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«Creative Activities 2016 Rules & Premiums The Creative Activities Kitchen and this premium book are proudly presented by Gold Medal Flour. ...»

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Gedney Foods Company proudly continues its tradition of supporting the development of homemade pickle recipes with sponsorship of the Minnesota State Fair Canning Contest. This year Gedney Foods is celebrating 25 years of producing and marketing their State Fair pickle brand, with recipes produced by State Fair pickle recipe contestants.

In addition to harvesting the best pickle recipes offered by state fair contestants, Gedney Foods also wants to hear what drives your Passion for Pickling.

Include your personal, written story telling us how your Passion for Pickling was cultivated - perhaps you’ve learned the pickling particulars from a family of picklers who passed down the recipe for generations? Or maybe you are a cool cuke who just discovered the craft and can’t keep quiet? Whether you’ve been doing this a long-time or for the first-time - we want to taste your homemade recipe and know your real-life story.

Each contest year blue ribbon winners are a first consideration for possible inclusion on Gedney’s State Fair line of pickles. While there is no guarantee or obligation by Gedney Foods to produce the winning recipe or include it in the product line, we seek to discover the most flavorful home-crafted pickle recipes inspired by tradition and “pickle pride”.

Let your entry be a culinary expression of your Passion for Pickling and remember to follow these simple rules:

• Contest open to ages 14+ with consent of minors provided by parent or legal guardian upon submission of entry(ies). Open to individuals or joint entries from recipes developed & prepared by more than one person.

• By participating, contestants agree that all recipes become the property of Gedney Foods Company and may be edited, adapted, copyrighted; published or used by them for publicity, promotion and/or advertising in any form of media including websites, social media, printed materials, etc., at their discretion without compensation to the contestant. This includes publishing winner names and city/state of residence, in any form of media, including websites, video, photographs, etc.

• Taxes on prizes are the responsibility of winner. Contest is void where prohibited or otherwise regulated by law.

• Recipe must be on 8 1/2 x 11 paper with processing time and method to follow instructions on page 45. Every ingredient must be listed in exact measurement. Do not use high fructose corn syrup, artificial color or flavoring. Must include: name, address, phone number, entry number and class number on back of recipe.

• All entries require use of fresh cucumbers, however the cut is not specified and is at the discretion of the contestant whether submitted whole, in chunks, slices, halves, etc.

• Please include a personal photograph, name, address, hometown and your Passion for Pickling story.

• Judges will evaluate flavor and texture of pickle entries as well as depth of story, so be sure to include interesting traditions and details of your recipe’s story.

• Delivered to the Minnesota State Fair, please see page 45 for delivery dates and procedures.

Gedney Foods Company will award the following prizes to the 1st - 3rd place winners in classes 1290-1294.

Prize money included in fair check. All winning entries become property of Gedney Foods Company, Chaska, Minn.



Adherence to Category Criteria



1st Prize: $500 and Blue Ribbon 2nd Prize: $60 and Red Ribbon 3rd Prize: $40 and White Ribbon 1290 Best Dill Pickle flavor - Using fresh cucumbers and ingredients to produce a delicious, uniquely flavored pickle. Try experimenting with different vinegars or adding other fresh veggies, incorporate interesting twists like citrus splash or sea salt sensation. Use garlic or not, but keep the dill and produce a perfectly pleasant pickle!

1291 Best Hot & Savory Dill Pickle flavor - Using fresh cucumbers and flavored vinegars, alcohols or liquors along with heat or spice coming from peppers - ramp it up with chilies, chipotles or... watch out - Habaneras! This should be a flavorful pickled cucumber that can really kick!

1292 Best Dill Pickle recipe - Using fresh cucumbers with flavors from “Around the World” such as Asian flavors native to Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean cooking; flavors used in Spanish or Mexican cooking; or flavors used in Far Eastern/Indian cooking. Tap into your heritage and add some authentic flavor from your homeland or just those spice blends that you love to create a robust fusion of wordly flavors.

