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«Will Hurd (TX-23) Research Report The following report contains research on Will Hurd, a Republican member of Congress in Texas’ 23rd district. ...»

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Moreover, the U.S. struggles with accepting the changing nature of war, wherever it might be.” [Amazon.com, accessed 3/19/14] Crumpton Critical Of U.S. Intelligence Bureaucracy. “The growing intelligence bureaucracy, including the DNI, is not effective. The entire effort is expensive, duplicative, Washington-centric, and burdened by an irrational Congressional oversight system. And, there are still major weaknesses in U.S. homeland intelligence collection and analysis,” Crumpton said. [Amazon.com, accessed 3/19/14] Crumpton Group Advised Companies Investing In Emerging Markets, Worked With Investment Bank Allen & Co. “Allan MacDougall, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's (CSIS) liaison officer in Washington until a few weeks ago, has recently opened the Toronto office of the US consultancy Crumpton Group. The latter was founded by Henry Crumpton, the ex-head of operations of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center. Crumpton Group specializes in advice on companies investing in emerging markets () and works closely with the New York investment bank Allen & Co. whose directors include George Tenet, the director of the CIA from 1997 to 2004.” [Intelligence Online, 9/11/13] Crumpton Group Operated “Beyond An Unmarked Security Door... In A Discreet Corporate Complex.” “The Crumpton Group operates from beyond an unmarked security door, behind the lift shaft in a discreet corporate complex on Washington's 14th Street. The corner reserved for Kilcullen is an impersonal void, suggesting he is not in town often. His real office is the laptop computer he carts in a black backpack as he moves between the bomb craters, cot-case capitals and power centres of a world in crisis.” [The Age, 4/17/09] Highly Respected Counterinsurgency Expert Resigned Suddenly From Crumpton Group Over “Matter Of Principle” In January 2010. “David Kilcullen, the former Australian military officer who became a key architect of the ‘surge’ strategy in Iraq, is among the most respected counterinsurgency gurus in Washington, a senior advisor to generals and officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations and a prolific author and speaker on the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan. So his announcement to a private, off-the-record meeting of foreign-policy wonks last month that he was quitting his main consulting gig left many in the room scratching their heads. Kilcullen almost missed his planned appointment to speak with the group that Saturday morning in late January, explaining that he had just spent several hours suddenly resigning from the Crumpton Group, the consulting firm headed by former State Department and CIA official Henry ‘Hank’ Crumpton, over ‘a matter of principle.’” [Foreign Policy, 2/17/10] Crumpton Served As Executive Producer Of NBC’s State Of Affairs Starring Katherine Heigl.

“Former senior CIA officials Rodney Faraon and Henry “Hank” Crumpton are the executive producers of NBC's ‘State of Affairs,’ which stars Katherine Heigl as a CIA analyst and member of the agency's presidential daily briefing team - one of Faraon's old jobs.... Even though Faraon and Crumpton, the former CIA officers behind ‘State of Affairs,’ don't write the scripts, they did agree to show the agency's Publications Review Board detailed outlines of every dramatic project their company is developing to ensure that no classified material gets on air. Once the agency cleared their projects, Faraon's and Crumpton's partners, STX Entertainment, could begin developing the show. Even though the scripts don't have to get cleared by the CIA, Faraon ensures that the show's writers don't unwittingly include dialogue that could expose the agency's sources or methods.” [Washington Post, 1/25/15] Served As Director of Virginia Based FusionX Served As Director of Virginia Based FusionX. As of 2013, Hurd was director of FusionX. His ownership interest in Fusion X was valued between $100,000 and $250,000. [Hurd Personal Financial Disclosure, 10/30/13] In 2010, FusionX was incorporated in Delaware as a domestic LLC. The registered agent was Corporation Service Company of Wilmington, DE. [State of Delaware, Department of State, Division of Corporation Search, accessed 3/19/14] In 2014, the company was registered as a foreign LLC with the Virginia Secretary of State. The registered agent was Matthew Devost of Ashburn, VA. [Virginia State Corporation Commission, accessed 3/19/14] FusionX Provides Cybersecurity Consulting. FusionX provided “the highest quality technical, intelligence, and security consulting services to international corporations and governments.” “From start-ups to Fortune 10 companies and from small regional government entities to foreign head’s of state, our team has the requisite experience to help you engage in contextual threat management across your enterprise,” their website reads. [FusionX.com, accessed 3/19/14] FusionX Has Not Disclosed Receiving Any Government Contracts. According to the Office and Management and Budget, FusionX hasn’t disclosed receiving any federal government contracts.

