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«P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK First published as A Dictionary ...»

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–  –  –

: Aaron Iudeus 1189 DC (L); Robert Aaron 1185 Eynsham; John Aaron 1259 ForNth, 1327 SRSa. The name of the brother of Moses. Rare in medieval England, and usually Jewish.

–  –  –

: Hoel ab Adam 1255 RH (Sa); John Apadam, Ab Adham 1308, 1310 ParlWrits (Gl);

Mary Baddam 1597 Bardsley. ‘Son of Adam’, Welsh ab, ap. cf. BOWEN.

–  –  –

: Alured atte Berewe 1242 Fees (Wo); Adam a la Barewe 1275 SRWo; William Abarowe 1525 SRSx; Rychard A Barow 1545 SRW. ‘Dweller by the mound or hill’, OE bearg. v.

also BARROW.

–  –  –

: (i) Ralph le Abe c1 150–66 YCh; William le Abbe 1220 Cur (D); Walter le Abbe 1297 MinAcctCo. OFr abe, abet ‘abbot’. (ii) Ralph Abbe 1200 FFO; Walter Abbe 1249 AssW;

John Abbe 1327, 1332 SRSx. Either shortened forms of Abel, Abraham, or perhaps further examples of (i).

A dictionary of english surnames 2

Abba, Abbay, Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Labey

: (i) Ralph le Abbe 1177 P (Lo); Geoffrey Labbe Hy 2 DC (Lei); John Abby 1297 MinAcctCo. OFr abe, abet ‘abbot’. v. ABBATT. The Scottish Abbie (Abbe 1178–80, del Abbeye 1370) derives from the office of lay-abbot of a monastery which was hereditary in the leading family of the district (Black). (ii) William del Abbay 1283 FrY; Adam dil Abbeye 1327 SRSf. From employment at an abbey.

Abbatt, Abbett, Abbitt, Abbot, Abbots, Abbott, Abbotts, Labbet : Walter Abbot 12th DC (L); Walter Abat 1219 AssY; Peter le Abbot 1237 HPD (Ess);

Ralph Abbod 1272 AssSo. OE abbod, late OE abbat, abbot ‘abbot’. Early Latin examples such as Alfwoldus abbas 1111–17 Holme (Nf) are names of actual holders of the office of abbot and can hardly have given rise to surnames. Later examples are nicknames.

–  –  –

: John de Abbatia 1190 P (Lo); William del Abbay 1283 FrY; Adam dil Abbeye 1327 SRSf; Roger Abby 1364 LoPleas. ‘Worker at the abbey’, OFr abbaye.

–  –  –

: v. ABB Abbess, Abbis, Abbiss The dictionary 3 : Jamys Abbys, Richard Abes 1524 SRSf. Probably OFr abe, abet ‘abbot’, of which these would be possessive forms, hence ‘son of the abbot’. Or, possibly, OFr abbesse ‘abbess’ used ironically. cf. Abbess Hall in Abbess Roding (Ess), Abbes Hall 1544.

–  –  –

: Abellus Hy 2 DC (Lei); Abel de Etton’ 1221 AssWa; William Abel 1197 P (Ess);

Thomas Abelle 1301 SRY; Richard Abelson 1623 Bardsley. Hebrew Abel, probably ‘son’, a common 13th-century christian name.

–  –  –

: John, Stephen Albo(u)rgh 1327 SREss, 1456 ER 72; John Aberry 1662 HTEss. These are probably from Abery House in Ilford (Ess), v. PN Ess 98. But the name may also come from Avebury (W), Abery 1535.

–  –  –

: Fulcho de Abinton 1194 P (Nth); William de Abbinton 1260 AssC; Thomas de Abigton, William de Abynton 1296 SRSx. From Abington (C, Nth), or Abington Pigotts (C).

