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«Assessor Courier Guide � If you need help with any aspect of DHL services, please contact the OCR Customer� Contact Centre on 01223 55 3998 or ...»

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Assessor Courier Guide

� If you need help with any aspect of DHL services, please contact the OCR Customer�

Contact Centre on 01223 55 3998 or email wsparcelqueries@ocr.org.uk� �

� Your login username for DHL Online Shipping is your email address.�


� OCR's DHL Account Number is 135313099. Only to be used for OCR shipments.�

� The Shipper's Reference is your OCR creditor/identifier number.

ªOCR July 2016


Outbound Parcels from OCR 3 DHL Online Shipping 4 � Register with DHL Online Shipping 4 � Create a Shipment and Schedule a Pickup Request DHL Service Information 13 � Drop-off services 14 Receiving Deliveries from Other Assessors 16 � Redelivery 16 � Redirection 16 � Collection from Your Local Service Centre 16 Help and Support 17 � SMS Alerts 18 � Frequently Asked Questions 19 � DHL +1 Areas 23 Outbound Parcels from OCR The UPS Standard and Royal Mail Tracked services allow OCR to send shipments which require a signature to home addresses.

Royal Mail Tracked This service is used for sending materials such as assessor stationery packs, standardisation batches and redirected scripts.

The Royal Mail Tracked service is designed to get your OCR shipments delivered to your home address within a flexible window. Deliveries can take place on Saturday mornings, an added benefit to the standard Monday to Friday service.

If you are not home when the driver attempts delivery, a card will be left providing contact details for you to rearrange a suitable time for redelivery.

Redelivery Options:

• Redelivery to same address

• Redelivery to the local Post Office

• Collection from the local delivery depot UPS Standard UPS Standard is a next day delivery service designed to get OCR shipments delivered to your home address within 24 hours of despatch. It is used for sending all consignments containing confidential materials and deliveries are made Monday to Friday only.

OCR has delivery restrictions in place with UPS to ensure delivery is only to the address specified on the package. This ensures that the location of these confidential materials is always known. No packages will be left unattended.

If you are not home when the UPS driver attempts delivery, a card will be left with an "Information notice" number on it unique to all the parcels to your address that have missed delivery.

You have 48 hours to contact UPS or OCR during which time UPS will automatically make two moreattempts to deliver.

After the third attempt, UPS will return the parcels to OCR if they have received no response.

Redelivery Using the information on the card left by the driver, contact UPS to confirm a date to redeliver to the same address.

Redirection Redirection can only be authorised by OCR. You must not contact UPS yourself. A redirection request will only be authorised if it is to an appropriate destination, such as a trusted and reliable neighbour, a relative, or your place of work.

Please note: the card left by the driver may suggest that you can request a redirection directly, but for security reasons this option does not apply to the delivery of OCR material. Email your request to wsparcelqueries@ocr.org.uk or phone 01223

55 3998. If your request is approved, OCR will instruct UPS to redirect the delivery. This redirection will only apply to this particular request; a standing redirection arrangement is not possible.

Collection from a UPS depot You must arrange this by emailing wsparcelqueries@ocr.org.uk or phoning 01223 55 3998. You will need to quote the parcel number. On collection you will need to show the card left by the courier and a photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence.

DHL Online Shipping Using Online Shipping, you can create and print a shipping label (waybill) and schedule a pickup (book a collection) at the same time.

Shipping labels (waybills) created electronically using Online Shipping can be tracked through the DHL network. Hard copy shipping labels are no longer used as these cannot be tracked in the same way.

If you have not registered with DHL Online Shipping, please follow the steps below. If you are already registered, go to the Create a Shipment and Schedule Pickup Request Using DHL Online Shipping section.

–  –  –

1. Register with DHL Online Shipping

Ensure that you have access to the following:

� A computer with internet access.� � Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (Please note: Online Shipping will not work with Google Chrome or Opera)� � A printer.� � Open your internet browser and go to: https://onlineshipping.dhl.com� � From the 'Select your location' list choose United Kingdom and click 'Next'.

� Click on 'Not Yet Registered? Register Now' in the login screen.� Enter Your Details

–  –  –

� This screen will also display your recent shipments.

� Enter the From and To address (the from address will automatically default to your registered address).� Ensure that you populate all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.

� � TIP: If you wish to save the From or To address, simply tick the “Save to Address Book” option.�

–  –  –

� Enter the weight, length, width and height of your package and then click on Add.� �� � If you have more than one package in your shipment then repeat the above step until all packages have been added.� � Enter the Description of contents (i.e. Exam Papers).� � Ensure that your OCR creditor/identification number is entered in the Shipper’s Reference box.� � Do not enter a figure in the Declared / Insurance Value box.� �� � Click on Next.

–  –  –

� Ensure that the “Schedule Pickup” box is ticked.� �� � You must select DOMESTIC EXPRESS only. � � Note the "Latest Booking Time". This is the latest time you can arrange a pickup for a collection. Pickups can be scheduled� once you have printed your shipment paperwork.

� The EXPRESS 9:00 and EXPRESS 12:00 services must not be used as OCR does not have a contract with DHL for these.� � Ignore the "Price" and "Saturday Delivery" boxes.� � In the "Notification box", if you click on "Add Additional Email Addresses..." you can add the email address of the person� you are sending to, so that they are aware that the shipment is on its way to them �� � Click on Next.

Use the 'Domestic Express' service only.

NB Never use the 9:00 or 12:00 services.

Do not enter anything into the 'Insurance Value' box.

