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«STATISTICS 127 JEWISH STATISTICS The statistics of Jews in the world rest largely upon estimates. In Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and a few ...»

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the German). New York, 1891 (Harper). 40 cents.

A novel dealing with intermarriage.

•FRANZOS, KAEL EMIL. The Jews of Barnow (Translated from the German). New York, 1882 (Blackwood and Sons). $1.00.

Sympathetic sketches of the Jews in the Galician Ghetto. A record of suffering and fortitude in which stress Is laid on the tragic side of Jewish life, the conflict between the old and the new.

*FRANZOS, KARL E M I L. For the Right (Translated from the German). New York, 1888 (Harper). $1.00.

A powerful romance of an uneducated man who believes that right can be left to avenge all wrongs.

FBEYTAG, GUSTAV. Debit and Credit (Translated from the Germ a n ). 1856 (Ward and Lock). $1.00.

A collection of interesting characters who are Involved in commercial transactions, the description of which forms the plot.

•FRIEDMAN, I. K. The Lucky Number. 1896 (Way and Williams).

Orthodox. New York, 1888 (Appleton). 25 GERARD, DOROTHEA.


Modern Jewish life in Austrian-Poland.

*GERSON, EMILY GOLDSMITH. A Modern Esther and Other Stories for Jewish Children. Philadelphia, 1906 (Greenstone).

•GERSONI, HENRY. Sketches of Jewish Life and History. New York, 1873.

*GILLMAN, NATHANIEL I. Circumstantial Affection. New York, 1900 (Neely).

A romance of the New York Ghetto.

•GOLDSCHMIDT, MEIER AARON. Jacob Bendixen, the Jew (Translated from the Danish). London, 1851 (Ward and Lock).

•GOLDSMITH, MILTON. Rabbi and Priest. Philadelphia, 1892 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.00.

Treats of the career of a Russian Jew. Strong and well-written.

•GOLDSMITH, MILTON. A Victim of Conscience. Philadelphia, 1903 (Coates and Company). $1.00.

An interesting American-Jewish novel depicting the psychological effects of a crime upon the murderer. Dwells incidentally upon the distinction between various creeds.

*GOKDON, SAMUEL. Sons of the Covenant. Philadelphia, 1900 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.50.

An optimistic study of the development of the lives of two London Jewish youths. The book does not shirk realities, seeing these, however, through kindly glasses. The note of " tendenz " is the uplifting of the Ghetto dwellers to a higher plane.

136 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK Strangers at the Gate. Philadelphia, 1902


(The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.50.

Tales of Russian Jewry.

•GOBDON, SAMUEL. A Handful of Exotics. London, 1897.

Sympathetic stories of Jewish life.

•GORDON, SAMUEL. Unto Each Man His Own. London, 1904.

On the intermarriage question.

•GOEDON, SAMUEL. The Ferry of Fate. London, 1906.

GRAHAM, WINIFRED. The Zionists. 1902 (Hutchinson).

Deals with the complications arising from assimilative marriages.

GREIG, HILDA (Sydney C. Grier, pseud.). Kings of the East.

Boston, 1902 (Page). $1.25.

The cardinal motive of this romance, which is a sort of sequel to " A Crowned Queen" by the same author, is furnished by the machinations of a Jewish " United Nation Syndicate" for the repossessing of Palestine.

Neither Jew nor Qreek. 1902 (Chatto).


HAGGARD, RIDER. Pear Maiden: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem.

London, 1903.

HALES, A. G. The Watcher of the Tower. London, 1904 (Unwin).

HARLAND, HENRY (Sidney Luska, pseud.). The Yoke of the Torah. 1887 (Cassell).

A realistic study of German Jewish life in New York. The hero, a young Jew, loves a non-Jewess, but because of Rabbinical pressure he jilts her and marries a commonplace Jewess. His death soon follows.

HABLAND, HENRY (Sidney Luska, pseud.). As It Was Written.

1886 (Cassell).

A Jewish musician's love story.

•HARRIS, H. L. Zillah. 1874 (Valentine).

HATTON, JOSEPH. By Order of the Czar. New York, 1890. 20 cents (Hutchinson).

A sensational novel dealing boldly with the persecution of Jews in Russia.

• H E I N E, HEINEICH. The Rabbi of Bacharach (Translated from the German). New York, 1891.

Probably the first Ghetto novel. A fragment. Deals with the blood accusation.


A tale of the Fall of Jerusalem.

HERZL, THEODOR. Old Newland (Translated from the German).

A future-day novel advocating the ideals of political Zionism. Is considered a text-book on the subject of Zionism.

STORIES OF JEWISH INTEREST 137 HOMEE, A. N. Hernani, the Jew. New York, 1898 (Rand, McNally and Company).

HOWAED, W. S. Rosie's Trust. Cincinnati. 25 cents.

