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«International 17 Workshop th Nitrogen The was jointly organised by Teagasc and AFBI Printed by Print Depot Suggested citation Authors, 2012. Title ...»

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17 Workshop

th Nitrogen


was jointly organised by

Teagasc and AFBI

Printed by

Print Depot

Suggested citation

Authors, 2012. Title In: Richards, K.G., Fenton, O., Watson,

C. J. (Eds). Proceedings of the 17th Nitrogen Workshop –Innovations

for sustainable use of nitrogen resources. 26th – 29th June 2012,

Wexford, Ireland, pp. nn-nn.

ISBN-10: 1-84170-588-8

17th International

Nitrogen Workshop 2012

Scientific Committee Organising Committee KARl RIChARDS, TEAGASC ChAIRmAN: KARl RIChARDS, TEAGASC




We wish to thank all persons that made the 17th International Nitrogen Workshop possible. Special thanks to the organisers of the 16th Nitrogen workshop who assisted with the early planning and advised on their lessons learnt. To the invited speakers for their insightful paper contributions. To all the organisations that contributed financially to the workshop. A special word of thanks to the staff and students of Teagasc and AFBI for their valuable assistance. And finally to the participants of the Workshop for their contributions to making the 17th International Nitrogen Workshop successful.

II 17th International Nitrogen Workshop 2012 The 17th International Nitrogen Workshop is sponsored by the OECD’s Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems OECD Disclaimer OECD CRP Accreditation The opinions expressed and The Workshop was sponsored by the arguments employed in this OECD Co-operative Research Programme publication are the sole on Biological Resource management for responsibility of the authors and Sustainable Agricultural Systems, do not necessarily reflect those of whose financial support made it possible the OECD or of the governments for most of the invited speakers to of its member countries. participate in the Workshop.

–  –  –

Dear Workshop Participant, On behalf of the organising committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 17th International Nitrogen Workshop “iNNovations for sustainable use of nitrogen resources”, held in the unique Wexford Opera house, Ireland from 26th to 29th June 2012. The workshop is jointly organised between Teagasc (the Irish Agriculture Food and Development Authority) and AFBI (Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland).

The first Nitrogen Workshop was in 1982 at Rothamsted, u.K. as a forum for researchers to exchange ideas and views on methodologies to investigate N transformations in agricultural systems. Over the past 30 years the workshop has become an international event focusing on a wide range of nitrogen topics including improving nitrogen use efficiency and responding to policies such as the Nitrates and Water Framework Directives.

The 17th International Nitrogen Workshop will focus on iNNovations for sustainable use of nitrogen resources and will cover new breakthroughs in science, knowledge transfer and management of nitrogen resources.

The workshop provides a platform to discuss the nitrogen challenges and solutions for sustainable food

production and is divided into four sessions:

• Advances in understanding N-flows and Transformations

• A holistic Approach to understanding Impacts of Nitrogen on the Environment

• Global Perspectives on Nitrogen and Food Security

• Knowledge Transfer

Each of the N workshop sessions will address a central pertinent question:

• Where is the missing nitrogen?

• Which mitigation measures are synergistic/environmentally optimal?

• Will the cost of nitrogen threaten food security in the post-oil era?

• how can we bridge the gap between ever-more-detailed and narrow research and the knowledge requirements of our stakeholders?

A total of 31 oral papers and 196 poster papers are being presented at the workshop from 804 authors in 31 countries across 4 continents. The organising committee thank all authors for their written contributions to the proceedings and we look forward to your intellectual contribution through out the workshop. The financial support from all our sponsor organisations is gratefully acknowledged. We hope that you really enjoy both the Workshop and Wexford.

Karl Richards (Chairman of the Organising Committee)

–  –  –

S.1.OP Advances in Understanding N-flows and Transformations - Long Presentations Tracing of N Transformations in Soil and Gas Phases using Isotopes and FTIR Spectroscopy 15 O. Kira, D. Haroush, R. Tzulker, Y. Dubowski, R. Linker, A. Shaviv Soil nitrogen transformations and N2/N2O emissions after application of slurry to Irish grassland soils, as affected by the nitrification inhibitor DCD 17 M. Ernfors, F. Brennan, K. McGeough, C. Mueller, R. Laughlin, C. Watson, B. Griffiths, L. Philippot, K. Richards

