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«Policies & Procedures Handbook 2016-2017 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES HANDBOOK Thank you for selecting a Management Services Corporation property as your ...»

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1705 Jefferson Park Ave

Policies & Procedures Handbook




Thank you for selecting a Management Services Corporation property as your new home!

We are very pleased you will be living with us. We hope that the information provided

here will be helpful to you as you enjoy your new surroundings. Please remember the

policies contained in the manual are part of your Lease Agreement and should be reviewed carefully.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding this manual and ask that you direct questions or concerns to your Property Manager who is eager to serve you.

As a Resident of a Virginia rental property you are required to abide by the provisions of

each of the following:

a. The Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act b. The Lease signed with the management company c. The policies and regulations governing your property as stated herein (Policies are subject to change. If change occurs, written notice will be delivered to you.) Policies and Regulations are made for your protection, to assist you in avoiding charges and penalties, and to continue to make your property attractive and comfortable.

Si usted no entiende Inglés, entonces usted debe encontrar alguien traducir este documento para usted.

Muchas Gracias EHO Table of Contents Main Office and Maintenance Phone Numbers


Emergency Service..…..…………………………………………… 6 Renters Insurance..………………………………………………… 7 Conduct and Noise Complaints.………………………………… 7 Smoke Detectors.…………………………………………………... 7-8 Lock Out Service …………………………………………………… 8 Vehicles ……………….……………………………………………… 9 Bicycles, Motorcycles.…………………………………………….. 9-10 Window Coverings ….……………………………………………… 10 Hardwood Floor Care..…………………………………………….

–  –  –

Our office does close to observe specific holidays during the year such as, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (and the day after), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Please contact our office in advance of any major holiday to assure the office will be open. Emergency Maintenance service is always available.

Management Phone Numbers

–  –  –

During office hours, you may pay rent at our office in the MadHouse located at 780 Madison Avenue. Unfortunately, MSC is not able to accept cash payments at this location.

After office hours please use the night drop boxes. One is located next to the front doors of our office and another is in the MadHouse parking lot near the entrance.

–  –  –

For your convenience you may also pay online. Visit our website at livewithmsc.com for more details.

If you are looking for another way to make your rent payment automatically every month we suggest you contact your banking institution to make those arrangements. Most banks now offer free online bill paying and you can set up an automatic payment to MSC for your rent. Be sure a memo or note is set up to include your apartment address or account number. Please keep in mind that your bank will be mailing us a physical check and payment is considered paid when received by our office. You will need to make your request for automatic payments prior to the first of the month to ensure it is received on time.

Rent is considered to be paid when received by the office, regardless of the postmark date. Rent is due on the 1st day of each month for that month (i.e. January rent is due on January 1.) A late fee is automatically charged on the 6th of the month on any balance over $100. Please allow extra time for holiday and weekend mail delivery.

Please note that any balance (for example late fees, lock out fees, maintenance service fees, etc.) past due is considered rent and will be subject to late fees after the 6th of the month.

In accordance with the terms of the Lease Agreement, we suggest that payment be made with only one check. Only persons listed on the Lease can make rent payments. If paying by check, be sure to write your apartment address on the check. Please remember that parents and/or guardians are not allowed to make payment unless prior arrangements are made with your Property Manager.


a payment is declined, a processing fee and late fee will be applied to your account in accordance with the Lease. Your account will be considered delinquent until all rent and fees have been collected. You must submit cash, money order, or cashier’s check for payment for any declined payment. If two (2) payments are declined due to insufficient funds or banking problems you will be required to pay, from that point forward, by money order, cashier’s check or cash.

Before dropping off or mailing your check, please make certain that the amount is written correctly, the check has been signed and your address is clearly written. These delays in payment will add late fees to your account as stated in your Lease. If your Lease begins in the last five (5) days of the month, we kindly ask that you pay your pro-rata share along with your first full month’s rent at move in.

We will make every effort to hold post-dated checks if they are made obvious (i.e. attach a sticky note to it, include note stating payment is post-dated, etc.) We cannot guarantee that a post-dated check will be held and assume no responsibility to credit any fees you may incur if a payment is not held.

–  –  –

We provide emergency maintenance service for our Residents according to the criteria below. Please call 434-971-6811 to report the problem. You will be asked to choose from three (3) options on our voice mail system.

Please listen to the entire voice mail menu before making your selection from the


OPTION 1 (voice mail choice 1) Emergencies: We will provide an immediate response, 24 hours a day. In the event one of the following emergencies occur, MSC's after-hours technician should be contacted

right away. Emergencies include, but are not limited to:

• Total loss of electrical power (Call Dominion VA Power first)

• Loss of heat

• Burst plumbing or flowing water

• Sewer back up

• Heavy rainwater leak

• Security problems (broken lock, broken glass, broken doors, burned-out exterior lights)

• Smell of gas (after calling MSC Facilities, call gas company at 434-980-9800)

• Anything with the potential to cause damage or harm

• Clogged commode if only one commode is in the apartment. (Resident please attempt to plunge before calling).