A Purlm story based on London life.

•ILIOWIZI, HENET. In the Pale. Philadelphia, 1897 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.25.

Pathetic and humorous stories and legends of the Russian.Tews.

*ILIOWIZI, HENRY. The Weird Orient. Philadelphia, 1901.

Nine Oriental mystic tales.

•ILIOWIZI, HENRY. The Archierey of Barnard. Philadelphia, 1903.


A semi-historic and thrilling romnnce of Russian Jewish life.

INGEAHAM, JOSEPH HALE. Prince of the Bouse of David. Philadelphia, 1860 (Evans, and other editions).

Series of letters from one Adina, a Jewess of Alexandria, supposed to be sojourning in Jerusalem and witnessing the career of Jesus.

•ISAACS, ABEAM S. Stories from the Rabbis. New York, 1893 (Webster). $1.00.

Stories from the Talmud and Midrash illustrating life and thought in Judsea.

•JACOBS, JOSEPH. AS Others Saw Him. New York, 1904 (Funk and Wagnalls Company).

The life and death of Jesus as viewed bv an imaginary member of the Sanhedrin. A Jewish and rationalistic study of Jesus.

KELLY, MYBA. Little Citizens. New York, 1904 (McClure, Phillips and Company).

Short humorous stories in which New York Jewish school children are the chief characters.

KING, EDWARD. Joseph Zalmonah.

Novel dealing with Jewish toilers in New York.


Deals with the early struggles of newly-born Christianity and the old Greek world.

KINGSLEY, FLORENCE MOESE. The Cross Triumphant. 1900 (Ward and Lock).

Hero an actor in the Pall of Jerusalem. Dawn of Christianity studied from the Hebraic point of view, showing influences and relations of the old and new faiths.

•KOHN, SOLOMON. Gabriel: A Tale of the Jews in Prague (Translated from the German). New York, 1882 (Munro).

Christian and Leah, and Other Ghetto


Stories (Translated from the German). (Bloch.) 75 cents.

•KOMPEET, LEOPOLD. Ghetto Scenes (Translated from the German). London, 1895 (Dent), 138 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK The Jew (Translated from the


Polish). New York, 1893 (Dodd, Mead and Company).

Story of a Polish Jew.

•KTTLKE, EDUARD. Pitsche-Patsche, or the Life Story of Froimel (From the German). Cincinnati, 1890 (Bloch Publishing Company). 15 cents.

A charming juvenile tale.

LANDIS, C. K. Carabajal, the Jew. Vineland, N. J., 1894.

Legend of the Mexican inquisition.

•LAZABRE, JACOB (pseud.). Beating Sea and Changeless Bar.

Philadelphia, 1905 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). 75 cents.

Four poetic love tales Intended to show that no power can force a true Jewess to surrender her religion. Profoundly pathetic.


Reuben Sachs. New York, 1888 (Macmillan).


Presents the less pleasing features of the Jewish character. In a vivid and realistic manner It depicts the domestic life of Jewish people of London. The hero prefers worldly advancement to passion. It Is written with a lack of sympathy bordering on cynicism.

•LICHTENBEBG, I. N. The Widow's Son. New York, 1884. 50 cents.

A thrilling juvenile story of the varied adventures of a seventeenth century Jewish youth of the Rhine provinces.

•LIPSKY, Louis. The Three Worthies of Breoendefka (Adapted from the Yiddish of Mordecai Spector). New York, 1905. 35 cents.

A story of the riots In Russia.

LONDON, JACK. The Game. New York, 1905 (Macmillan).

Several of the characters in this story are low class Jews of San Francisco.

*LUBIN, DAVID. Let There Be Light. 1900 ( P u t n a m ). $1.50.

Story of a worklngman's organization of which the leading member Is a Jew. Really a study In sociology, though set In novel form.

LUDLOW, JAMES M. Deborah. New York (Revell Co). $1.50.

A graphic tale of the times of Judas Maccabaeus. One of the best historical novels on that period.

• L U S T, ADELINE COHNFELD. A Tent of Grace. 1899 (Houghton, Mifflin and Company). $1.50.

The heroine is a Jewess who passes a tragic life among Christians.



A Spanish and Moorish romance laid amid the stormy scenes of the Conquest of Granada, in which a Moorish Jewess figures prominently.

STORIES OF JEWISH INTEREST 139 HOW Joe Learned to Darn Stockings.


Cincinnati, 1897 (Krehbiel). 35 cents.

Clever juvenile story.

MATURIN, EDWARD. Benjamin, the Jew of Granada.

*MAYER, NATHAN. Differences. Cincinnati, 1867. 25 cents.

A novel of the Civil War. The scene is laid in the South.

MELVILLE, G. J. WHYTE. The Gladiators.

Fall of Jerusalem.

