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«Creative Activities 2016 Rules & Premiums The Creative Activities Kitchen and this premium book are proudly presented by Gold Medal Flour. ...»

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Sponsored by General Mills Sales, Inc., One General Mills Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55440. © 2016 General Mills

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Contest Rules:

• Registration is required. Entries in this class must be registered by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 9. Follow instructions on page 34.

• IMPORTANT: Entries in this class must be delivered on Friday, Aug. 26 (between 9-10 a.m.). They must be brought in a disposable container to the demonstration kitchen located inside the Creative Activities building. Entries should be delivered cold for safe handling.

Make any sweet and savory themed recipe with at least one 12-ounce can of SPAM® products any variety (Classic, Lite, Less So dium, Hot & Spicy, or other) and up to 10 other ingredients. (Packaged items such as cake mixes and other timesavers are welcome and count as one/individual ingredient. Salt, pepper, cooking oil, water and garnishes do NOT count.) Judging Criteria is to emphasize the sweet/savory theme (creativity); prioritize taste (as in overall flavor and SPAM® product • presence); and to address the recipe's clarity, simplicity and visual appeal.

Recipes should be named, original, unpublished, the sole property of entrant, and not used for another contest.

• Submit your entry with a clear/typed recipe (illegible recipes may be disqualified), a product label and your contact information.

• One entry per person.

No SPAM® recipe contest 1st place winners from any fair in 2015 are eligible to win in 2016, nor are those who have won 1st • place three or more times.

All recipes become the property of Hormel Foods Sales, LLC, which has the right to publish or advertise the recipes and con testants without compensation.

Judges are chosen by the fair; their decisions are final. Hormel Foods is not responsible for lost recipes, nor is the fair.

• All winners are required to sign a release provided by Hormel Foods. Winner awards will not be distributed until their releases • are received.

All contestants including fair winners, finalists and the national grand-prize winners shall not make any public appearances or • give any interviews associated with this competition without the permission of Hormel Foods or the Blue Ribbon Group.

Taxes on the prizes are the responsibility of the winner.

• Employees of Hormel Foods Corporation, its affiliates, subsidiaries and families of each are not eligible to participate.

National Judging & Grand Prizes:

Fair contest supervisors forward 1st place winning recipes for national grand prize judging for both Adult and Kid Chef categories.

• Hormel Foods’ Test Kitchens judge recipes on the above criteria. Their decisions are final.

For the National SPAM® Champion Grand Prize (adult: age 18 & up) one national grand-prize winner will be selected out of all 26 • st 1 place recipes. He/she will receive a voucher to cover $3,000 in travel costs (airfare, hotel and food) for the 2017 Waikiki SPAM JAM® Festival in Hawaii. The national grand-prize winner may elect to accept a $3,000 cash prize instead of the trip (ARV $3,000).

st One National SPAM® Kid Chef of the Year (kid chef: age 7 to 17) will be selected out of all 26 1 place recipes and he/she will • receive a $2,000 cash prize (ARV $2,000).

Both grand-prize winners will be notified by phone no later than Feb. 28, 2017. If Hormel Foods is unable to reach the grand-prize • winners within 10 days of notification, an alternate may be selected. National winning recipes will be available by emailing statefairteam@blueribbongroup.net or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Blue Ribbon Group, c/o SPAM® National Winner, 1120 South 2nd St #908, Minneapolis, MN 55415.

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016


Special Rules (also read additional rules on page 8)


A. All Canned and Preserved Foods entries must be registered by 4:30 pm. Tuesday, Aug. 9. Errors or omissions must be registered within 10 days after fair closes Sept. 5. No entry fee required.

1) Online registration. Available beginning Monday, May 2. Closes at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Follow the procedure outlined on page 8. If you do not get an email confirmation within 24 hours please call (651) 288-4417 to confirm. Exhibitors must bring their registration confirmation with their entry.

2) Mail-In registration. Must be in our hands (not postmarked) by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Follow the procedure outlined on page 8. You will receive a paper confirmation of your entries via USPS mail.

B. Each exhibitor is limited to a maximum of 20 entries.

C. An exhibitor may make only one entry in any class. Entries cannot be made in the same class or classes by more than one person from the same family or address.

