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Eötvös Loránd University

School of English and American Studies

Department of English Studies

H-1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 5.

Tel.: (36 1) 460 4451, (36 1) 485 5200/4451

e-mail: des@btk.elte.hu






Programme Overview










Academic framework The programme operates in accordance with the Doctoral Regulations endorsed by Eötvös Loránd University1 and the Doctoral School of Literary Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University2, of which it is a constituent part.

Address: 1088 Budapest, Múzeum körút 4/A 319 E-mail: epika@ludens.elte.hu.

Objectives The doctoral programme is open to graduates who hold an M.A. degree and wish to obtain a doctorate. On meeting the course requirements students receive a Completion of Studies Certificate from the Faculty of Humanities, which is a prerequisite for the subsequent doctoral examination, the submission, and the defence of the doctoral dissertation. Successful completion of the full programme will lead to a Ph.D.

Focus The taught courses centre around English and American literature and culture from the eighteenth-century up to the present. The courses concern individual authors or cultural eras from the perspectives of literary history, theory, art history, cultural studies, philosophy, and histroy of reception. Historical and theoretical questions of Hungarian translations of English and American literature are also studied.

Faculty Zsolt Czigányik, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer 1 Adopted by Senate Resolution CCXLVIII/2013. (VII. 1.), set forth in a single structure including Senate Resolutions CCLXXV/2013. (IX. 23.) and CCLXXV/2013. (IX. 23.) on the amendments of the Doctoral Regulations. See: http://www.elte.hu/file/doctoral_regulations_ELTE.pdf 2

Adopted by the Doctoral Council of Eötvös Loránd University on 26 September 2013. See:

http://www.btk.elte.hu/file/IDI_SzMSz_2013.pdf Dóra Csikós, C.Sc., Senior Lecturer Péter Dávidházi, D.Sc., Professor, Corr. Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Ákos Farkas, Ph.D., Habil., Associate Professor Judit Friedrich, C.Sc., Associate Professor János Kenyeres, C.Sc., Habil., Associate Professor Zsolt Komáromy, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Ágnes Péter, Professor Emerita Éva Péteri, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Natália Pikli, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Eglantina Remport, Ph.D, Senior Lecturer Veronika Ruttkay, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Andrea Timár, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Aladár Sarbu, Professor Emeritus Programme leader: Győző Ferencz, Ph.D., Habil., Professor


For information on the requirements for admission contact Office for Doctoral Affairs and Research Coordination at ELTE Faculty of Humanties.

Address: Múzeum krt. 4/A, I/119, H-1088 Budapest Tel.: (36-1) 485-5200/5183 E-mail: stipich.bela@btk.elte.hu The Hungarian-language website (http://www.btk.elte.hu/phd/felveteli) provides information on the technicalities of admission (forms, documents, fees, etc.).

Questions relating directly to the Programme should be addressed to the ELTE School of English and American Studies, Department of English Studies.

Address: Rákóczi út 5, 1088 Budapest, Hungary Tel.: (36 1) 485-5200/4451.

Email: des@btk.elte.hu Homepage: http://seas3.elte.hu Applications should include a research topic and the name of the supervisor listed on the

website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council (www.doktori.hu). See also:


In addition to the requirements by the Office for Doctoral Affairs and Research Coordination applicants should enclose with their application a few documents which demonstrate their academic skills in written form. These can either be the synopsis of their thesis, a copy of a published article, a copy of a seminar-paper, or some other piece of scholarly work.

Applicants will be interviewed by an admission committee. In this entrance examination they will be required to demonstrate their familiarity with English and American literature, criticism and theory, and also a general understanding of various cultural issues concerning the period between the eighteenth century and the present. Applicants are expected to possess a substantial knowledge that comprises and somewhat exceeds the M.A. requirements. The main emphasis, however, will be on the applicants’ proposed field of interest.

There is no written examination.


The Choice of the Dissertation Topic Responsibilities of the supervisor include professional guidance in the form of regular consultations. The topic of the dissertation is approved by the Programme Council in consort with the supervisor by the end of the second semester. The dissertation topic may be changed and the supervisor replaced only with permission from the Doctoral School of Literary Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University no later than the end of the third semester.

Course Requirements The doctoral programme offers three modules of educational training: (1) courses-units, (2) dissertation-related tutorials and (3) academic research and lecturing activities. Students are required to earn 180 credit points, out of which 70 (10 course units per 7 credits) must be obtained through coursework, 42 through consultations (6 units per 7 credits) and further 68 through academic and lecturing activities. The length of each weekly meeting is 90 minutes.

One completed course is equivalent to seven credits. The way in which courses are to be chosen from among the departmental curriculum is specified by the Doctoral Regulations.

Registration for courses and submission of grades are administered electronically. All courses count as seminars (G), and no end-term examintions follow. Courses lead to a final mark based upon students’ performance. Marking is on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is the fail mark.

(1) Students are required to complete 10 course units. There are two types of courses.

(a) Interdisciplinary studies. These courses are thematically non-specific courses advertised by the Programme or any other Programmes of the Doctoral School.

