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«P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK First published as A Dictionary ...»

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: Ambrosius 1168–75 Holme (Nf); Henry Ambreis 1279 RH (O); William Ambroys 1332 SRSx. Lat Ambrosius, Fr Ambroise, from Gk ảµβρóσıoς ‘divine, immortal’.

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: Emelot Minne 12th NthCh (Nth); Ricardus filius Amelot 1275 RH (D); Robert Emelot 1183 P (Lo); Nicholas Amelot 1275 RH (W). OFr Amelot, Emelot, a hypocoristic of Ameline. v. EMBLEM.

Amery, Amori, Amory, Emary, Emery, Emory, Embery, Emberry, Embrey, Embry, Embury, Emeric, Emerick, Emerig, Imbery, Imbrey, Imbrie, Imery, Imray, Imrie, Hemery, Hembrey, Hembreye, Hembry : Amalricus 1086 DB; Ymerus filius Reineri c1160 DC (L); Haimeri 1170 P (St);

Haimericus filius Gidhe c1190–5 DC (L); Eimericus uinitor 1191 P (Wa); Robertus filius A dictionary of english surnames 64 Amalrici, Almarici, Aumarici 1207–14 Cur (Nt); Amauricus, Amaricus, Ailmarus, Almarus, Aumaricus, Almaricus de Sancto Amando 1221 Cur; Hemericus, Eymericus, Heimericus Buche 1222 Cur (Do); Emeric Orcherd 1241 AssSo; Emery de Roche Chaward 1269 AssSo; Aymery de Rupe Cawardi 1278 AssSo; Roger Hemeri a1182 Clerkenwell (Ess); Robert Amalri 1207 Cur (O); Richard Aumauri 1221 Cur (Do); Robert Emeri 1223 Pat (Lei); Robert Heymeri 1240 Rams (C); Simon Amarik 1260 AssY;

William Emeric 1276 LLB A; Robert Amary, Amory 1279 RH (Bk); Walter Ymery 1513 Black; John Imbrie 1611 ib. OFr Amauri, Emaurri, from OG Amalric ‘work-rule’.

Ames, Amess, Amies, Amis, Amiss, Amys, Amos, Amoss

: Robert Amis 1221 ElyA (Sf); Joan Amices 1279 RH (O); John Amize, Amys 1309–10 LLB D; Gregory Amys or Amisse 1525 Oxon. Fr Amis (m) or Amice (f). Amis cas-sujet, Ami cas-régime, is from Lat amicus ‘friend’, used in late Latin as a name for the lower classes, especially for slaves. There were also derivatives of this, Amicius (m) and Amicia (f). Both were in use in England: Amisius 1200 Cur (D), 1213 ib. (Sr), Amisius de Hospitali 1211 Cur (Herts): Amicia 1189 DC(L), 1207 Cur(Ess), 1210ib.(Wa).Amos(s)is due to the influence of the Biblical name which was not used in England before the Reformation. v. AMIAS, AMIET. Occasionally the surname is from the cas-sujet of the noun: Williara le Amiz 1275 SRWo.

Amey, Amy, L’Amie, Lamey

: (i)William Amy 1219 AssY; William Lamy 1275 RH (Lo); William le Amy 1282 LLB A. Fr ami ‘friend’. (ii) William Ame 1248 Ass (Ess). Fr Amé, from Lat amatus ‘beloved’.

(iii) Amia cameraria 1193 P(L); Martinus filius Amye 1297 SRY. The Latin form of OFr Amée, from Amata, the feminine of Amé. Occasionally we may have the masculine Ami, cas-régime of Amis. cf. Rogerus filius Ami c1250 Rams (Nf) and v. AMES.

Amias, Amyas

: Richard Amias 1185 Templars (Wa); Willard de Amiens 1193 P (Y); Roger de Amias 1276 LLB A; John Amyas 1296 SRSx. From Amiens. cf. ‘merchants of Amias’ 1326 The dictionary 65 LLB E. In the 16th century the surname was confused with Ames. Thomas Amyas of Wethersfield (1521) was, no doubt, of the same family as Robert Amys, Amyse, Amyce, Ameys (1462–78 ER 61).

