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«Creative Activities 2016 Rules & Premiums The Creative Activities Kitchen and this premium book are proudly presented by Gold Medal Flour. ...»

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Group quilt, at least 3 people (class 216). SP246: Crib/youth quilt, hand quilted by entrant (class 217). SP247: Wall quilt, pieced, machine quilted by entrant (class 220). SP248: Wall quilt, pieced, by someone other than entrant (class 224). SP249: Row-by-row quilt, any size, any technique, classes 205-228 (combined). SP250: Quilt featuring Minnesota fabrics, any size or techniques, classes 205-228 (combined). SP251: In addition, they will award $50 to the winner of sweepstakes (class 229).

SP252: New Life Quilters will award $50 to the judge’s choice quilt (that did not place 1st) to acknowledge the work of the exhibitor and encourage their continued development of the skill.

–  –  –

Only rugs that won a Sweepstakes prize at the exhibitor’s most recently held county fair are eligible for entry. If the county fair ends after closing date, the rug will be entered next year in the State Fair. Each county is limited to one entry in this contest.

Rugs entered must be delivered to the Creative Activities Building not later than noon, Friday, Aug. 19.

The entrant must attach to the entry form a statement from the county fair secretary or superintendent containing the following

information (do not mail or fax separately, attach to the rug):

This is to certify that the rug entered in class 253 at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair by ______________________ ___ won Sweepstakes prize at the most (Name of person entering rug) recently held ___________________________

(Name of county fair) __________________________________________

(Signature of secretary or superintendent of the county fair) RUGS No latch hook. Fine cut 1/4 in. or less. Primitive cut 1/2 in. or more.

254 Braided, under 3 ft

255 Braided, 3 to 6 ft

256 Braided, over 6 ft

257 Crocheted

258 RYA knotted, cut or uncut pile

259 RYA woven, cut or uncut pile

260 Hooked rag, fine cut, under 3 ft.

261 Hooked rag, primitive cut, under 3 ft.

262 Hooked rag, fine cut, 3 ft. or over

263 Hooked rag, primitive cut, 3 ft. or over

264 Hooked rag, other than a rug

265 Woven rag, under 3 ft

266 Woven rag, 3 to 6 ft

267 Woven rag, over 6 ft

268 Woven, other than rag, weft-faced

269 Woven, other than rag, warp-faced

270 Woven, other than rag, block weave

271 Wool appliqué penny rug, 100% wool, felted for thickness, hand-stitched, min. 24 in. wide

272 Rug type wall hanging, under 3 ft

273 Rug type wall hanging, 3 ft. or over

274 Miniature doll house rug, made on a loom

275 Miniature doll house rug, any other technique

276 Needlepoint

277 Twined

278 Ethnic or historically inspired rug

279 Not otherwise specified (NOS)

280 Sweepstakes, rugs (do not enter)

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota will award $25 to the winners in two categories: SP281: Best use of color in a woven or rya rug;

classes 258-259, 265-270, and 278 (combined). SP282: Best “first” woven or rya rug from the same classes listed above. Exhibitor must indicate “first time State Fair entrant” on their entry form. Prize money will be included in the fair check.

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016


Areas of consideration by judge will include: General Appearance, Color and Design, Construction and/or Workmanship, Level of Difficulty, and the Choice and Handling of Finishing. Rather than numerical scores, entrants will receive written comments about these areas, plus one overall score. The purpose is so the critiques and comments are helpful both for recognizing your knitting or crochet strengths as well as noting areas where there could be improvement.

CROCHETED ARTICLES Articles must be entirely crocheted unless otherwise specified. All wearables must be adult size except classes 310 and 311. Afghans must be no larger than 50 in. x 76 in. or 3800 sq. in. and no smaller than 45 in. x 60 in. or 2700 sq. in.

Please check size requirements before entering items. No doilies, dolls, aprons, hot pads, tree skirts, dish cloths, snowflakes or handkerchiefs. All entries should be cleaned and blocked as appropriate for yarn/thread used.