With the consent of their supervisor students may take courses advertised by other accredited doctoral schools at the Faculty of Humanities. Students have to complete four such courses. Their code numbers are 1–4. To obtain each of the four codes numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) is a prerequisite for the Studies Certificate. The overall number of credits is 28.

(b) Specialization studies. These courses are directly related to the discipline of the Programme. They are designed by the Programme in conformity with the needs of students to schedule their progress. In reasonable cases, and with the consent of their supervisor, students may take courses advertised by other programmes within the Doctoral School. Students have to complete six such courses. Their code numbers are 5–10. Obtaining each of the six codes numbers (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) is a prerequisite for the Studies Certificate. The overall number of credits is 42.

(2) Dissertation-related tutorials. Students are obliged to regularly to give an account of the progress in their research-work and present chapters of their dissertation.

Requirements are set by the supervisor with respect to the individual demands of the students. The time of the weekly meetings is to be arranged by the student and the supervisor. The code numbers are 11–16, one for each subsequent term. To obtain each of the four codes numbers (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16) is a prerequisite for the Studies Certificate. The overall number of credits is 42.

(3) Further credit points are to be obtained by scholarly publication, editing or translating, conference presentation, managament of academic affairs, international research work, educational administration, and university teaching. This is also a prerequsisite for the Studies Certificate. 8 credits are granted for the publication of a research paper, 4–4 can be given for all the other activites. The overall number of credits is 48.

The Planning of Studies

The Doctoral Regulations requires 16 one-semester courses as a prerequisite for the Completion of the Studies Certificate, which must be obtained by the end of the sixth year of studies at the latest. Ideally, however, a student can meet the 16-course requirement in the first 6 semesters of his/her doctoral studies.

The comprehensive doctoral examination (doktori szigorlat) must be taken within five years of the completion of studies.

The dissertation is to be submitted no later than two years after registration for the comprehensive doctoral examination. Submission of the dissertation is preceded by a departmental debate, in view of which the Doctoral Programme must receive the submitted work at least six months before the final date.

Courses at the Doctoral Programme in Modern English and American Literature and Culture (P/IR/MODA) Each doctoral programme has its own study unit list. Study units are registered by their code and title. The full code is the combination of a string of letters followed by a sequence of numbers wherein the letters encode the Doctoral School (P/IR = Doctoral School of Literary Studies) and the Programmme (MODA = Doctoral Programme in Modern English and American Literature and Culture).

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The rules as herein laid down are in strict accordance with the Doctoral Regulations of the Doctoral School of Literary Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University. On matters not covered below the Doctoral Regulations should be consulted.

Examinations are set by the Doctoral Programme in January and June.

Information about procedural matters is made available at least eight weeks prior to the date of the examination. It is within the frame of this consultation that the topics of the examination are determined in accordance with the candidate’s individual research programme.

The Comprehensive Examination marks the conclusion of formal studies towards the doctor's degree. In default of this prerequisite dissertations cannot be submitted.

The purpose of the examination is to provide convincing evidence that the doctoral candidate has studied the primary material of the proposed dissertation and its related areas in sufficient depth, and is in full possession of the higher quality competence in research techniques, frame of reference, and critical idiom necessary for the successful completion of his or her work.

The examination must be taken before a panel of departmental and external examiners. The time allowed for individual exam sessions is forty-five minutes.

The area of knowledge in which candidates are examined is made up of fields covered by the

taught courses of the programme. The examination covers four major areas:

1. History of literature from the 18th century to the present.

2. Sister arts (visual arts and music) from the 18th century to the present.

3. Literary criticism and theory and their history from the 18th century to the present.

4. Theories of cultural studies from the 18th century to the present.

The comprehensive examination encompasses the essential questions of these four areas.

Attention is focused on fundamentals and, while familiarity with a broad range of facts and data relating to modern English or American literature or culture is a requirement, candidates are expected to be able to synthesize previously compartmentalized material.

Candidates have to answer questions in three of the four areas. Depending on the topic and orientation of the dissertation, and in agreement with the examinee, one of these areas forms the major component of the examination, while the remaining two qualify as subsidiary subjects.

Requirements for the Comprehensive Doctoral Examination

Candidates are notified of the acceptance of registration and the composition of the examination board by the Doctoral Programme. After that, together with their supervisor and the leader of the Programme, they should draw up a reading list that form the topic of the examination. The list should contain fifteen books that correspond to the major subject and ten–ten books related to the subsidiary subjects each. The list of books is checked by the programme leader, the supervisor and the members of the exmanination board and, if necessary, may suggest to revise and supplement it. Finally they select ten books for the major and five–five books for the subsidiary subject as the immediate examination material.

Candidates are required to submit a research paper the length of which is 40.000 n (forty thousand characters with spaces) to the leader of the Doctoral Programme as a supplement to their application. This can be a published article or a manuscript. The submitted paper should be related to the theme of the dissertation and should contain a bibliography. The leader of the Programme sees to it that all examination board members receive a copy of it.

At the start of the examinations candidates should provide a list of courses completed. The board my take it into consideration with their questions.

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