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«International 17 Workshop th Nitrogen The was jointly organised by Teagasc and AFBI Printed by Print Depot Suggested citation Authors, 2012. Title ...»

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Nitrogen Workshop 2012

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Nitrogen Workshop 2012

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Nitrogen Workshop 2012

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Can molecular microbial ecology provide new understanding of soil nitrogen dynamics?

Firestone, M., Blazewicz, S. bPetersen, D.G., and 3Placella, S.

a University of California, Berkeley CA USA b Aarhus University.

c Michigan State University

1. Introduction The past several decades has seen rapid and profound advances in methodology capable of identifying and characterizing at a molecular level the complex communities that mediate nitrogen transformations in soil as well as their genetic capacities to carry out N processes.

Molecular approaches to identifying and quantifying the genes that code for enzymes mediating the N cycle have given us a capacity to assess the relationships among genes, environmental controllers, and rates of processes (e.g. Petersen et al., 2012)

–  –  –

Figure 1. Nitrogen cycle diagram including gene notations for some relevant N transformations It seems that every two to three years there is renewed promise that “soon” there will be a revolution in our understanding of the microbial bases of nitrogen cycling that will transform the substantial knowledge that has accrued over the past century.

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