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«STUDENT CATALOG Zion Ministerial Institute a Zion Fellowship ministry PO Box 70 • 54 County Road 60 • Waverly, New York 14892 Phone: (607) ...»

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the guidelines by which ZMI is governed:

Biblical Principles

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dishonesty including cheating, occult practices, and sexual sins such as promiscuity, premarital sex, adultery and homosexual behavior.

In addition, Scripture condemns such attitudes as greed, jealousy, pride, lust, bitterness, needless anger, an unforgiving spirit and harmful discrimination and prejudice such as that based on race, sex or socio-economic status. While these attitudes are difficult to detect, they are as subject to the judgment of God as are outward forms of disobedience to Him. ZMI’s community is obliged to repudiate these attitudes and seek God’s forgiveness and help so that each individual may grow in grace and righteousness.

Rules Zion Ministerial Institute also recognizes that, while the Scriptures do not provide specific teaching regarding all social practices, they do advocate self-restraint in that which is harmful or offensive to others.

ZMI has chosen, therefore, to adopt certain prudential rules which will contribute to the environment appropriate to its aims and goals. Thus, ZMI requires members of the community to abstain from gambling, from the possession or use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, non-medicinal narcotic or hallucinogenic drugs including marijuana, and from social dancing.

Clothing is to be modest and reflecting Christian values. Women are to wear skirts or dresses during classroom instruction and church services. Men are to wear jackets and ties during classroom instruction and church services. During work duties and times of leisure, loose-fitting pants and slacks are acceptable.

These rules apply to the student while under the jurisdiction of Zion Ministerial Institute or any Zion constituent. The student is encouraged to exercise restraint in these matters even when not under Zion’s jurisdiction. These rules apply for the whole time a student is enrolled, during winter break, and during the summer when living on campus.

Discretion In addition, members of the community, whether or not they are under jurisdiction of the

Institute, are expected to practice discretion and restraint in the following:

1. The choice of music, media and entertainment.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog 2. The choice of organizations with which they associate.

3. The use of the Lord’s Day (Sunday) to give primary attention to worship, rest, Christian fellowship and service.

It is assumed that the individual who voluntarily joins the student body at Zion Ministerial

Institute will, with God’s help:

1. Deepen his or her spiritual commitment and understanding by means of the Christian activities and educational opportunities available both on campus and in local churches.

2. Develop his or her moral character by practicing biblical principles and a life of holiness.

3. Participate constructively in the life of ZMI, observing the rules and doing whatever he or she can to help ZMI achieve its goals.

Disciplinary Action /Dismissal

One or more of the following measures will be taken with an errant student:

Warning - A statement of the regulation with an official warning concerning future behavior.

Probation - A status allowing the student to remain on campus with particular conditions specified.

Suspension - An involuntary separation of the student from Zion Ministerial Institute for a specified length of time determined by the Chancellor.

Withdrawal - The student is permitted to withdraw without privilege of returning until a time specified by the Chancellor.

Expulsion - A permanent separation of the student from the Institute with an appropriate notation on the student’s record of the reasons for such termination. For additional information on disciplinary procedures and the appeal process, contact the Administrator’s Office.

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are provided for our international students coming from long distances. Dorm phones are provided for incoming calls and outgoing calls made using 1-800 calling cards only.

Single Residents. Housing is in dormitory style. Each room provides a sink, bed, desktop, dresser or shelving, and closet. Ample communal bathrooms and shower rooms are provided on each floor.

Married Residents. A limited number of married student rooms are available. Each room provides a double bed or two single beds, full bathroom, large closet, dresser, desk and sofa.

Family Residents. Housing availability for married students with children is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Housing During Semester Breaks. Students are not permitted to stay on campus during breaks unless approved by the Administrator. Students are requested to leave within two days of the semester’s completion and asked not to return until the week before the next semester starts. If a student arrives or departs without prior consent and contrary to the designated times, they will be obligated to pay for housing and meals.

Outstations Outstations are opportunities granted to students to minister off-campus. Outstations are assigned to students throughout each semester and include such ministry opportunities as preaching, song leading, music ministry, testimonies, teaching Sunday school, and general helps ministry.

Work Duties The course Practical Ministries is a mandatory course every semester for every resident student. Domestic work duties are assigned to students to help build the character of the student, and to aid in the functioning of the facility. This course helps the Institute to keep tuition, room and board costs low.

Work duties are scheduled so that they will not interfere with students' academic responsibilities. Special talents and strengths are considered as duty assignments are made. There is no remuneration of any kind for work duties for Practical Ministries class.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog Working Off-Campus Outside employment is available to US citizens if it is necessary. Students desiring to work must first obtain approval to do so from the Administrator. Diligent students find that part time employment allows ample time for classes in the morning and time for studying and assigned work duties in the afternoons or evenings. International students are not permitted to work under the M-1 status.

