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«Eleven User Hundred Manual Eleven Hundred User Manual Congratulations on your purchase of the Antec Eleven Hundred! The new flagship in Antec’s ...»

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Eleven User

Hundred Manual

Eleven Hundred User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the Antec Eleven Hundred!

The new flagship in Antec’s Gaming series, the Eleven Hundred, brings ultimate gaming builds to

life. The Eleven Hundred’s nine expansion slots and space for an XL-ATX motherboard accommodate

elite GPU configurations up to 3-way NVIDIA® SLI® / 4-way AMD CrossFireX™. An included top 200 mm

exhaust fan, rear 120 mm fan and up to seven more optional fans in strategic positions – including behind the motherboard tray – keep all your components comfortably firing on all cylinders. The Eleven Hundred also lets you organize a clean, powerful build with superior cable routing, including 36 mm of space behind the motherboard tray and grommet-lined cable routing holes.

The Eleven Hundred does not include a power supply. Make sure you choose a power supply that is compatible with your computer components and has a long enough power harness to reach your motherboard and peripheral devices. We recommend our High Current Gamer, High Current Pro or Earthwatts power supplies for the latest ATX specification compliance, broad compatibility, and power savings capability.

At Antec, we continually refine and improve our products to ensure the highest quality. As such, your new chassis may differ slightly from the description in this manual due to improvements applied for the optimal building experience. As of the date of publication, all features, descriptions, and illustrations in this manual are correct.

Disclaimer This manual is intended only as a guide for Antec’s computer enclosures. For more comprehensive instructions on installing the motherboard and peripherals, please refer to the manuals that come with those components.

Table of Contents Section 1: Introduction

1.1 Getting to Know Your Chassis

1.2 Chassis Specifications

1.3 Included Screws

1.4 Before You Begin

Section 2: Hardware Installation

2.1 Setting Up

2.2 Removing the Front Bezel………………………………………………………………………………9

2.3 Motherboard Installation

2.4 Installing KUHLER H2O Liquid Coolers

2.5 Power Supply Installation

2.6 External 5.25” Device Installation

2.7 Internal 2.5” Device Installation

2.8 Internal 3.5” Device Installation

2.9 Cable Management

Section 3: Front I/O Ports

3.1 USB 2.0

3.2 USB 3.0

3.3 AC’97 / HD Audio Ports

3.4 Power Switch / Reset Switch / Hard Disk Drive LED Connectors

3.5 Rewiring Motherboard Header Connections

Section 4: Cooling System

4.1 Included Fans

4.2 Optional Fans

4.3 Air Filters

Section 1 Introduction

–  –  –

In order to ensure that your building experience with the Eleven Hundred will be a positive one, please

take note of the following:

While working inside your Eleven Hundred, keep your chassis on a flat, stable surface. Make sure your build environment is clean, well-lit, and free of dust.

Antec chassis feature rounded edges that minimize the occurrence of hand injuries.

Nonetheless, exercise caution and control when handling chassis interiors. We strongly recommend taking the appropriate time and care when working inside the chassis. Avoid hurried or careless motions.

Handle components and cards with care. Do not touch the unshielded components or contacts on a card. Hold a card by its edges. Hold a component such as a processor by its edges, never by its pins.

To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself periodically by touching an unpainted metal surface (such as a connector or screw on the back of this computer) or by using a wrist grounding strap.

Before you connect a cable, ensure that both connectors are correctly aligned and oriented.

Bent pins can be difficult to fix and may require replacement of the entire connector.

This manual is not designed to cover CPU, RAM, or expansion card installation. Please consult your motherboard manual for specific mounting instructions and troubleshooting. Before proceeding, check the manual for your CPU cooler to find out if there are steps you must take before installing the motherboard.

Do not sit on your chassis. Although it is constructed of heavy-duty steel and internally reinforced, it is not designed to support the weight of an adult, and may buckle.

