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Program Course Requirements Diploma of Ministerial Training Course Requirements For each course, students must read the course textbook(s), complete the assignment(s) and or examination(s) prescribed by the instructor, and attend all class sessions. Students must satisfactorily complete the requirements prescribed by the instructor.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

General Course List

Zion Ministerial Institute firmly believes that every educational program should be wellbalanced and cover a wide range of studies. Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:15-17: “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” The instruction of and adherence to the Word of God makes us perfect (or complete) and thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Christian education should be founded upon the study of God’s Word. It is the Holy Scriptures that make a person wise. Therefore, in our curriculum, we have made Biblical Studies the core of our theological programs. We have carefully designed our curriculum to give our students a well-rounded Biblical education in every educational program.

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Course Descriptions I & II Epistles to the Corinthians 1 credit This is a study of Paul’s epistles to the Corinthians. The spiritual importance of the letters and the truths contained in them are examined in great detail, with the emphasis on their relevance to us as believers. The conditions that provoked Paul to address this church are considered, as well as the cultural and the religious mentality of this Greek city, and Paul’s divine remedy to bring cohesion, order, and perfection.

I & II Epistles of Peter 1 credit These were two letters written by Peter at the end of his life. The study of I & II Peter examines the epistles of Peter as well as his life, comparing the young apostle in all the character flaws evident in his early years, with the mature, polished, and solid foundation stone that Peter obviously became in his later years. The two epistles reveal Peter’s heart for what Peter exhorts younger believers to do were things he had gained through maturity and insight into himself. The main theme may be seen in 1 Peter 5:10, “established, strengthened, and settled.” I & II Epistles to the Thessalonians 1 credit This is a study of Paul’s epistles to Thessalonians. One of the major themes throughout this study is the Second Coming of Christ. The Man of Sin and the conditions that exist at the time of the Antichrist’s rise to power are also examined in these letters from Paul to the Thessalonians. However, as it is appointed to all men once to die and then the judgment, the main thrust of these epistles is holiness, for each believer must be ready to meet the Lord when He comes at the end of his life.

Book of Acts 1 credit This is a study of the book of Acts, focusing on the beginning of the Church, and the Apostles, who were the foundation stones upon which the Church was built. The Book of Acts is a divine account of the new move of God. This was a time of transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant, salvation by faith in Jesus Christ to all mankind. Acts pinpoints the center of the fire of God in the move of the Holy Spirit, and studies the two main leaders of this revival, the Apostle Paul and the Apostle Peter.

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against Israel, the reign of the Antichrist, God’s purpose for the Church in the last days, and the Second Coming of Christ. Throughout the Book of Daniel, truths are repeated to show without doubt that God truly rules supreme in the affairs of men.

Book of Ezekiel 1 credit This study will seek to give a deeper understanding of the book and prophecies of Ezekiel. A prophet of the Babylonian captivity, a chapter by chapter analysis is made of Ezekiel’s personal life and message. There are four main divisions in this book: Prophecies Against Judah and Israel (1:1‐24:27); Prophecies Against Foreign Nations (25:1‐32:32); Restoration of Israel (33:1‐39:29); and Vision of the New Temple, the Millennial Reign (40:1‐48:35).The prophet enumerates and defines the sins of his generation and explains that the exile and judgment of God upon the nation was a means of cleansing the heart of vanity and idolatry, leaving his listeners with the hope of restoration. This study examines the revelation of God’s holiness given through the visions to the prophet as well as the prophecies contained in that book, particularly those indicative of events that take place in the last days, and even in the Millennial reign of Christ.

Book of Genesis 1 credit The book of Genesis is the book of beginnings, and therefore is one of the keys to understanding the whole Word of God. A thorough understanding of Genesis is essential for the Bible student to grasp the whole scope of truth. This course covers the account of Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the division of the nations, and the lives of the Patriarchs— Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. The error of the theory of evolution and atheism is exposed. The emphasis of this course is the spiritual truth contained in each story and its application to the believer’s life today.

Book of Isaiah 1 credit This course gives an analytical treatment of the book of Isaiah, including its history, main ideas and thoughts, and detailed verse-by-verse study of the most significant parts. The content of Isaiah is so vast that it covers nearly every are of doctrine. Also the time range goes from before creation at the fall of Lucifer to the time when there are new heavens and a new earth. Thus, the prophetic depth is carefully observed during class time.

Book of Jeremiah 1 credit This is a study of the life and ministry of Jeremiah who lived during the last days of the Jewish kingdom. This study will seek to give the student a deeper understanding of the book and prophecies of Jeremiah, a revelation of the heart and feelings of a tender, loving God reaching out to a backslidden people who were bent upon their own destruction. A profound ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog type of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jeremiah suffered contradiction and rejection by those he loved and preached to, yet remained faithful to the message God gave him.

Book of Job 1 credit This study examines the truth that trouble is used of God to promote the believer in the Kingdom of God. This study approaches the curse upon fallen man, involving pain, toil, and adversity, as the mercy of God, placing a restraint upon the fallen nature. It examines how God works through man’s failures and sorrows to break the power of the old nature and bring him into freedom from the bondage of self and into the newness of life.

Book of Joshua 0.5 credit This study covers the Book of Joshua. The focus develops not just the history of Israel in conquering and maintaining their inheritance, but the spiritual fulfillment in the lives of Christians today. Four main themes are explained in this course, both in the history of Israel and in spiritual application to Christians: 1) Entering the land or entering into the promises of inheritance in Christ; 2) Conquering Canaan, or facing conflicts that must be overcome in order to possess the inheritance; 3) Dividing the land, or receiving character, ministries, and rewards of God, which require wisdom and organization to establish; 4) Keeping the inheritance, or keeping and multiplying their inheritance by passing it on to their following generations of natural and spiritual children.

