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«Policies & Procedures Handbook 2016-2017 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES HANDBOOK Thank you for selecting a Management Services Corporation property as your ...»

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In order to protect all Residents, towing is unfortunately necessary to keep fire and traffic lanes clear. Any vehicle parked illegally, even with a sticker, can be towed at any time, without notice, at your expense. Towing will also occur if you are illegally parked at another MSC property. Your sticker authorizes use of your individual parking lot only.

Do not park on lawns or sidewalks.

If towed, your vehicle may be recovered at:

–  –  –

Recovering your vehicle promptly will help keep your cost at a minimum.

Any vehicle that is in an unsightly state of disrepair, has flat tires, is jacked up on supports, is inoperable, or lacks proper state licensing or inspection may not remain on the property for more than 24 hours. Any vehicles violating this rule are subject to towing at the owner's expense without warning. We ask that you do not wash or repair vehicles in the parking area.

Refer to parking policies specific to your property at the back of this manual.

–  –  –

Bicycles must be stored inside your apartment or at designated bike racks. At no time can they be stored on the apartment landings, under any stairs or attached to any railing of any part of the building. If a bicycle is found attached to a railing or part of the building, it will be immediately removed, without notice. Bicycles of unsightly repair may be removed by management without prior notice to the owner. Management Services is not responsible for any damage or theft of any bicycle(s).

The City and State Fire Codes prohibit the placing of bicycles, motorcycles, and trash at entrances or on/under steps or landings of buildings. Mopeds and motorcycles can never be put inside apartments. They must be kept in the parking lot. Motorcycles should obtain a parking sticker and should be parked in the same space as your vehicle (if you have one). This is extremely important on properties with limited parking.

–  –  –

All windows and glass doors must be covered with white or off-white lined draperies or blinds. Please check the cover page of your Lease to see what blinds, if any, your property supplies.

–  –  –

Residents of homes townhomes with hardwood floors are responsible for the care and upkeep of the hardwood floors. The floors should be kept clean of all dirt and debris. For daily cleaning, the floors can be swept and damp mopped. When cleaning the floors, use warm water and a mild detergent. DO NOT put any type of wax product on these floors.

It is required by management that Residents cover at least 75% of their wood flooring with area rugs IN ALL apartments and townhomes. This will help to reduce noise transference and to protect the hardwood floors from wear and tear. It is also recommended that you use casters on all furniture to prevent scratching of the flooring.

When vacating the apartment, please sweep and damp mop the hardwood floors, DO NOT wax and buff.

–  –  –

Please refer to the Property Specific Policies at the back of this manual for mailbox locations.

The MSC office located in the Madhouse at 780 Madison Avenue will not accept packages or other mail for our Residents. Please make sure to hold your mail if you will be gone for an extended period. Also, when vacating your apartment, be sure to provide the Post Office with your forwarding address so that your mail will go to the correct location. MSC will not forward any mail to residents after they have vacated.


Electricity must be connected in your name from the day the Lease begins and must remain connected throughout the entire Lease period. Any electrical service, which is not covered under your service account during the Lease term may be billed to you by MSC to recover our costs for electric service to your apartment, including connection fees. Unfortunately, if MSC pays an electric bill for service in your apartment due to the service not being connected in the Resident’s name, you will be billed an additional $50 for each bill received.

The property owner does not maintain telephone and cable lines inside the building and apartment. MSC will assure a working land-line phone jack and cable jack is functional within a common area only. Phone line Maintenance insurance, which should cover any or most repairs is available through the phone company, and is highly recommended. Problems with phone or cable lines should be reported to your phone or cable provider. Alterations or additions such as phone jacks may be installed only with your Property Manager’s approval and at your expense.

All phone and cable wires must be secured along the baseboard or doorjambs and cannot cross thresholds, traffic areas, hallways or any common area in the apartment. Please contact your Property Manager should you have any questions about this matter.

Please refer to the property specific policies at the end of this handbook for more detail on the utilities at your community.

–  –  –

Under certain restrictions, the installation of an individual satellite dish within a Residents leasehold is permitted. Before installation you must contact your Property Manager to review the restrictions and sign the appropriate addendum to your Lease Agreement.


Some properties offer dumpsters or other containers for trash service. This service is provided for disposal of household trash only. The majority of our communities have trash delivered to the van der Linde Recycling Center, where it is sorted to recycle as much material as possible. Do not dispose of furniture, boxes, moving debris, cardboard, clothing, etc. in these containers. Please do not sit trash outside of the dumpster on the ground, as animals will tear the bags and spread the trash. The City and State Fire Codes prohibit the placing of trash at entrances or on steps or landings of buildings. The cost associated with the removal of any trash from your apartment entrance will be billed to the Resident. This includes cigarette butts and any other debris thrown from porches. All items other than household trash should be disposed of at the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority, or other facilities at the expense and responsibility of the Resident. You might also consider donating items to the Salvation Army or other such charity organizations, or selling items to a second-hand or used furniture business.

–  –  –

The area surrounding your apartment including lawns, sidewalks, and any other free space inside the community are to be enjoyed with consideration of your neighbors.

Personal items left in the common areas will be removed and disposed of without notice, at the expense of the Resident. These areas must be kept free of litter such as cigarettes, trash, bottles, etc. Please refer to policies particular to your property at the back of this manual.


MSC provides extermination services at many of our communities at no charge to our residents. At some communities however, exterminating services are at the expense of the residents. If you would like to have your apartment exterminated at any time during the year, please call our Maintenance Department at 434-971-6811. We can tell you at that time if your community is covered or if the charges will be passed along to you.

