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«P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK First published as A Dictionary ...»

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: Godfrey, John Cadel 1187 P (Gl), 1276 RH (O); Walter, William Caudel 1198 FFNf, 1279 RH (C); William Kaldel 1277 LLB B. ME caudel (cadel), ONFr caudel, MedLat caldellum ‘a hot drink’, a thin gruel, mixed with wine or ale, sweetened and spiced, given chiefly to sick people, especially to women in childbed; also to their visitors (c1325 MED). Probably a derogatory nickname given to a man who could not hold his drink and so should stick to this invalid beverage, or, conversely, for a toper who scorned anything but a man’s drink. v. also CALDWELL.

The dictionary 599

–  –  –

: Robert Cause c1212 RegAntiquiss; Adam Cauce 1298 AssL; Thomas Cawse 1516 PN Db 221. Perhaps a NFr variant of OFr chausse ‘stocking’, metonymic for a maker or seller of these. Late examples of the name could also be from Cause (Sa), or the Pays de Caux (Seine-Maritime). v. also CAW.

Causey, Cawsey

: (i) Robert le Cauceis, le Calceis 1166 RBE, 1166–73 ANF (L); William le Cauceis 1212 Cur (Nt); Robert Causeys, Causay 1327, 1332 SRSx. A man from the Pays de Caux (Seine-Inférieure). cf. Fr Cauchois and v. CAW. (ii) Robert de Calceto 1202 AssL; Henry atte Cauce 1356 Putnam (So); Nycolas Cawsey 1524 SRSf. ‘Dweller by a causeway’, ME cauce.

The dictionary 601

–  –  –

: Probably Huguenot. John Cavalier, the Cevennes leader, was afterwards a brigadiergeneral in the British army and lieutenant-governor of Jersey, d.1740 (Smiles 234, 372).

cf. also Zacheriah Cavelier 1739 FrY.

–  –  –

: Roger Caluel, Chauuel 1190, 1195 P (K); Enger’ Cauuei 1199–1277 Seals (W); Adam Cavel 1275 SRWo. A diminutive of OFr chauf, cawf ‘bald’.

A dictionary of english surnames 602

–  –  –

: v. CALDWELL, CAUDELL Cawdrey, Cawderey, Caudray, Cawthra, Cawthran, Cawthrow, Cawthray, Cawtheray The dictionary 603 : William de Caudrey 1278 RH (O); Robert Caudray 1379 PTY; Thomas Cawdrey 1597 SRY; Robert Cawdrey, Francis Catherey, William Cowtherey, Cawthrey, Gauthrey 1672 HTY; William, Mary Cawdry 1703, William, Anne Cordery 1797 BishamPR (Berks).

‘Dweller by the hazel copse’, OFr coudraie. There has been late confusion with CORDEREY. v. also COWDREY.

–  –  –

: William de Calthorn 1175 P (Y), 1357 Calv; Robert de Cauthorne 1379 PTY. From Cawthorn (NRYorks), Calthorn 1175, or Cawthorne (WRYorks), Calthorn c1125.

–  –  –

: Henry le Caisere 1172 P (Wa); William le Keiser 1195 Oseney (O). ME caisere, ultimately from Lat Caesar ‘emperor’. A pageant name.

A dictionary of english surnames 606

–  –  –

: Saissil 1066 DB (He); Seisil 1188 P (Sa); William Seisil, Seysel 1205 P (He), 1275 SRWo; Sir Thomas Cecill 1591 Bardsley (Nf). OW Seisill, said to derive from Lat Caedlius.

–  –  –

: Ædwin le cendrer 1195 P (Db/Nt); Rannulf le cendrer 1219 AssY; Siward le Cendrer 1222 Pat (Herts). A derivative of OFr cender ‘a costly fabric of linen or cotton’. A maker or dealer in this.

The dictionary 607

–  –  –

: John le Ceinturer 1275 MESO (Wo); Robert le Ceinturer 1298 LoCt. OFr ceinturier, sainturier ‘maker of waist-belts’. This may also have become SENTRY.