–  –  –

Canola Response to N Fertilization as Affected by Preceding Crop and location 48 C. Grant, X. Gao, J. O'Donovan, B. J. Zebarth, R. Blackshaw, N. Harker, G. Lafond, E. Johnson, Y. Gan Carbon and nitrogen residual effects after repeated manure applications 50 D. Cavalli, L. Bechini, P. Marino Comparing N recovery from legumes grown as green manures in olive orchards 52 M. Arrobas, I. Ferreira, M. Claro, C. Correia, J. Moutinho-Pereira, E. Bacelar, A. Fernandes-Silva, M. Rodrigues

–  –  –

Determination of denitrification capacity of small headwater catchments in Flanders. 58 K. van Overtveld, M. Tits, A. Elsen, P. van de Vreken, J. van Orshoven, J. Vanderborght, J. Diels, O. Batelaan Differentiation between fungi and bacteria as a source of N2O formation in soil 60 L. Rohe, R. Well, N. Wrage, T. Anderson, H. Flessa

–  –  –

Does groundwater level determine GhGs emissions from fertilized soil? 64 E. Cocco, F. Morari, C. Bertora, C. Grignani, G. Delle Vedove, R. Polese, A. Berti

–  –  –

Dynamics of in situ nitrogen mineralization from five organic fertilizers 68 L. Costa, M. Costa, D. Pereira, C. Cordovil, A. de Varennes

–  –  –

Effects of anaerobic digestion of organic manures on N turnover and N utilization 80 P. Sørensen, A. R. Khan, H. B. Møller, I. K. Thomsen

–  –  –

Effects of overwinter vegetation cover on soil nitrogen supply to spring barley in Ireland 88 R. Hackett Effects of soil inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant growth and nutrient uptake of some mediterranean species grown under rainfed field conditions 90 S. Saia, P. Ruisi, G. Amato, G. Di Miceli, A. S. Frenda, D. Giambalvo

–  –  –

Improving N efficiency in barley through green manure management and biogas slurry 124 R. B. Frøseth, A. K. Bakken, M. A. Bleken, H. Riley, K. Thorup-Kristensen, S. Hansen Influence of fertilisation practice on gas and grain yield production 126 A. Balint, S. Hoffmann, K. Berecz, K. Kristóf, G. Kampfl, E. Nótás, M. Horváth, B. Gyarmati, E. Molnár, A. Anton, T. Szili Kovács, G. Heltai

–  –  –

long-term effect of a nitrification inhibitor on N2O fluxes from a loamy soil 140 R. Ruser, H. Pfab, S. Rudolf, I. Palmer, S. Fiedler, F. Buegger, T. Müller maize stover incorporation increased N2O emissions twofold during a barley crop 142 D. Abalos, A. Sanz-Cobeña, L. Sanchez, A. Tellez, S. Garcia, A. Vallejo

–  –  –

methodology for the selection of the geographic location of new experimental sites and

treatments to generate new N2O emission factors and data for model validation in the uK:

the prioritisation phase of the InveN2Ory project. 148 D. Chadwick, R. Olave, R. Laughlin, L. Cardenas, J. Williams, U. Skiba, B. Rees, S. Buckingham, K. Topp, S. Anthony

–  –  –

modelling the effects of temporal overlap of urine patches on nitrogen leaching 152 R. Cichota, V. Snow N availability from pre-treated chicken and goat manure in an organic cropping system 154 K. Willekens, B. Reubens, B. Vandecasteele, A. Beeckman, L. Delanote, S. de Neve

–  –  –

Nitrogen dynamics in maize based cropping systems for biogas production 168 K. Sieling, A. Herrmann, B. Wienforth, S. Ohl, F. Taube, H. Kage

–  –  –

Nitrogen mass balance in a coastal lowland declared vulnerable to nitrate (WFD 2000/60/EC): the relevance of secondary canals in excess nitrogen removal 172 G. Castaldelli, E. Pierobon, E. Soana, E. Salemi, V. G. Aschonitis, N. Colombani, M. Mastrocicco, M. Bartoli Nitrogen mineralization potential of soil amended with biochar from pig-slurry solids 174 R. Marchetti, F. Castelli, A. Orsi, L. Sghedoni Nitrogen mineralization potentials in rice-wheat systems in southeastern China 176 M. Hofmeier, M. Roelcke, H. Yong, Z. Cai, R. Nieder

–  –  –

Nitrogen sources and sinks in a heavily impacted watershed (Oglio River, Northern Italy) 180 A. Laini, E. Sacchi, E. Soana, C. A. Delconte, E. Racchetti, M. Bartoli, P. Viaroli Nitrous oxide emission from biogas production systems on a coastal marsh soil 182 A. Techow, K. Dittert, M. Senbayram, R. Quakernack, A. Pacholski, H. Kage, F. Taube, A. Herrmann