Should you ever experience bites from fleas, bed bugs or any other insect, you must notify your Property Manager immediately. Left untreated, these types of insects can spread rapidly and therefore need immediate attention. You may be found accountable for all costs associated with treatment if proper notice is not given to your Property Manager. Your home will be considered bed bug free if you do not report a problem immediately after your lease begins.

–  –  –

No washer, dryer, portable dishwasher, locks, or other equipment may be installed in any MSC home without written permission of the Landlord.

You are responsible for any misuse or abuse of the appliances and equipment in the apartment.

Please keep all appliances and fixtures clean and in good order. Grease and food spills should be cleaned from the oven, stovetop, and apron underneath on a regular basis.

Please report any malfunctions in any appliance. If you have questions regarding the operation of your appliances please call our Maintenance Department at 434-971-6811.

Air Conditioning: If applicable, set the thermostat to “COOL” and “AUTOMATIC” at the desired temperature. Run your air conditioner for an adequate amount of time before reporting unit inefficiency. For increased efficiency and lower utility bills, set the thermostat no lower than 10 degrees below outside temperature.

Shower Stalls/Tubs: Do not clean with any abrasive cleaners that will scratch the surface of your tub surround walls. We recommend Liquid Mr. Clean or Liquid Spic-nSpan. Never use Bleach. Always close your shower curtain fully during use to prevent leakage and use a heavy bath mat on the floor. You will be responsible if water flows into the floor level below your bathroom. Mold and mildew can be kept to a minimum if you regularly clean and keep your bathroom ventilated. If you discover that the caulk or grout around your shower/tub is deteriorating, please contact Maintenance.

Toilets and Drains: Please use a plunger to try to clear a clogged toilet. If this attempt is not successful, call for assistance. Do not flush paper towels, cotton swabs, tampons, condoms, diapers, or any foreign objects down drains. There may be a charge for removal of any foreign objects as well as any resulting damages. A plunger has been provided with each apartment for you to use to attempt to clear a toilet clog prior to contacting the Maintenance department. In the event that you report a clogged toilet and the Maintenance department is able to clear the clog by simply plunging the toilet, you will be billed the cost. If your apartment does not have a plunger, please contact Maintenance.

Emergency Shut-offs and Switches: These are located under toilets and in the furnace closet. Locate the handle under each toilet so that you can turn it off if there is ever a leak. In the furnace closet, a switch turns the heating off fully if you think that there is a serious problem with the unit. Always report any appliance or plumbing problems to Maintenance.

Washers and Dryers (where applicable): If your apartment is equipped with a washing machine and dryer provided by the Landlord, the Landlord agrees to maintain the machines. It is the responsibility of the Resident to clean and maintain the drain and lint screens on their washer/dryer units. The Resident will be responsible for service, repairs, and any subsequent damage caused by Resident abuse or neglect. Resident(s) will also be responsible for any damage caused by overflow due to improperly loading or overloading the washing machine. If your apartment home has a front loading washer, you must use only low sudsing detergent such as Tide HE or Wisk HE in powder or liquid form. Repair needs should be reported to our Maintenance Department.

Dryer Vents (where applicable): At any time that you find your dryer vent detached please call the Maintenance Department.

Ice Makers (where applicable): The lever on the icemaker determines if it makes ice or not. If the lever is pulled all the way up, it will not make ice. Please keep plastic bags away from the icemaker.

Microwaves (where applicable): Please follow the directions provided with your microwave. Please do not use steel wool to clean microwave doors.

Dishwashers (where applicable): Please follow the directions provided with your dishwasher. Use only dishwasher detergent in the machine, never hand soap or dish soap, as this will cause your dishwasher to not operate properly, and may result in a flood.

Do not put anything in the Jet Dry dispenser that is not a Jet Dry product, as this will cause your dishwasher to operate improperly.

Garbage Disposals (where applicable): Garbage disposals are for food waste disposal only. Service required as a result of foreign objects in the disposal will be billed to the resident. Heavy or fibrous food waste, such as cornhusks or cobs, seeds, onionskins, rice, and bones, should not be placed in the disposal. For proper operation, turn on cold water, let it flow a few seconds prior to turning on disposal, and feed waste slowly into disposal. Let water continue to flow for several seconds after the disposal has completely cleared. In the event your disposal shuts off while in operation, turn the switch to “off” and attempt to reset the disposal by depressing the “reset” button that is typically located on the side or underside of the disposal unit. If resetting does not solve the problem, call the Maintenance Department for repair. NEVER put your hands or fingers inside the disposal!

Furnace Closet/Hot Water Heater Closet: Do not place any items in this closet. This space is designed to hold only your hot water heater and gas furnace. The potential for a fire hazard is great if items are stored in this area. You may be billed for the removal of items from this area.

Energy Savers: Keeping your blinds/draperies closed will help insulate your windows.

Conserve water by promptly reporting running toilets, leaking faucets, faulty showerheads, etc. to the Maintenance Department at 434-971-6811. When the shower is in use, no water should come out of the tub spout at the same time. Contact the Maintenance Department if you notice this happening.

Electricity outages: If you experience a loss of power, check your breakers (if they are located in your apartment) before calling Dominion Virginia Power or our Maintenance Department.

Heat: During cold winter months you must maintain your heat at no less than 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

–  –  –

The entire apartment should be kept free of trash and debris, including all hallways, patios, furnace closets, balconies, entry landings, and stairways.

No dangerous or flammable fluids are to be kept inside the apartment at any time.

Where applicable, stored items should be placed at least 3 feet from furnaces and hot water heaters.

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