1293 Best Flavorful Relish - Using cucumber or other fruits and vegetables. Show us how you make a dish delish with a relish so flavorful we’ll boast. Make it a super salsa or a rich relish to flavor burgers, hot dogs or your favorite meal. Season with fruit or vegetables - make it zing or sweetly sing, but bring the flavor.

1294 Best Vegetable - Get inspired by the garden, using a single or mixed combination of vegetables to create a colorful giardiniera with a variety of veggies or just your favorites. Vinegar or wine or just a salted brine is fine. Make it spicy or savory and imagine it Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 served on an antipasto platter, as a flavorful side to sandwiches, or enjoyed right out of the jar!


A panel of Minnesota state fair judges will select the best in show, to receive $50 and a gift basket from Mrs. Wages® canning mixes for the following: These entries do not need to have a proof of purchase from Mrs. Wages®, these are for best overall Jellies and Jams, Pickles, and Relishes.

SP1295: Best in Show, Jellies and Jams (combined), no jars entered in this class SP1296: Best in Show, Pickles, no jars entered in this class SP1297: Best in Show, Relishes, no jars entered in this class

–  –  –

Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc., makers of Mrs. Wages® Home Canning Mixes is proud to recognize food preservationists, who like Mrs. Wages, hold a high standard for quality ingredients and a belief that food preservation should be celebrated and shared.

A panel of judges of will select three (3) best entries that feature jams using one of Mrs. Wages® pectin products. Guidelines will follow Minnesota State Fair rules (except entrants must be 18 years old) and be judged based on the scorecard for jams, listed on page 48.

Using either Mrs. Wages® Fresh Fruit Preserver, Mrs. Wages® Liquid Fruit Pectin; Mrs. Wages® Home Jell® Fruit Pectin, or Mrs.

Wages® Lite Home-Jell® Fruit Pectin. Product label must accompany entry as proof of purchase. The winner may be highlighted in the Mrs. Wages National Newsletter, so be sure to submit all of your contact information!

1st Place: $150 and Mrs. Wages® gift basket 2nd Place: $100 and Mrs. Wages® gift basket 3rd place: $50 and Mrs. Wages ® gift basket Contest Rules

• Use Mrs. Wages® pectin product or fruit preserver to prepare jam.

• Exhibit two (2) half pint size colorless home canning jars of the same product. One will be opened, and judged, The second will be used for display and returned.

• ONE jar must be labeled, on the side of the jar with the name of product, class number, processing method and length of time processed. Do not include exhibitor’s name on the jars. Approved USDA methods are pressure canning or hot water bath.

No open kettle processing.

• Entries must be submitted with 1) Mrs. Wages® proof of purchase or product label, 2) a clear/typed recipe for the entry, and on the back of the recipe, 3) your name, address, and telephone number. One entry per person.

• Please visit www.mrswages.com to find products and information about their mixes. If you go online you can find a store near you, which carries Mrs. Wages® products, or get them sent directly by ordering online.

• This product is available at L & M Farm Supply in Northern Minnesota and most products available at Mills Fleet Farm locations as well.

• Must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter.

–  –  –

MAPLE SYRUP Must be registered. See page 45 for procedures and entry rules. The syrup contest has been developed to offer adequate challenge and interest to persons who are now making syrup. Syrup entered in the contest must be produced and processed in Minnesota. No additives, coloring agents or preservative of any type or amount can be added to the syrup.

All syrup will be opened for judging. All syrup must be exhibited in one (1) colorless HALF-PINT glass container with handle, flat sided. No labels should be present on the container. An entry having other than the specified container will be disqualified.

A small amount of syrup will be used for judging purposes. Syrup which has been judged in a previous Minnesota State Fair is ineligible for entry.

An exhibitor may make only one entry in any class. Entries cannot be made in the same class or classes by more than one person from the same family.

1305 Golden Maple Syrup

1306 Amber Maple Syrup

1307 Dark Maple Syrup

1308 Very Dark Maple Syrup

SP1309: The Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association, Inc. will award a plaque to the winner of the overall best maple

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