OPTION 2 (voice mail choice 2) Semi-emergencies: Our technician will respond within 24 hours between Friday 5 p.m.

and Sunday 5 p.m. (If a call comes in on a Sunday - Thursday night, MSC Maintenance will respond to the request during normal hours on weekdays.) In case of the following,

MSC Maintenance should be contacted as soon as possible:

• Loss of hot water

• Inoperable refrigerator

• Inoperable range or pilot light

• Clogged commode (2 or more commodes; Residents please plunge first)

• Stopped-up sink

• Stopped-up tub

• Loss of A/C (emergency response will be at the discretion of management) OPTION 3 (voice mail choice 3) Non-emergencies will be repaired by MSC Maintenance during normal weekday business

hours. Non-emergencies include, but are not limited to the following:

• Inoperable dishwasher

• Inoperable garbage disposal

• Inoperable washer/dryer

–  –  –

Most properties require that Residents obtain $50,000 in legal liability insurance to protect the property from accidents and damage. You will need to provide us with proof of coverage one month prior to your new or renewal lease start date, otherwise you may be enrolled in an insurance program through MSC. You may provide proof of coverage at any time to opt out of our program effective the following month.


Did you know that your Landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings should a leak, fire or other damage occurs in your home? It’s true and accidents happen! If equipment failure or an accident occurs and your personal property is damaged in any way, MSC is not responsible for replacing it or compensating you in any way. Renters Insurance is inexpensive!! We strongly urge you to obtain Renters Insurance.


Living in a community requires consideration of others, especially where noise is concerned. Residents and their guests are expected to extend common courtesy to their neighbors. To avoid noise from overcrowding, the maximum number of persons allowed in an apartment at any given time should not exceed 10 depending on the size of the dwelling.

Most noise complaints result from boisterous behavior, loud stereo systems and pets. If you encounter noise problems, we suggest that you first talk to your neighbors about the problem. Often Residents do not realize how clearly sound travels.

There is a noise ordinance in the City of Charlottesville and in some of the surrounding counties. We will provide a copy of the Charlottesville ordinance upon request. Please contact the local police if you are experiencing a serious problem after our regular office hours. Also notify your Property Manager the following business day with the apartment number of the offending Resident and the details surrounding the complaint. Please be advised that repeated noise complaints may result in warnings and possible eviction, should the problem continue.

You are responsible for the actions and damages of your guests and any uninvited guests who may enter our property as a result of your party or gathering, whether you are aware of their actions or not. All costs incurred by the Landlord as a result of a party or gathering will be your responsibility, so plan your parties well and avoid large crowds which may get out of control.


You are responsible for maintaining your smoke detector during your occupancy of the premises. Smoke detector alarms are installed to give you early warning of dangerous smoke. Upon move-in, you are provided with a certification stating that your alarm has been tested and is in good working order. Most of our properties’ smoke detectors are equipped with a lithium 9-volt battery. Due to its long life, these batteries are more expensive than other 9-volt batteries. If the battery should fail during your occupancy, please immediately notify our Maintenance department.

Please be advised that if this battery is removed from your smoke alarm at any time during your residency, or if the battery is missing at the time of your move-out inspection, you will be billed for the replacement of the battery, which is approximately $25.00. Please test your smoke detector periodically. This is for your own safety and that of your neighbors in the event of a fire.

Do not disconnect your smoke detector. You could be held liable for unhooking it during your residency. Please help us utilize this safety feature to its maximum potential by keeping it in good working order at all times. If you have a battery operated detector, an intermittent beeping means that the battery is running low and you should contact the Maintenance department for replacement of the battery.


During regular business hours, a key may be borrowed from our office in the MadHouse located at 780 Madison Avenue. This key may be used free of charge, but must be returned by 5 p.m. on the day the key was borrowed. Failure to return this key can result in a charge and possible lock replacement costs.

After business hours, it is necessary to call Maintenance at 434-971-6811. You must provide a name, phone number and address when calling to request after-hours lockout service. A lockout service fee is incurred when the request is made for lockout service.

This service is provided to Residents as a convenience only. We want to assist you but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to give you access at all times. Attempting to gain entry through windows or by other means is prohibited. Damage occurring as a result of attempting to gain entry by windows or any other means will be billed to the Resident.

Only Residents on the Lease may request lock out service. Positive identification will be required when MSC provides the key.

For your safety it is important that you secure all locks to your apartment at all times. You should carry all keys with you at all times. MSC staff members are required to secure all locks when leaving your apartment. Please note that locks are not changed when there are name additions/deletions or renewals, subleases, etc. to the Lease Agreement.

We are happy to provide this service upon the request of the Resident and at the Resident’s expense.

–  –  –

Most of our properties require a sticker to be displayed authorizing the vehicle to be parked in that property’s parking lot.

Please drive carefully on the property. Park in marked spaces only, never in fire or traffic lanes. In order to obtain a parking sticker, you must provide a valid registration and valid driver’s license. Have your parking sticker, if your property requires one, displayed clearly on your rear windshield at all times. If the sticker will not be visible through the rear window, it may be placed on the front windshield behind your rearview mirror. Handwritten passes are not acceptable, and your vehicle may be towed if you have a handwritten pass. If your sticker is damaged or vehicle changed, bring your old sticker to our office in the MadHouse located at 780 Madison Avenue for a substitute sticker. You must return your damaged sticker or pay a sticker replacement fee of $30.00.

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