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«STATISTICS 127 JEWISH STATISTICS The statistics of Jews in the world rest largely upon estimates. In Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and a few ...»

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The statistics of Jews in the world rest largely upon estimates.

In Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and a few other countries,

official figures are obtainable. In the main, however, the numbers given are based upon estimates repeated and added to by

one statistical authority after another. In spite of the unsatisfactoriness of the method, it may be assumed that the numbers given are approximately correct.

For the statistics given below various authorities have been consulted, among them the " Statesman's Year Book" for 1906, the English " Jewish Year Book" for 5666, " The Jewish Encyclopedia," Jiidische Statistik, and the Alliance Israelite Universelle reports. Some of the statements rest upon the authority of competent individuals, as for South Africa, Curagoa, and the Argentine. A comparison with last year's statistics will show that for several countries the figures have been changed.


As the census of the United States has, in accordance with the spirit of American institutions, taken no heed of the religious convictions of American citizens, whether native-born or naturalized, all statements concerning the number of Jews living in this country are based upon estimate, though several of the estimates have been most conscientiously made.

The Jewish population was estimated In 1818 by Mordecai M. Noah at 3,000 In 1824 by Solomon Etting at 6,000 In 1826 by Isaac C. Harby at 6,000 In 1840 by the American Almanac at 15,000 In 1848 by M. A. Berk at 50,000 In 1880 by Wm. B. Hackenburg at 230,257 In 1888 by Isaac Markens at 400,000 In 1897 by David Sulzberger at 937,800 The following table by States is a modification of that given in the AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK for 5666, by reason of changes in the estimated populations of Texas, Utah, and Washington.

The new figures have been adopted from " The Jewish Encyclopedia."


Alabama 7,000 Nebraska 3,800 Arizona 2,000 Nevada 300 Arkansas 3,085 New Hampshire 1,000 California 28,000 New Jersey 25,000 5,800 New Mexico 800 Colorado 5,500 New York 750,000 Connecticut 3,500 North Carolina 6,000 N. and S. Dakota 928 Ohio 50,000 Delaware 3,500 Oklahoma 1,000 District of

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[The number of excellent Jewish novels is limited. As a rule, the heart and mind of the Jew have not been adequately delineated in fiction. Such able writers as Aguilar, Disraeli, and Auerbach, Jews and with the feelings of Jews, have described mostly nonJewish in preference to Jewish, characters and incidents. And left to the tender mercies of the Christian novelists, the Jew usually emerged a monstrosity in the form of a Fagin or a Riah.

Sympathetic Jewish or Christian authors, on the other hand, have also erred at times, because they viewed their specimens beneath glass covers. The following compilation is a selection from the best available Jewish fiction in the English language.

For several reasons no attempt has been made to be exhaustive.

Fiction based on Old and New Testament subjects does not adequately portray what is commonly understood as Jewish life, and hence it has been excluded, though several of the most typical novels, like " Ben Hur," " Hypatia," and " Barabbas," dealing with the rise of Christianity and with the Fall of Jerusalem, it has been thought advisable to include.

Very few translations of foreign Jewish fiction have been made into English that are available in book form. This accounts for the restricted number mentioned below. The list includes a number of novels containing characters of Jewish interest, though their themes are not necessarily Jewish.

An asterisk before the name of an author denotes that he is of Jewish descent. The dates and places of publication are usually those of the latest editions, and the prices, though not accurate in some instances, give a general idea of the cost of the work. The brief comments are rendered without bias, and with no attempt to act the critic, leaving it entirely for the reader to judge of the merits of the volumes.

Those interested in the study of the Jew in English fiction will find the following works of value: David Philipson, "The Jew in English Fiction," Cincinnati, 1903; Harry Levi, " Jewish Characters in Fiction—English Literature," Philadelphia, 1903;

Ernest A. Baker, " Guide to the Best Fiction," London and New York, 1903; Zella Allen Dixson, " Subject Index to Prose Fiction," New York, 1897. The various biographical articles in " The Jewish Encyclopedia" are also suggestive.] STORIES OF JEWISH INTEREST 131 The Vale of Cedars and Other Tales. PhilaAGUILAB, GRACE.

delphia, 1903 (The Jewish Puhlication Society of America).


Deals with the persecution of the Jews in Spain.

•AGUILAB, GEACE. Home Scenes and Heart Studies. New York, 1895 (Appleton). $1.00.

Nineteen stories founded on Jewish episodes. A selection of tales illustrating Jewish life.