–  –  –

: Abelota loue 1277 Ely (Sf); Abelot 1279 RH (C); William Abelot 1279 RH (C); William Ablot 1335 FrY. Abel-ot, a diminutive of Abel, sometimes used as a woman’s name.

–  –  –

: Abraham de Strattuna 1170–5 DC (L); John Abraham 1193 P (Nth); Robert Abram 1252 Rams (Hu). Hebrew Abram ‘high father’, changed to Abraham ‘father of a multitude’. Abraham, the name of a priest in DB (1086), was not confined to Jews.

–  –  –

: Absolon filius Apsolon 1199 FFC; Aspelon 1252 Rams (Hu); Johannes filius Asplom 1302 SRY; Stephen Abselon 1208 Cur (O); John Asplon’ 1279 RH (Hu); Thomas Absohn, Aspelon 1281, 1297 LLBB; William Aspland, Aspline 1684, 1690 CPR iii.

Absalom, from Hebrew Abshálóm ‘father of peace’. Used as a nickname by Chaucer for a man with a fine head of hair: ‘Crul was his heer and as the gold it shoon’.

–  –  –

: Azo 1086 DB; Asce Halvecniht 1213 Cur (Ha); Benedict, John Ace 1230 Cl (Ha), 1246– 89 Bart (Lo); Geoffrey Aze 1296 SRSx. OFr Ace, Asse, OG Azo, Atso, hypocoristics of compounds in Adal-.

–  –  –

: Acardus de Lincolnia c1150 DC (L); Achardus de Sproxton’ 1207 Cur (Lei); William Achard 1160 P (Berks); William Achart 1177 P (Ha); Willelmus Achardi 1190 P (Berks);

William Hachard 1279 RH (C); Thomas Acard 1401 Shef (Y). OFr Achart, Aquart, probably from OG Agihard, Akihart.

Acbeson, Aicheson, Aitcheson, Aitchison, Atcheson, Atchison

: Scottish and border forms of Atkinson found in Cumberland as Attchison in 1596 (CWAS viii) and in Scotland as Atzinson 1475, Achesoun 1497, Atyesoun 1540, and Aicheson 1590 (Black). The z was pronounced y and AtyeSon became Acheson as the colloquial ‘got yer’ became ‘gotcha’.

Ackary, Ackery

: Acharias, Accarisius filius Copsi 1155, Hy 1 FeuDu; Achari Hy 1 Rams (Hu); Robert Akari 1199 CurR (Hu). Hebrew Zacharias ‘Jehovah has remembered’, surviving also as Zachary. Roger son of Zacharias de Burdun (1217 FeuDu) is also called Rogerus filius Acharisiae, Akariae, Acris, Akaris (c1200 ib.).

–  –  –

: Aky prior 1168–75 Holme; Bernard filius Acke 1212 Fees (La); Eluiua Ackes 1202 AssNth; Margaret Acke 1327 SRC. ODa Aki, OSw Ake, or a shortened form of ON Áskell. v. also AKE.

The dictionary 9 Ackerman, Acraman, Acreman, Akerman : William Acreman Hy 1 Rams (Hu); Robert le Akerman 1233 HPD (Ess). OE æcermann ‘farmer’, a husbandman or ploughman.

–  –  –

: The Devonshire Acklands are said to owe their surname to a grove of oaks near their seat of Acland Barton in Landkey (Devon). Here lived in 1275 William de Ackelane (RH). The real meaning of Acland is ‘Acca’s lane’, which is only some four miles from Accott in Swimbridge, ‘Acca’s cottage’ (PN D 342, 351). Robert de Acland 1257 Oseney (O) took his surname from land on which oaks grew (OE āc, land).

–  –  –

: Hugo Aikroide 1612 FrY; Henry Ackroyd 1645 ib.; Henry Akeroyd 1648 ib.;

Christopher Acred 1721 ib. ‘Dweller by the oak-clearing’ (OE āc, rod), a Yorkshire name, preserving the dialectal pronunciation royd.