Remember to use the right tools for each task. Do not use improvised screwdrivers like coins, nails or knife blades as they may result in damage to screw threads or even injury. Do not use your fingernails to separate edges or lift the sides of the chassis, as paint chipping or injury may occur.

Section 2 Hardware Installation Eleven Hundred User Manual 2.1 Setting Up Put the case upright on a flat, stable surface so that the rear panel (power supply and expansion slots) is facing you.

To remove the left and right side panels, remove each of the two thumbscrews first. Remove the panel by gripping the end of the panel at the top & bottom and swinging the panel outward. Do not pull the panel back toward the rear of the chassis.

Note: Place the panel thumbscrews aside in a safe place.

CAUTION: Do not use your fingernails to pry or lift the panels. Damage to the panels or injury to your fingernails may result.

–  –  –

You may need to remove the front bezel in order to install drives or access the air filters.

Remove the bezel by pulling the placing your hand in the notch and pulling the bezel towards you, starting from the bottom. You may encounter some resistance the first time you remove the bezel; this is normal.

–  –  –

Before proceeding:

Check the manual for your CPU cooler to find out if there are steps you must do before installing the motherboard.

Make sure you have the correct I/O panel for your motherboard. If the panel provided with the chassis isn’t suitable, please contact your motherboard manufacturer for the correct I/O panel.

–  –  –

The Eleven Hundred comes with six preinstalled motherboard standoffs. These are positioned for Standard ATX motherboards but can be relocated to accommodate other form factors.

–  –  –

The following instructs how to install the Antec KUHLER H2O liquid CPU cooler (620 / 920). For any other CPU coolers, please consult your manufacturer’s installation guide.


Check your motherboard’s CPU socket to ensure its compatibility with the KUHLER H2O. The KUHLER

H2O 620 / 920 is compatible with the following CPU sockets:

Intel® LGA 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011* AMD® AM2 / AM3 / AM2+ / AM3+ *Your unit may not contain the LGA 2011 mounting bracket. To receive this bracket, please contact Antec customer support (information is listed at end of manual).

**Be sure to install the KUHLER H2O with the end of the tubes positioned at the bottom of the radiator.

–  –  –

3. Preparing the KUHLER H2O backplate is specific to your CPU socket. Please refer to the KUHLER H2O installation guide, available at http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=Mjc2OCYxNw== (KUHLER H2O 620) or http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=NzA0MzcwJjE3 (KUHLER H2O 920) for more information.

4. Prepare the retention ring according to the CPU socket you’re using.

5. Complete installation according to the KUHLER H2O instructions.

–  –  –

The Eleven Hundred features a removable PSU filter that can be unlocked for maintenance and locked for transport. To remove the PSU filter, push the ends of the filter down and then pull the filter toward you using the tab outside of the chassis. You can also lock the filter by pulling the tab upward (once the filter is completely installed).

Push down on the ends of the filter to unlock it. Remove the filter by pulling on the tab outside the chassis.

–  –  –

Before you begin, you should remove the front bezel as directed in Section 2.2.

1. Remove the front bezel as directed in Section 2.2.

2. Remove the drive bay cover by pressing down on the cover tabs and then lifting the cover out from the inside of the bezel.

3. Slide your 5.25” drive through the front of the chassis until it lines up flush with the front bezel.

You will feel the drive lock into position.

4. If you need more clearance on the inside of the chassis for your drive, pull the drive bay tab on the inside of the chassis toward you and push the drive in further.

–  –  –

There are two dedicated 2.5” drive bays in the Eleven Hundred. To install a 2.5” drive:

1. With the side panel open, slide your 2.5” drive into the drive bay so that the drive’s holes align with the drive bay holes.

2. Secure your drive with the 2.5” screws provided (D in Section 1.3).

–  –  –

2.9 Cable Management There is a cable management compartment between the motherboard and right side panel, as well as cable ties located on the back of the motherboard panel. You can tuck excess cables in this compartment or route them to the drive bays.