–  –  –

: William Amiot 1195 P (Gl), 1279 RH (O); Stephen Amyot 1317 AssK. Ami (m) or (f), plus ot. Amiot de Wudestoch’ 1191 P (Berks) is identical with Amisius filius Amisii de Wodestoke 1250 Eynsham (O), a clear case of the pet-form of the masculine Amis or Ami. v. AMES, AMEY.

–  –  –

: John Amysone 1358 Putnam (Nth); John Amysson 1384 Cl; Matthew Amson 1568 Bardsley. ‘Son of Amice, Amis or Ami’. v. AMES, AMEY.

A dictionary of english surnames 66

–  –  –

: Agemund, Agkemundus 1066 DB; Hagemundus c1150 DC (L); Agmundus de Gutario 12th DC (L); Amund de Cotes Hy 2 DC (L); Alexander, Ralph Aghemond 1327 SRSx;

Margeria Awomond 1327 SRSo; Henry Amond 1380 AssC; James Amon, Charles Amons 1674 HTSf. ON Qgmundr, OSw Aghmund.

–  –  –

: Henry Androsoun c1443 Black; John Andrewson 1444 ib.; Robert Androwson, Androson 1455, 1482 GildY; Thomas Anderson 1471 FrY; Thomas Enderson 1674 HTSf. ‘Son of Andrew’.

–  –  –

: Josep Andree 1229 Cl; Geoffrey Andre 1279 RH (C); John Andres 1326 LoPleas.

Michaëlsson notes that in the Paris tax-rolls of 1292–1313 the common form of Andrew is Andri whilst Andriu is rare. Andri he explains as influenced by the Germanic Andrik or the Græco-Latin Andricus. In England and Scotland all early forms of the christian name are in the learned form Andreas. In surnames we find both Andre and Andreu at the beginning of the 13th century. Andre is, no doubt, this French Andri with a lowering of i to e. The modern Andre often appears as André, sometimes a recent introduction from France, though one suspects that the accent is not always original.

Andrew, Andrewes, Andrews, Andros, Andrus

: Andreas 1086 DB, a1242 Black (Moray); Andreas filius Hugonis 1147–53 DC (Nt);

William Andreu 1237 Fees (Bk); Moricius Andrewys 1275 SRWo; Richard Andrew 1317 AssK; William Andro 1399 Black (Aberdeen); John Andrus 1510 NorwW; Humfrey Andros 1552 FrY; Anthony Androwes 1543 FFHu. Greek’ Avδρέaς:, from ảvδρεĩoς ‘manly’, was latinized as Andraeus, Andreus, whence Fr Andrieu, English Andrew. v.


–  –  –

: Amphelisia vidua 1198 Cur (Lei); Anfelisa (f) 1221 AssGl; Roger Anflis 1285 IpmY;

Hugh Aunflys 1327 SRLei. Amphelisia is found as a woman’s name from the 12th to the 18th century, but the etymology is unknown.

–  –  –

: Ansgarus, Ansger, Angarus, Angerus 1066 DB; Angerus de Middelton 1191 P (Sf);

Aunger the Pheliper 1277 LLB A; Lefuine Anger c1095 Bury (Sf); Willelmus Angeri 1197 P (Wa); John Aunger, Anger 1279–80 AssSo. A continental personal name, either a Norman form of ON Ásgeirr, or Fr Angier from OG Ansger.

–  –  –

: Alice Angold 1326 Wak (Y); Stephyn Angold 1568 SRSf. There is no second element gold in OE or ON personal-names. This surname is identical with Angood, with a change of -god to -gold on the analogy of such ME names as Alwold, Albold, etc. v. OSGOOD.

–  –  –

: (i) William Angeuin 1150 Oseney (O); Reginald Langeuin 1194 P (K); Godfrey Aungewin 1247 AssSt. ‘The Angevin’, the man from Anjou. (ii) Also a Cornish name, with the article an and gwynn ‘the white’.

–  –  –

: Anketillus c1155 DC (Lei), 1207 Cur(L); Elyas filius Ankil 1210 P (So); Geoffrey Anketil 1209 P (Nf); Jphn Antell 1524 SRSf. A Norman form of ON Ásketill. v.


–  –  –

: Angharad 1207 Cur (He); Anachorita 1221 ElyA (Sf); Angarel 1246 AssLa; Ankharet 1322 AD vi (Ch); Ancreta Dibney 1571 ER 62; Gylbart Ancret 1580 ChwWo. A Welsh woman’s name, Angharad, from an ‘much’ and cariad ‘loved one’, recorded in Wales in 877.