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Book of Leviticus 1 credit This is a study of the book of Leviticus. The purpose of this course is to give the student a thorough knowledge and comprehension of the book of Leviticus. The book of Leviticus is a study of the ceremonial laws of offerings of the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament through the spotless life of our Lord Jesus Christ and their relevance to the life of each believer.

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effects and consequences of sin and making wrong alliances, as well as the fruit of repentance, which is rest.

Book of Psalms 1 credit The purpose of this course is to seek to give the student a solid understanding of the Psalms 1‐50, introducing to the students the devotional, doctrinal, prophetic, and autobiographical significance of the Psalms. When, and under what circumstances each Psalm was written is given due consideration for it unlocks many spiritual truths, especially in the life of King David. Each psalm is looked at in great detail.

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Children’s Ministry I-IV 0.5 credit each This course gives the student an opportunity to minister to children on a periodic basis with Zion Chapel Kid’s Church and at Conventions, with assistance in the basics of teaching children at various age groups, and equipping the student with an understanding of children’s ministry and the elements necessary to run their own children’s ministry program.

It develops a heart for children and a greater understanding of their unique needs as a part of the body of Christ.

Christian Ethics 1 credit This course is a study of the Christian moral‐ethical aspects of human conduct in relation to self, family, society, and God. Contemporary issues such as abortion, homosexuality, war, divorce and remarriage, and Christian liberty are thoroughly discussed from a Christian worldview.

Convention Seminar I-IV 1 credit each Students attend all sessions of the Pastor’s Convention each semester and complete a written assignment summarizing the main messages. Students also gain valuable ministry experience assisting with hosting the convention in the areas of guest services, housekeeping, and building and grounds.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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Epistle to the Colossians & Philemon 0.5 credit Paul’s epistles to the Colossians and Philemon are considered. The emphasis in Colossians is the way to holiness. The major theme in Philemon is the restoration of the backslider, as illustrated through the life of Onesimus. Each epistle is covered in depth.

Epistle to the Ephesians 1 credit Called “The Queen of New Testament Epistles,” Ephesians is truly a wonderful book, rich with many spiritual truths. Ephesians is explored verse-by-verse. The historical background, the founding of the Ephesian church, and the important doctrinal truths contained in the Epistle are considered. The believer’s position in Christ is contrasted with the believer’s conduct. Love and spiritual warfare are emphasized throughout the study.

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Epistle to the Hebrews 1 credit In this epistle, Paul shows the greatness of Christ, who is superior to the prophets, the angels, Moses, and Aaron. Paul’s five warnings to the Hebrew church are considered. The priesthood of Melchizedek (after which Christ’s priesthood is fashioned) is compared with the priesthood of Aaron. The New Covenant is examined in depth, showing us the way into the Holy of Holies. The theme of this study is “within the veil”—a reference to the veil that separated the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place in the Tabernacle of Moses. The heroes of faith are also considered.

Epistle to the Philippians 0.5 credit This course is a verse-by-verse exposition of the Book of Philippians. There are five main themes in this book: 1) The need for unity; 2) The blessings of suffering; 3) The mind of Christ; 4) The first resurrection; 5) The peace of God. The purpose of the Apostle Paul in writing this epistle is to set a higher vision before the church of Philippi.

Epistle to the Romans 1 credit This course is a study of the Book of Romans, called “The Masterpiece of the New Testament.” The main themes developed in this course are: 1) The wrath of God; 2) The righteousness of God; 3) The life of God; 4) The election of God; 5) The service of God; 6) The kingdom of God; 7) The patience, hope, and power of God. Each section is outlined in the beginning, and in each part there is a simple, but in-depth exposition of the epistle.

Gospel of Mark 1 credit The Gospel of Mark is unlike other Gospels. Although written by John Mark, the Church Fathers agree that he received most of his facts from the Apostle Peter. This book concentrates on presenting Christ’s actions and deeds to the Romans. This course will focus on the 18 recorded miracles, the 18 recorded parables, and the 18 recorded discourses of Christ in a verse by verse exegesis.

Gospel of John 1 credit This is a study of the Gospel of John. The purpose of this course is to give the student a thorough knowledge of the Gospel of John, which is one of the most important books in the Bible. It has been called “the spiritual Gospel,” and as such it contains many spiritual truths that are manifested through outward signs and symbols. This course will focus on the three sets of sevens in John’s Gospel: the Seven I Am’s of Christ; the Seven Pre‐Resurrection Signs of Christ; and the Seven Major Public Discourses of Christ.

ZMI Waverly Campus Student Catalog

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Gospel of Mark 1 credit The Gospel of Mark is unlike other Gospels. Although written, by John Mark, the Church Fathers agree that he received most of his facts from the Apostle Peter. This book concentrates on presenting Christ’s actions and deeds to the Romans. This course will focus on the 18 recorded miracles, the 18 recorded parables, and the 18 recorded discourses of Christ in a verse by verse exegesis.

Historical Books 1 credit The purpose of this course is to study the lives and character of the kings as well as the kingdoms which they ruled. This study will seek to give students a historical background of the kingdoms of Israel, when united under the leadership of King Saul, David, and Solomon as well as the divided kingdoms, Judah and Israel. The theme of this study is the formation of a king and the importance of how we finish the race of life.

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