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«P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK First published as A Dictionary ...»

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: Alcher (Alg(h)erus Exon) 1066 DB (D); Alcherus Venator 1166 P (Ess); Auchere filius Henrici 1327 SRC; Willelmus filius Auger 1346 SRWo; Ailwin Alher, Alcher 1180, c1216 Bart (Lo); Walter Alger 1275 SRWo; Henry Auger 1279 RH (Hu); John Aucher 1428 FA (W); William Awger 1498 FrY. OE Ealhhere ‘temple-army’, which, through Anglo-Norman vocalization of l, became Aucher, Auger. cf. AYER. Alger (with a hard g) is from ON Álfgeirr. v. ALGAR.

–  –  –

: Adhelina 1138, Aelina de Rodlos 1160–5 NthCh (L); Aalina (f) Hy 2 DC (Nt); Alina 1211 Cur (Mx); Alina del Hele 1248 MPleas (Nth); Richard Alyne 1275 SRWo; Richard Aelyng 1296 SRSx. OG Adalina, Adelina, Agellina, Aillina. There is also evidence to show that Aline was used as a diminutive of OFr Aalis. v. Michaëlsson ii 2. v. also ADELINE.

–  –  –

: Adeliz de Raimes Hy 2 DC (Nth); Aliz Martel ib. (L); Ahelis, Ahelissa 1188 BuryS (Sf);

Willelmus filius Alis 1214 Cur (Beds); Alicia filia Engrami 1219 AssY; Atheleisia, Aelesia, Aeleis (identical) 1219–20 Cur (Nf); Roger Alys 1221 AssWa; William Aliz 1297 MinAcctCo. OFr Aalis, Aliz, OG Adalhaidis ‘noble kind, sort’, modern Alice.

Alison, Allison, Alleeson, Hallison A dictionary of english surnames 40 : (i) Alison c1386 Chaucer; Alison Home 1524 Black (Berwick); William Alisun c1248 Bec (Bk); John Allison 1332 SRCu. OFr Alison, Alizon, a pet-name for Alice, common both in England and in Scotland from the 13th to the 17th centuries. In Scotland, it became Elison: Elison Dalrymple 1514; Alysone or Helysoune Rouche 1535 (Black). v.

ELLISON. (ii) Patrick Alissone 1296 Black (Berwick); John Aliceson 1324 Wak (Y);

William Aleissone 1381 SRSt ‘Son of Aleis or Alice’. Also a late form of Allanson. v.


–  –  –

: (i) William de Altekar 1341 LLB F; William Alker 1630 Bardsley. From Altcar (Lancs).

(ii) William Alker 1212 Cur (Nf). This cannot be local in origin and is from OE Ealhhere.


–  –  –

: Alkin the Jonge 1296 AssCh; John Alkyn 1307 ParlWrits (He). Probably a pet-form of Allan or Alexander, Al- plus -kin. cf. ALCOCK.

Allain, Allan, Allans, Allen, Alleyn, Alleyne, Allin, Allon, Alan, Alen, FitzAlan : Alanus 1066 DB (Sf), c1150 (Lei); Alain 1183 DC (L); Geoffrey Alein 1234 FFC;

Roger Alain c1246 Calv (Y); Richard Aleyns 1309 AssSt; John Fitz Atan 1416 FrY;

Richard Alen 1544 FFHu; Matthias Allyn 1593 ib. OFr Alain, Alein, OBret Alan, the name of a Welsh and Breton saint, which was popular with the Bretons who came over The dictionary 41 with the Conqueror, particularly in Lincolnshire, where it ranked eighth in popularity in the 12th century, level with Simon and more numerous than Henry. From 1139 it was common in Scotland where the surnames also derive from Gaelic Ailéne, Ailín, from ail ‘rock’.

–  –  –

: v. ALLMAND Allanby, Allenby, Allonby, Allamby, Allemby : Adam de Aleynby 1332 SRCu; John Alomby 1522 FrY. From Allonby (Cumb), Aleynby 1285, Alanby 1306, Allonby 1576.

–  –  –

: Henry Aleyson 1332 SRWa; Nicholas Aleynesson 1383 AssC; John Alanson 1395 Whitby (Y); Thomas Alynson 1401 AD i (Db); Allison Allasoune 1554 Black (Glasgow).

‘Son of Alain or Alan’ v. ALLAIN. Occasionally ‘Son of Alwin’: Otho Alwinessune 1130 P (Lo). v. ALWIN and DALLINSON.

