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«Will Hurd (TX-23) Research Report The following report contains research on Will Hurd, a Republican member of Congress in Texas’ 23rd district. ...»

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Will Hurd (TX-23) Research Report

The following report contains research on Will Hurd, a Republican member of Congress in Texas’

23rd district. Research for this research book was conducted by the Democratic Congressional

Campaign Committee’s Research Department between October 2015 and April 2016.

By accepting this report, you are accepting responsibility for all information and analysis included.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to verify all claims against the original documentation before you make use of it.

Make sure you understand the facts behind our conclusions before making any specific charges against anyone.

Table of Contents Table of Contents

Introduction / Executive Summary


Key Moments on Audio and Video


Personal Finance

Education and Career Information

Political Career

Toeing the Party Line

CIA Career

Agriculture and Food Safety

Budget Issues

Congressional Ethics, Election Law, And Civil Rights

Consumer Protection and Regulatory Reform

Crime and Law Enforcement Issues


District Activities

Education Issues

Energy Issues

Environmental Issues

Financial Sector Issues

Foreign Policy

Health Care Issues

Homeland Security and Intelligence

Housing Issues

Immigration and Border Issues

Jobs and the Economy

Labor and Working Family Issues

Native American Issues

Science and Technology Issues

Seniors’ Issues

Tax Issues

Trade Issues

Transportation Issues

Veterans Issues

Women’s, LGBTQ, And Family Planning Issues

Appendix I – Campaign Finance

Appendix II – Paid Media Summary

Appendix III – Federal Sponsorships and Cosponsorships

Appendix IV – Congressional Office Expenditures

Introduction / Executive Summary Birth Date William Ballard Hurd was born on 8/19/1977 in San Antonio, Texas.

[National Journal, 11/05/14] Education Graduated From John Marshall High School. “Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Will is a proud product of the Texas public school system. He attended John Marshall High School.” [Hurd Official Biography, accessed 3/15/16] Graduated From Texas A&M In 2000 With Computer Science Degree, Served As Class President During 1999 Bonfire Collapse. “Hurd is a native of San Antonio and the youngest of three children of a mixed-race couple; his father is African-American. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 2000 with a degree in computer science, a minor in international relations, and some acclaim as student body president for having helped a grieving campus recover from the 1999 collapse of the traditional football bonfire which killed 12 students and injured 27 others.”.

[National Journal, 11/05/14]

Claimed to Have Turned Down Stanford Scholarship to Attend TexasA&M

Claimed to Have Turned Down Stanford Scholarship to Attend Texas A&M. In April 2000, Hurd said in an interview with Texas Monthly magazine that he had turned down a scholarship to Stanford because of what Texas A&M calls “the other education,” the idea that students learn as much from participating in activities as they do in the classroom.

“It got me here,” Hurd said. “I was planning to go to Stanford. I wanted to go there, and I had a lot of financial aid. Then my high school counselor in San Antonio said I should apply to A&M. I came up here and saw the opportunities to develop as a whole person.” [Texas Monthly, April, 2000] Before Moving Into Field Work, Initially Sought Career In Division Of Science And Technology: “I Started Off Wanting To Be ‘Q,’ But Soon I Wanted To Be James Bond.” Before Moving Into Field Work, Initially Sought Career In Division Of Science And Technology. “Beginning the interview process, he initially sought to put his computer skills to work in DST (Division of Science and Technology). This, Hurd explained, ‘is the branch that in the James Bond movies was headed by ‘Q,’ who created all those great gadgets we saw in the movies.’” [Newsmax, 7/17/15] Hurd: “I Started Off Wanting To Be ‘Q,’ But Soon I Wanted To Be James Bond.” “So I started off wanting to be ‘Q,’ but soon I wanted to be James Bond.” [Newsmax, 7/17/15] Claimed He Was The Fourth Employee In New Post-9/11 Counterterror Unit: “My Job Was To Recruit Spies And Steal Secrets” Claimed He Was The Fourth Employee In New Post-9/11 Counterterror Unit: “My Job Was To Recruit Spies And Steal Secrets.” “After the Sept.

