the gymnasium. The Library and Computer Lab are located on the lower level, administrative offices, classrooms and food services located on ground level, and student dormitories and faculty/staff housing located on the second and third floors. The facility is able to accommodate approximately 250 students, faculty, staff and guests. The main classroom is used daily for ZMI classes, and other classrooms are available for break-out sessions. Common rooms and the dining hall are available for studying, group activities, prayer meetings, and get-togethers.

Heshbon Lodge is located on the grounds of ZMI. The Lodge is used for special meetings, get-togethers and is an alternative study choice for groups of students. There are many scenic paths to take advantage of any time of the year.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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Zion Ministerial Institute welcomes students from every ethnic background, nation, and Christian denomination. We are all members of the Body of Christ and we want you to feel like family at Zion Ministerial Institute. We are dedicated to serving you in every way possible. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to assist you in attaining your educational and ministerial goals.

Entrance Requirements All applicants must first profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and manifest the fruits of repentance in their lives in order to be admitted into Zion Ministerial Institute.

Applicants seeking the Ministerial Training diploma must be high school graduates or be able to present a Certificate of Eligibility demonstrating successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) test.

From among the applicants, Zion Ministerial Institute selects those who evidence a genuine born-again experience, moral character, personal integrity, academic ability, and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. The applicant should sense a call to serve the Lord either in the ministry or function as lay leaders. These qualities are evaluated by considering the individual’s application, the entrance essays, the clergy recommendation, other recommendations, and records of academic history. Every applicant is assessed on a caseby-case basis.

Nondiscriminatory Policy Zion Ministerial Institute admits students of every race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made to students at the school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational policies, admissions policies, or any other school policies or programs.

However, applicants must profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Zion Ministerial Institute was founded to educate the Body of Christ. Zion Ministerial Institute retains the right to deny admission to any applicant that does not evidence, to the satisfaction of the Institute, a growing personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Zion Ministerial Institute regards homosexuality as a lifestyle contrary to the Bible.

Therefore, homosexuals will not be admitted to Zion Ministerial Institute.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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International Applicants:

All non-US citizen applicants must submit the following in addition to the above:

1. International Applicant Supplement

2. Church Sponsorship Form International applications will not be considered until all items have been received at the Admissions Office.

Due dates for all application materials to be submitted are as follows:

–  –  –

Official transcripts will be required within 60 days from the date of enrollment. For admission into the program, official transcripts are required from the last high school attended. The official transcript includes the name of every course taken, the final grade for each course, credit earned, and the final grade point average upon graduation.

For the applicant’s convenience, Zion Ministerial Institute has provided a Request for Transcript form. This form is included with the application for admission. Applicants may complete the Request for Transcript form and send it to the high school from which he graduated. A transcript is only considered official if it is sent directly to Zion Ministerial Institute by the high school and is received in the sealed, official school envelope.

If the applicant was homeschooled, a Home School Credit Evaluation Form is available upon request to submit in the place of the official school transcript. If home schooling credits ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog were assessed by an agency, please request official documentation be sent to ZMI from the appropriate agency.

If credit was earned from any other post-secondary school, official transcripts from postsecondary schools are not required to be submitted. Because of the introductory nature of the Ministerial Training program, Zion Ministerial Institute does not consider other college credits to be able to be applied as transfer credits.

It is the responsibility of applicants to follow up on the completion of their file for admission.

Please note that any documentation submitted to the Admissions Office by the applicant will not be forwarded to another party or returned to the applicant.

–  –  –

When all items for admission have been received, the application file will be reviewed. It is possible for the Chancellor to request an interview be conducted with the applicant, based on lack of sufficient information gathered from the application materials submitted. After the Chancellor reviews all application materials, the applicant will receive one or more of the

following items if he or she is accepted:

1. Acceptance Letter from Chancellor

2. International Student Visa Instructions (if not a US citizen)

3. Student Enrollment Letter

4. Student Enrollment Agreement (for each semester of study) In the event that applicants are not accepted, they will receive a letter suggesting an alternate course of action.

1. Acceptance Letter from Chancellor This letter is the official acceptance letter from the President of the school. This letter may be necessary for use at international borders if necessary.

2. International Student Visa Instructions This letter for international students provides important instructions for study in the USA. It accompanies the I-20 form necessary for applying for the M-1 vocational student visa, and other helpful information for international students.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

3. The Student Enrollment Letter This letter lists all the courses scheduled for the student’s upcoming semester, including the costs for tuition, room and board for the semester. This letter may be sent at a later date closer to the semester’s start date. It gives specific payment instructions, how to purchase textbooks, and important dates for the beginning and duration of the semester.

4. Student Enrollment Agreement The Student Enrollment Agreement states the terms of the agreement made with the student including payment for the upcoming semester. It will be sent to the student near the semester’s start date. (See the Financial Information section for the complete breakdown of costs and fees.) This Enrollment Agreement is sent to the student each semester. The student agrees to pay the full amount due by the end of each semester and agrees that upon completion of studies, no transcript request will be honored until the student account is paid in full. Applicants are under no obligation to sign the Enrollment Agreement if the student chooses to not agree to these terms.

