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«Will Hurd (TX-23) Research Report The following report contains research on Will Hurd, a Republican member of Congress in Texas’ 23rd district. ...»

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 And in 2014, 4.9 million people would not have access to quality, dependable health insurance coverage.

[Energy and Commerce Committee, May 2013] Repealing Legislation Would Re-Enact The Prescription Drug Donut Hole, Making Millions Of Seniors Pay More. In March 2010, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Medicare seniors with Medicare prescription coverage prior to the signing of the Health Care Legislation must pay out of their pocket for drug spending that falls between $2,830 and $6,440 because of the “doughnut hole” in the Medicare law. Seniors who hit this “idiosyncratic feature” this in 2010 would get a $250 rebate. In 2011, the gap would be reduced through a discount on brand-name drugs. By 2020, it should be eliminated, although seniors would still have to pay 25 percent of their prescription-drug costs.

[Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/22/10] ACA Makes Medicare Drug Coverage More Affordable Through Closing Coverage Gap Between Beneficiaries Paying Full Cost Before Catastrophic Coverage Took Effect. “The Affordable Care Act makes Medicare prescription drug coverage more affordable by gradually closing the gap in coverage where beneficiaries had to pay the full cost of their prescriptions out of pocket, before catastrophic coverage took effect. This gap is known as the donut hole. Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, out-of-pocket savings on medications for people with Medicare prescription drug coverage continues to grow. More than 8.2 million seniors and people with disabilities with Medicare have saved over $11.5 billion on prescription drugs since 2010 as a result of discounts in the donut hole and rebates in 2010.” [HHS, 7/29/14] Repealing ACA Would Eliminate Tax Breaks for Small Businesses. Businesses with fewer than 25 Employees and average wages of less than $50,000 could qualify for a tax credit of up to 35 percent of the cost of the premiums. [MSNBC, 3/22/10] Repealing Healthcare Reform Would Prevent Dependent Children from Staying of Parents’ Plans Until Age 26. According to 2010 analysis by Kaiser Health News, under healthcare reform, dependent children could remain on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26. [MSNBC.com, 3/22/10] Voted For Reconciliation Bill To Repeal Key Sections Of The Affordable Care Act And Defund Planned Parenthood Voted For Reconciliation Bill To Repeal Key Sections Of The Affordable Care Act And Defund Planned Parenthood. In October, 2015, Hurd voted for a “budget reconciliation bill that seeks to gut Obamacare by repealing key sections of the law, including the individual and employer mandate and the so-called ‘cadillac’ tax, which targets high-end employer-sponsored health plans. In addition, it would block funding for Planned Parenthood for one year and divert that spending to other women’s health programs.” The bill passed 240-189. HR 3762, Vote #568, 10/23/15; Washington Post, 10/23/15]

Voted For Increasing Definition Of Full-Time Under Affordable Care Act

Voted For Increasing Definition Of Full-Time From 30 Hours To 40 Hours Under Affordable Care Act. In January 2015, Hurd voted for a bill that would lengthen the Affordable Care Act’s definition of a full-time work week to 40 hours from 30 hours. “The House will vote again on Thursday to lengthen Obamacare’s full-time workweek definition to 40 hours, but the Senate has work to do before it can hope to get its first anti-Obamacare bill to the president’s desk.” The bill passed, 252-172. [HR 30, Vote #14, 1/08/15; Politico, 1/08/15] Bill Would Increase Deficit By $53.2 Billion And Cut Healthcare For About 1 Million Workers.

