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«P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK First published as A Dictionary ...»

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: John Beyer 1261–2 FFWa; William le Beier 1327 SRSx; Alice Bayer 1351 ColchCt. A derivative of OFr baies, ME bayes, from the adjective bai ‘chestnut-coloured, bay’, the name of a cloth, probably so-called because of its original colour. It was a coarse woollen stuff, with a long nap, now used chiefly for linings, coverings, curtains, &c., but in The dictionary 217 warmer countries for articles of clothing, e.g. shirts, petticoats. Formerly, when of lighter and finer texture used also as a clothing material in Britain. Its manufacture is usually said to have been introduced into this country by immigrants from France and the Netherlands in the 16th century, but the word certainly appears much earlier in English.

Sometimes, perhaps, a derivative of OE bēag ‘bend’, hence ‘dweller by the bend’.

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: Randulf de Baiwes 1143–7, de Baius c1155–60 DC; Matilda de Baiocis 1185 Templars (L); Adam Bayous 1277 IpmY; Robert Bayhuse 1326 AssY; John Bayhouse 1404 IpmY.

From Bayeux (Calvados).

–  –  –

: Rotbert’ homo bainardi 1086 InqEl (Sf); Ralph baignart, bainard 1086 DB (Ess), InqEl (Nf); Robert Bainard 1182 Guisb (Y); John Baynard, Beynard 1317 AssK. OG Beinhard,

-hart, probably compounded of ON beinn ‘ready, willing’ and OG hart ‘hart’. v. also BANYARD.

–  –  –

: Henricus filius Becok 1332 SRLa; Stephen Becoc 1279 RH (O); John Becokson 1366 SRLa. Be, a pet-form of Beton or Beatrice, plus the diminutive suffix -coc.

–  –  –

: Alanus filius Bede de Swainton’ 1230 P (Y); Raymond Bede 1260 AssC; Robert Beda 1275 RH (W). OE Beda. The name of the Venerable Bede remained in use, though rare, until the 13th century, long enough to become a surname.

Beadel, Beadell, Beadle, Beadles, Beddall, Bedell, Bedells, Bedle, Beedell, Beedle, Biddell, Biddle, Biddles, Buddell, Buddle, Buddles : Brun Bydel 11th KCD 1353 (So); Brictmarus Bedel 1066 DB (Sf); Erneis bedel, Luinus, Richard budel 1148 Winton (Ha); Ailsi le Bedeil’ 1175 P (Lei); Robert le Budel 1327 SRSt; Margaret ate Budeles 1332 SRSr; Richard Bedle 1541 RochW; Richard Byddell 1559 FFHu; John Biddle 1655 FrY; William Beadle, John Beddall 1674 HTSf; Adam Buddle 1676 EA (OS) iv. OE bydel ‘beadle’. OE y, in ME dialects, became i, e or u, all of which have survived. Some examples of bedel are from OFr bedel (Lat bedellus), especially in counties such as Hants where OE y became u. These surnames may also be late forms of BEDWELL. For Buddle, v. also BOODLE.

–  –  –

: Henry Bagelhole 1560, Thomas Baggllhole 1631 HartlandPR (D); Charles Bagelhole 1642 PrD; Jane Bagalhole 1667 HartlandPR (D). Probably from Bagley Hill in Axminster (D).

Beal, Beale, Beales, Beals, Beall, Beel, Beels : (i) Bele 1194 Cur (Sx); Alexander filius Bele 1203 P (L); Bella, Bele Coty 1275 RH (L);

Thomas Bele 1206 Cur (Ess); John Bele 1275 SRWo; Ralph le Bele 1279 RH (C); Joan Beles 1327 SRSo; William Beall 1379 PTY. OFr bele ‘beautiful’, used also as a woman’s name. (ii) Simon de Beel 1275 SRWo; Thomas de Behil 1382 Bardsley (Nb); John Bele 1517 ib. (Nb). From Beal (Northumberland), earlier Behill, or Beal (WRYorks), Begale DB.

–  –  –

and metonymic for a weaver. (ii) Osbarn Atterbeame 1274 RH (Ess); Henry atte Beme 1332 MELS (Sr). ‘Dweller by the tree or post’, or ‘by the footbridge’, OE bēam.