The Enrollment Trial Period

Once accepted, applicants have an enrollment trial period during which they have the option of enrolling in the semester indicated on the Student Registration Letter. The enrollment trial period begins on the date the applicant receives the Acceptance Letter, Student Registration Letter or the Student Enrollment Agreement, and ends on the day the student moves in their dormitory room or in 90 days, whichever occurs first.

During this enrollment trial period, applicants are responsible to contact the Admissions Office if they desire to discuss any questions or concerns regarding enrollment. If applicants choose to enroll in the semester indicated they must sign the Student Enrollment Agreement and return it with the semester registration fee indicated on the Enrollment Agreement by the first Monday of the semester indicated.

If applicants choose not to enroll or respond within the enrollment trial period, the Student Registration Letter and Student Enrollment Agreement become obsolete and their student file will be placed in inactive status.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog Enrollment Process Applicants desiring to enroll in Zion Ministerial Institute must sign the Student Enrollment Agreement. By signing the Student Enrollment Agreement, students enter into an agreement with Zion Ministerial Institute for one semester. A semester is a period of 13 weeks, beginning on the date the student moves into the dormitory room, and ending after the completion of 13 weeks, and when they move out for break. Enrollment Agreements are valid only for one semester at a time.

Along with the signed Student Enrollment Agreement, applicants choosing to enroll must pay the registration fee for the upcoming semester by the first Monday of the semester.

Payments may be made by personal check, money order, or by VISA or MasterCard. Please do not send cash. Payments should be remitted to ZION MINISTERIAL INSTITUTE.

The student shall submit the signed Student Enrollment Agreement and registration fee no later than the first Monday of the semester. If desired, the signed Student Enrollment

Agreement and registration fee may be mailed prior to the deadline to:

Student Accounts, Zion Ministerial Institute Waverly, P.O. Box 70, Waverly NY 14892 Upon receipt of the signed Student Enrollment Agreement and semester registration fee, the applicant becomes an official Zion Ministerial Institute student. A copy of the signed Student Enrollment Agreement will be placed in the student’s school mailbox along with the student’s first financial statement.

Submission of High School Transcripts All Official High School Transcripts must be received in the Admissions office within 60 days from the date of initial enrollment if they have not already been received.

–  –  –

Academic Calendar Each semester is thirteen (13) weeks long, and includes one week of assisting and attending the semi-annual Pastor’s Convention. All courses scheduled are mandatory for all full-time students, (resident or non-resident), or full-time auditing students.

The Educational Objective ZMI is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. International students

are required to observe the following Educational Objective of Zion Ministerial Institute:

 ZMI seeks to train those who evidence a call to the ministry in thorough Bible training and in ministerial training for ministers, missionaries and church lay leaders. ZMI desires international students to take the truths they have learned, return to their home country, and impart those truths to their church.

 ZMI does not provide English language training. Zion Ministerial Institute will not be a primary means for a student to learn the English language. There will be no discrimination regarding assignments and grades, regardless of the ability of the English language. We encourage applicants who want to learn the English language to first enroll in an English language school or course in his own country.

 Zion Ministerial Institute does not authorize or process transfers to other M-1 or F-1 schools or institutions.

 Once the student successfully completes the four-semester program, he/she may be awarded a Diploma of Ministerial Training. Completion of the program does not lead to direct ordination or employment.

 Completion of the diploma program at ZMI is not equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree.

 If an international student does not desire to fulfill the educational objective of ZMI, we encourage the applicant to not apply to ZMI. Not fulfilling the educational objective of ZMI puts the international student into jeopardy of immediate deportation.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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Student Body Zion Ministerial Institute has a very diversified student body, with students and graduates from many different races, backgrounds, nations, and church denominations. Though their backgrounds, nationalities, denominations, and languages may differ, they all have one thing in common: like Ezra of old, they have prepared their hearts to “seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach” it to others (Ezra 7:10).

Elective Activities Zion Ministerial Institute’s academic calendar is quite demanding, but inside the calendar are plenty of opportunities for times of wholesome interaction with other students and staff.

Scheduled ministerial outreaches, field trips, educational trips, and recreational activities provide fun and fellowship.

There are many areas where students are able to minister. Those desiring to use their gifts and talents to minister to others are welcome to discuss opportunities with the Deans.

Statement of Responsibilities Zion seeks to train up ministers and prepare them to fulfill the call and purpose of God on their life. The purposes therefore assume that a member is committed to Christ, has a Godappointed call on his or her life to the ministry, and is looking to become further prepared to fulfill that call. The student, by virtue of his enrollment, therefore agrees to accept the responsibilities of membership in the ZMI community.

The Institute believes that the Holy Bible is the final authority which guides the development of Christian character and governs Christian behavior. The following provides an overview of

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