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«STATISTICS 127 JEWISH STATISTICS The statistics of Jews in the world rest largely upon estimates. In Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and a few ...»

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J. B. Naomi; or the Last Days of Jerusalem. (RoutWEBB, MRS.

ledge). $1.25.

Juvenile story.

WILLAED, MRS. E. S. (Rachel Penn, pseud.). A Son of Israel.

Philadelphia, 1898 (Lippincott).

Story of an Odessa silversmith.

* W I S E, ISAAC MAYEE. The Combat of the People. Cincinnati, 1859 (Bloch and Company). 50 cents.

Historical romance of the times of Herod the Great.

• W I S E, ISAAC MATES. The First of the Maccabees. Cincinnati, Bloch and Company).

An historical novel.

WITTIGSCHLAGEB, WILHELMINA. Minna, Wife of the Young Rabbi.

New York, 1905 (Consolidated Retail Booksellers).

Melodramatic and sensational; absurdly crude and preposterous; treats of the marriage of a twelve and a half year old girl to a " Yeshibah Bocher." Intended to portray, though very vulgarly, the iniquities and brutalities of a revolting marriage system, where nuptials are tied at uncannily early ages and as pure business arrangements. The delineation of the squalor and sordidness of such matches leaves a ghastly impression.

*WOLF, E M M A. Heirs of Yesterday. Chicago, 1900 (McClurg and Company). 60 cents.

An interesting novel in which the force of tradition upon the Jew and the prejudiced attitude of the Christians are the underlying motives.

142 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK Other Things Being Equal. Chicago, 1892 (MeWOLF, EMMA.

Clurg). $1.00.

Present-day social life of the American Jew, the lesson derived being that other things being equal, a Jewish girl may marry a Christian.

Affirms the pure morality and peace of Jewish homes.

Idyls of the Gass. Philadelphia, 1901


(The Jewish Publication Society of America). ?1.25.

A charming collection of short stories. The poetic beauty and charm of Ghetto life is depicted with a tender and keen insight and a loving sympathy.

•WOLFENSTEIN, MARTHA. A Renegade and Other Tales. Philadelphia, 1905 (The Jewish Publication Society of America).


Collection of short stories of excellent merit, descriptive of Ghetto and American Jewish life.

•ZANGWILL, ISRAEL. Children of the Ghetto. Philadelphia, 1892.

2 vols. (The Jewish Publication Society of America). $2.50.

Portrays two phases of London Jewish life, the sordid poor of Whitechapel, and the coarsely prosperous of the West End. Shows a profound knowledge of Jewish characters and characteristics. Full of pathos and humor. The best of Ghetto novels. When he depicts Ghetto life It Is as a sympathetic observer; Jewish life of the West End, on the other hand, he records as a critic.

The King of Schnorrers. London, 1894



Grotesques and fantasies of eighteenth century Jews of the London Ghetto.

•ZANGWILL, ISRAEL. They That Walk in Darkness. Philadelphia, 1900 (The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.50.

Several Ghetto tragedies illumined by flashes of fancy, satire, irony, and humor. Leaves the reader with a sense of compassion and admiration for the Jew.

Dreamers of the Ghetto. Philadelphia, 1898


(The Jewish Publication Society of America). $1.50.

Imaginary conversations and memories of Jewish celebrities, especially such as have rebelled against orthodox Judaism. Not very successful as a portrayal of the past, yet shows a remarkable insight into the Jewish characteristics of such men as Spinoza, Heine, and Disraeli.

ZOLA, EMILE. Truth (Translated from the F r e n c h ). New York, 1903 (Lane). $1.50.

The plot is virtually a resetting of the celebrated Dreyfus case. Illustrates the keen antagonistic influences of the Jesuitical parties in modern France.





AUGUST, 1905, TO AUGUST, 1906 (commemorating


the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the Jews in North America), contains articles bearing upon the history and present status of the Jews of the United States. November 24, 1905.

BANKS, EDGAR JAMES. Traces of the Hebrew Exiles in Babylonia.