PEREIRA. Looking Ahead. London, 1899


Twentieth century happenings.

•MILLER, SARA. Under the Eagle's Wings. Philadelphia, 1900 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). 75 cents.

A story of the days of Maimonides.

•MONTAGU, LILY H. Naomi's Exodus. London, 1901 (Unwin).

Story of a Jewess who in opposing her narrow surroundings, and in endeavoring to locate herself in a more congenial sphere, suffers harshly.

*MOSES, ADOLPH. Luser the Watchmaker. Cincinnati. 25 cents.

A tale of the Polish Revolution.

MUDDOCK, J. E. For God and the Czar. 1892.

Narka the Nihilist.


ORZESZKO, ELIZA P. An Obscure Apostle (Translated from the Polish). 1899. ?1.50.

An unprejudiced and sympathetic study of Polish Jewish life. The hero breaks with the old traditions, and the consequent fend in his native village between two classes of Jews symbolizes the struggle between light and darkness.

ORZESZKO, ELIZA P. Me'ir Ezofovitch (Translated from t h e Polish).

Deals with Polish Jewish life.


QUINTON, ABEL. Aurelia; or Jews of Gaperna Gate.

•PEREZ, ISAAC LOEB. Stories and Pictures. Philadelphia, 1906 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.50.

"Collection of sketches of Russian Jewish life, written with simplicity and force. Remarkable for their psychological insight; full of symbolism.

•PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG. The Marranos (Translated from t h e German). Philadelphia, 1898 (Levytype Company).

PBELOOKER, JAAKOFF. The New Israelite; or Rabbi Shalom. London, 1903 (Lumpkin).

A record of the " New Israelites " of Odessa. A propagandist book.

140 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK It's Never Too Late to Mend.


The Jew is a secondary, but distinct character.

•RICE, AMELIA. Fortune Hunting. Cincinnati. 25 cents.

Jewish life in America.

•RICE, AMELIA. True Nobility. Cincinnati (Bloch). 25 cents.

RICHARDSON, B. W. Son of a Star. London, 1888. $1.50.

A romance in which the hero Is Bar Kokba, who led the second revolt against the Romans.

SACHER-MASOCH, LEOPOLD. Jewish Tales (Translated from the German). Chicago, 1894 (McClurg). $1.00.

Tales and character studies of Gallclan.Tews who still maintain unmodified superstitions and prejudices.

•SCHNABEL, Louis. Yoegele's Marriage and Other Tales. Philadelphia, 1892 (The Jewish Publication Society of America).

25 cents.

Sketches of European Jewish life.



A vivid portrayal of medieval England, in which the several Jewish characters are dealt with very symDathetlcally. Gives a fairly good insight into the social conditions of the Jews at that time.

A Jew's Christian. New York, 1904 (Ogilvie SHARRON, TRAFFOBD.

Publishing Company).

SIDGWICK, MBS. ALFRED (Mrs. Andrew Dean, pseud.). Isaac Eller's Money. London, 1889 (Unwin).

Portraiture of life of Frankfort Jews settled in London. Chief characters are a repellant race of money-grubbers, with a perverted and contemptuous conception of life.

(Mrs. Andrew Dean, pseud.). Lesser's SIDGWICK, MRS. ALFRED Daughter. London (Unwin).

SIDGWICK, MRS. ALFRED (Mrs. Andrew Dean, pseud.). Scenes of Jewish Life. New York, 1904 (Dutton and Company).

SIMON, O. J. The World and the Cloister. 1890 (Hall).

SPINDLES, CABL. The Jew (Translated from the German). New York, 1844 (Harper and Brothers). 50 cents.

Picture of Germany in the first half of the fifteenth century.

STBATTSS, F. Helon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (Translated from the German). London, 1824 (Mawman).

Judaism in the century preceding Jesus.


A semi-supernatural romance full of terrible realism.

TURGENIEV, IVAN S. The Jew. New York (Macmillan). $1.25.


Our Little Jewish Cousin. Boston (Page WADE, MABT HAZLETON.

and Company). 60 cents.

Juvenile stories of Oriental Jewish life.

Ben Bur; or the Days of the Messiah. New WALLACE, L E W.

York, 1880 ( H a r p e r ). $1.50.

A splendid Oriental romance of the first century. The plot Is very Intricate.

WALLACE, LEW. The Prince of India; or Why Constantinople Fell. New York, 1893 (Harper). $2.50.

Picture of the Byzantine Empire in the fifteenth century, the hero taking the character of the Wandering Jew.

WAKE, WILLIAM. Julian; or Scenes in Judaea. Boston (Estes).


The hero is a Roman Jew. Portrays the pageantry and barbarities of Rome.

•WAHFIELD, DAVID. Ghetto Silhouettes. New York, 1902 (Pott and Company). $1.25.

Sketches of New York Ghetto life.

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