“The independent Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that the House’s bill would add $53.2 billion to the deficit from 2015 to 2025. That’s because fewer businesses would pay fines and because some of the employees who would have been covered at work will instead get subsidies to buy plans on the Obamacare exchanges. The CBO estimated that about 1 million people would lose their work-based coverage, a fact that Democrats intend to highlight.” [Politico, 1/08/15] Voted For Repeal Of IPAB—Medicare Cost-Control Board—Which CBO Said Would Result In Higher Medicare Spending Voted For Eliminating Medicare Cost-Control Board. In June 2015, Hurd voted for the Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act of 2015. “The House easily passed a repeal of Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, with a handful of Democrats voting with Republicans against a part of the law aimed at checking the growth of Medicare spending. The Independent Payment Advisory Board has never been used. It consists of 15 members and was included in the law to control the rate of Medicare growth and to help the program come up with savings. The law said the board would make savings recommendations if Medicare spending was projected to exceed a certain target rate, but so far, spending hasn’t grown fast enough to trigger the IPAB. The 244-154 vote occurred days before an expected Supreme Court ruling on the legality of Obamacare subsidies.” The bill passed, 244-154. [HR 1190, Vote #376, 6/23/15; National Journal, 6/23/15] Bill Repealed Independent Payment Advisory Boards. “H.R. 1190 would repeal the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that established the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) and that created a process by which the Board (or the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services) would be required under certain circumstances to modify the Medicare program to achieve specified savings.” [Congressional Budget Office, 6/11/15] Congressional Budget Office: Elimination Of Board Would “Probably Result In Higher Spending For The Medicare Program In The Years 2022 Through 2025.” “CBO estimates that enacting H.R.

1190 would not have any budgetary impact between 2015 and 2021, but would increase direct spending by $7.1 billion over the 2022-2025 period. That estimate is extremely uncertain because it is not clear whether the mechanism for spending reductions under the IPAB authority will be triggered under current law for most of the next ten years; under CBO’s current baseline projections such authority is projected to be triggered in 2025. However, given the uncertainty that surrounds those projections, it is possible that such authority would be triggered in more than one of those years; taking into account that possibility, CBO estimates that repealing the IPAB provision of the ACA would probably result in higher spending for the Medicare program in the years 2022 through 2025 than would occur under current law. CBO’s estimate represents the expected value of a broad range of possible effects of repealing the provision over that period.” [Congressional Budget Office, 6/11/15] Bill Offset By Cuts To Prevention And Public Health Fund. “The House easily passed a repeal of Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, with a handful of Democrats voting with Republicans against a part of the law aimed at checking the growth of Medicare spending. …Although only 11 Democrats ended up voting for the repeal, others might have done so if the bill wasn’t offset by cuts to Obamacare’s Prevention and Public Health Fund.” [National Journal, 6/23/15] Fund Trained More Primary-Care Doctors. “The graph that my subconscious came up with charted all the cuts to the Prevention and Public Health Fund. That’s a $15 billion Obamacare program initially meant to — you guessed it — fund prevention and public health activities. This has included everything from training more primary-care doctors to supporting healthy corner stores. The funds are not earmarked for any specific activity. Instead, they get doled out each year. And that has made the Prevention Fund a prime target for legislators looking to pay for other health-care activities.” [Washington Post, 4/19/13]

Voted For Reauthorizing CHIP & Reforming Medicare Fee Payments For Doctors

Voted For Allowing Reform To Medicare Fee Payments For Doctors & To Reauthorize Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). In March 2015, Hurd voted for a bill to provide permanent solution for paying doctors that treat Medicare patients and reauthorize the CHIP program for an additional two years. “The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved sweeping changes in the way Medicare pays doctors, clearing the bill for President Obama and resolving an issue that has bedeviled Congress and the Medicare program for more than a decade. The 92-to-8 vote in the Senate, following passage in the House last month by a vote of 392 to 37, was a major success for Republicans, who devised a solution to a complex policy problem that had frustrated lawmakers of both parties. Mr. Obama has endorsed the bill, saying it ‘could help slow health care cost growth.’ The bill, drafted in the House in negotiations between Speaker John A. Boehner and Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, also extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program for two years, through 2017. Without action by Congress, doctors would have faced a 21 percent cut in Medicare fees.” The bill passed, 392 to 37. [HR 2, Vote #144, 3/26/15; NY Times, 4/14/15]