–  –  –

: Albodo 1114–20 Rams; Ailbodus c1155 DC (L); John Albot 1275 RH (D); Symon Albod 1275 SRWo. OG Albod, Albot, Adelbodo.

A dictionary of english surnames 44

–  –  –

: Nicholas Alday 1327 SR (Ess); John Aldaye 1455 ArchC 34; Thomas Aldy 1534 ib. 37.

From OG Aildag or possibly OE *Æðeldæg. cf. Aildeig 1066 DB (Nf). Here, too, probably belong: John, William Aldeth 1524 SRSf, from OE (f), ‘old combat’, found in DB in 1066 as Ældiet, Ældit, Aldgid, Aldid, and still in use in the 13th century: Aldeth Fin 1190 BuryS (Sf); Alditha de Pelham 1212 Cur (Herts). For the development to -ey, cf.


The dictionary 45

–  –  –

: Richard de Aluerton’ 1193 P (Y); William de Allerton’ 1312 FFY; John Allerton 1416– 7 IpmNt; Jacob, Mary Alderton 1817, Allerton 1819 LitWelnethamPR (Sf). From Allerton (La, So, WRY), or Alderton(Sf).

–  –  –

: Johannes filius Alli 1205 Cur (Nf); Hugo son of Ally 1332 SRCu; Alice, Richard Ally 1275 SRWo, 1352 FrY; Walter Alleye 1279 RH (O). ODa Alli, OSw Alle, found as Alli in DB (1066) in Bucks, Beds, Northants and Staff.

–  –  –

: Algod 1066 DB (Nt); Iordanus filius Algodi c1174 Clerkenwell (Lo); Algotus de Banneberi 1178 P (O); Philip Halgot 1190 Oseney (O); Ralph Alegod, Halgot, Halegod 1200 ib.; Thomas Algod 1225 Pat; Robert Algood 1327 SRSf. ODa, OSw Algot, Algut.

–  –  –

: Algrim 1066 DB (Y); Algrim de Frisemareis 1195 P (Y); John Algrym 1402 YWills. ON *Álfgrímr. The modern form may also be a corruption of Allgroom. cf. Richard Aldegrom 1198 P (K), ‘the old servant’, ME grom.

–  –  –

: Cost de Alingeham 1191 P (L). From Allingham (K), or perhaps from Alvingham (L).

Allington, Alington: William de Alinton’ 1192 P (Y); Peter de Alingeton 1235 Fees (W);

William Alyngton 1479 Paston. From Allington (D, Ha, K, L, W).

–  –  –

: A Huguenot name. Peter Allix, b. Alencon 1641, d. London 1717, was minister of the Church of Charenton near Paris. On the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, he fled to England, became minister of the Temple of the French hospital in Spitalfields, and was later canon and treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral (Smiles 259). The name is a variant of Alis, i.e. Alice.

–  –  –

: (i) Alemannus 1101–25, 1125 Holme (Nf); Henricus filius Aleman 1219 AssY. As there is no known OE personal name from which this can be derived, it is probably OFr aleman ‘German’ used as a personal-name. (ii) John Aleman 1199 MemR (Nb); Walter le Aleman 1200 Cur (Y); Roger Alemon 1275 SRWo; Robert Alman 1327 SRC. OFr aleman, modFr allemand ‘German’. With an excrescent d (as in modern French), this would become Almond. cf. Bardsley’s ‘Hanekin Almond and John de Almann, valets of the countess of Surrey’ in 1358, and ‘the almond leap’, a German dance (1611 NED). (iii) Thomas de Alemayne 1320 LLB E; Inglebright de Alman 1332 FrY. The man from Germany’, commonly called Almeyne in the 14th century. This, too, would become Almond.

–  –  –

: Robert Alfmarck 1279 RH (Hu); Adam Halfmark 1296 Wak (Y); Emma Halmark 1324 LaCt; John Awmack 1722 YWills. ‘Half-a-mark’, a nickname from the money of account.

–  –  –

: Ælnod, Alnoth, Atnot, Alnod, Elnoc, Elnod 1066 DB; Alnodus (Ailnoð) ingeniator 1177 The dictionary 53 P (Mx); Alnotus Papillun 1197 FF (Nth); Ailnothus Peni 1204 Cur (Sr); William Aylnoth, Alnoth 13th Lewes (Nf); Gilbert Elnod 1312 FFK; Richard Eylnoth 1317 AssK; Thomas Alnowe 1427 FFEss. The DB forms may be for OE Ælfnōð, Æðelnōð, *Ealdnōð or *Ealhnōð, but the surname is chiefly, if not solely, derived from OE Æðelnōð ‘noble daring’. cf. WOOLNER.