–  –  –

: v. ACKERMAN Acres, Ackers, Acors, Akers, Akess, Akker : William del Acr’ 1214 Cur (Sx); Adam de Acres 1346 LLB F. ‘Dweller by the plot of arable land’ (OE æcer). Or from Castle, South or West Acre (Norfolk).

–  –  –

: Hugh de Acton’ 1194 P (Sa); Warin de Aketon 1202–3 FFEss; John de Acton 1327 SRWo; Richard Acton 1421–2 FFWa. From one of the many places of this name.

–  –  –

: Adam Warenarius 1146–53 DC (L); Alianor Adam 1281 AssCh; William Adames 1327 SRWo. Hebrew Adam ‘red’, found in DB, and common thereafter, with diminutives A dictionary of english surnames 12 Adcock, Adkin, Adnett.

–  –  –

: Addy 1290 AssCh; Addy de Beuerlay 1297 SRY; John Haddy 1279 RH (Beds); Richard Addy 1301 SRY; John Adies 1327 SRWo; William Addes 1379 PTY. A pet-form of Adam.

–  –  –

: William de Adinton 1176 P (Bk); Hugh de Adinton’ 1202 AssNth; Gilbert de Adintun’ 1226 Cur (Sr). From Addington (Bucks, Kent, Northants, Surrey).

–  –  –

: Adelina joculatrix 1086 DB (Ha); William Adeline 1260 AssC. OG Adalina, Adelina.

The seal of Adaleide, wife of William Peverel (1107–13 NthCh), bears the legend:

SIGNVM ADELINE, which was thus used as a pet-form of OG Adelhaid, in ME usually Adeliz, Alesia, Aalis. v. also ALIS, EDLIN.

–  –  –

: Adekin filius Turst’ 1191 P (Nf); John Adekyn 1296 Crowland (C); William Atkyns 1327 SRWo; John Adekynes 1332 SRWa; William Atkyn 1441 ShefA. Ade-kin, a pet-form of Adam.

–  –  –

: Adelelmus 1066 DB (K); Walterus filius Adelam 1191 P (Sa); Robertus Adelelmus 1130 P (Ess); Roger Adalem 1260 AssC. From c940 onwards OE Æðelhelm regularly appears as Æðelm and occurs in DB as Ailm (PNDB). Hence the above forms are probably all from OG Adalhelm, Adelelm ‘noble protector’.

Adlard, AUard, Allarde, Allart, Allars, Aylard, EUard, EUert, Hallard, Hallett : Ailardits, Ælard 1066 DB (D, Sx); Adelardus Hornewitesinne 1125 (c1425) LLB C;

Aeilardus 1143–7 DC (L); Halardus de Weres a1150 ib.; Elard de Beisebi 1161 P (L);

Walterus filius Eilardi 1205 Cur (W); Rogerus filius Alardi, Adelard’, Athelardi 1212, 1242 Fees (L); Roger Aillard 1205 P (Gl); Richard Alard’ 1209 P (Gl); Nicholas Adelard 1275 SRWo; Stephen Eyllard 1296 SRSx; Richard, William Athelard 1327 SRC, SRSx;

John Adhelard, Allard 1327, 1332 SRSx; John Allerd 1327 SRC. The DB forms are probably from OE Æðelheard ‘noble-hard’, but may be for OG Adelard or Agilard. Adelis usually continental in origin, Ayl- usually from OE Æðel-, but may occasionally be for A dictionary of english surnames 16 OG Adel- or Agil-. Both the native and the continental names are represented but cannot be safely distinguished except that Ellard and Ellert are probably of English origin. Alard the Fleming (1198 P), whose name iscertainly of continental origin, also occurs as Ayllard(1193 ChR) and Adthelard (Ric 1 (1279) RH). Alardde Cotekyn of Zeeland (1311 Pat) was also a Fleming. Both personal-names may later have become Aylett, Allatt.