–  –  –

: William Baumis, de Beaumis Hy 2 DC (L); Richard de Beames, de Belmes 1191–2 P (Sa); Robert de Beaumeis 1208 FFHu. From Beaumais-sur-Dive (Calvados). v. ANF.

–  –  –

: (i) Roberlus filius Biene 1168 P (Cu); Ricardus filius Bene 1278 AssLa; Gerard, Ailwardus Bene 1166 P (Nf), 1180 P (Lo); Juliana Bean 1301 SRY. Bene is an original nickname from ME bēne ‘pleasant, genial, kindly’ (a1200 NED) which itself is also used as a nickname. We have also OE bēan ‘bean’, used like Barley, of a grower or seller of beans. cf. John le Bener 1282 LLB A. Also a nickname. The bean was regarded as typical of things of small value. cf. ‘Al nas wurth a bene’ c1325 MED. cf. Adam Benecod 1221 ElyA (Nf). Or we may have reference to the Twelfth-night custom when the man in whose portion of the cake the bean was found was appointed King of the Company. (ii) The Scottish Bean is from Gael beathán, a diminutive of betha, beatha ‘life’.

–  –  –

: (i) Ordric de Bera 1168 P (D); William de la Bera 1168 P (Ha); Nicholas Attebere 1247 AssSo; Henry del Beer 1327 SRDb. Walter de la Bere lived in 1263 at Beare Green in Capel (Surrey) and owed his name to his residence near a swine-pasture (OE ). v. PN Sr

267. But the real home of this name is in the south-west. In Devon there are 18 places called Beare or Beara and 17 named Beer, Beera or Beere, from most of which surnames were derived, usually in the form (Robert) atte Beare (1330). These are from OE bearu ‘grove’, the normal dative of which (bearwe) would become barrow. In Devon and the neighbouring counties of Somerset and Dorset, it had a dative beara, ME bere. (ii) Tedric’ Vrs’ 1130 P (O); Theodoricus le Bere 1166 Oseney (O); Ralph Bere 1177 P (Nf);

Nicholas le Urs 1219 AssSt; Robert le Beer 1296 SRSx. OE bera ‘bear’ (translated by Lat ursus, OFr urs).

–  –  –

: John Beraway 1260 AssCh. ‘Carry away’, OE beran, onweg. cf. Gilbert Beritaway 1279 RH (O) ‘bear it away’; John Berebac 1290 IpmW ‘carry back’; William Berecorn 1327 SRSo ‘carry corn’.

–  –  –

(Ha); Baldeuuinus cum barba 1086 ICC (C); Alsi berd 1086 InqEl (C); Alwine bierd 1148 Winton (Ha); Alfwin’ berd 1155 P (Herts); Robert a la barbe 1178 P (Bk); Thomas Ouelabarbe 1280 AssSo; William od la Barbe 1311 LLB D. OE beard, frequently translated by Fr barbe, and often in a prepositional form, ‘(the man) with the beard’. v.

BARBE. (ii) Adam de Berd 1327 SRDb. From Beard (Derby).

–  –  –

: Thomas Berdles 1225 FrLei; Robert Berdeles 1342 Glapwell (Db). ‘Without a beard’, OE beard, lēas. cf. Richard Shaveberd 1286 AssCh ‘shave beard’; Matilda Shereberd 1306 IpmGl ‘shear beard’.

–  –  –

: Richard Batere 1166 P (Berks); Jordan le Bettere 1200 Cur (L); John le Betere 1275 RH (W). OE bēatere ‘beater, fighter, champion’. cf. CHAMPION. It may also be a short form of the common Coperbeter, Flaxbeter, Goldbeter, Ledbeter, Wodebeter, Wolbeter.

–  –  –

: Hugo de Belcamp 1086 DB (Herts); Williara de Bellow Campo 1161 Templars (Lo);

Robert de Beauchamp 1203 FFEss; John Bechaumpe 1376 LLB H; Oliver Beacham 1674 HTSf. The DB family came from Beauchamps (La Manche). Others may have come from other French places named Beauchamp.