–  –  –

: Amabilis c1150–60 DC (L), 1197 FFEss; Amable de Creuequer Hy 2 DC (L); Amabilia, predicta Mabilia 1185 RotDom (Ess); Amabilla (Amable), Mabillia (Amabilis) 1200 Cur (Db); Anabel de Nostrefeld 1204 AssY; Annabel 1260 AssC, (Anilla) 1374 Ipm (La);

Anabilia 1284 FFHu; Anabilla 1305 FFEss; Anabella c1308 Calv (Y); Anabel, Amabel 1312, 1313 AssSt (identical); Walterus Amabilis 1166 P (Nf); Robert, John Anable 1259 CtSt, 1282 Pat (Gl); John Amable 1275 RH (C). Lat amabilis ‘lovable’. Amable was shortened to Mabel (v. MABLE) and also, apparently by a process of dissimilation, became Anabel. Occasionally the surname may be local in origin, from Amble (Northumb), Anebell 1256, Anebelle 1292: Henry de Anebelle 1256 AssNb.v.


–  –  –

: Anundus, Anunt dacus, Anand, Anant 1066 DB (Sf, Ess, Nf); Anund 1101–7 Holme (Nf); Godefridus filius Anandi 1182 P (Sf); Roger Anant 1275 RH (Nf). ODa, OSw Anund.

–  –  –

: Annes 1170–76 YCh; Agnes, Anneis (identical) Hy 2 DC(L); Annas de Preston 1194 P (La); Adam Anice 1275 SRWo; John Anneys 1296 SRSx. OFr Anés, the vernacular form of Agnes.

–  –  –

: Annote Resthanbe 1297 Wak (Y); Thomas filius Anot 1357 ShefA; Robert Anot 1275 Wak (Y); John Annot 1327 SRC. Ann-ot, a diminutive of Ann, a pet-form of Annes (Agnes).

–  –  –

: Anse(l)lmus archiepiscopus 1094–5, 1108 StP; Anselmus, Ansellm de Ixew(o)rth’ 1182– 1211 BuryS (Sf), 1208 Cur (Nf); Ansel, Anselmus Candau’ 1161 P (Ess); Ancelmus de Montegni 1166–89 Bec; Anselmus de Shelton’, Aunsell’ de Sheldon’, Ansellus de Seldon’ 1221–2 AssWa; Ancell, Anselm de Gornay 1269 AssSo; Aunsel le Furbur 1296 LLB A, Anselm forbisor 1300 ib. B; Petrus Anselmus 1192 P (Sx); Roger Aunsel 1271 AssSt;

William Ansel 1279 RH (C); John Auncel 1327 SRSx; William Hansell 1495 FrY.

Anselm, a Lombard name, from OG Ansehelm ‘god-helmet’, found in France as Ansellus, where, as in England, Anselm and Ansell were used of the same man.

–  –  –

: Geoffrey de Einstrother a1214 Black; William de Heynstrother alias de Aynstrother 1287 IpmNb; Henry de Anstrother 1296 Black. From the lands of Anstrother (Fife).

–  –  –

: Anstasius de Schirbec 1188 P (L); Anastasia 1221 Cur (Herts); Anstice 1602 Bardsley;

Osegod, William Anastasie 1222 FFBk; Ralph Anstayse 1327 SRSo. The first surname above certainly derives from the feminine Anastasia, though the masculine Anastasius also existed. Both are from adjectives from Greek ảváστaσıς, ‘resurrection’.

Antcliff, Antcliffe, Antliff, Ancliff, Ancliffe : Thomas de Arnecliv’ 1207 Cur (Y); Luke Antcliff 1748 Bardsley. From Arnecliff, Ingleby Arncliffe (NRYorks) or Arncliffe (WRYorks).

A dictionary of english surnames 78

–  –  –

: Hanchetin de paruo Stepinge Hy 2 DC (L); Anketin 1219 AssY; Roger Anketin 1209 P (Nf). A Norman form of ON Áskell. v. ASKELL. Hanccetin de Lud Hy 2 DC (L) is also called Asketittus. Annakin and Annikin, rare Yorks names, are probably for Ankin. cf.

Ankill and Antill from Anketell.

