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«Creative Activities 2016 Rules & Premiums The Creative Activities Kitchen and this premium book are proudly presented by Gold Medal Flour. ...»

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CREATIVE COLLECTIONS Collections must be framed or boxed, under glass or heavy plastic. Please label and title collection on the front if possible. No larger than 24 in. x 36 in. or 864 sq. in. Attach a short explanation with each entry describing the collection and the reason for collecting those items.

829 Collection, made entirely by exhibitor

830 Collection, assembled or mounted by exhibitor

831 Collection, nature

832 Collection, history

833 Sweepstakes, creative collections (do not enter)

SP834: Hennepin History Museum, Minneapolis, Minn., will award a 1-year membership ($50 value) to the winner of Collection, history (class 832).



Effective Design


SCRAPBOOKS All entries must be a two-page layout in plastic sleeves. Do not bring entire scrapbook. Entries must adhere to the theme listed for each class.

850 “Vacation”, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. two-page layout

851 “Vacation”, 12 in. x 12 in. two-page layout

852 “Heritage”, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. two-page layout

853 “Heritage”, 12 in. x 12 in. two-page layout

854 “Special Occasion”, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. two-page layout

855 “Special Occasion”, 12 in. x 12 in. two-page layout

856 Sweepstakes, scrapbook (do not enter)

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016


(People 65 and Over) The score cards for the respective categories in which the following classes fall will be used. Exhibits entered in classes 900-999 will be entered at the Creative Activities building but displayed in the Ramberg Senior Center, 1255 Underwood Street.

HANDCRAFTS 900 Article of furniture

901 Bird house or bird feeder

902 Clock

903 Carving, scale construction

904 Carving, whittling

905 Carving, small figure or animal

906 Carving, bird

907 Carving, chip

908 Wood burning

909 China painting

910 Folk painting on wood

911 Fretwork

912 General woodworking, indoor

913 General woodworking, outdoor

914 Inlay

915 Leather tooled item

916 Metal work item

917 Model construction, working model

918 Model construction, exhibition

919 Wood turning

920 Stained glass, under 1 ft

921 Stained glass, 1 ft and over

922 Wood toys

923 Coiled baskets

924 Judge’s choice (do not enter)

925 Sweepstakes (do not enter)

SP926: The Peterson Memorial will award a rosette in memory of Ronald “Bud” Peterson, a past winner in wood craftsmanship, to the first prize winner of Wood Turning (class 919).

NEEDLECRAFTS Afghans should be no larger than 50 in. x 76 in. No puff, cathedral window, yo-yo or crazy quilts. No commercially preprinted “cheater” fabric. No tied quilts. No aprons, towels, tree skirts, pot holders, plastic canvas, latch hook rugs, macramé, dish clothes, doilies or sewn garments. No handkerchiefs (except in class 946).

928 Crocheted afghan

929 Crocheted baby afghan, no larger than 42 in. x 42 in.

930 Crocheted baby bonnet

931 Crocheted baby sweater

932 Crocheted baby booties

933 Crocheted adult vest or sweater

934 Crocheted scarf

935 Crocheted, not otherwise specified in above classes (928-934)

936 Knitted afghan

937 Knitted baby afghan, no larger than 42 in. x 42 in.

938 Knitted baby bonnet

939 Knitted baby sweater

940 Knitted baby booties

941 Knitted slippers (no booties)

942 Knitted adult vest or sweater

943 Knitted scarf

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 944 Machine knitted article

945 Knitted, not otherwise specified in above classes (936-944)

946 Tatted item

947 Beadwork, necklace

948 Beadwork, any other

949 Counted thread picture, less than 150 sq. in.

950 Counted thread picture, greater than 151 sq. in.

951 Hardanger, picture

952 Hardanger, table runner, table topper, etc.

953 Needlepoint, picture

954 Needlepoint, any other (pillow, stocking, box top)

955 Hand embroidered item

956 Other technique using hand/threaded needle, not listed (long stitch, punch needle, etc.)....... $8 $6 $4 Ribbon 957 Not otherwise specified, (NOS) item must use techniques in classes 949-956

958 Pillow, quilted

959 Quilted table runner or table topper, no larger than 136 sq. in

960 Quilted article of clothing

961 Quilted wall hanging, cotton, sleeve attached, max perimeter of 120 in

962 Quilted wall hanging, cotton, with embroidery, sleeve attached, max perimeter of 120 in..... $28 $12 $8 Ribbon 963 Quilted wall hanging, cotton, with applique, sleeve attached, max perimeter of 120 in......... $28 $12 $8 Ribbon 964 Quilted wall hanging, mixed techniques, with sleeve, max perimeter 120 in.

