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«ABSTRACT Recruitment and Selection is one of the most important factors for the efficient working of any Star category hotel. Efficient Recruitment ...»

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AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research http://www.aguijpsr.com

(AGUIJPSR) 2016, Vol. No. 2, Jan-Jun e-ISSN: 2455-1708; p-ISSN: 2455-6106



*Vidit Chauhan, **Rajeev Verma

*School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

AP Goyal Shimla University Shimla, India Email: vidit2111@gmail.com **School of Hospitality and Tourism Management AP Goyal Shimla University Shimla, India Email: rajeev.hotelier22@gmail.com


Recruitment and Selection is one of the most important factors for the efficient working of any Star category hotel.

Efficient Recruitment and Selection helps in reducing cost, helps in maximum utilization of the available resources and gain efficient employees out of the recruitment process which ever is followed by the hotel. In this paper we will discuss the various recruitment and selection process adopted by various big hotel chains in India.

The study is aimed to gain detailed information about various recruitment and selection process followed by The Oberoi Hotels and Resorts & Taj Group of Hotels. The human resource department plays a major role in helping plan the system and in developing job descriptions, job specifications and performance standards. The data has been collected from various websites and with the help of past published papers. The finding of the papers gives us information about the present career related programs offered by various hotel chains in India and information about standard recruitment policy followed by the hotels.

Keywords: Recruitment, Resources, Human Resource Department, Recruitment Policy


 The objective of the paper is to give information about present hiring policy followed by Indian 5 star hotels.

 The paper gives us information about the various departments where employees are required in the hotels which include core and support departments.

 The paper will give us information about various methods by which interviews can be cracked/cleared.



AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research http://www.aguijpsr.com (AGUIJPSR) 2016, Vol. No. 2, Jan-Jun e-ISSN: 2455-1708; p-ISSN: 2455-6106 The paper gives information about the various rounds of interview conducted for hiring various employees.


Nowadays every organization whether be it a MNC or Hotel, Human resource Planning is one of the vital ingredient required for the success of the organization. We hear it again and again that various hotel employees shift their jobs from one chain to another because of various unknown reasons and many fresh/new employees, who have just joined the hotel industry, are shifting their jobs again and again. What can be the reason? Hotels as we all know is a booming industry and with span of time and years many new hotel chains are coming up and as the hotels are coming up, the employment is also increasing. But the biggest question about the topic is that “Whether the person who is hired is at a right position?” For example, if a person has 10 years of experience in Food and Beverage Department and was working as Food and Beverage, outlet Manager would never work as a Captain in the next Job. Same goes for each and every department in the hotels. For this we would study about various career opportunities available in the hotels.

The department is classified on account of its function. They are divided under the heads of Core departments and Support Departments.

The Core Department of the hotel are as follows:

 Food and Beverage Department: This department deals mainly with Food and Beverage Service allied activities. Different divisions are there in Food & Beverage Department like Restaurants, Specialty restaurants, Coffee shop (24 hours), Bar, Banquets, Room Service etc.

 Front Office Department: This department deals with processing of reservations, registering guest, settling guest accounts and checking out guest. Front desk agents also handle the distribution of guest room keys and mails, messages or other information for the guest. The Front desk provides all possible guest services related to all departments as per the guest request.

 Housekeeping Department: This is another important department of the hotel that deals with cleaning and upkeep of guest and non guest areas of the hotel. This department has the largest staff as compared to the other departments. Housekeeping department also includes laundry service (for hotel linens, uniforms and guest clothing).

 Food Production Department: This department deals with the preparation of food items.

It is generally engaged in preparation of those dishes which are ordered by the guest in the 17


AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research http://www.aguijpsr.com

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various Food and Beverage Outlets, which is afterwards catered by the Food and Beverage personnel to the guest. Production Department may serve various cuisines in a hotel like French, Chinese, Mexican, Punjabi, Rajasthani, South Indian Cuisine etc.

The Support Departments of the hotel are as follows:

 Sales and Marketing Department: This department has become one of the most vital functions of the hotel business and is an integral part of modern hotel management. It includes sales promotion, advertising and public relation and packaging for selling. This department basically sells hotel rooms and banquets and the department has the responsibility of keeping the hotel rooms occupied at the right price with the right mix of guests.

 Engineering and Maintenance Department : This department has gained a lot of importance with the span of time as they deal with day to day services of guest utility, electricity,hot water service,air conditioning and other related services to the guest. They also take care for repair and maintenance of the equipments, Furniture and Fixture in the hotel. The cleaning, upkeep, repair, replacement, installation and maintenance of property and its furnishing, machinery and equipment are joint responsibilities of Engineering/Maintenance and the Housekeeping Department.

 Finance, Accounting and Control Department: Hotels accounting department is responsible for keeping track of many business transactions that occur in the hotel on day to day basis.This department keeps a track of the revenue and the expenses occurred in the financial year. Whereas the control department is concerned with cost control guidelines by way of reducing in investment, reduction in operating cost, control of food service cost, control, of beverage cost, Labor cost control etc.