–  –  –

: (i)Ældeprest 1189, Aldeprest 1194 P(Co). ‘The old priest’, OE eald, prēost. (ii) Thomas Alprest 1278 RH (C). cf. Fr Auprêtre ‘son of the priest’.

A dictionary of english surnames 54

–  –  –

: Alret 1066 DB (K); Godardus filius Ailred’ 1205 P (Lo); Alredus de Wicham 1206 Cur (K); Robert Alred 1198 P (K); Walter Ailred, Martin Alred 1279 RH (Hu). OE v.

ALDRED. Possibly also from OE

–  –  –

: (i) Ælfuine filius Ælstani c1095 Bury (Sf); Hugo filius Alstani 1209 P (Lei); Henry Alston 1279 RH (C); William Alstan 1283 SRSf. OE Æðelstān appears in DB as Alestan.

v. ATHELSTAN. The DB Alstan may also be derived from OE Ælfstān ‘elf stone’, *Ealdstān ‘old stone’ or Ealhstān ‘temple stone’, all of which may have contributed to these surnames: cf. Thomas son of Aldeston 1332 SRCu, Richard Aldston 1185 Templars (Herts). v. also ELSTON. (ii) These surnames may also be local in origin: Roger de Alleston 1246 AssLa, from Alston in Ribchester (Lancs); John de Alnethestan 1230 P (D), from Alston in Holberton (Devon); William de Alsiston’ 1221 AssWo, Richard de Alston’ 1275 SRWo, from Alstone (Glos); Richard de Aluredeston’ 1194 P (St), from Alstone in Hill Chorlton (Staffs); and possibly also from Alston (Cumb, Som).

The dictionary 55

–  –  –

: Godric filius Ælfuuii c1095 Bury (Sf); Alfwy 1212 Fees (Berks); Swein, William Alvi 1212 Cur (O); Thomas Alfy 1279 RH (C); Simon Elphey 1279 RH (D); Adam Alfwy 1296 SRSx; John, Agnes Aluy 1327 SRSx; Edward Eluy 1327 SRSx. OE Ælfwīg ‘elf war’. v.


–  –  –

: Aluardus, Alfwardus pistor 1182–6, 1200–11 BuryS (Sf); Willelmus filius Eluard, Ælfwardi 1191, 1192 P (Nf); Robert Elward 1275 RH (Sf); Gilbert Allward 1279 RH (C). The DB Æluuard, Aluuard, Eluuardus may represent OE Ælfweard ‘elf guard’ which is clearly represented above or OE Æðelweard ‘noble guard’ which survives as Aylward and also appears as Alward. In the 12th century the two names were confused.

Ailwardus grossus and Ælward judex occur also as Alfward and Ailward respectively (c1116 ELPN).

–  –  –

: William Alweder 1395 AssL. Robert Alwether 1500 NorwW. ‘All kinds of weather’, OE eall, weder. cf. John Strangweder 1249 AssW ‘strong weather’; Richard Wetweder 1392 IpmGl ‘wet weather’. cf. FAIRWEATHER.

–  –  –

: Ælmund, Almund, Æilmundus, Ailmundus 1066 DB; Alward filius Elmund 1086 DB (Sa); Eilmund Sperie 1224 Cur (Ess); Thomas Ailmun 1279 RH (C); Thomas Awmond 1562 FrY; Laurence Almond 1564 LaWills. OE Æðelmund ‘noble protector’ or Ealhmund ‘temple-protector’.

–  –  –

: Roger Alnard 1317 LLB D; John Alnard 1332 SRSx. ‘One who tests the measurement of cloth’, from a derivative of French aune ‘ell’. v. also ALLNATT.

A dictionary of english surnames 58

–  –  –

: Matilda Alpe 1275 RH (Nf); James Alpes 1664 FrY. A nickname from the bull-finch, ME alp(e) (c1400 NED).

Alphege, Elfick, Elphick, Elphicke, Elvidge : Ælfec (Ha), Alfech (Sx), Æfhag (Nt), Alfeg (Co), Alfah (Nf), Elfeg (Db), Elfac (Sa) 1066 DB; Alfegus 1137 ELPN; Elfegus de Erningeton 1166 P (Gl); Elphegus a1216 StGreg (K); Alfeg’ ater Legh 1296 SRSx; John Elpheg’ 1297 Coram (K); William Alfegh 1318 AD vi (K); Robert Elfegh 1526 KentW; William Elphike 1549 RochW; Margaret Elvishe 1609 YWills. OE Ælfhēah ‘elf-high’. Alphege is a Norman form.