D. If a product fits into a designated class, it cannot be entered in "not otherwise specified". Such exhibits will not be scored.

E. All canned goods will be opened for judging when they pass the appearance test. In order to judge accurately, this procedure is deemed necessary. Every precaution is taken to prevent breakage or loss in the handling. Any product deterioration or food safety issues to the display jar, due to display conditions, weather conditions or faulty canning methods must be at the exhibitor’s risk.


A. IMPORTANT! DATES HAVE CHANGED FROM PREVIOUS YEARS. Canning entries must be delivered Saturday, Aug. 13; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 14; 11 a.m.-5 p.m. ONLY. Delivery procedures as outlined on page 8.

Entries should be brought to the annex entry (north side of Creative Activities Building).

Judged jars may be picked up on Wednesday, Aug. 17 from noon-7 p.m.

3. ELIGIBILITY. (ALSO READ ADDITIONAL RULES ON PAGE 8) Foods must be canned in colorless, heat-tempered, regular or wide-mouth Mason-type threaded, home-canning jars with self-sealing lids.

A. Two (2) same-size jars of the same product must be brought for each class entered. On the side of the jar to be opened and judged, place a label with: the name of the product (this rules does not apply for the display of vinegars, dried classes, or maple syrup classes), entry number, class number, processing method and length of time processed. DO NOT INCLUDE exhibitor name. The second jar will be used for display and returned.

B. All jams, jellies, butters and relishes are to be exhibited in colorless half-pint canning jars. NO Ball® Elite Jars. All pickles, fruit and vegetables are to be exhibited In colorless pint canning jars. NO Quart size allowed. No decorations (lace, ribbons, etc.). An entry having other than the specified container will not be judged.

C. Approved USDA methods are pressure canning, hot water bath or atmospheric steam canning. No open kettle or oven processing. You can view the USDA Complete Guide to Home canning (by visiting their website at: www.nchfp.uga.edu) or calling the University of Minnesota at (800) 854-1678.

D. All jars must be sealed with self-sealing lids and include new bands. NO WAX.

E. Exhibit must be a recreational hobby and is not used as a means of livelihood directly or indirectly; as determined by State Fair staff.

F. Recipes are Required. Except for maple syrup. Provide one complete recipe for each class entered, typed on 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper- NOT double sided. Must include entry and class number, descriptive product name, processing method

and time, ingredient amounts (provide ounce weight of pectin), preparation method and reliable recipe source. Include:

name, address, phone number on back of recipe. Recipes will be used to verify food safety and will be shredded following

fair. See sample recipe on next page:

–  –  –

4. RETURN OF EXHIBITS. Wednesday Sept. 7, 1-7 p.m.; Thursday, Sept. 8, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Must bring entry form confirmation sheet, for canning jars; bring sturdy box.


A. SP1200 Prestigious Processor of the Pantry. Awarded to the individual earning the most points on their entries in the canning categories (not including SP classes or special awards). Only exhibits made in the “home kitchen” will be eligible (Gedney classes eligible). Points will be awarded as follows: first place earns 5, second place earns 4, third place earns 3, fourth place earns 2. (Points awarded as far out as the ribbon placing for the class.) The winner will receive a plaque and will be listed on the Creative Activities webpage and premium book. Winner will be contacted by phone and announced by signage in the kitchen area of Creative Activities.

–  –  –

Pectin. Entries containing contest ingredients must be labeled to be considered for the special contest.

Note: Awards are sent directly to the winners from Jarden Home Brands. All winners submitted for award distribution agree to allow Jarden Home Brands to post their achievement to the Jarden Home Brands web site: www.homecanning.com/community

–  –  –

FRUITS Exhibited in two (2) standard PINT colorless home canning jars and labeled. NO Ball® Elite Jars. Recipe required.

1204 Applesauce

1205 Fruit, unsweetened

1206 Syrup-packed fruit

1207 Fruit Syrup, single fruit, just liquid

SP1213 C & H SUGAR SPECIAL AWARD No jars are entered under this class number. Awards based on cumulative points in canned fruits category.

To the exhibitor earning the most total points for all entries made with C & H Sugar and bearing the official C & H Sugar Entry Labels in the canned fruits categories. Total points will be based on four points for a 1st place, three points for a 2nd place, two points for a 3rd place, and one point for a 4th place. Exhibitor may enter contest by picking up C & H Sugar Entry Labels at the front desk when bringing in entries for judging.