Sunday School Times, August 19, 1905.

BERDTCZEWSKI, M. J. Some Reflections on Hasidism. Jewish Comment, August 25, 1905.

BERDTCZEWSKI, M. J. TWO Languages and Two Literatures of the Jews. Jewish Comment, April 6, 1906.

CASSON, HERBERT N. The Jew in America. Munsey's Magazine, January, 1906.

CHARITIES AND THE COMMONS. Contains the papers read at the National Conference of Jewish Charities. May 26, 1906.

COMBES, EMILE. The Separation of Church and State in the French Republic. The World To-day, September, 1905.

DAVIDSON, ISRAEL. A Modern Hebrew Satirist. The Maccabsean, January, 1906.

DEUTSCH, GTOTTHARD. The Confessions of a Jewish Anti-Semite.

The American Israelite, July 19, 1906.

DINKINS, MRS. S. A. Penina Moise. The American Israelite, October 19 and 26, 1905.

ELZAS, BARNETT A. A Letter to Leeser: An Important American Jewish Historical Document. Jewish Comment, August 10, 1906.

EMANU-EL, THE, issues a souvenir edition commemorating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the Jews in North America, and containing a symposium on What Can the Synagogue Do to Attract Men to its Services?

September 29, 1905.

Contributors: Max L. Margolls, Joseph R. Brandon, Harris Welnstock, Albert Sutro, P. N. Aronson, George N. Black, Samuel Braunhart, M. S.

Wahrhaftig, Sanford Felgenbaum.

144 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK M. Z. In the Dark of Night. From the Memoirs of FEUEBBTJBG, Hafln the Dreamer. The Maccabaean, August, 1905.

Translated from the Hebrew.

FRIEDLAENDER, ISRAEL. Achad Ha'am. The Jewish Exponent, February 16 and 23, 1901.

GAPON, GEORGE (Father Agapon). Appeal to the Russian People in Behalf of the Jews. New York Evening Journal, August 12, 1905.

GILROY, FOSTER. Gregory Maxime. The World To-day, August, 1906.

GINZBERG, ASHER. Moses. The Reform Advocate, September 23 and 30, 1905.

Translated from the Hebrew by Max L. Margolls.

GINZBERG, LOUIS. The Rabbinical Student. The Maccabaean, February, 1906.

GORDON, SAMUEL. The Ferry of Fate. The Jewish Exponent, June 29, 1906, et seq.

GORDON, SAMUEL. The Righteous Renegade. Jewish Comment, June 29, July 6 and 13, 1906.

GOTTHEIL, RICHARD. The Karaites in Egypt. A Visit to an Interesting Sect of Jews. Jewish Comment, December 15, 1905.

GOTTHEIL, RICHARD. Jewish Scholarship in America. The Jewish Exponent, March 16 and 23, 1906.

GUTTMACHER, ADOLPH. Jewish Sects. The Jewish Exponent, March 30, 1906.

HAAS, J. DE. A Deborah in English Literature. The Maccabsean, January, 1906.

HANSON, BUBTON. Judah Philip Benjamin. American Law Review, May-June, 1906.

HARVEY, CHARLES M. The Miracle of the Modern Jew. Leslie's Weekly, November 16, 1905.

JACOBS, JOSEPH. What Anthropometry Says of Jewish Race Purity. Jewish Comment, November 17, 1905.

JAMES, HENRY. New York and the Hudson. North American Review, December, 1905.

Contains a description of the East Side of New York.

JEWISH OUTLOOK, THE (commemorating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the Jews in North America), contains articles bearing on the history of the Jews of Colorado and the neighboring States. November 24, 1905.

NOTABLE ARTICLES 145 H. Outline of the Rise and Growth of the JOSEPH, CHARLES Pittsburg Jewish Community. The Jewish Criterion, December 1, 1905.

Republished from tbe Pittsburg Gazette.

KAHN, BEENHABD. The Modern Exodus. The Jewish Criterion, April 20, 1906.