*AUEEBACH, BEBTHOLD. Poet and Merchant (Translation from the German). New York, 1877. $1.25.

Depicts Jewish life in the times of Moses Mendelssohn. Based on episodes in the life of the luckless Breslau poet Moses Ephraim Kuh.

Spinoza: The Life of a Thinker (TransAUEEBACH, BEBTHOLD.

lation from the German). New York, 1882. $1.00.

Half story, half philosophical dissertation, in which Spinoza is admired to the po'nt of glorification.


HENBY. Worshippers. New York, 1906 (Graf ton *BEEMAN, Press). $1.50.

Realistic treatment of " intellectual" types of Russian Jewry in America. The author delineates the Bohemian existence led by people who are constantly confronting the larger problems of life in an idealistic manner.

HEBMAN. Contrite Hearts. New York, 1905 (A.

•BERNSTEIN, Wessels Company). $1.25.

Home life in Russia and in the New York Ghetto.

•BERNSTEIN, HEBMAN. In the Gates of Israel. New York, 1902 (Taylor). $1.00.

Eleven sympathetic stories about Russian Jewish emigrants to America.

BESANT, S I B WALTER. The Rebel Queen. New York, 1893 (Harp e r ). $1.50.

The heroine is a Jewess who is an advocate of women's rights. Touches vividly, from the outside, upon cosmopolitan Jewish social life.

H. M. Ben Beor. Baltimore, 1891 (Priedenwald). $1.00.


A story of the anti-Messiah. Part I (The Man in the Moon) is a counterpart of Wallace's "Bet Hur." Part II (The Wandering Gentile) is a companion romance to Sue's " Wandering Jew."

(Bruno Lessing, pseud.). Children of Men. New

•BLOCH, RUDOLF York, 1903 (McClure, Phillips and Company). $1.50.

Twenty-three humorous, and serious Jewish stories.

132 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK Decameron (Translation from the Italian).


In several of the " novels" Jewish characters figure very conspicuously. These are of special interest since they have their parallels in early Jewish literature. Jost and Steinschneider have written on the influence of Boccaccio's writings on Jewish literature.

BROOKS, ELDEIDGE S. A Son of Issachar. New York, 1890 (Putn a m ). $1.25.

A melodramatic romance of the times of Herod.

•BBUDNO, EZEA S. The Fugitive. New York, 1904 (Doubleday, Page and Company). $1.50.

A romance dealing with the relation of Jew to Gentile. The action begins in Lithuania and ends in New York.

•BRUDNO, EZEA S. The Little Conscript. New York, 1905 (Doubleday, Page and Company).

Deals with the horrors of Russian military conscription.

*CAHAN, ABRAHAM. Yekl, A Tale of the New York Ghetto. New York, 1896 (Appleton). $1.00.

Graphic story of a Kusso-Jewish Immigrant. The pages are permeated with a wretched sordldness and, unlike ZangwlU's and Gordon's novels, breathe pessimism. It is not overdrawn, however, for this pessimism springs from a poverty-stricken and plague-infected environment.

*CAHAN, ABRAHAM. The Imported Bridegroom, and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto. Boston, 1898 (Houghton, Mifflin and Company). $1.00.

Deals with New York Ghetto topics, but with a broader outlook than In '• Y e k l. " The White Terror and the Red. New York, *CAHAN, ABRAHAM.

1905 (A. S. Barnes and Company).

A novel of revolutionary Russia.

CAINE, HALL. The Scapegoat. New York, 1891 (Lovell Company). $1.50.

Deals with Jewish life in Morocco. The hero abandons an impure life for an ascetic one In a wilderness. Both a romance and a parable.


Samuel Brohl and Partner (Translated CHEBBULIEZ, VICTOR.

from the French). New York (Dodd, Mead and Company).


Brohl Is a German Jew, a shrewd rascal who Impersonates a deceased Polish nobleman, and engages in wickedly ingenious plots. Full of unexpected situations.


New York, 1890. $1.50.

Times of the Maccabees.

CLEEVE, LUCAS (pseud.). Children of Endurance. London, 1904 (Unwin). $1.50.


W. Think and Thank. Philadelphia, 1890 (The COOPEE, SAMUEL Jewish Publication Society of America). 50 cents.

Sir Moses Montefiore is the hero of this juvenile story.

CORELLI, MARIE. Barabbas. Philadelphia, 1895 (Lippincott).


A melodramatic novel founded on the crucifixion of Jesus. Gorgeous scenic descriptions.

CRAWFORD, FRANCIS MARION. The Witch of Prague. New York, 1899 (Macmillan). 50 cents.