283 Lap robe, min. 1444-2699 sq. in., one color

284 Lap robe, min. 1444-2699 sq. in., two colors or more

285 Afghan, round, 45-76 in. diameter

286 Afghan, one piece, one color (variegated yarn = one color), no texture or fisherman crochet stitches

287 Afghan, one piece, two or more colors

288 Afghan, one piece, made with one or more textured or fisherman crochet stitches (popcorn, bobble, cable)

289 Afghan, made of square modules, basic granny square

290 Afghan, made of not square modules, other than granny motifs

291 Afghan, made of strips

292 Afghan, all or part made using afghan stitch, with afghan hook

293 Crocheted bedspread, min. 3801 sq. in., no max

294 Bag or purse

295 Clothing accessories

296 Poncho, cape, shrug

297 Dress, adult; no wedding dresses

298 Footwear

299 Hat, beret or cap, one color and/or variegated yarn

300 Hat, beret or cap, two or more colors (solid or variegated)

301 Scarf, less than 16 in. wide, one color and/or variegated yarn

302 Scarf, less than 16 In. wide, two or more colors (solid or variegated)

303 Scarf; cowl, infinity or mobius

304 Household accessory, not otherwise specified (classes 285-292)

305 Mittens or gloves

306 Starched figure

307 Shell, sleeveless vest

308 Sweater, pullover, adult

309 Sweater, cardigan, adult

310 Dress/skirt, child (up to size 12)

311 Sweater, child (up to size 12)

312 Wall hanging or picture

313 Not otherwise specified (NOS)

314 Sweepstakes, crocheted articles (do not enter)

315 Sweepstakes, crocheted afghan from classes 285-292 (do not enter)

SP316: 3 Kittens Needle Arts, St. Paul, Minn. will award a $25 gift certificate and rosette to the best hat, beret or cap classes 299combined).

SP317: Needlework Unlimited will award a $25 gift certificate to the best overall crocheted article from classes 283-313 (combined).

SP318: StevenBe, Minneapolis, Minn. will award a $25 gift certificate to Judge’s Choice best crocheted article from classes 283combined). SP319: Best use of color in an accessory, classes 294-295, 299-303 (combined).

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 SP320: Crochet Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minn. will award provide $25 to the best overall crocheted article from classes 307-309 (combined).

MACHINE KNITTED ARTICLES Pattern means one color yarn, different stitches on article. Design means more than one color yarn on article. Plain knit may include stripes. Hybrid knit includes a defined but limited hand knit and/or crocheted component as noted when entered.

321 Dress, coat, slacks or suit, child

322 Outerwear: coat, jacket, poncho or shawl, adult

323 Infant wear (size 0-2)

324 Sweater, cardigan, adult

325 Sweater, child’s (size 3-12)

326 Sweater, plain pullover, adult

327 Sweater, pattern pullover, adult

328 Sweater, design pullover, adult

329 Toy

330 Afghan (no larger than 50 in. x 76 in.)

331 Socks

332 Vest or shell, adult

333 Purses/totes

334 Dress or suit, adult

335 Not otherwise specified (NOS), wearable

336 Not otherwise specified (NOS), non-wearable

337 Sweepstakes, machine knitted articles (do not enter)

Knitting Machine Dealers Club of the Upper Midwest will award $20 to each of the following: SP338: Best child’s garment (infant to size 12); classes 321, 323 and 325 (combined); SP339: Best adult garment (any style or technique); classes 322, 324, 326-328, 332, and 334 (combined).

SP340: Daisy Knits, Columbia Heights, Minn., will award $10 to the 1st place winner of: Toy (class 329).

The Knit Shop at Rocking Horse Farm, St. Cloud, Minn., SP341: Will award a $20 Rocking Horse Farm gift certificate and rosette to the winner of Sweepstakes, machine knitted article (class 337). In addition, will award a rosette to SP342: Afghan (class 330).

SP343: Machine Knitting Guild of MN will award $50, and a rosette to machine knitted article sweepstakes winner (class 337).

SP344: Cindy’s Knitting Room, Princeton, Minn., will award $20 to the machine knitted article sweepstakes winner (class 337).

Midwest Machine Knitters’ Collaborative, Eden Prairie, Minn., will award a rosette and $10 to the first place winner of each of the following: SP345: Outerwear: coat, jacket, poncho, or shawl, adult (class 322). SP346: Toy (class 329). SP347: Dress or suit, adult (class 334). In addition will award SP348: $50 to the best hybrid knit among premium winners in classes 321-336 (combined).

SP349: Dick and Juanita Boniface, Oak Grove, Minn., will provide a $30 cash award to first place and $20 award to second place of the best articles made of all wool from the machine knitted articles classes.

HAND KNITTED ARTICLES Hand knitting with needles. No machine or frame knitting. No doilies, toys, ruffle yarns, dolls, aprons, dish cloths, hot pads, handkerchiefs, tree skirts, tube socks. Afghans should be 2700-3800 sq. inches; larger pieces are considered bedspreads. Children’s garments are size 3 toddler to 12.

Plain Knit - stocking stitch, reverse stocking stitch or overall garter stitch trimmed with ribbing or garter stitch. May include color stripes.