Do not check 'Saturday Delivery'. OCR does not have this service.

–  –  –

Shipment Confirmation The Shipment Summary screen will now show.

��Ship From will automatically populate with the name, address and contact details you registered with. You will need to� change this if you are sending from a different address.

��Ship To will display the name, address and contact information of the recipient you entered in the To section of "Address� Details".

�� � Check that the details are correct and tick the box.� �� � Click on Next.

Print the Shipment Label and Schedule a Pickup � "Shipment Label" = waybill� �� � "Schedule Pickup" = collection � Click on Print� TIP: If you do not wish to print a shipment receipt then untick the Print Shipment Receipt box.

� Once your shipment has been printed then� check the pickup address under the Schedule Pickup section and amend if required.

� Ensure that you specify a time when you� will be ready for DHL to collect the shipment.

� Ensure that you specify the latest time that� DHL can come and collect the shipment.

� IMPORTANT: A minimum gap of three hours must be allowed between the "ready by" and "Office closes" time.

� Click on Schedule Pickup to send your request.

Access Your Shipment History and Track Your Shipments Shipment History/Tracking

–  –  –

DHL Service Information All candidate material being sent to other assessors, or returned to either OCR or centres, is shipped through the DHL Express network.

• DHL performs collections and deliveries Monday to Friday during normal business hours. There are no Saturday collection or delivery services available.

• On collection an individual will need to be present to hand each shipment over to the DHL courier. Assessment material must not be left unattended. DHL couriers will not deliver any shipment without a signature being obtained from the receiver.

• All parcels are then shipped on a next day delivery service; there are no timed or same day deliveries available for collections.

• Once the parcels are ready for collection DHL requires each assessor to provide a three hour collection window.

While every effort will be made to ensure that the quoted collection times are met, many factors outside of DHL’s control may affect this, such as traffic and geographical location.

• Please ensure you make a note of the booking reference number which will be given to you by DHL when making your booking. You will be asked to provide this if you experience any problems with your collection.

Sending Parcels The standard method of getting a parcel into the DHL system is to book a collection at the same time as you create the shipping label (waybill) using Online Shipping.

There are three other ways of getting a parcel into the DHL system. You can:

1. Drop-off your parcel at a DHL Express Service Centre.

2. Drop-off your parcel at a DHL Servicepoint.

3. Book a collection on the dedicated assessor booking line.

Before you make a collection request consider the following points:

• Will the recipient be there to receive the parcel?

• Have you thought about contacting the recipient to confirm the delivery address and advise them to expect the parcel?

• Is your parcel packaged correctly?

• Is your creditor/identifier number clearly written on each bag?

• Have you checked that the parcel does not exceed the maximum weight of 8kgs?

1. Drop-off Your Parcel at a DHL Express Service Centre You must always have valid ID when dropping off parcels at a DHL service centre. This should be a passport, a driving licence, or a utility bill which has the same address as that shown on the shipping label (waybill). If the address on the shipping label is different from that on the ID provided, DHL must record the identification details.

You must always hand over parcels to the DHL employee. Under no circumstances must parcels be left in a DHL service centre without doing this. Failure to follow this requirement is deemed to be a breach of security under regulations imposed on DHL by the Department for Transport. DHL will report breaches of this drop off procedure to OCR.

If you need to travel a significant distance to your usual DHL Express Service Centre you are advised to check the opening times before you go.

Go to the DHL website for up-to-date information on DHL Express Service Centres:


2. Drop off your parcel at a DHL Servicepoint Servicepoints offer assessors a convenient and easy way to drop off parcels. Please be aware any parcels dropped off on either Saturday or Sunday will not be transited into the network until Monday.

You must always hand over parcels to the Servicepoint employee. Under no circumstances must parcels be left in a Servicepoint location without doing this. Failure to follow this requirement is deemed to be a breach of security under regulations imposed on DHL by the Department for Transport. DHL will report breaches of this drop off procedure to OCR.

The Servicepoint will log your parcel into the DHL system and this creates both tracking visibility and makes a courier booking.

The Servicepoint cannot accept any parcel that does not already have a shipping label (waybill).

DHL Servicepoint Locator To find your nearest Servicepoint, go to: http://parcel.dhl.co.uk/ and click on 'Tell me more'.

Select the 'Are you a DHL account holder with a parcel to send?' option.

Enter your postcode and the locator will find the stores nearest to you.

OCR assessors are only able to use those servicepoints which have a green tick against DHL Account Shipments.

3. Book a collection on the dedicated assessor booking line DHL provides a dedicated Customer Service team available on 0844 248 0888 for making bookings over the phone.

For your own convenience, try to avoid calling before 1000 hrs. This should allow you to gain quicker access to a DHL Customer Service Agent.

Receiving Deliveries from Other Assessors Deliveries by DHL Express will take place Monday to Friday within normal business working hours.

Points to consider:

• If no one is available to sign for the package, the DHL courier will leave a card giving the local DHL Service Centre telephone number that can be called to rearrange delivery.

• If you are receiving shipments from DHL you must not negotiate with the DHL Service Centre or DHL driver a place in which to leave the shipment(s). All shipments must be signed for.

If you have received a card from DHL, you can obtain your parcel in one of the following ways:


• Redeliveries are only available within the Service Centre delivery area.

• To arrange a redelivery you will need to contact the local Service Centre by calling the number on the card.

• You will be asked to provide your name, telephone number the shipping label (waybill) number of the package (available from the card).


• Redirections are only available within the service centre delivery area.

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