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«An Exciting new Pathway for Hutt Safe City Hutt Safe City, the umbrella organization that provides managerial, administrative and financial support ...»

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Issue Nine:

April / May


An Exciting new Pathway for Hutt Safe City

Hutt Safe City, the umbrella organization that provides managerial, administrative and financial

support to various safety focused groups in the Hutt Valley has recently undergone governance and

structural changes.

In late November the new Hutt Safe City Group Charitable Trust was approved and registered as a

Charitable Trust by the Charities Commission. This new status, replacing the previous Incorporated Society, provides taxation advantages and more accurately reflects the charitable mission of the organization which is ‘to collaborate with others and contribute to a reduction in crime and injury in the Hutt Valley’. It also provides the organisation with a more professional and relevant profile to stakeholders, potential funders and the community.

The new Hutt Safe City Group Charitable Trust has got away to a flying start having now adopted a three year Work Plan (2013 -15) formulated after a well attended planning workshop facilitated by a very experienced community safety consultant and funded by the Lower Hutt City Council.

With the five new Trustees (each with portfolios), Hutt Safe City staff and other members of the Management Group now pursuing a common work plan, the new Trust is well placed to make a real impact on community safety through its Community Patrols, CCTV Camera’s, Neighbourhood Support member groups and other activities.

The Trust has now employed and welcomed Kathryn Flannery and Karl Dickson as Neighbourhood Support Coordinators in Upper Hutt and Wainuiomata respectively working closely with their communities and Kelsey Scarr, Manager of Hutt Safe City.

These are early days but the Hutt Safety City team looks forward to making a significant and professional contribution towards the already improving safety environment in the Hutt Valley.

Graham Smeaton Chairman Hutt Safe City Group Charitable Trust Hutt City CCTV Camera Structure The CCTV Volunteer Group, which operates under the guidance of the Hutt Safe City Charitable Trust, has continued to prosper, with just on 50 trained Volunteers, managing the 29 cameras in the camera suite.

Late in 2012, Camera Volunteers were awarded the 2012 Safe City Organisation Award, by Hutt City Council, in recognition of the huge gains that the Volunteers had made over the previous 12 months, with a massive increase in Volunteer numbers, followed by an incremental increase in time monitoring the camera’s, which resulted in more incidents being viewed and reported to the Hutt Police, for action.

2012 was a busy year for everyone involved in the CCTV structure. As new initiatives and technology was introduced to the structure, all Volunteers took on board additional training, and many of the Volunteers contributed to the structure, by providing time to mentor new recruits, or by assisting in training, or helping with some of the behind the scenes activity, that is always necessary, to keep a large group well trained, well equipped, and of value to the Hutt Police.

2013 will be just as interesting and challenging, as we strive to lift Volunteer time on roster, and attempt to help lower the crime statistics in the areas we monitor, creating therefore, a safer city for us all.

Peter Clarke Volunteer Co-ordinator Lower Hutt CCTV Cameras

–  –  –

Although our group of dedicated CCTV Camera Volunteers would probably say a quiet night in the Hutt, with no incidents to view, is a good night, one of our volunteers had a busy night of recent date.

One concern that camera volunteers have been tasked to look for, is adults, buying and supplying alcohol to under 18 year olds.

Over a recent weekend, one operator spotted a lad, slightly over the age of 18, buying and thereafter supplying alcohol to a very young girl.

The 18 year old was well known to Police, and has a history of offences linked to alcohol, and it follows that Police were very pleased to catch the young man in the act, of supplying alcohol to a minor.

Not long after logging the incident, the volunteer returned to monitoring the cameras, and using Intel information kept at the work desk, spotted a young man who was clearly breaching his bail conditions.

Two good arrests over a very short time span indicate the value of volunteers operating the CCTV camera network, and certainly help to make our city a safer location for us all to enjoy.

Don’t get it, Don't give it!

–  –  –

You can spread the flu to people, including your family/whänau and friends. The flu spreads through the air when a sick person coughs or sneezes, and by touching their hands and then touching your nose or mouth.

Older people (Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Koro, Kuia), pregnant woman, babies and people who have long-term health conditions can get sick very quickly from the flu and they can get other infections too.

–  –  –

Need some help? Have any questions?

FREE 24 hour health line with Nurses who can answer any health questions you have.

Becoming a Civil Defence Volunteer – Courses now being held in the Hutt Valley About the course As we saw in Christchurch, the community plays a vital role in the response to and recovery from an emergency. The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) works closely with the public before, during, and after an emergency by having trained Civil Defence Volunteers integrated within our communities. By engaging with individuals and organisations, we build close ties throughout our community, and together we can increase the resilience of our region to withstand an emergency event.

Community-Driven Emergency Management Volunteers

We work with people in our community to promote preparedness and increase the resilience of the Wellington Region. Volunteers help residents of the Wellington Region get prepared for an emergency by promoting emergency preparedness with their own networks and at local events, such as festivals and community fairs. Your involvement in the Emergency Management sector will inevitably become a discussion point between you, your family and friends, and this is also an opportunity to talk about how to be prepared. During an emergency, you may be asked to staff an Emergency Welfare Centre, or play another critical role in a response. During a large emergency, CD Volunteers play a vital role supporting the community with their response at a Civil Defence Centre.

Volunteers participate in exercises and events throughout the year to maintain their skills and relationships with each other and Civil Defence staff.

Volunteer Training Programme

We ask that you make a two-year commitment to assist your community, and in exchange, we’ll provide training to become a Community-Driven Emergency Management Volunteer. There are 4 courses scheduled for the Hutt Valley this year. Each session starts at 6.30pm and is three hours long.