1st Prize: Coupons for 25 lbs. worth of sugar 2nd Prize: Coupons for 20 lbs. worth of sugar 3rd Prize: Coupons for 15 lbs. worth of sugar

–  –  –

® JELLIES Exhibited in two (2) standard HALF-PINT (8 oz.) colorless home canning jelly jars and labeled. NO Ball Elite Jars.

Classes 1214-1227 must be single fruit without additional flavors and spices. Recipe required.

1214 Apple

1215 Blackberry

1216 Cherry

1217 Choke Cherry

1218 Crab apple

1219 Currant

1220 Grape

1221 Herb, other than mint

1222 Mint

1223 Pepper

1224 Plum

1225 Red raspberry

1226 Strawberry

1227 Wild fruit

1228 Wine or fruit and wine

1229 Combination of fresh fruits (at least 2)

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 1230 Not otherwise specified (NOS)

JAMS Jams are whole fruits, slightly crushed, evenly distributed in syrup of jelly-like brilliance and color but slightly softer than jelly.

® No freezer jams. To be exhibited in two (2) standard HALF-PINT (8 oz.) colorless home canning jars and labeled. NO Ball Elite Jars.

Recipe required. Classes 1232-1246 must be single fruit without additional flavors or spices, except class 1238.

1232 Apricot

1233 Black raspberry

1234 Blackberry

1235 Blueberry

1236 Cherry

1237 Orange marmalade

1238 Citrus marmalade

1239 Nectarine

1240 Peach

1241 Pear

1242 Plum

1243 Red raspberry

1244 Rhubarb

1245 Strawberry

1246 Wild fruit

1247 Fruit, with additional flavor and/or spice

1248 Rhubarb with other fruit

1249 Multi-fruit combination, with no spice or flavorings

1250 Low-sugar jam or no-sugar jam

1251 Fruit and wine or liqueur

1252 Not otherwise specified (NOS)

–  –  –

RELISHES Exhibit in two (2) standard HALF-PINT (8 oz.) colorless home canning jars and labeled. No oil allowed in product. No mixes. Must be processed in hot water bath or pressure canner. Recipe required.

1260 Picante or salsa, mild

1261 Picante or salsa, hot

1262 Chutney, fruit

1263 Chili sauce

1264 Barbecue sauce (no spaghetti sauces)

1265 Corn relish

1266 Pepper relish

1267 Cucumber relish

1268 Zucchini relish

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016

1269 Not otherwise specified (NOS) relish

PICKLES Exhibited in two (2) standard PINT colorless home canning jars and labeled. Cut whole garlic cloves, lengthwise. NO ® Ball Elite Jars. No refrigerator pickles. No oil allowed. No mixes. Recipe required.

1270 Beet

1271 Bean, can include dill

1272 Bread and butter, sweet

1273 Cucumber, sweet

1274 Dill, no garlic, vegetable or other spices

1275 Dill, with garlic, but no other vegetable or spices

1276 Dill, with other vegetables and/or spice, no hot

1277 Dill, hot

1278 Peppers, sweet

1279 Peppers, hot

1280 Sauerkraut (must be heat processed) label as raw or hot-packed

1281 Watermelon rind, sweet

1282 Not otherwise specified (NOS), can include spices, no dill pickles


Food Safety & Processing

General Appearance

Product Quality

Flavor and Texture

VINEGAR Recipe required.

1283 Display of non-herb flavored vinegars, five varieties (labeled), in like bottles or jars................ $8 $6 $4 Ribbon 1284 Display of herbed vinegars, cut whole garlic cloves lengthwise, five varieties (labeled), in like bottles or jars

–  –  –

TOMATOES To be exhibited in two (2) standard PINT colorless home canning jars, must be labeled. Can be safely preserved in boiling water baths using current time tables. Recipe required.

1285 Tomatoes

1286 Tomato mixture - Minnesota Style, recipe source:

www.extension.umn.edu/food/foodsafety/preserving/tomato-salsa/tomato-mixture.................. $7 $5 $3 Ribbon 1287 Tomato juice

–  –  –

1289 Dried vegetables

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