–  –  –

: Adam le Cerf 1260, William le Cerue 1295 IpmY; Ralph Cerf 1336 FFY; William Cerff 1416–17 IpmY. OFr cerf ‘hart, stag’, a nickname for a fast runner.

–  –  –

: v. CHASE Chadburn, Chadbourne, Chadborn, Chadbon, Chadbone, Chadband, Chatburn : John de Chatteburn 1379 PTY; William Chatburn 1449 FrY; John Chadbourne 1660, Chatband 1788, Chadband 1802 Bardsley. From Chatburn (La).

A dictionary of english surnames 608

–  –  –

: Cedda de Alrewys 1275 RH (St); Chad Maryon 1524 SRSf; Hugo, Henry Chadde 1190 P (Wa), 1247 AssBeds; Ralph Chad 1219 AssY; Henry Ced 1379 PTY; Joan Chedde, William Sferfde 1524 SRSf. OE Ceadd(a), which, though the evidence is slight, seems to have remained long in use.

–  –  –

: Geoffrey de Chaderton 1281 AssLa; William de Chaderton, de Chaterton 1324 CoramLa; William Chatterton 1641 PrSo; Francis Chadderton 1659 FrY. From Chadderton (La).

–  –  –

: v. CALDWELL Chadwick, Chadwyck, Chaddock, Shaddick, Shaddock, Shadwick, Chattock : Richard de Chadeleswic’ 1221 AssWa; Andrew de Chadewyke 1328 WhC; Pers The dictionary 609 Chadick 1553 WhC; John Chadwikke alias Chaddokke 1554 CorNt; Thomas Chadeck 1704 FrY. From Chadwick (Lancs, Warwicks, Worcs), or Chadwich (Worcs), Chadeleswik 1212.

–  –  –

: John del Chaufeur 1301 SRY. OFr chauffour ‘limekiln’, hence ‘worker at a limekiln’.

cf. William le Limbrenner 1305 MESO (L), ‘lime-burner’. The surname may also survive as CHAFFER.

–  –  –

: Roger le Chauf. le Cauf, Calvus 1214, 1220 Cur (Co); William Caff 1214 Cur (L);

William le Cave 1280 AssSo; Richard Chafe 1649 Bardsley. OFr chauf, cauf, Lat calvus ‘bald’.

–  –  –

: John Chaffar 1327 SRC, 1359 FrY. OE *cēapfaru, ME chaffere (chaffar) ‘traffic, trade’, also ‘merchandise, wares’, used by metonymy for a dealer, merchant. cf. chafferer ‘dealer’ (1382 NED). v. also CHAFER.

–  –  –

: Thomas de Chalvecroft 1272 Ass (Ha); John de Chalfcroft 1296 SRSx; Robert de Calvecrofth 1327 SRSf. From Chalcroft in South Stonehara (Hants) or ‘dweller by the calves’ croft’, OE cealf. v. also CALCRAFT.

–  –  –

: Walter de Chelka 1177 P (W); Ralph de Chalke 1268 ArchC 5; William atte Chalke 1296 SRSx. From Bower or Broad Chalke (Wilts) or Chalk (Kent), or from residence near a chalk down. OE cealc ‘chalk’, here ‘chalky soil’ or an E *cealce ‘chalk down’. v.


–  –  –

: Robert Calchier 1195–1215 StP (Lo); Thomas le Chalker 1275 RH (W); Nicholas le Calkere 1327 SRSf. A derivative of OE (ge)cealcian ‘to whiten’, ‘whitewasher’. But in Wilts and Kent this might also mean ‘dweller on the chalk’.

A dictionary of english surnames 612

–  –  –

: Peter de Chalun, de Chaluns 1194–5 P (D); Godfrey Challon 1275 RH (D); Robert Chalons 1428 FA (W). From Chalon-sur-Saône or Châlons-sur-Marne. Or metonymic for CHALLENER.

Challener, Challender, Challenor, Challinor, Chaloner, Chawner, Channer : John le Chaloner 1213 Cur (Sr); Ralph le Chaluner 1224 FFSf; Thomas Chalander 1485 RochW; Thomas Chauner 1583 AD vi (St). A derivative of ME chaloun ‘blanket’, from its place of manufacture, Châlons-sur-Marne, ‘maker of or dealer in chalons, blankets or coverlets’ (1372 NED). ‘Chalons of Guildford’ were bought for the king’s use at Winchester Fair in 1252 (Medlnd).