965 Crib quilt, baby theme, max perimeter of 249 in.

966 Quilt, cotton, pieced, max perimeter of 249 in.

967 Quilt, cotton, with embroidery, max perimeter of 249 in. (must make quilt)

968 Quilt, cotton, applique, max perimeter of 249 in.

969 Quilt, using materials other than cotton, must be quilted, max perimeter of 249 in............... $28 $12 $8 Ribbon 970 Quilt, cotton, pieced, perimeter greater than 250 in

971 Quilt, cotton, with embroidery, perimeter greater than 250 in.

972 Quilt, cotton, applique, perimeter greater than 250 in.

973 Quilt, using materials other than cotton, must be quilted, perimeter greater than 250 in....... $28 $12 $8 Ribbon 974 Quilt, pieced and quilted by group

975 Commemorative quilt in honor of graduation, wedding, anniversary, in memory; subject must be featured on top of quilt, any size.

976 Woven stole, scarf or shawl

977 Woven wall hanging, must have sleeve

978 Rug, loom woven

979 Rug, hooked

980 Rug, braided

981 Toy animal, fabric stuffed, large, 15 in. or over

982 Toy animal, fabric stuffed, small, under 15 in.

983 Doll, play type, made and dressed by exhibitor, of fabric material

984 Doll dressed with clothes made by exhibitor

985 Doll clothes, SET, mounted on foam or cardboard, made by exhibitor

986 Not otherwise specified, no crocheted knitted or needlearts items

990 Sweepstakes, crocheted (classes 928-935) (do not enter)

991 Sweepstakes, knitted (classes 936-945) (do not enter)

992 Sweepstakes, needlearts (classes 946-957) (do not enter)

993 Sweepstakes, quilting (classes 958-975) (do not enter)

994 Sweepstakes, woven items and rugs (classes 976-980) (do not enter)

995 Sweepstakes, dolls and toys (classes 981-986) (do not enter)

SP996: The Minnesota Quilters will award $20 to each first place winner in classes 958-975 and have matched State Fair premiums for second and third place in these classes. The prize money is included in the premiums listed above and will be included in the fair check.

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016




A. All baking and special contest entries must be registered by 4:30 pm. Tuesday, Aug. 9. Errors or omissions must be registered within 10 days after fair closes Sept. 5. No entry fee required.


A. All Baked Products and Special Contest entries must be registered by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 9.

1) Online registration. Available beginning Monday, May 2. Closes at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Follow the procedure outlined on page 8. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours please call (651) 288to confirm. Exhibitors must bring their registration confirmation with their entry.

2) Mail-In registration. Must be in our hands (not postmarked) by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 9. Follow the procedure outlined on page 8. You will receive a paper confirmation of your entries via USPS mail.

3) Note: If you enter a class or Special Contest that requires a recipe to be submitted, DO NOT send it with your registration. Recipe should be delivered with your entry. Be sure to read each Special Contest’s rules carefully.

Name, address, phone number, entry number, class number should be included on back of recipe.

B. All articles exhibited must be the product of the exhibitor and must be baked. Each exhibitor is limited to a total of 20 entries. Entries in the special contests (class 1107, 1109, 1112-1120) are not included in the limit.

C. An exhibitor may make only one entry in any class. Entries cannot be made in the same class or classes by more than one person from the same family, except in Special Contests. If a product fits in a designated class, it cannot be entered under “not otherwise specified”. Do not make entries in sweepstakes classes.

3. DELIVERY OF ENTRIES. (Please note the procedures for delivery of entry on page 10.) A. IMPORTANT DELIVERY NOTICE! Articles entered must be delivered to the Creative Activities Building on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. except for those entered in The Great American Spam Championship and ALL Gold Medal Flour Contests.

B. Disposable containers should be used, as no containers will be returned. Cakes will not be accepted on any plate or dish that has to be returned to the owner. All baked products except iced cakes must be enclosed in a plastic bag or disposable container, uncovered exhibits will not be accepted. Baking entries will not be returned. Due to limited space, not all entries can be displayed. Cakes must be boxed and delivered on 8 in. or 9 in. flat cardboard rounds (available at bakeries), unless otherwise specified in class.

