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«P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK First published as A Dictionary ...»

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: Robert Buleheued 1195 P (Sx); Richard Bolehead 1317 AssK. OE bula ‘bull’ and hēafod ‘head’, a nickname for one noted for his bull-headed impetuosity.

Bullen, Bullent, Bulleyn, Bullin Bullon, Bollen, Boullin, Boullen, Bullan, Bullant : Helias de Bolonia 1121–48 Bury (Sf); William Bulein 1204 P (L); Richard de Boloygne 1255 FFEss; Thomas de Bolenne 1289 AssCh; John Boleyn, Robert Bolen, Thomas Bollyng, Rychard Bullyng 1524 SRSf. From Boulogne, the English pronunciation of which was Bullen or Bullin.

Bullett, Bollett

: Robert le Bulet 1194 CurR (Sr), le Bolete 1290 SRSr; Robert Bullet 1268 AssSo. Whilst this may occasionally be a late development of BULLED ‘bull-head’, as regularly explained, the main source is clearly different. We have probably a diminutive of OFr boule ‘round’ found in the French surnames Boule, Boulle, Boulot, Bou/et, Boullot and Boullet which Dauzat explains as ‘un individu gros, arrondi’. The noun bullet is from Fr boulet, a diminutive of boule ‘ball’ (1557 NED). cf. BOWL, BULLARD and ROUND.

A dictionary of english surnames 500

Bulley, Bully

: (i) Gilbert de Buili 1086 DB (Wa); John de Bulli, de Builli 1208 Fees (Y, L). Gilbert de Buili may have come from Bouille (La Manche) or perhaps, from Bouille (Maine-etLoire, Mayenne). Roger de Busli 1086 DB (Wa) may have come from Bully-en-Brai (Seine-Inférieure). v. OEByn. (ii) Reginald Bulega 1185 P (Wo;; Roger (de) Bullege 1197 FFK; Wyot de Bulleye 1275 SRWo; Maurice Boleye 1275 RH (L); Thomas de Bolleye 1327 SRWo. The surname is from a place-name; e.g. Bulley (Glos) or Bulleigh Barton in Ipplepen (Devon). As it means ‘bull-clearing’, it was probably common. There was land called Buleia in Worcestershire in 1204 (P). Mainfenin de Buleheia 1201 P (Herts) and Nicholas de Buleheye 1218 Cur (Bk) took their names from unidentified places meaning ‘bull-enclosure’. They may have lived near-by or worked there as bullherds.

–  –  –

: Ailric Bulefot 1176 P (D). ‘Bull foot’, OE bula, fōt. A common type of medieval nickname, cf. Tydeman Coufot 1347 LLB F ‘cow foot’; Laurence Hundefot 1298 AssL ‘hound foot’; Godwin Oxefoi 1137 ELPN ‘ox foot’; Henry Plggesfot 1228 Oseney ‘pig’s foot’; Henry Rofot’ 1319 SRLo ‘roe foot’.

–  –  –

: Richard Bulling 1219 P (C, Hu); Robert Bullyng 1327, Richard Bullyng 1524 SRSf.

Probably OE *Bulling, a derivative of OE *Bulla, *Bula. But some of the later forms may belong under BULLEN.

–  –  –

: Ailward Buleman 1209 P (Nf); John Boleman 1279 RH (C). OE bula ‘bull’ and mann, a bull-keeper or bull-herd.

A dictionary of english surnames 502

–  –  –

: Walter Bulluc c1170 Moulton (Ha); Robert, William Bulloc 1195 FF, 1225 AssSo. OE bulluc ‘a bull calf. Perhaps also occupational: cf. Richard le Bollocherde 1281 Eynsham (O); Roger Bullokman 1332 SRCu.

–  –  –

: Edric Bulstan 1196 P (St); Roger Bulstan 1210–1 PWi; Peter Bulston 1275 SRWo. This looks like a late OE personal name, *Bulstān, not otherwise known.