–  –  –

: Jevan Annwyl 1391 Chirk. Lewis ap Robert of Park, Llanfrothen, Merioneth, d. 1605, is said to have been the first of his family to adopt Anwyl as his surname; his son was Lewis Anwill 1612 Reg. Oxon. v. Morris 118. Welsh anwyl ‘dear, beloved’.

–  –  –

: John Apeheved 1305 AssW. ‘Ape head’, ME ape, OE hēafod. cf. James Horsed 1641 PrSo ‘horse head’; William Shepesheved 1276 AssLo ‘sheep’s head’; Randulf Hundesheved 1176 P (D) ‘hound’s head’.

–  –  –

: Roger de Appelea 1190 P (Ha); Nicholas de Appleye 1268, de Apperleg, de Appeleg’ 1269 AssSo. From Apley (L, Sa, So, Wt), Appley in Chicksands Priory (Beds), or Appley Bridge (La).

–  –  –

: Richard de Apperlee 1221 AssGl; Thomas de Apperleye c1280 SRWo; Walter Appurlee 1372 IpmGl. From Apperley (Glos, Northumb, Som), or Apperley Bridge (WRYorks).

–  –  –

: William de Apelgart c1115 Bury (Sf); Robert Appelgarth 1279 Ipm (Y); Richard del Appelgarthe 1297 MinAcctCo (Y). From Applegarth (NRYorks, ERYorks, Cumb), or from residence near an apple-orchard (ON apaldr(s)garðr) in a Scandinavian county.

The dictionary 81

–  –  –

: Hemeri de Lepeltone c1182 RBWo; Tomas de Appleton’ 1196 P (Y); Thomas ate Napeltone, ate Apiltone 1317 AssK. From Appleton (Cheshire, Kent, Yorkshire, etc.), or from residence near an orchard (OE æppeltūn), or at a homestead where apples are grown.

–  –  –

: Stephen Appeltheit 1327 SRSf; Robert Apylweyte 1524 SRSf; George Applewhite 1674 HTSf; Sarah Applewhait 1678 SfPR; Henry Ablewhite 1797 ib. From Applethwaite (Cumb, Westmorland), or a lost place in Suffolk.

–  –  –

: Elias del Apelyerd 1275 Wak (Y); John del Apelyard 1315 ib. From Appleyard (WRYorks) or from residence near an orchard, OE æppel ‘apple’ and geard ‘enclosure’.

–  –  –

Apps, Aps, Asp, Epps, Happs, Hesp, Hespe : John de Apse 1214 Cur (Sr); Robert atte Hepse 1296 SRSx; Robert atte Apse 1327 SRSx. ‘Dweller by the aspen’, OE æpse, a metathesized form of æspe.

–  –  –

: Thomas Averel 1275 SRWo; Robert Aprill’ 1301 SRY; Richard Averil 1322 AssSt;

John Aueril 1327 SRSx. According to ODCN, Averil is to be associated with Everild, a christian name not uncommon in the Middle Ages, from OE Eoforhild or OG Eburhilt.

These, however, would become Everil. Bardsley has no example of the surname before 1626 and confuses the name with Avenell. Harrison, without evidence, explains the surname as ‘dweller at the wild-boar hill’, which would also become Everil. There can be no doubt that here we are concerned with the name of the month, OFr avrill, Lat aprīlis, which appears in English as aueril in 1297 and as averylle c1450 (NED). The word was refashioned after the Latin and is found as apprile in 1377. There is no evidence for its use as a christian name and the surname must be regarded as a nickname, perhaps with reference to the changeable weather of the month, ‘changeable, vacillating’, or with reference to spring or youth. Dauzat explains the French Avril, Abril thus, with an alternative ‘child found in April’. It might denote one born in that month. The modern christian name Avril is of recent origin.

–  –  –

: (i) Robert Arrabi 1198 Cur; Ralph Araby 1221–2 FFWa; Pance Arabi 1288, Raby 1290 LLB A. ‘The Arabian’, perhaps a nickname for one with a swarthy complexion. (ii) Robert de Areby 1195 P (Lei). From Harby (Lei).

–  –  –

: Henry Arowme 1456, Robert Arwome 1500 FrY; Robert Aram 1649 RothwellPR (Y).

From Arram in Leconfleld (ERY), or perhaps from Averham (Nt), Aram 1280.

–  –  –

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