Lower Hutt: April 3, 10, 17, 24 and July 2, 9, 16, 23 Upper Hutt: May 9, 16, 23, 30 and September 3, 10, 17, 24 What to do now For more information about the course email peter.walker@gw.govt.nz or call Peter on 04 570 6448.

–  –  –

The Naenae Patrol continues with 22 patrollers and another couple in the pipeline. We have been busy fundraising to keep the car gassed up and on the road and had a successful sausage sizzle the other week.

We are working closely with the Naenae Policing Team and the cooperation is beneficial to both. They have made some suggestions that make what we do more relevant and important especially to Police Intel.

There has been quite a lot of cooperation with The CCTV cameras and this is a partnership that we have found beneficial.

We look forward to brighter and better things in the coming year.

Wainuiomata Neighbourhood Support After my first three months as the Neighbourhood Support Coordinator, I would like to share a few words and phrases that sum up what this time has looked like.

–  –  –

I have not offered any explanation about why I have chosen these words; if you wish to discover the story behind some of these, then please feel free to make contact with me and I can “flesh them out” for

you. I do want to, though, share what these words have looked like “on the ground” in Wainuiomata:

Co-hosting a Neighbours Day event in our local mall, as well as being invited to attend 3 street  BBQ’s.

8 streets where there has been serious interest in developing NS groups.

 “Look out for your local”- a large letter box drop to homes near two of our local schools as a  response to incidents of tagging and vandalism.

NS is one of the vital parts of the Burglary Project being run by the Police team; residents, who  express an interest in NS, are followed up with in 2-4 days with further information. This also coincides with a letter box drop to surrounding houses, letting residents know that there is some interest in NS in their street, as well as information explaining NS to them.

NS is steadily establishing itself as part of the “Capable Guardians”- a network that consist of  organisations and companies who operate in the community, and have a vested interested in crime prevention and community safety.

Along with Police, NS is helping to establish the “Wainuiomata Safety Panel”- a network of “key  people” who engage at an organisational level to respond to community challenges.

A FB page and online presence that is steadily gathering momentum and interest.

 Karl Dickson Wainuiomata Neighbourhood Support

–  –  –

This is to advise you of some important changes that are occurring within the Hutt Valley Police over the next few weeks.

CRL - Crime Reporting Line The new Crime Reporting Line (CRL) goes live across the Wellington District from 10 April. This is a new reporting and advice line that will take care of all routine Police inquiries over the phone - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

When the public want to report a historic crime, update a file or get some general advice, they want to be able to do this quickly and easily over the phone. Asking people to come down to the station or contact a particular officer can be time consuming and can create unnecessary paperwork. Once CRL is live all this information can be taken down and entered into our Police computer system directly while still speaking to the caller on the phone. The CRL call takers can also provide crime prevention advice, arrange for victim support and email or post a Complaint Acknowledgment Form straight away.

The CRL operators will now take down all the details from people who want to report historic matters or a crime (e.g. a burglary or theft) which means that many jobs that were attended by front counter staff or by sending a response car will now be dealt with by CRL over the phone.

CRL is already active in 7 other Police Districts and has resulted in significantly less jobs to attend and less people coming to the Watchhouses. Calls from the public will still come through either 111 or local station numbers to the centralised telephone hub. They can then triage calls and decide if it is a routine inquiry that could be managed through the CRL.

Mobility Devices In early April, Police will begin training staff for the Mobility rollout. Mobility involves the issuing of iphones and in many cases ipads to frontline staff.

From 6 May, Hutt Valley staff will begin receiving iphones and ipads with some applications similar to what is currently on Police computers in stations. They will be able to Query persons, vehicles and locations, View summaries, Police photos, alerts, warnings, charges, bail conditions, Motor Vehicle Registration details and LTNZ details. They will be able to complete a number of documents directly out in the field and email the forms to the appropriate area. This will allow our Police staff to remain out in the community rather than inside a police station and in front of a computer.

Opening Hours at CPCs We are changing the opening hours at Petone, Naenae and Wainuiomata Community Policing Centres. These new hours commence on Tuesday the 2nd of April and are as follows;

–  –  –

The opening hours at the Lower Hutt Police Station hours have not changed. The front counter remains open 24 hour a day, 7 day a week.

Continued on next page We will be trialling these new hours due to the changes mentioned above and the reducing visitor numbers at our CPCs. A survey of people visiting our counters in October 2010 revealed less than 1.5 visitors per hour called at a local CPC. The majority of these visitors were for meetings at the CPC, contractors delivering goods and services to the CPC, people reporting on bail and people wanting general community information. Less than a third of the visitors were reporting a crime or had an enquiry regarding lost and found property. Over the last two years, visitor numbers have decreased.

People now have more options to contact the Police to seek advice or report an offence. This can be via the phone, by emailing us or reporting it through the Police website. These options can be utilised from home without the hassle of traffic, finding a park or waiting at the police station counter. There may be occasion when a CPC is close for a day or two due to sickness or leave of our staff member rostered for that CPC. This will be notified by a sign posted on the CPC door.

The change in opening hours won't affect the Police's emergency response and the same number of Police Officers will be based at the CPCs and be available to respond in urgent situations. There are five Police stations spread throughout the Hutt Valley. This gives us excellent connections with the communities we police. There are no plans to close any Police stations or move any Police Officers away from these stations. We are committed to continuing to have a presence in our communities.

The premise for all these initiatives is to increase sworn Police Officers visibility within the communities they look after. They allow us to spend more time in our communities preventing people experiencing crime rather than simply responding once someone has become a victim.

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