–  –  –

: Ralph Buletell’ 1205 Cur (L); Richard Bultel 1280 LLB A; John Bultell 1524 SRSf;

John Butlell, Boultell. Bowtyle 1568 SRSf. OFr *buletel, earlier buretel ‘a meal-sieve’. In ME buletel was used of a kind of cloth specially prepared for sifting. The surname is synonymous with BOULTER. The Bulteels were reinforced by Huguenots. James Bulteel of Tournai came to London in 1634 and a family of this name became prominent at Plymouth.

–  –  –

: Geoffrey Bunch 1195 P (Nth); William Bunche 1327 SRC. Perhaps ME bunche ‘a protuberance, a hump on the back’ (c1325 NED). cf. bunch-back 1618 ib.

–  –  –

: Reginald Bonquer 1229 Cur (Sr); William, John Bonquer 1257–8 FFK, 1298 AssL;

Peter Bonkere 1381 SRSt. OFr bon quer ‘good heart’. Bunker’s Hill in Charlestown, Mass., first mentioned as Bunker Hill, was land assigned to George Bunker of Charlestown (1634) who came originally from Odell near Bedford.

–  –  –

: (i) John Bunel 1221 AssWo; Francis Bunnell 1664 PN Do i 206; Benjamin Bunnell 1674 HTSf. cf. Fr Bunel, the meaning of which is unknown. (ii) Richard de Bunewell 1327 SRC. From Bunwell (Nf).

–  –  –

: Botte Buny 1222 AssWa; Richard Bunny 1309 Wak (Y). Perhaps OFr bugne, beugne ‘a swelling’. cf. ‘Bony or grete knobbe…gibbus’ c1440 NED; ‘bownche or bunnye, gibba’ A dictionary of english surnames 506 1552 ib. v. BUNCH, BUNYAN.

–  –  –

: Aluric Bonte 1176 P (K); Richard le Bunt 1249 AssW; Laurence le Bont 1332 SRSx.

ME bonte, bunte ‘sieve’. Metonymic for a maker or user of sieves.

–  –  –

: Thomas Bonter 1576 SRW; Leonard Bunter 1641 PrSo. ME bunter, a derivative of ME bunte ‘sieve’, hence a maker or user of sieves. cf. Adam Bunteflour 1334 SRK ‘sieve flour’.

–  –  –

: Wluric Bunting 1188 BuryS (Sf); William Bunting 1260 AssC; Henry Buntyng 1332 LoPleas; William Bontyne 1489 Black. A nickname from the bird, the etymology of the name being unknown, but cf. Scots buntin ‘short and thick’, Welsh bontin ‘rump’, bontinog ‘large-buttocked’.

The dictionary 507

Bunyan, Bunyon

: Henry Buniun 1204 Cur (Beds); Simon Boynon 1309 SRBeds. As Roger and John Buignon were sons of John Buignon, the surname, which has been noted only in Beds, was already hereditary in 1227 (AssBeds), when it appears as Buingon, Buinon, Buignon and Bungnon in the neighbourhood of Ampthill and Bedford. John Bunyan was baptized in 1628 as ‘sonne of Thomas Bonnioun’ who was himself baptized as Bunyon in 1603.

John signed his name Bunyan in 1653 and Bunyon in 1672 and was twice called Bunnion in the general pardon granting him release from Newgate Gaol. Of the numerous spellings noted, only three, and those late, have no u: Bynyon, Binyan, Binnyan. Bardsley, retracting his earlier etymology Bonjean ‘Good John’, adopted that of Lower, from Welsh ab Enion, Benyon, and was followed by Harrison, Ewen and Weekley, although Dr J.Brown in his Life of John Bunyan (1885) had solved the problem. Adducing the 1219 form Buignon, he equated it with OFr beignet ‘fritter’ and cited from Godefroy ‘Et bone char et granz buignons’ with the comment: The word signifies a little raised pattie with fruit in the middle’. His only error was to regard this as the original instead of a derived meaning. OFr bugnon is a diminutive of bugne ‘a bile, blane’ (v. BUNNEY) and came to be applied to any round knob or bunch, and later to a raised pattie and also to a bunion, first recorded in NED c1718. The simple bugne is probably the origin of bun.

The existence of this sense in OFr can now be assumed from that of bugnon. cf. also:

‘bugnets, little round loaves, or lumpes made of fine meale, oyle or butter, and reasons;

bunnes, Lenten loaves’. The surname might be a nickname for one disfigured by a knob, lump or hump, or it might be occupational, a pastry-cook, though the latter hardly fits in with the activities of the 1227 Bunyans.