Student Motor Vehicle Policy All students may have one motor vehicle per student on campus. The student parking area is located in front of the main building. The vehicle must have current vehicle registration and insurance. Vehicles may not be left on campus through semester breaks when the student is not present.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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Diploma of Ministerial Training

1. Candidates must satisfactorily complete all the required courses over four (4) distinct semesters of study.

2. Candidates must have completed 64 credit hours of non-elective courses.

3. Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

4. Candidates must receive the Chancellor’s consent to graduate.

Certificate of Completion of Audit Studies Audit students must satisfactorily attend the required courses over four (4) distinct semesters of study.

–  –  –

Refunds apply for all full-time resident, non-resident and full-time audit students within the first three weeks of the semester. Refunds do not apply for part-time audit students (who are charged weekly). Refunds do not include the application fee, semester registration fees, or textbook purchases. All refunds are processed based upon the official withdrawal date stated on the Official Withdrawal Agreement or Request for Leave of Absence Form. The date of withdrawal is the date the student submits the original letter of intent to withdraw or notifies administration of intent to take a leave of absence. The student will be refunded any tuition and room and board that they do not use, based on the current weekly rates.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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After students complete their first semester, they are given the opportunity to enroll in the next semester or to withdraw from enrollment.

1. If students desire to enroll in the next semester, no action is necessary. Students are required to have any late assignments submitted and all accounts paid before enrolling in the next semester.

2. If students do not wish to begin their next semester until further notice, they may notify the Registrar’s Office through a Notice of Intent card. The student will be put into inactive status. If after a temporary leave of absence students wish to enroll after being in inactive status, they may submit a letter to the Registrar stating the semester in which they desire to enroll. The student will be considered for re-enrollment if: 1) approved by administration, 2) the student accounts are paid in full, and 3) all previous coursework is completed. Then the student is welcome to enroll in a future semester within three (3) consecutive semesters of prior enrollment. If the student desires to enroll again and has been withdrawn for more than four (4) consecutive semesters, the student must go through the complete application process, completing the application form with all necessary documents and application fee. This student must be re-accepted again before they can enroll in a semester again.

3. If students do not wish to continue their studies, they may officially withdraw from Zion Ministerial Institute by stating so in writing to the Registrar’s Office. The option to withdraw from enrollment places the student file into an inactive status.

If after being withdrawn, the student wants to continue studies, the student may contact the Registrar’s Office to begin the enrollment process. The student will be considered for re-enrollment if: 1) approved by administration, 2) the student accounts are paid in full, and 3) all previous coursework is completed. Then the student is welcome to enroll in a future semester within three (3) consecutive semesters of prior enrollment. If the student desires to enroll again and has been withdrawn for more than four (4) consecutive semesters, the student must go through the complete application process, completing the application form with all necessary documents and application fee. The student must be re-accepted again before they can enroll in a semester again.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog Leave of Absence If a student must take a leave of absence within a semester, a Notice of Intent card must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The courses not yet attended will be removed from the student’s semester course schedule to be rescheduled for the next applicable semester. If the student re-enrolls after a leave of absence, in order to complete the graduation requirements, the student must complete any missed courses in the next applicable semester the courses are offered.

Withdrawal from Enrollment Students may withdraw from enrollment at any time. Those who want to withdraw from

enrollment must follow the official Withdrawal Procedure, which is as follows:

1. Notify the Registrar's Office of your desire to withdraw by means of a written letter (or email). The withdrawal date will determine the amount of refund given to the student, if any. The withdrawal date is the day that the original letter from the student is received in the school’s office. The Registrar’s Office will return an Official Withdrawal Agreement to the student, which must be completed and signed by the student in order to make the withdrawal request an “Official Withdrawal.

2. The student’s transcript will then reflect official withdrawal, “W”. Any student who withdraws without meeting the above criteria will be considered as having an unsatisfactory withdrawal. As a result a "UW" will be permanently noted on the transcript.

–  –  –

Zion Ministerial Institute recognizes the principles of truth and honesty as being absolutely essential. Students must rigorously follow these principles in all academic course work, including assignments and examinations. By signing the Enrollment Agreement, the student agrees to abide by these principles. Zion Ministerial Institute requires students to complete all course assignments without unauthorized help from others. Cheating or plagiarizing in any form is sufficient grounds for suspension from Zion Ministerial Institute. If students are suspected of cheating or plagiarizing, they will be notified immediately by administration.

Each case will be carefully reviewed and could result in academic dismissal.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

–  –  –

The Registrar’s office closely monitors students’ records and if insufficient activity is seen on students’ records within any given 3-week period, the students will be contacted and aided in fulfilling their academic goals.

Academic Probation & Dismissal Students are expected to successfully complete at least 13 weeks of courses per semester, and maintain a grade point average (GPA) that insures satisfactory academic progress. A student’s academic status will be checked at the end of each 3-week period from the

beginning of the semester. The following policy will be used to determine academic status:

Academic Warning When a student’s grade point average for a semester is below 2.00, but the cumulative average is above the academic scale requirement, the student will be placed on academic warning for the following semester. This action is not recorded on the student’s academic record.

Academic Probation When a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below the appropriate level of good standing on the academic scale, the student will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. Any student who fails to maintain a 2.00 average in a semester may be placed on academic probation. Academic probation status is recorded on the student’s file.

Academic Status Scale

–  –  –

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 must be maintained in order to obtain the Ministerial Training Diploma.

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