C. For food safety and health concerns of judges: No fruit (canned or fresh), flowers, cream, cream cheese, sour cream or items requiring refrigeration to be used on products or as garnish. Exception: Because judging is done immediately and no refrigeration is necessary, entries in class 1113-1120 may use the above items.

D. Minnesota State Fair gate admission is necessary when delivering items for special contests held during the fair.

4. ELIGIBILITY. (ALSO READ ADDITIONAL RULES ON PAGE 8) A. Only articles which are the product of the “home” kitchen will be eligible. No mixes; no cheesecakes.

B. An exhibitor having received first premium at three successive Minnesota State Fairs will not be permitted to compete in that class (excluding sweepstakes) at succeeding fairs for a period of two years.

C. In large classes, ALL entries are evaluated, only 25 will receive scores.

D. Carefully read and follow ALL directions and rules for each category. Points will be deducted if directions are not followed.


A. SP1000 Supreme Baker of the Kitchen. Awarded to the individual earning the most points on their entries in the baking categories (not including sweepstakes classes or special contests or awards). Points will be awarded as follows: first place earns 5 points, second place earns 4 points, third place earns 3 points, fourth place earns 2 points and fifth place earns 1 point. (Points will only be awarded as far out as the ribbon placing for the class.) The winner will receive a plaque and be listed on the Creative Activities webpage and in premium book. The winner will be contacted by phone and announced by signage in the kitchen area of Creative Activities.

B. Red Star Yeast will present Red Star yeast and a coupon for more yeast to all exhibitors entering the baking competition (NOT including special contests).

Creative Activities Rules & Premium Book 2016 JUDGING CRITERIA FOR BREADS, CAKES, COOKIES, and BARS Appearance, color

Texture, internal appearance

Flavor, aroma

BREAD, PLAIN TYPES OF DOUGH - YEAST Bread baked for exhibition in individual loaves must be approximately 5 in x 9 in.

x 3 in. (1- 1 1/2 lb. loaf). Enclose in a plastic bag or disposable container.

1001 Bread, white, no seeds

1002 Bread, herb

1003 Bread, whole wheat or graham

1004 Bread, raisin or dried cranberry

1005 Dinner rolls, whole grain (4)

1006 Bread, whole grains

1007 Bread, rye

1008 Bread, artisan, sourdough, baguette, or challah

1009 Dinner rolls, white, such as clover leaf, finger rolls, etc. (4)

1010 Sweepstakes, plain dough yeast breads (do not enter)

SP1011: Red Star Yeast will award a gift to winner of class Bread, white (class 1001). SP1012: In addition, Red Star Yeast will award a gift to the plain dough-yeast sweepstakes winner (class 1010).

BREAD, SWEET DOUGH - YEAST No toppings. Enclose in a plastic bag or disposable container.

1013 Coffee cake (no rings)

1014 Sweet rolls, without fruit or nuts, (4)

1015 Sweet rolls, containing fruit or nuts, (4)

1016 Coffee ring (ring shape only)

1017 Coffee cake, pull-apart

1018 Sweepstakes, sweet dough yeast breads (do not enter)

SP1019: Red Star Yeast will award a gift to the sweet dough-yeast sweepstakes winner (class 1018).

QUICK BREADS Bring a whole loaf, no smaller than a pan size of approximately 3 1/2 in. x 7 in. x 2 in. or bring 1/2 a loaf from a pan approximately 5 in. x 9 in. x 3 in. Muffins (4 total) must be baked without paper liners (NO mini muffins). No icing. Enclose in a plastic bag or disposable plastic container.

1022 Banana bread, may use nuts, no other fruit or chips

1023 Other fruit bread (list type of fruit), including pumpkin, may use nuts

1024 Non-traditional bread

1025 Nut bread, no fruit or chips

1026 Coffee cake, 8 in. or 9 in. round or 8 in. square

1027 Vegetable bread (list type of vegetable)

1028 Muffins, containing fruit (list type of fruit), no chips, nuts or vegetable

1029 Muffins, poppy seed, no fruit, chips, nuts or vegetable

1030 Muffins, oatmeal, no fruit, chips, nuts or vegetable

1031 Muffins, containing vegetable (list type of vegetable)

1032 Bundt type coffee cake, whole cake, 8 in. or 9 in.

1033 Scones (4)

1034 Sweepstakes, quick breads (do not enter)

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