Texture Knit - any combination of knit and purl stitches including but not limited to ribbing, slip stitch, mosaics, cable entrelacs and lace.

Color Pattern - more than one color per row, including but not limited to Fair Isle and Scandinavian techniques.

Intarsia - multiple colors per row worked in bobbin generated techniques including but not limited to isolated motif patterns, argyle and block patterns.

Limited Use - texture or color pattern is worked on a portion of the garment such as yoke patterns, cable and/or lace insets.

Heavy weight yarn - worsted to bulky Medium weight yarn - sport weight to DK Light weight yarn - shetland to fingering 350 Lap robe, min. size 1444-2699 sq. in.

351 Afghan, one piece, min. 2700-3800 sq. in.

352 Afghan, made in strips or modules sewn together 2700-3800 sq. in

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 353 Bedspread, min. size 3801 sq. in.

354 Shawl or stole; hvy wt yarn, 16 in. or more in width

355 Shawl or stole; med wt yarn, 16 in. or more in width

356 Shawl; fine wt yarn, 25 in. and over at widest point

357 Shawlette; fine wt yarn, up to 25 in. widest point

358 Stole (rectangle); light wt yarn, 16 in. or more in width

359 Mittens, plain

360 Mittens, texture

361 Mittens, color pattern

362 Scarf; heavy wt yarn, less than 16 in. wide

363 Scarf; medium wt yarn, less than 16 in. wide

364 Scarf; light wt yarn, less than 16 in. wide

365 Gloves

366 Cap or hat, plain

367 Cap or hat, texture

368 Cap or hat, color pattern or intarsia

369 Socks, plain or ribbed

370 Socks, solid, texture

371 Socks, open work, texture

372 Socks, color or intarsia

373 Slippers, no felt

374 Child sweater, dress or suit, plain, size 3-12

375 Child sweater, dress or suit, texture, size 3-12

376 Child sweater, dress or suit, color pattern or intarsia, size 3-12

377 Adult sweater, plain pullover

378 Adult sweater, plain cardigan

379 Adult sweater, texture pullover

380 Adult sweater, texture cardigan

381 Adult sweater, limited use, texture pullover

382 Adult sweater, limited use, texture cardigan

383 Adult sweater, color pattern pullover

384 Adult sweater, color pattern cardigan

385 Adult sweater, limited use, color pattern pullover

386 Adult sweater, limited use, color pattern cardigan

387 Adult sweater, intarsia

388 Sleeveless sweater or vest, plain or texture

389 Sleeveless sweater or vest, color pattern or intarsia

390 Adult jacket/coat, outerwear

391 Cape or poncho

392 Knit bag, felted

393 Knit bag, not felted

394 Knit item, wearable, felted

395 Knit item, non-wearable, felted

396 Holiday sock

397 Not otherwise specified (NOS), wearable

398 Not otherwise specified (NOS), not wearable

399 Sweepstakes; hand knitted articles, from classes 350 and 353-398 (do not enter)......... $10 and Ribbon 400 Sweepstakes; afghan knitting, from classes 351-352 (do not enter)

SP401: Dick and Juanita Boniface, Oak Grove, Minn., will award $30 cash award to first place and $20 cash award to second place of the best articles made of all wool from the hand knitted articles classes.

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 SP402: The Yarnery, St. Paul, Minn., will award $30 cash prize and rosette to the overall best hand-knitted child size item.

A Sheepy Yarn Shoppe, White Bear Lake, Minn., will award a $25 gift certificate to the following: SP403: Best adult sweater, intarsia or color pattern; classes 387 and 389 (combined). SP404: Adult jacket/coat, outerwear (class 390).

SP405: Northern Lights Handspinners Guild will award $25 to best item made using any fiber technique (knitting) from yarn hand-spun by the exhibitor; classes 350-398 (combined).

S406: Ingebretsen’s Scandinavian Gifts will award a $25 gift certificate to the knitter of the best hand knit sweater of traditional Norwegian design.

Needlework Unlimited will award a $25 gift certificate to the following hand knitted article categories: SP407: Sweepstakes winner hand knitted articles (class 399); SP408: The best overall hand knitted article; classes 350-398 (combined) made by a first time entrant (exhibitor must indicate “first time entrant” on their entry form).

3 Kittens Needle Arts, St. Paul, Minn., will award a $25 gift certificate and rosette to the following: SP409: Best use of color and texture for mittens, all weights, classes 359-361 (combined). SP410: Best use of color and texture in adult sweaters; classes 377combined).

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