–  –  –

: (i) Robertus filius Burewoldi 1184 Oseney (O); Gilebertus filius Buroldi 1198 ib.; Hugh Burewald 1200 ib.; Lambert Borewald 1279 RH (O). OE Burgweald ‘fortress-power’, first recorded in the 11th century. (ii) William de la Burhalle 1275 RH (L). ‘Dweller or A dictionary of english surnames 508 servant at the bower-hall’, OE būr and heall.

–  –  –

: Ralph de Burebeche 1172 P (Db); William de Burbache 1200 Cl (Ha); John Burbache, Burbage 1340–1450 GildC; Helene Burbadge 1576 SRW. From Burbage (Derby, Leics, Wilts).

–  –  –

: v. BIRCH Burchard, Burchatt, Burghard, Burckitt, Burkart, Burkett, Burkitt, Buchard, Butchard, Buckett, Budgett, Bockett, Borkett, Borkwood, Bouchard, Barchard : Gaufridus nepos Bocardi c1150 DC (L); Burekardus de Burewelle Hy 2 DC (L);

Buchardus 1196 P (Du); Reginaldus filius Burchardi 1220 Cur (Sf); Burchardus, Burcardus 1222 Cur (Do); Robert Bocard’ 1207 Cur (Sf); Ralph Bochard’ 1219 Cur (Nth); Thomas Burchart c1248 Bec (Sf); Walter Buchard 1255 RH (W); Warin Burchard, Robert Burghard 1275 RH (Sf); Richard Burkett 1524 SRSf; Peter Barchard 1702 FrY. The frequency of these surnames and the variety of their forms are due to two names, both ultimately of Germanic origin. OE Burgheard ‘fortress-hard’ is found in DB as Burchardus, Burkart, Burchart, and Bucardus. The cognate OG Burghard, The dictionary 509 Burcardbecame OFr Bouchart and was brought across the Channel by the Normans.

–  –  –

: (i) Ralph Burdun 1128–9 Holme (Nf); Ilger Burdun 1166 P (Y). (ii) Arnulf Burdin 1115 Winton (Ha); Bruni Burdin 1180 P (Bk). With these forms we must include BURDETT.

All may be diminutives of OG Burdo, introduced from France or, possibly, of Lat burdo ‘mule’. Burdonus and other derivatives of the Celtic Burdo are found in France, but in view of the rarity of this name, Michaëlsson prefers to derive the French surname from OFr bourdon ‘a pilgrim’s staff’. The personal name does occur in England, but is very rare: Hamo filius Burdun 1166 RBE (Nf). Only two examples of Burdin have been noted.

Burdon is very common in early English sources and in Paris c1300. Burdet is equally frequent in England. (iii) Zacharias de Burdun 1217 FeuDu. From Great Burdon (Durham) or from Burdon Head (WRYorks) or Burden near Harewood (WRYorks). (iv) Ælfsige Burden 968 BCS 1212 (K); Hugelyn Bourbeyn, Hugelinus cubicularius 1052–65 Rams (Hu); Nicholas Burbeln, Burdon 1242 Fees (W). OE būrðegn ‘bower-servant’, ‘chamberlain’. This is probably the least common source.

–  –  –

: Robert de Beregefeld 1205 P (Berks); Peter de Burefeud 1297 MinAcctCo; John de Burghefeld 1341 Goring (O). From Burghfield (Berks), or Burfield in Bosham (Sx).

–  –  –

: Robert de la Burge 1200 P (Ha); Roger Burge 1479 AD vi (Ess). William atte Brugge lived at Burge End (Herts) in 1302 (PN Herts 21). This metathesis of r in OE brycg ‘bridge’ has also been noted in Bucks, Cambridge, Northants, Notts, Oxford, Somerset, Wilts and Warwicks. v. PN Nth xxxii.

A dictionary of english surnames 512

–  –  –

: Henry le Burger 1275 RH (Lo); Robert Burger 1327 SRSf. ME burger ‘inhabitant of a borough’, ‘a citizen’ (1568 NED).