Choose the cables you would like to pass through the holes behind the motherboard tray. Pull them through the hole toward the right side of the case.

Use the cable ties provided to hold your cables in place. Cable ties can be anchored to tiedown locations on the back of the motherboard panel.

–  –  –

For cables which will be routed directly to front drives or other internal accessories, cable tiedowns are located along the drive cage. Bundle front drives’ or other internal accessories’ cables together and secure them using tiedowns.

Section 3 Front I/O Ports

–  –  –

3.2 USB 3.0 The Eleven Hundred comes with two front panel USB 3.0 ports and includes an internal motherboard

connector. To access USB 3.0 capability from the front panel:

1. Identify the USB 3.0 header on your motherboard.

2. Connect the USB 3.0 header to the motherboard port. Be sure to align the connector in the proper orientation so that you do not damage the pins on your motherboard.

–  –  –

There is an Intel® standard 10-pin AC’97 connector and an Intel® 10-pin HDA (High Definition Audio) connector linked to the front panel of the chassis.

–  –  –

You can connect either the AC’97 or the HDA connector, depending on your motherboard. Locate the internal audio connectors from your motherboard or sound card and connect the corresponding audio cable. Consult your motherboard or sound card manual for the pin-out positions. Even if your system supports both standards, only use one connector.

3.4 Power Switch / Reset Switch / Hard Disk Drive LED Connectors Connected to your front panel are LED leads for power and HDD activity, as well as switch leads for the power and reset buttons. Attach these to the corresponding connectors on your motherboard. Consult your motherboard manual for specific pin header locations. For LEDs, colored wires are positive ( + ).

White or black wires are negative ( – ). If the LED does not light up when the system is powered on, try reversing the connection. For more information on connecting LEDs to your motherboard, see your motherboard user’s manual.

–  –  –

3.5 Rewiring Motherboard Header Connections There may come a time when you need to reconfigure the pin-out of a motherboard header connector.

Examples could be for your USB header, audio input header, or some other front panel connector such as the Power Button connector.

Before performing any work, please refer to your motherboard user’s manual or your motherboard manufacturer's website to confirm the pin-out needed for your connector. We strongly recommend making a notated drawing before beginning work so that you can recover if your work gets disturbed.

Front panel headers

Determine which wires you need to remove in order to rewire your plug to match the USB pin-outs on your motherboard (refer to your motherboard user’s manual). Working on one connector at a time, use a very small flathead screwdriver or similar tool to lift up on the black tab located beside the gold posts (squares). This will allow you to easily slide out the pins from the USB plug.

Working carefully so as not to damage the wires, connectors, or pins, slowly remove the pin from the connector. Repeat these steps for each wire you need to change.

Working carefully so as not to damage the wires, connectors or pins, slowly insert the pin into the correct slot of the connector then snap closed the black tab that was lifted in step 1. Repeat these steps for each wire you need to change.

Section 4 Cooling System Eleven Hundred User Manual 4.1 Included Fans The Eleven Hundred comes with two standard single-speed fans (yellow outline) – a rear 120 mm fan and a top 200 mm blue LED fan. You can turn the top fan’s LED off using the switch on the back of the chassis.

The red rectangles indicate additional fan mounts. Mounting procedures for these fans is discussed in Section 4.2.

4.2 Optional Fans

The Eleven Hundred includes mounts for up to seven more fans. These mounts are as follows:

- 2 x front intake 120 mm mounts

- 2 x internal intake 120 mm mounts

- 2 x side 120 mm mounts

- 1 x 120 mm mount behind motherboard Front intake 120 mm fans You can install these fans using 2 of the long screws provided. First, be sure to remove the front bezel as outlined in Section 2.2.

–  –  –

Internal intake 120 mm fans Just outside of the 3.5” drive bay area are two fan mounts for 120 mm internal intake fans.

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