11 attacks, he was summoned to a new counterterrror unit. ‘On Sept. 12, I was the fourth employee in that unit that prosecuted the war in Afghanistan,’ Hurd said. The next nine-and-a-half years brought him to India, Pakistan, New York and Afghanistan - courting the enemy, he said: ‘My job was to recruit spies and steal secrets.’” [Washington Post, 3/08/15] Used Consular Officer Position As Cover While In CIA. In October 2014, while appearing on Texas Week with Rick Casey, Hurd mentioned using a consular officer position as one of his CIA covers. Casey: The other part of it is of course, the immigrants who are already here. That’s the other part of the major immigration program. Everyone agrees the immigration program is fixed, what do we do with them, whether there are 12 or 14 million, what do we do with them? HURD: There’s three pieces to immigration. There’s border security: we gotta make sure we’re enforcing our laws and protecting our country, that’s step one. Step two, is we need to increase access to legal immigration. When I was in the CIA, one of my cover jobs, the job I did during the day, I stamped visas. I was a consular officer. So I can talk until you’re blue in the face on our non-immigrant visa process. I know these things. I did this during the day and during the night I did my job of collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland. So we need to increase access to legal immigration. We’re a nation of immigrants, we’ve benefitted from the brain drain of every other country for the last couple of decades, I want to see us continue that, but I also, I want to benefit from the hardworking drain too. If you’re going to be a productive member of our society, let’s get you here as quickly as possible. The third bucket is the people that are already here, and I’m against amnesty, I’m against giving people that broke the law a special pathway to citizenship, but I think there’s a way that we can get them into the system.” [Texas Week with Rick Casey, published 10/27/14] Free To Discuss CIA Career Beyond Certain Rules, Such As Not Discussing Methods And Sources Free To Discuss CIA Career Beyond Certain Rules, Such As Not Discussing Methods And Sources. “‘That story about being unable to say anything about where I was or what I did when I was with the agency is purely apocryphal,’ said the Texas Republican, who joined the CIA at age 22 after graduating from Texas A&M University. ‘I am bound by certain rules, such as not talking about methods and sources, but beyond that I am clear on what I can talk about.’” [Newsmax, 7/17/15] … But Other Sources Claim He Can’t Say Much About His CIA Years. “Hurd can’t say much about his CIA years, other than that they involved ‘recruiting spies and stealing secrets,’ but without a doubt, his years as a clandestine operative in Pakistan and Afghanistan have made him a valuable commodity on Capitol Hill.” [Ozy.com, 2/02/15]

Claimed To Have Run All CIA Undercover Operations In Afghanistan

Claimed To Have Run All CIA Undercover Operations In Afghanistan.

“I was undercover officer for nine years. I was the guy in the back alleys at four o’clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the Homeland. Spent two years in DC, two years in India, two years in Pakistan, two years in New York, a year-and-a-half in Afghanistan wear I ran all of our undercover operations.” [YouTube, 0:16, 3/13/15]

Claimed To Have Participated In Offensive Cyber Operations AgainstRussia

Claimed To Have Participated In Offensive Cyber Operations Against Russia. “A former CIA operative who now serves as a member of Congress indicated at a recent public event that the U.S. has engaged in “offensive cyber operations” against Russia, a revelation that comes while the two countries are effectively squaring off in Syria and Ukraine. The disclosure of the operations, which are likely classified, may have skirted the legal line with some coy phrasing. ‘I got a degree in computer science. I did some offensive cyber operations when I was in the CIA,’ said Rep. Will Hurd (RTexas), who was at the agency from 2000 to 2009. Hurd was speaking at an event on Thursday organized by The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons. ‘Were you the Stuxnet dude?’ Clemons quickly interjected, referring to an alleged joint U.S.-Israeli effort to sabotage Iranian nuclear infrastructure in 2009. ‘No, no,’ Hurd said. ‘Let’s just say I’ll probably never be invited to Moscow anytime soon. And I’m not too concerned with that.’” [Huffington Post, 2/08/16] Career