[USAspending.gov, accessed 3/19/14] President and CEO Was Matt Devost. Matt Devost is a “technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert specializing in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, and risk management issues.” Devost previously served as a special advisor to counsel for the US Department of Defense, COO for iSIGHT Partners, and founded the Terrorism Research Center, among other positions. He co-wrote or authored chapters for several books including: Cyberadversary Characterization, Threats in the Age of Obama, Information Warfare Vol.

2, Sun Tzu Art of War in Information Warfare, and was the technical editor for Hacking a Terror Network. [Devost profile, Georgetown University, accessed 3/19/14] Proprietor of Pragdeal Proprietor of Pragdeal. As of 2013, Hurd was proprietor of Pragdeal. Through September of 2013, he earned $2,000 in salary from the company. [Hurd Personal Financial Disclosure, 10/30/13] According to the Texas Secretary of State, Pragdeal was formed by Hurd as a domestic LLC in August of 2013. [Texas Secretary of State, accessed 3/19/14] Note: Extensive searches found no information regarding the purpose or activities of Pragdeal LLC.

Consultant at Cargly Was A Consultant at Cargly. As of 2013, Hurd was a consultant at Cargly. Hurd reported no income from the company. [Hurd Personal Financial Disclosure, 10/30/13] Cargly Is A Vehicle Management App Owned By Granite Dome LLC. Cargly was created by Granite Dome LLC, an Austin, TX based company. The app tracked fuel efficiency, repairs, trips, and other statistics regarding your car. [Cargly.com, accessed 3/19/14] Claimed His Parents Couldn’t Buy A House In Certain San Antonio Neighborhoods In 1970 Due To Racism Claimed His Parents Couldn’t Buy A House In Certain San Antonio Neighborhoods In 1970 Due To Racism. “‘When my parents moved to San Antonio in 1970, they couldn’t buy a house in certain neighborhoods because of the color of their skin,’ he said in an interview. ‘Now they have a son who is a member of Congress. I think that voters in Texas and this district have evolved to the point where they don’t vote based on the color of someone’s skin, but on the content of their character and their ideals, and that’s exciting.’” [Houston Chronicle, 11/16/14]

His Parents Started A Beauty Supply Store

His Parents Started A Beauty Supply Store. “My parents went through the process several years ago when they started their beauty supply store. My brother and I spent many an hour working beside them, watching them calculate payroll, keep track of tax withholdings, balance their ledger and stay compliant with a sea of federal red tape.” [Hurd.House.Gov, 5/04/15] Political Career This section provides an overview of Will Hurd’s political career from 2010 through 2015.

2016 Campaign for Texas’ 23rd Congressional District and First Term Committee And Subcommittee Assignments

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Resigned From Small Business Committee Less Than Two Months After Joining, Saying He Wanted To Focus On IT Subcommittee Work March 16, 2015: Hurd Resigned From House Small Business Committee – “Appreciated The Honor Of Being Appointed,” Said He Wanted To Focus On IT Subcommittee. In March 2015, Hurd resigned from the House Small Business Committee. “I write today to resign from the House Small Business Committee. While I appreciate the honor of being appointed, in order to best serve the constituents of Texas’ 23rd Congressional District, I believe I must focus on my existing committee assignments.” [CSPAN, 3/16/15] [Congressional Record – House Of Representatives, 3/16/15] January 21, 2015: House Small Business Committee Put Out Press Release Announcing Hurd As Majority Member. “The House Small Business Committee today announced its Republican Members for the 114th Congress. Chairman Steve Chabot (R-OH) said, “With half of all working Americans going to work at a small business every day, and 7 out of every ten new jobs coming from our small businesses, the work of the Small Business Committee helps all American families. Each of these members understands the challenges and the unlimited potential of American small business, and we’re ready to get to work.’ House Committee on Small Business Majority Members for the 114th Congress:... Rep. Will Hurd (TX-23).” [House Small Business Committee, 1/21/15] Caucus Memberships