–  –  –

Nitrous oxide emissions from a clay soil under mouldboard ploughing or tine cultivation 186 M. Stenberg, A. Kasimir Klemedtsson, J. Nylinder, P. Weslien, A. Myrbeck, J. Wetterlind, T. Rütting, L. Klemedtsson Nitrous oxide emissions from grassland treated with different types of manure: comparison between slurry plus fertilizer plots and farmyard manure plus fertilizer plots 188 A. Mori, M. Hojito Nitrous oxide emissions from two maizecrop seasons in northwesthern Spain 190 A. Louro López, D. Báez Bernal, M. I. García Pomar, J. Castro

–  –  –

Response of corn (Zea mays l.) to precision injected dairy slurry with focus on nitrogen 204 S. Bittman, D. Hunt, G. Kowalenko Role of soil organic matter content on nitrogen dynamics in volcanic ash soils 206 M. Alfaro, L. Cardenas, F. Salazar, A. Rosas, E. Vistoso, S. Hube, L. Ramirez

–  –  –

Self-reseeding annual legume species as cover crops for rainfed olive orchards 210 M. Rodrigues, I. Ferreira, M. Claro, J. Pires, M. Arrobas

–  –  –

Site, preceding crop and N management effects on yield of organic winter oil seed rape 216 L. Engström, M. Stenberg, A. Wallenhammar, P. Ståhl

–  –  –

Soil N2O emission as affected by 3,5-Dimethilphirazolphosphate, an nitrification inhibitor, applied on different soil types in Southern Italy 218 L. Vitale, F. Polimeno, L. Ottaiano, G. Maglione, A. Fierro, P. Di Tommasi, M. Mori, V. Magliulo Soil Organic matter Priming: effect of labile C on N mienralisation in Irish grassland soils 220 C. Murphy, E. Baggs, N. Morley, E. Paterson, R. Schulte, D. Wall

–  –  –

The effect of mineral N fertiliser dose on nitrogen efficiency of silage maize 242 J. Černý, J. Balík, M. Kulhánek, F. Vašák, L. Peklová, O. Sedlář, S. Shejbalová

–  –  –

S.2.SP A Holistic Approach to Understanding Impacts of Nitrogen on the Environment - Short Presentations Processes of nitrate-N loss to streamflow from intensive cereal crop catchments in Ireland 268 A. Melland, P. Mellander, P. N. C. Murphy, D. P. Wall, S. Mechan, O. Shine, G. Shortle, P. Jordan

–  –  –

Agricultural measures has reduced the nitrogen surplus by almost 50% in Denmark 277 F. Vinther, C. D. Børgesen Ammonia emission after on-farm application of additives in pig slurry lagoons 279 M. Viguria, H. Arriaga, P. Merino

–  –  –

Comparison between grass, leguminous and crucifer species used as cover crops 293 J. Ramírez-García, M. Ruiz, M. Quemada Consequences of long-term application of alternative N sources on gaseous emissions. 295 M. E. Calleja Cervantes, I. Irigoyen Iriarte, J. F. Cibriain Sabalza, B. Lasa Larrea, P. M. Aparicio Tejo, S. Menendez

–  –  –

Differentiation of N application standards: does it help reconcile economy and environment? 303 H. Ten Berge, W. van Dijk, S. Burgers, J. R. van Der Schoot

–  –  –

Evaluating innovative farming systems to limit nitrogen diffuse pollution in catchments:

development and application of the CASImOD'N model 315 P. Durand, P. Moreau, C. Baratte, P. Faverdin, C. Gascuel-Odoux, E. Ramat, J. Salmon-Monviola, L. Ruiz

–  –  –

Farm N balances in European landscapes and the effect of measures to reduce N-losses 319 T. Dalgaard, P. Durand, U. Dragosits, N. J. Hutchings, A. Kedziora, J. Bienkowski, A. Frumau, A. Bleeker, E. Magliulo, J. E. Olesen, B. Hansen, L. Thorling, M. R. Theobald, J. L. Drouet, P. Cellier

–  –  –

Influence of agricultural practices and climate changes in Portuguese rice production 329 N. Figueiredo, C. Carranca, H. Trindade, J. Pereira, A. Prazeres, R. Mano, P. Marques, A. Vargues

–  –  –

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