–  –  –

November 2009: Filed to Run for Congress in Texas’ 23rd District November 2009: Filed to Run for Congress in Texas’ 23rd District. In November 2009, Hurd filed papers with the FEC to run in the 2012 campaign for Texas’ 23rd congressional district. The seat was held at the time by Democrat Ciro Rodriguez. [Roll Call, 11/19/09] Said that Ciro Rodriguez was Out of Touch “Ciro has lost touch with the people he is supposed to represent, and the folks are frustrated,” Hurd said. “The people are ready for a kind of leadership that does not include Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man.” [San Antonio Express-News, 1/17/10] Hurd Said He Decided To Run For Congress Because He Could “Do A Better Job” Than Surprisingly Uninformed Members Of Congress He Briefed While In The Cia Hurd Said He Decided to Run for Congress Because He Could “Do a Better Job” Than Surprisingly Uninformed Members Of Congress He Briefed While In The CIA. In November 2014, Hurd said he decided to run for congress because he thought he could “do a better job” than some current legislators. The Houston Chronicle reported that while briefing members of Congress after the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, “One visiting lawmaker, an Intelligence Committee member Hurd prefers not to name, seemed surprisingly unschooled in Islam’s Shia-Sunni split, one of the basic facts of Middle East strife. It was in that moment that Hurd decided he could better serve his country in a different role - a nameless secret agent no more.

‘I thought, ‘Hey, I can do a better job,’’ he recalls.” [Houston Chronicle, 11/14/14]

March 2010: Received 34 Percent of Votes in the CD-23 RepublicanPrimary

March 2010: Received 34 Percent of Votes in the CD-23 Republican Primary. In March 2010, Hurd received 34 percent of the vote in the Republican primary for Texas’ 23rd congressional district. Of the four other Republicans in the race, Quico Canseco received the most votes with 32 percent, sending the race to a runoff. [Dallas Morning News, 3/03/10] “Tonight we’ve shown we’re for real,” Hurd said, adding that the results showed that his campaign had achieved “resource parity” with Canseco. [San Antonio Express-News, 3/03/10] April 2010: Lost Runoff to Quico Canseco April 2010: Lost Runoff to Quico Canseco. In April 2010, despite receiving the most votes in the March Republican primary, Hurd lost the GOP nomination for CD-23 in a runoff to Francisco “Quico” Canseco. Hurd received 47 percent of the vote to Canseco’s 53. [Houston Chronicle, 4/14/10]

Won May Runoff Against Former Rep. Quico Canseco In May 2014

Won May Runoff Against Former Rep. Quico Canseco In May 2014.

“And in a rare runoff rematch, ex-CIA officer Will Hurd overcame former U.S. Rep. Francisco “Quico” Canseco, setting up what could be the state’s only competitive congressional race in November against incumbent Democrat Pete Gallego in West Central Texas.” [Houston Chronicle, 5/28/14]

Formerly A Partner at Washington, DC Based Crumpton Group

Partner at Washington, DC Based Crumpton Group. As of 2013, Hurd was a partner at Crumpton Group. His ownership interest in the company was valued between $250,000 and $500,000, and he earned over $193,000 in salary in 2012, and over $80,000 in salary through September of 2013. [Hurd Personal Financial Disclosure, 10/30/13] The Crumpton Group was formed in 2007 in Virginia. As of 2014, the registered agent was Roy Morris of Arlington, VA. [Virginia State Corporation Commission, accessed 3/19/14] Crumpton Group Has Not Received Any Government Contracts.

According to the Office and Management and Budget, the Crumpton Group has not received any federal awards. [USAspending.gov, accessed 3/19/14] Crumpton Group Founded by Hank Crumpton. The Crumpton Group is a “strategic international advisory and business development firm” headed by former State Department and CIA official Henry “Hank” Crumpton. “CG works with global corporations, including those in the infrastructure, energy, and financial services industries.

Ambassador Crumpton advises CEOs and their teams on the political, security, and commercial dynamics in emerging and frontier markets,” according to Crumpton’s biography [Crumpton Biography, GWU Homeland Security Policy Institute, accessed 3/19/14] Crumpton Was Coordinator for Counterterrorism at Department of State Under Bush Administration. From 2005 to 2007, Crumpton served as the Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the Department of State with the rank of Ambassador-at-Large. [Department of State Archive, accessed 3/19/14] Crumpton Received Numerous Intelligence Awards. Crumpton was the recipient of Intelligence Commendation Medal; the George H.W.

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