CROLT, GEORGE. Balathiel, the Immortal. (Reprinted under the title, Tarry Thou Till I Come). New York, 1901 (Funk and Wagnalls Company).

Deals with the imaginary figure of the Wandering Jew. Oriental scenery Is impressively depicted. Probably the best story of the WanderIng Jew. Treats also of the early struggle between Judaism and Christianity. The American edition has addenda in which modern prominent Jews give their views of Jesus.

CUMBERLAND, S. C. The Rabbi's Spell. New York, 1889 (Lovell Company).

A Russo-Jewish romance.


*DANZIGER, ADOLPHE. Children of Fate. New York, 1905 (Brentano).

Hazy but well written story of a secret marriage of a Polish Baroness with a iearned Jewish young man. In appearance he looks the Christ, and his conduct is that of a saint. His Christ-like tendencies are sympathetically described; in fact, everything good the author holds to be Christian.


The Adventures of Oliver Twist.


Fagln, the Jew In this story, is probably the most repugnant Jew in fiction. He is depicted as a thief, coward, and all but murderer.

Curiously enough, the name Fagln was derived from a Christian friend of Dickens' youth, and the personality founded on that of a well-known non-Jewish criminal of the period. This novel was used by many as a weapon against the Jews.

DICKENS, CHARLES. Our Mutual Friend.

Dickens evidently realized, in 1864, when he wrote this novel, that Fagin in "Oliver Twist" (written in 1837) was an impossible Jew. To counteract the evil influences of this book he created Riah in " Our Mutual Friend," who is the other extreme, too good to be true. In creating these two monstrosities Dickens displayed ignorance of the real characteristics of the Jew.

Tancred; or the New Crusade. London,


1894 (Longmans). 60 cents.

Rhapsodical tale of the adventures of a European nobleman in the Holy Land. Deals with a regenerated Christianity refined by Judaism.

At times rather vague and fantastic. The scenes described are those which Disraeli visited In his youth.

134 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK Coningsby. London, 1891 (Longmans).


60 cents.

A novel dealing with the political conditions of England during 1832-34, in which the most impressive character, Sidonia, a great Jewish financier, is an idealized portraiture of Lord Lionel de Rothschild.

•DISRAELI, BENJAMIN. The Wondrous Tale of Alroy. London, 1905 (Longmans). 60 cents.

The only novel by Disraeli dealing entirely with a Jewish subject.

The name is derived from that of David Alroy, the pseudo-Messiah of the twelfth century. 'J he details of the story are, however, purely imaginary, exalting an impostor into the glorious hero of a beautiful Oriental romance.

•DOREE, NADAGE. G4lta, or the Czar and the Songstress. Chicago, 1897 (Neely Company).

*DRACHMAN, BERNARD. From the Heart of Israel. New York, 1905 (Pott and Company).

Stories of pious Jewish life, the longest of which has its background in a Bavarian village ; the others are laid in New York. Written with a religious motive.

ELIOT, GEORGE (pseud.). Daniel Deronda.

A serious and sombre spiritual drama. The chief characters exemplify the struggle between blighting materialistic and advanced idealistic influences. Intermingled with the plot is the story of Deronda and Mordecai, two unselfish leaders in a plan to repossess the Holy Land.

ERCKMANN, E M I L E, AND ALEXANDRE CHATRIAN. The Blockade of Phalsbourg.

The hero is an old Jew who lays in a supply of wine, in anticipation of the siege of Phalsbourg by the French, so that he may profit by the scarcity. The Jew's moralizings and prattling of sweet ideals, while in the interim he thrives on other folk, are full of human Interest.

*FARJEON, BENJAMIN L. Pride of Race. 1900. $1.00.

A striking story of the union of a wealthy young Jew with an English peer's daughter.

*FARJEON, BENJAMIN L. Solomon Isaacs. New York, 1877 (Carleton and Company).

*FARJEON, BENJAMIN L. Aaron the Jew. 1894.

L. Fair Jewess.

*FARJEON, BENJAMIN The life of a Christian girl adopted and educated by Jews.

*FRANKAU, JULIA ( F r a n k Danby,pseud.). Dr. Phillips: A Maida Vale Idyl. London, 1887.

A story of Jewish life in the West End of London. Created a sensation by its realistic treatment.

•FRANKEL, A. H. In Gold We Trust. Philadelphia (U. H. Piles' Sons).

STORIES OP JEWISH INTEREST 135 Judith Trachtenberg (Translated from

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