Voted Against Amendment To Prohibit Funds For Medical Marijuana

Voted Against Amendment To Prohibit Funds For Medical Marijuana. In June 2015, Hurd voted against an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act that “prohibits the use of funds in the bill to supersede State law in those States that have legalized the use of medical marijuana.” The amendment passed 242 to 186. [HR 2578, Vote #283, 6/03/15] Voted For Ending Medical Device Tax Voted For Repeal Of Medical Device Tax Under The Affordable Care Act. In June 2015, Hurd voted for repealing the medical device tax implemented under the Affordable Care Act. “The House defied a White House veto threat and voted Thursday to abolish a tax on medical device makers as a group of Democrats uncharacteristically joined Republicans in moving to kill part of President Barack Obama’s health care law … The Republican-led House has voted more than 50 times since 2011 to void all or part of Obama’s health care overhaul, usually along party lines.” The bill passed 280 to 140. [HR 160, Vote #375, 6/18/15; Associated Press, 6/18/15] Voted For Providing $9.3 Billion For Medical Research And Revamp Of The Drug And Medical Device Evaluation Process Voted For Providing $9.3 Billion For Medical Research And Revamp Of The Drug And Medical Device Evaluation Process. In July 2015, Hurd voted for a bill that “would provide $9.3 billion for the National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration over five years while revamping aspects of the FDA’s drug and medical device evaluation processes. The cost would be fully offset, and the measure also would reauthorize NIH for three years.” The bill passed with strong bipartisan support, 344 – 77, and then referred to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. [HR 6, Vote #433, 7/10/15; CQ News, 7/10/15] October 2014: Called For Getting Rid Of The ACA, Replacing It With Alternative That Increased Access, Reduced Costs Called For Getting Rid Of The ACA, Replacing It. “He said he would like to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, ‘and replace it with something better that increases access to health care and decreases costs.’” [El Paso Times, 10/07/14] Called The Affordable Care Act “Un-American” Called The Affordable Care Act “Un-American.” In April 2010, Hurd said that the Affordable Care Act was “un-American” because of the way in which it was passed. “It’s un-American partly the way it was created, the way it came about… The special deals that were made in order to buy somebody’s vote… this was against the will of the American people and was crammed down our throats,” Hurd said.

“And where in the constitution does it say that the federal government can tell individuals that you must enter into a relationship with a private company?” [2010 4.1 TX23 Debate Part 2, 5:40]

Criticized Rep. Ciro Rodriguez’s Vote for the Affordable Care Act

Criticized Rep. Ciro Rodriguez’s Vote for the Affordable Care Act. “It was the wrong vote because the people of the 23rd district are against it. You know, Ciro Rodriguez has gone on record and even said that it was his opinion that most of the people were against the healthcare bill as they were written, so the folks were against it. And this gonna just add additional mandates on small business, it’s going to affect jobs, it’s going to increase costs of the system, and it doesn’t actually do that much to help those that need healthcare.” [2010 4.1 TX23 Debate Part 1, 2:01]

Voted For To Place A Moratorium On The Medical Device Tax

Voted For Motion Agreeing With Senate Amendment To Place A Moratorium On Health Care Reform’s Medical Device Tax. In December 2015, Hurd voted for to concur with a Senate amendment to a tax package that included a two year moratorium on the 2.3 percent medical device tax implemented under the Affordable Care Act. The amendment passed, 318-109. [HR 2029, Vote #703, 12/17/15; Med Device Online, 12/17/15] Voted For Ensuring Transparency And Accountability, Removal Of Terminated Providers For Medicaid And CHIP Voted For Ensuring Transparency And Accountability, Removal Of Terminated Providers For Medicaid And CHIP. In March 2016, Hurd voted for a bill that would improve transparency and accountability for Medicaid and CHIP providers by instituting improved disclosure requirements. “The bill would create additional requirements for Medicaid and CHIP, like data reporting… The legislation … will increase the efficiency of the Medicaid program by creating a searchable database that is more patient friendly. It would provide beneficiaries served under the Medicaid fee-for-service or primary care case management programs with a directory of physicians participating in the program so those patients can receive the most up to date information and are able to find doctors who accept Medicaid more quickly and efficiently.” [HR 3716, Vote #105, 3/02/16; Office of the Democratic Whip, 3/02/16] POTUS Supported Bill, Cited Improved Ability Of States To Identify Terminated Providers.

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