–  –  –

: Philip le Chalengur 1202 AssL. A derivative of ME chalangen, OFr chalonger ‘to challenge’, ‘an accuser, plaintiff, claimant’ (1382 NED).

Challis, Challiss, Challice, Chalice, Challes The dictionary 613 : Henry de Scalers, de Scalariis 1086 DB; Henry de Shallers 1153–85 Templars (Herts);

Geoffrey de Chaliers 1203 FFC; Thoraas de Chalers 1340 AssC; Thomas Chales 1524 SRSf; William Challice 1642 PrD. From Eschalles (Pas-de-Calais). v. OEByn 87.


: is a Scottish form of CHAMBERS: chalmer 1375 NED. The mb was assimilated to mm;

the l was purely graphic, indicating that the preceding a was long, and did not affect the pronunciation: Robert de la Chaumbre 1296 Black (Lanarks); Alexander Chaumir 1475 ib. (Aberdeen); Robert Chamer 1472 ib. (Angus); John Chalmyr 1555 ib. (Glasgow). We also find Chalmer in Suffolk and Worcester in the 13th century: Roger le Chalmere 1255 FFSf; Ralph le Chalmer 1275 SRWo. This is probably for Challoner, with dissimilation of ln to lm in Chalner.

–  –  –

: Semar Chamme 1181 P (D); Werreis de Cham, de Cam 1204, 1207 P (Sf). From Caen (Calvados).

Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberlayne, Chamberlen, Chamberlin, Champerlen : Henry le canberlain Hy 2 DC (L); Geoffrey le Chaumberleng 1194 Cur (W); Robert canberlenc 1195 FF; Thomas Chamberleng’ seruiens Regis 1196 P (C); Martin le Chamberleyn 1232 FFC; Thomas le Chaumberlyn 1293 AssSt. OFr chamberlain, -len, lanc, -lenc ‘officer charged with the management of the private chambers of a sovereign or nobleman’ (a1225 NED).

A dictionary of english surnames 614


: Nicholas de Chambres 1219 Cur (Db); Stephen de la Chambre 1240 FFEss. ME chaumbre, OFr chambre ‘room (in a house)’, ‘reception room in a palace’ (al 225 NED).

Originally official, identical with Chamberlain. To pay in cameram was to pay into the exchequer of which the camerarius was in charge. The surname also applies to those employed there. cf. Nicholas atte Chambre dictus Clerk 1351 AssEss. It was later used of a chamber-attendant, ‘chamber-man, chambermaid’.

–  –  –

: Martin de Champz 1296 SRSx; William del Chaumpe 1341 FrY; John Champ 1396–7 FFSr. From Champs in Harting (Sx), or ‘dweller by the meadow’, OFr champ.

Sometimes, perhaps, from one or other of the numerous French places of this name, e.g.

Champ (Isère, Maine-et-Loire), Champs (Seine-et-Marne).

–  –  –

: Herbert campion 1148 Winton (Ha); Geoffrey Champiun 1154–69 NthCh (Nth); Roger le Campion 1197 P (O); William le Champiun 1220 Cur (Sf). ONFr campiun, campion, central OFr champiun, champion ‘a combatant in the campus or arena’, ‘one who “does battle” for another in wager of battle’, ‘a champion’ (a1225 NED). In the ordeal by battle, in criminal cases, the accuser and the accused took the field themselves, but in disputes about the ownership of land, the actual parties to the suit were represented by ‘champions’, in theory their free tenants, but in practice, hired men, professional champions, and very well paid. In 1294 the Dean and Chapter of Southwell incurred a prospective liability of about £750 in modern money in hiring a champion to fight a duel to settle a law-suit about the advowson of a church. A pugil or champion was a regular member of the household of more than one medieval bishop, Thomas Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford (1275–82), paying his champion, Thomas de Bruges, a salary of half a mark a year. Champion may sometimes be a corruption of CHAMPAIN (cf. also CHAMPNESS). Champion Wood (PN K 287) owes its name to a family variously called de Chaumpayne or Champeyneys (1278) and de Campayne (1332).