–  –  –

: Æfere (Nf), Alfer (K, Sx), Elfer (Sx) 1066 DB; Alfare de Neteltuna Hy 2 Gilb (L);

Godwinus (filius) Elfare 1221 ElyA (Nf); Thoraas Ehare 1499 ArchC 37. OE Ælfhere ‘elf-army’. The surnames are rare.

–  –  –

: Hugo filius Elfwin 1193 P (He); Eilwinus, Elfinus de Benindenne 1214 StGreg (K);

John Alvene 1279 RH (C); Richard Elvene 1296 SRSx; Thomas Eluyn 1327 SRWo;

Thomas Aluene, Alwyne 1351 AssEss, 1357 FFEss. OE Ælfwine ‘elf-friend’ or Æðelwine ‘noble-friend’. v. AYLWIN, ALWIN. cf. WOOLVEN from Wulfwine.

–  –  –

: v. ALAWAY Alwin, Alwen, Alwyn, Allwyn, Elwin, Elwyn : (i) Alduin, Elduinus 1066 DB; Walter filius Heldewin 1191 P (L); Aldwinus de Vivario 1207 Cur (Ess); Osegod Aldwini 1195 P (Berks); Cristina Aldwyne 1275 SRWo; William Aldwen 1327 SRC. OE Ealdwine ‘old friend’. (ii) Æluumus (Eiluuinus Exon) 1066 DB (D); Robertus filius Ailwini, Alwini 1213–14 Cur (Ess). OE Æðelwine ‘noble friend’, which survives as Aylwin, appears in DB as Aluuine, Eluuinus and such forms as Alwin, Elwin infra may derive from this. (iii) Æluuin. Alfuuinus, Aluuinus, Eluuin 1066 DB;

Goduine Ælfuini filius c1095 Bury (Sf); Elfwinus de Bekeringe 1165 DC (L). OE Ælfwme ‘elf friend”. From this, too, may derive Alwin, Elwin. There was early confusion between Ælfwine and Æðelwine, both of which are found as Alwine: Ælfwin Finche is probably identical with Ailwinus, Alwinus Finch 1168, 1173, and Alfwinus filius Leofstani with Ailwin son of Leofstan (ELPN 12). cf. also Robertus filius Ailwini, Ailfwini 1214 Cur (Nth). (iv) Æluuin, Aluuin(e), Eiuuin(e) 1066 DB; Elwine Ecses 1101– 7 Holmc (Nf); Ælwine presbiter 1127–34 ib.; Alwinus Blundus 1207 Cur(Sx); John Allewin 1219 AssY; Thomas Alwine 1260 AssC; Geoffrey Elwyne 1274 RH (Nf);

William Helewyn, Thomas Alwyn 1296 SRSx. All these may derive from OE Ealdwine, Æðelwine, or, least common, Ælfwine. v. also ALVEN.

A dictionary of english surnames 62

–  –  –

: Amabilia (f) 1202 AssL; Amabillia de Brunham 1208–9 Pleas: Richard Amable 1275 SRWo. A feminine name from Lat amabilis ‘loving’. As a christian name it was later superseded by the shortened form Mabel.

–  –  –

: Magister Amandus 1199 Cur (Lei); Amanda filia Johannis 1221 AssWa; Amanus de Preston’ 1221 AssSa; Richard Amand 1279 RH (C); Robert Amant 1332 SRSx; Simon Ament 1674 HTSf. OFr Amand, Amant, Lat amandus ‘meet to be loved’, the name of a 5th-century Bishop of Bordeaux and of four saints. Also used as a woman’s name.

–  –  –

: (i) William le Amayler 1303 LoCt; Simon le Amelour 1344 MESO (So); Robert The dictionary 63 Ambeler 1375 LoPleas. OFr esmailleur ‘enameller’, with intrusive b. (ii) Thomas le Amblur 1276 RH (L); Nicholas le Aumbleour 1307 Wak (Y); Alexander Ambler 1474 FrY. NED has amblere c1386 in the sense ‘an ambling horse or mule’, a derivative of amble. The surname may mean ‘keeper of the stable’ or be a nickname for one with an ambling gait or a facetious nickname for a fuller. cf. John Ambeler, walker 1440 FrY.

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