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2014 Campaign for Texas’ 23rd Congressional District Defeated Pete Gallego In 2014 By 2,500 Votes Defeated Pete Gallego In 2014 By 2,500 Votes. “Former congressman Pete Gallego, a Democrat from Alpine, announced Thursday that he will run in 2016 to reclaim the U.S House seat he lost in November by 2,500 votes to San Antonio Republican Will Hurd.” [Texas Chronicle, 4/02/14]

Endorsed By National Federation Of Independent Business In 2014

Endorsed By National Federation Of Independent Business In 2014. “Today the National Federation of Independent Business, America’s leading small business association, announced its full support and endorsement of Will Hurd in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.” [NFIB.com, 9/17/14]

Former CIA Director And Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates Endorsed Hurd

Former CIA Director And Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates Endorsed Hurd. “Former CIA director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates is backing Republican congressional candidate Will Hurd, Gates’ first endorsement this election cycle. ‘Will [has served] our country on the front lines of the War on Terror, he knows the cost of freedom, and you can count on him to take care of our veterans here at home,” Gates said in a statement issued by the Hurd campaign. ‘[Will] is a man of courage, integrity, and ability, and I enthusiastically support [his] election to the United States Congress.’” [Dallas Morning News, 10/30/14]

Endorsed By The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce In 2014

Endorsed By The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce In 2014. “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed former CIA agent Will Hurd (R) over Rep. Pete Gallego (D), saying Hurd “will help produce sustained economic growth, help create more jobs, and get our country back on track.” ( release ).” [Hotline, 9/23/14] Endorsed In Runoff By The San Antonio Express-News: “Hurd Right Choice In U.S. House Race.” Endorsed In Runoff By The San Antonio Express-News: “Hurd Right Choice In U.S. House Race.” “We continue to be impressed by former CIA officer Will Hurd, a strong candidate with a deep understanding of our nation’s security needs. His conservative credentials and potential star power make him the right choice in the Congressional District 23 GOP runoff on May 27. Early voting will begin on May 19. Hurd hits the conservative mark on all the big issues: He would fight gun control measures, is passionate about cutting federal spending and adamant about repealing the Affordable Care Act. His expertise in international security and domestic privacy concerns sets him apart from Canseco. Hurd has served as a CIA officer in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, giving him a real-life understanding of this region and the security risks that come from political turmoil. It also gives him a unique perspective in border security, a key issue in District 23.” [San Antonio Express-News, 4/24/14] The Hill: Hurd Was “Running Mostly On His Career As An Undercover CIA Operative, But Also Touting His Current Job As Senior Adviser At Cybersecurity Vendor FusionX.

The Hill: Hurd Was “Running Mostly On His Career As An Undercover CIA Operative, But Also Touting His Current Job As Senior Adviser At Cybersecurity Vendor FusionX. “An AfricanAmerican Republican, Hurd edged out incumbent Pete Gallego (D) in Texas’ 23rd district, running mostly on his career as an undercover CIA operative, but also touting his current job as senior adviser at cybersecurity vendor FusionX… Hurd worked with FusionX to advise large retailers, financial institutions and manufacturers on their cybersecurity approach.” [The Hill, 11/05/14] Lifetime NRA Member Lifetime NRA Member. According to a Facebook post from March 2014 which pictured supporters distributing campaign literature at a gun show, Hurd is “a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a Lifetime Member of the NRA.” [Hurd for Congress Facebook, 3/1/14] Won May Runoff Against Former Rep. Quico Canseco In May 2014 Won May Runoff Against Former Rep. Quico Canseco In May 2014. “And in a rare runoff rematch, ex-CIA officer Will Hurd overcame former U.S. Rep. Francisco “Quico” Canseco, setting up what could be the state’s only competitive congressional race in November against incumbent Democrat Pete Gallego in West Central Texas.” [Houston Chronicle, 5/28/14] Won Runoff With 59 Percent Of The Vote To 41 Percent For Quico Canseco. “Will Hurd: 8,558 (59 percent) Quico Canseco: 5,833 (41 percent) Canseco beat Hurd in a 2010 primary, going on to win the seat before losing in 2012 to Gallego. ‘I think the thing that has changed the most [since 2010] is that I’ve gotten a little smarter and a little more experienced,’ Hurd said. ‘We built an organization that was prepared to fight in the run off.’” [Hotline, 5/28/14]

Attacked Canseco For Voting For A 2011 Budget Compromise Bill To Avert Default

Attacked Canseco For Voting For A 2011 Budget Compromise Bill To Avert Default. “Former U.S.

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