–  –  –

: Lefstan filius Ædmeri c1095 Bury (Sf); Admerus le Burgeis 1203 Cur (Sx); Walter

Edmer 1275 SRWo. OE ‘prosperity-famous’. The surname is also local in origin:

Reginald de Addemere 1296 SRSx, Nicholas de Admare 1344 FrY.

–  –  –

: Adenet le Wayder 1293 MESO (Nf); Adinet del Forest 1379 PTY; Robert Adynet, Adinot 1366 AD ii (Lei), 1428 FA (Sr). OFr Adenet, Adenot, diminutives of Adam. Adam de Bidyk (1286 ChancW) is also called Adinet (1276 Fine).

–  –  –

: Adrianus janitor 1186–1210 Holme (Nf); Walter Adran’, Adrian c1232 Clerkenwell (Lo); Ralph Adrien 1277 LLB A. Lat Hadrianus ‘of the Adriatic’, the name of a Roman emperor and several popes, including Nicholas Brakespear, the only English pope (d.


–  –  –

: Eneas filius Hugonis Hy 2 Seals (Y); Eneas de Baddeby 1381 AssWa; David Enyas 1379 LoCh. The name of the Trojan hero. Used in Scotland to translate Gaelic Aonghus, OIr Oeng(h)us.

–  –  –

: Robertus filius Agacie 1279 RH (C); Roger Agace 1275 SRWo; Thomas Agas 1480 AD iii (Sx); Matthew Agess, Thomas Aggis 1674 HTSf. OFr Agace (f), the vernacular form of the learned Agatha, from Greek ảγaθóς, ‘good’.

–  –  –

: Agnes de Papewurda 1160 P (C); Hugo Agneis 1219 AssL; Robert Agnes 1230 P (L). Fr Agnes, from Greek áγvóς, ‘pure, chaste’, the learned form of the vernacular Anes, Anneis.


–  –  –

: (i) Mabel de Aignaus, de Agniws 1208–9 Pl; Robert de Ayneaus 1227 Cur (Sf); Robert de Aygnel 1249 AssW. From Agneaux (La Manche). (ii) Thomas Agnel 1201–12 RBE (Sf); Susanna Agniel 1206 Cur (Bk); Lawrence, John Agnel 1254, 1284 IpmW. A nickname from Fr. agneau, agnelle ‘lamb’.

–  –  –

: John atte Grove 1323–4 FFEss; William atte Groue 1392, Michael Agrove 1443 CtH.

For atte Grove ‘dweller by the grove’, OE grāf. v. also GROVE.

–  –  –

: Adelard aculeus 1148 Winton (Ha); Geoffrey Ageilun c1150 DC; Roger Aguitton 1219, Wiiliam Aglyon 1361 AssY; Richard Aglon 1642 PrD. Lat aculeius, OFr aiguillon ‘goad’, perhaps in the sense ‘warrior’. v. OEByn 372.

–  –  –

: William de Anslee c1220 Black (Glasgow); Adam de Aynesleye, Thoraas de Ainslay 1357 ib. (Roxburgh), Putnam (Db); Adam Aynesley 1652 RothwellPR (Y). From Annesley (Notts), or Ansley (Warwicks).

–  –  –

: Robert de Hayra 1301 IpmLa (We); John Ary 1617 FrY; Christopher Airy 1647 ib.

Robert de Ayrawe 1332 SRCu, assessed in Threlkeld (Cumb), must have owed his name to Aira Beck or Aira Force (Ullswater), Arey 1522, with a surname de Ayraw 1301 (PN Cu 254). Airy’s Bridge in Borrowdale is named from Christopher Arraye 1603 and Jane Araye 1634 (ib. 352), whilst Airygill Lane in Great Strickland (PN We ii, 150), John Airey Gill 1838, commemorates the local family of Airy (Arey, Arraye, Arra 1586–1731).

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