–  –  –

: Ralph de Bellafago, de Belfago 1086 DB (Nf, Sf); William Belfou, de Belfou ib. (Herts, W); Nicholas de Bealfo 1114–16 Holme (Nf); Thomas de Beaufow 1185 RotDom (R);

Robert de Biaufey 1210 Cur (Db); Emma de Beaufey, de Beaufo 1212, 1236 Fees (Nt);

Thomas Buffy 1276 RH (O); William Bouffaye 1544 FFHu; Anne Boffey 1793 Bardsley.

The DB tenants came from Beaufour (Calvados), Belfou, Beaufou 1100, Bettefai c1160 OEByn.

A dictionary of english surnames 228


: Alan Beaufrunt 1281 IpmY; Adam Beaufront 1327 SRY; John Beaufront 1382 AssLo.

A nickname, ‘beautiful forehead’, OFr beau, front. cf. Henry Beaubraz 1228 FFO ‘beautiful arms’; John Beucol 1327 SRY ‘fair neck’; Ivo Beaudonte 1327 SRSo ‘beautiful teeth’; Richard Beaupel 1218 P (D) ‘beautiful skin’.

–  –  –

: Rogerius de Belmont, de Bellomonle 1086 DB (Do, Gl); Ralph de Belmunt 1187 P (O);

John Bemund 1274 RH (Sf); Godfrey de Beumund 1275 RH (Nf); William Beumound, Beumon 1279 RH (O); John Bomund 1300 FFSf; Robert Beaumond 1332 SRSx;

Laurence Beamond 1369 LLB G; Wedow Beament, Mrs Beamonte 1568 SRSf; Mrs Bemant, Peter Beaman, Widow Bomant 1674 HTSf. From one of the five places in Normandy named Beaumont. The DB family came from Beaumont-le-Roger (Eure).

Beausire, Bellsyer, Bowser The dictionary 229 : Geoffrey Beusire 1226 Cur (Ess); John Belsire 1274 RH (K); Gregory Bousyre 1314–16 SRSt; Alexander Belsier, Belshyre 1542 Oseney. OFr bel, beu and sire ‘fair sir’, a term of address (cf. GOODSIR, SWEETSER), confused in the 16th century with BELCHER.

–  –  –

: (i) Ralph de Belueeir 1170 P (Y); John de Beauveir 1204 AssY; William Bever, de Beuver 1207–8 Cur (Lei, Do). From Belvoir (Leics), pronounced Beever. (ii) Godwyn Beure 1084 (c1300) ELPN; Adam Bever 1274 RH (So); Thomas le Bevere 1327 SRSx. A nickname from the beaver (OE beofor).

Beaves, Beavis, Beevis, Beves, Bevis, Beviss, Bovis

: (i) Goisbert de Beluaco 1086 DB (Herts); Thomas Beueys 1317 AssK; Philip de Beauveys 1321 QW (La); Robert de Beueys 1327 SRC. From Beauvais (Oise). (ii) Odo Belfiz 1176 P (Ha); William Beaufiz, Biaufiz 1208 Cur (Gl); Hugo Beaufiz, Beauuiz 1221 AssWa. OFr bel, biau, beau ‘fine’ and AFr fiz ‘son’. Bel was often used as a term of affection, hence ‘dear son’.

A dictionary of english surnames 230

–  –  –

: (i) Walter Bec 1086 DB (Bk); Geoffrey de Bech ib. (Do); Robert de Becco 1199 AssSt.

The DB under-tenants probably came from Bec-Hellouin (Eure). Others may have come from one of the numerous places in France named Bec. (ii) Adam del Bec 1207 Cur (L);

Henry Delebec, Ralph del Bek (his son) 1263 Ipm (Ess); Robert Attebek 1297 SRY.

‘Dweller by the brook’, ME bekke, ON bekkr, common in the North, the Danelaw, and in Scotland. (iii) Æluuin Becce filius, Brun Becce filius c1095 Bury (Sf); Robertus filius Beck’ 1297 MinAcctCo (Y). OE *Becca, from becca ‘pick-axe’, or OE Beocca. (iv) Osbert Becche c1140 ELPN; Terricus Becce c1166 ib.; Robert Becke 1296 SRSx. Either from the personal-name above or from OE becca ‘mattock’, metonymic for a maker, seller or user of mattocks. (iv) Henry Bec 1196 P (L); Bartholomew Beck 1297 MinAcctCo (W). OFr bec ‘beak, bill of a bird’. According to Suetonius, Antonius Primus, as a boy, had a nickname Beccus, ‘id valet, gallinacei rostrum’, a nose like a cock’s beak. cf. also Naso adunco, a beake-nose 1598 Florio.