–  –  –

: Robert, Ralph Chance 1209 P (Ess), 1310 FFEss. ME chea(u)nce, OFr cheance in one of its senses, ‘fortune, accident, mischance, luck’ (c1300 MED). Perhaps used of a gambler. cf. HAZARD.

–  –  –

: Reinbald Canceler 1066 DB (He); Richard le Chaunceler 1214 Cur (Berks). ME, AFr canceler, chanceler, ‘usher of a lawcourt’, ‘custodian of records’, ‘secretary’.

–  –  –

: Simon de Chanci 1218 AssL; Roger de Chauncy 1230 P (Y); John Chauncy 1293–4 IpmY; Roger Chansi 1361 IpmGl. From one or other of the French places called Chancé (Ille-et-Vilaine, &c.).

–  –  –

: Matthew le Candeler 1274 RH (Lo); William le Chandeler 1285 Ass (Ess). Afr chandeler, OFr chandelier, candelier ‘maker or seller of candles’ (1389 MED). Both Chandler and Candler are used of the same man in 1756 and 1759 in IckworthPR (Sf).

cf. William Candkman 1268 AD ii (Sf).

–  –  –

: Robert del Change 1207 P (Lo); William de la Chaunge 1269 Kris; John del Chaunge 1327 FrY. ‘Dweller at the place where merchants meet for business’, OFr change, chaunge.

–  –  –

: Hugh le Chantur 1235 Fees (Lei); Walter le Chauntur 1285 FFC. ME, AFr chantour, OFr chanteor ‘enchanter, magician’ (c1300 MED), ‘singer, chorister, precentor’ (a1387 ib.). cf. CANTER.

–  –  –

: William Cantecler 1192–1218 YCh; Roger Chaunteder 1307 LLB C; Robert Chaunteclere 1371 FFY. ‘Sing loudly’, OFr chaunter, clere. For similar names, cf.

Walter Chanteben 1206 AssL ‘sing well’; Philip Chmte Merle 1176 P (Bk) ‘sing like a blackbird’; Robert Chantemerveille 1203 Cur ‘sing marvellously’. Also a variant of CHANDLER.

Chantrell, Chantrill, Cantrell, Cantrill

: Walterus Canterellus (Chanteret) 1177 P (Sa); Philip Canterel 1203 AssSt; Robert Chanterel 1221 AssWa; John Cantrel 1297 MinAcctCo. Perhaps OFr chanterelle ‘a small bell’, ‘the treble in singing, a treble string or bell’ (Cotgrave), probably used of a The dictionary 619 bellman. Or a diminutive of CANTER, CHANTER.

Chantrey, Chantry

: John del Chauntre 1379 PTY; Thomas off the Chantery 1524 SRSf. OFr chanterie, originally ‘singing or chanting of the mass’, then applied successively to the endowment of a priest to sing mass, the priests so endowed, and finally to the chapel where they officiated. The surname might refer to the chantry-priest, but more probably to his servant.

–  –  –

: Ralph Chanu 1201 FFK; William le Chanu 1243 AssSo; Agnes le Chanus 1327 SRSx.

OFr chanué ‘grey-haired’.

Chaplain, Chaplin, Chapling, Chaperlln, Chaperling, Caplan, Caplen, Caplin, Capelen, Capelin, Capeling, Kaplan, Kaplin : William Capelein 1203 Cur (Ha); Thomas le Chapelyn 1241 FFC; Nicholas le Chapelain 1260 AssC. ONFr capelain, OFr chapelain ‘priest, clergyman, chantry-priest’.

–  –  –

: Hugh Chapman 1206 Cur (Y); Alice Chepman 1207 P (Db); Thomas le Chapman 1266 AssSt; Nicholas le Chipman 1320 MESO (So); Henry le Chupman 1327 ib. (Ha). OE cēapmann, cēpemann ‘merchant, trader’. Chapman is a general form, Chipman is West Saxon.

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