Burges, Burgess, Burgis, Burgiss, Borges : Geoffrey burgeis 1115 Winton (Ha); Ralph le Burgeis 1195 P (Sx); Philip Burgis 1199 FrLeic; Philip Burges, Burgeis 1220, 1234 Oseney (O); Walter le Borgeys 1296 SRSx.

OFr burgeis ‘inhabitant of a borough’, strictly one possessing full municipal rights, ‘a freeman of a borough’ (c1230 MED).

–  –  –

: Absalon de Burgate 1198 P (K); Ralph atte Burgate 1260 AssC; Robert de Burhtzete 1274 RH (Gl); Ingram atte Burghzete 1333 MESO (So). From Burgate (Hants, Suffolk, Surrey) or ‘dweller by the castle or city gate’. OE burggeat (Burgett), ME burgate (Burgot).

–  –  –

: John Burgelun Ric I Bart; William le Burguillun 1243 AssSt; William Burgelun 1275 RH (Nf); John Burgoillioun 1327 SRSf; Widow Burling 1674 HTSf. ‘The Burgundian’, probably a variant of OFr Bourguignon. v. BORGONON.

Burgoin, Burgoine, Burgoyne, Burgon, Burgin, Bnrgwin, Bourgein, Bourgoin : Walter Burgoin 1086 DB (D); Simon Burgunie 1210 Cur (C); Adam de Burgoigne 1319 SRLo; Elizabeth de Burgon 1379 PTY; John Burgin 1638 Bardsley. ‘The man from Burgundy’, Fr Bourgogne. Various forms were used of the same man: John le Burgoyn 1301 LLB B, le Borgiloun 1310 ib., de Burgoyne 1319 SRLo; Ralph le Burginon 1314, Burgillon 1323 AssSt, le Burgoynon 1330 FFSt. Nicholas Burgoin was the son of John A dictionary of english surnames 514 Burgoin and both are also called Burgwine, while the seal of Felicia, wife of Nicholas Burgelun, bears the legend s. FELICIA BURGUNUNG 1212–23 Bart. v. also BURGLIN, BORGONON.

–  –  –

: Ailricus de Burc 1066 DB (Sf); John de Burk 1274 RH (So). The first example refers to Burgh (Suffolk). Burk is an Anglo-Norman pronunciation of Burgh (which survives as BURGH) and it is doubtful whether the Norman pronunciation took root in England.

Burke is a very common Irish name which derives from the family of de Burgh. William de Burgo went to Ireland in 1171 with Henry II and later became Earl of Ulster.

–  –  –

: Robert de la Burilonde 1268 MELS (So); William atte Borland 1303, atte Burland 1346 FA (So); Richard Burland 1672 HTY. From Burland (Ch, ERY), or ‘dweller on land belonging to the borough’, OE burg-land.

–  –  –

: Wihenoc de Burli 1086 DB (Nf); John de Burgeley 1198 FFHerts; John of Burlay 1249 AssW; Henry Burleigh, John Burley 1642 PrD. From Burley (Ha, R, Sa, WRY), Burleigh in South Huish (D), or Burley Hill (Db).

–  –  –

: James Burler 1369 FFEss. A derivative of ME burle ‘to burl’, from ME burle, OFr bourle ‘flock of wool’; a burler, one who dresses cloth by removing knots and extraneous particles (c1475 MED). v. also BURREL.

–  –  –

: Hugh le Burdeleis 1186 P (Sf); Geoffrey de Burdeleys 1261 FFC; William Burdeleys 1327 SRC; Thomas Burlas, Burlace, Burlase, Burlaas or Borlas of Burlas Burges 1509 LP (Co). ‘The man from Bordeaux’, OFr bordelais.

–  –  –

: Bwnardus 1211 Cur (Nf); Rogerus burnardus 1130 P (Beds); Odo Burnard 1192 P (Ess); Richard Burnhard 1279 RH (Beds). Burnhard, a compound of OFr brun and hard, with the same metathesis as in Burnel and Burnet. A nickname for one of brownish, dark hair or complexion, used occasionally, like Burnel, as a personal name.

Burnel, Burnell, Brunell

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