–  –  –

: John Bekard 1242–3, Philip Bekard 1330 FFY; William Bekard 1402 IpmY. OE Becca plus the suffix -ard, or a derivative of OFr bec ‘beak’. It is also probably one of the sources of BECKETT.

A dictionary of english surnames 232

–  –  –

: William Bechet, Beckett c1155 DC (L); Robert Beket 1176 FF (Berks); Robert Becket 1379 PTY. This surname, common in the 12th and 13th centuries as Beket, without article or preposition, must be a diminutive of OFr bec, ‘little beak or mouth’ (Moisy). v.

BECK (iv). The only evidence noted that this might possibly be ‘at the beck-head’ is:

Elezabeth Becked 1549 RothwellPR (Y). It may occasionally be local, from Beckett (Berks): John de Beckcote 1279 RH (O); or from Beckett (Devon), from a 1333 surname Bykecole (PN D 179).

–  –  –

: Roger Bedde 1248 AssBerks; Thomas of the Bedde’ 1312 Pat; Roger de la Bedde 1327 Misc (Mx). ‘Dweller at the plot of ground where plants are grown’, OE bedd.

–  –  –

: Osgar de Bedeford 1066 DB (Beds); Robert de Bedeford c1180 Bury (L); John de Bedforth 1379 PTY; William Bedford 1465 Paston. Usually from Bedford (Beds), but sometimes from Bedford (La), or Bedforth in Thornhill (WRY).

The dictionary 235

–  –  –

: William Bedeluue, Biedeluue 1191–3 P (C). OE *Bīedlufu, an otherwise unknown woman’s name, from OE bēodan ‘to command’ and -lufu ‘love’.

–  –  –

: Stephen de Bedewell’ 1229 Cl (Ess). ‘Dweller by the spring or stream in a shallow valley’ (OE *bydewelle), as at Bedwell (Essex, Herts), Bedlar’s Green (Essex), Bidwell (Northants, Beds, Devon, Som), or Biddles Fm (Bucks). v. PN Nth 222. Bedwellhay in Ely is Bedelhey 1576, Beddlehay 1615 PN C 127. Later forms have been confused with BEADEL.

–  –  –

: Walter le Be 1195 Oseney (O); Robert Be 1198 CurR (Y); William le Beo 1243 AssSo.

OE bēo ‘bee’, used, no doubt, of a busy, industrious person.

–  –  –

: John de Beby 1327 SRLei; Richard Bebie 1596 FrY; Robert Beeby 1674 HTSf. From Beeby (Lei).

Beech, Beach, Bech The dictionary 237 : John de la Beche 1236 Fees (Wo); Idonea de Beche 1240 FFEss; Jacob’ atte Beche 1296 SRSx; William de la Beche 1340 FFSt. Beche may be for OE bece ‘stream’, bēce ‘beech’, or from OE bæce ‘stream’, and without further evidence it is impossible to distinguish these in ME. In Worcs and Staffs, where bæce normally survives as Bach(e), beche is probably a variant of this. Robert de Beche (1327 SRC) came from either Landbeach or Waterbeach, both earlier Beche ‘stream, valley’. Elias ater Beche (1296 SRSx) probably lived at Beech Fra in Battle. ‘Dweller by the stream or the beech-tree’.

–  –  –

: John Bechyng 1471 CantW; Elizabeth Bechinge 1585, Godley Beechinge 1610 StaplehurstPR (K). Either a derivative of OE bece, bæce ‘stream’, hence ‘dweller by the stream’, or of OE bēce ‘beech-tree’, hence ‘dweller by the beech-tree’. Perhaps also a derivative of OE Becca.

A dictionary of english surnames 238

–  –  –

: (i) William de Beston(e) 1153–66 Holme (Nf), 1205 P (Nt). From Beeston (Notts), pronounced Beeson, or one of the other Beestons, explained as Bēostun ‘tūn where bentgrass grew’ (DEPN). (ii) Andrew de Bieston’ 1203 P (Y); Herbert de Beston’ 1219 AssY;

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