 Safety and Security Department: The security of guests, employees, personal property and the hotel itself is a very important aspect of the hotel industry. This department deals with proper employee checking while reporting and while leaving the shift. The department keeps a track of and harassment, violence or theft etc activities within the hotel premises.

 Administration Department: Top organizational members usually supervise the administration department in a hotel. This department is responsible for all the work connected with administration, personnel, Manpower, employee’s welfare, medical, health and security etc.

 Human Resource Department: This department has newly taken step in hotel industry and within a short span of time it has become a very important part of the organization. It plays the role of facilitator between the employee and employer.

All the above departments are the various departments in which the employees are been required by any 5 star hotel and when it comes to hiring of employees the Human Resource Department plays the most 18


AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research http://www.aguijpsr.com

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important role of conducting various rounds of interviews for the various applicants applying for various positions in the hotel. The various hotel chains which are presently operating in India follow different steps for conducting interviews for jobs. We would discuss the various steps followed for hiring employees by the hotel chains in India so that the various readers could get information about the present hiring policy of the hotel. We would discuss the various programmes offered by the Oberoi’s Hotel and Resorts and hiring policy of Taj Group of Hotels.


The data collected in the paper is secondary data and all the information has been double checked and then added to the paper. Mainly the data is collected from internet, past published journals, research paper and the experience gained in the industry till date.





Late Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi founded the Oberoi Group in 1934. The Company was incorporated as a public limited company in India on 26 May 1949 The Oberoi Group, founded in 1934, operates 30 hotels, a Nile Cruiser and a Motor Vessel in the backwaters of Kerala. The Group has presence in six countries under the luxury 'Oberoi' and five-star 'Trident' brand. The Group is also engaged in flight catering, airport restaurants, travel and tour services, car rentals, project management and corporate air charters.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts is synonymous the world over with providing the right blend of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. Internationally acclaimed for all-round excellence and unparalleled levels of service, Oberoi hotels and resorts have received innumerable awards and accolades.

A distinctive feature of The Group's hotels is their highly motivated and well trained staff who provide exceptionally attentive, personalised and warm service. The Group's luxury hotels have established a reputation for redefining the paradigm of luxury and excellence in service amongst leisure hotels around the world.

Trident hotels are five-star hotels that have established a reputation for excellence and are acknowledged for offering quality and value. These hotels combine state of the art facilities with 19


AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research http://www.aguijpsr.com

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dependable service in a caring environment, presenting the ideal choice for business and leisure travellers.

At present there are ten Trident hotels in India. These are located in Mumbai at Bandra Kurla and Nariman Point, Gurgaon (Delhi National Capital Region), Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Cochin, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. The Oberoi Group also operates a Trident hotel in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

The last two decades have witnessed the debut of new luxury Oberoi leisure hotels in India and abroad. In India, these hotels include The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur; The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas; The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore; The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla and The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur. Overseas, the new hotels include The Oberoi, Lombok in Indonesia, The Oberoi, Mauritius and The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh in Egypt. The Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile Cruiser, Egypt was launched in 2007.

The programmes offered by the Oberoi group are stated below:

1. Systematic education and training programme (STEP)

2. Oberoi Central Employment Register (OCER)

3. Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (OCLD ) 4.

1. Systematic Training and Education Programme (STEP) Programme Details If you are between 18 and 20 years of age, have successfully completed or are completing Class XII, join the Systematic Training and Education Programme (STEP) in one of the hotels of The Oberoi Group.

STEP is an opportunity for students to participate in a three-year programme that offers practical training at a hotel of The Oberoi Group. You will be trained in the four core operational departments of a hotel: Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service and Kitchen.

We offer two Programmes under STEP:

1. The Kitchen Operations Programme The Kitchen Operations Programme involves training in Western and Indian kitchens and specialist sections such as bakery, pastry and cold kitchen.

2. The Hotel Operations Programme 20


AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research http://www.aguijpsr.com

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The application process for these programmes begins in February each year. The programmes commence in August.

2. Oberoi Central Employment Register (OCER) Program Details OCER – Oberoi Central Employment Register for a career as Operations Assistant If you are between 19 and 25 years of age and have successfully completed, or are completing, a university or college degree in any subject including hotel management, then join us as an Operations Assistant in any of our hotels in India through OCER.

OCER is a database of all candidates who are offered a job as an Operations Assistant in The Oberoi Group. OCER recruitment is done on an annual basis through campus visits to Hotel Management colleges, other graduate colleges and Open access days at our hotels.

On being selected through the OCER recruitment process, you will join The Oberoi Group as an

operations assistant in one of the four operational departments:

–  –  –

If you are one of the four operating departments of our hotels – Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, Housekeeping and Kitchen. These employment opportunities are available in all our hotels.

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