From " Ost und West."

Justice for the Russian Jew. An Appeal to the Justice of the World for the Cessation of an Unprecedented International Crime. New York: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company, 1906.

Being a complete stenographic report of the speeches delivered at the great mass meeting in Washington, u. (_'., January 21, 190tJ, called to protest against the murders of the Jews in Russia.

A Soul Above Buttons. McClure's Magazine, AugKELLY, MYBA.

ust, 1906.

The Talmud Man from Wilna. Pearson's MagaKILDABE, OWEN.

zine, December, 1905.

KOHLEB, KAUFMANN. Maimonides and Rashi. A Lecture. Reprinted in the Reform Advocate, September 2, 1905.

LAZABUS, JOSEPHINE. Hebrew Thought in Modern English Poetry:

Tennyson. Jewish Comment, February 2, 9 and 16, 1906.

LAZABUS, JOSEPHINE. Religion. The Chicago Israelite, December 9, 1905.

Paper read before the Fourth Triennial Convention of the Council of Jewish Women, Chicago, December 6, 1905. Reproduced in a number of Jewish journals.

The Jew in American Fiction. A BiblioLEBOWICH, JOSEPH.

graphy. The American Hebrew, May 4, 1906.

LEVY, LOUIS EDWARD. Semitic Influences on the Western Course of Empire. The Jewish Exponent, December 8, 15, 22 and 29, 1905.

CUBBENT LITEBATUBE. Lilien: An Artist of the Ghetto. January, 1906.

LOEB, MoBEis. Laborers and Artisans in Ancient Israel. The American Hebrew, March 9 and 16, 1906.

MAABTENS, MAABTEN. Israels: A Bit of Biography. The Atlantic Monthly, February, 1906.


Rabbi Me'ir of Rothenburg. The Jewish ExMARSHALL, LOUIS.

ponent, April 6, 1906.

MILLEB, GEOBGE MCA. Economics of Moses. The Arena, January, 1906, et seq.

146 AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK LEO. The Pogroms. Jewish Review of Brooklyn, MOTZKIN, March, 1906.

Extracts from an address delivered at the Jewish Conference in Brussels, January 29, 1906.

MUELLEE, IGNATIUS. Rashi. The Jewish Spectator, January 17, 1906.

PEBDICABIS, ION. The Situation in Morocco. North American Review, November, 1905.

PHUJPSON, DAVID. Jewish Pioneers of the Ohio Valley. Emanu El, September 29, 1905.

PHILIPSON, DAVID. The Frankfort Rabbinical Conference 18^5.

Jewish Quarterly Review, January, 1906.

PHILIPSON, DAVID. The Breslau Rabbinical Conference. Jewish Quarterly Review, July, 1906.

POOLE, EBNEST. Russian Peasant Riots. Everybody's Magazine, January, 1906.

POOLE, EBNEST. A Cossack's Practical Joke. The Outlook, September, 1905.

POOLS, EBNEST. A Jewish Qirl's Struggle to Rise in Russia. The Outlook, January, 1906.

POPE, JESSE ELIPHALET. The Clothing Industry in New York.

University of Missouri Studies, 1905.

PBOCTOB, HENRY. Hebrew Anthropology. American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal, January-February, 1906.

RAISIN, MAX. Reform and the Ghetto. The Jewish Exponent, April 27 and May 4, 1906.

REVIEW OF REVIEWS. Religious Toleration and the Jewish Question in Russia, August, 1905.

REVIEW OF REVIEWS. Palestine Itself the New Zion. August, 1906.

RHINE, ABBAHAM BENEDICT. Leon Gordon as a Poet. Jewish Quarterly Review, April, 1906.

RICHABDS, BERNARD G. The Yiddish Rialto. The Chronicler, July 27, 1906.

SCHLOESSINGER, MAX. A New Savior of Judaism. Jewish Comment, May 18, 1906.

SCHMIDT, NATHANIEL. The Persecution of the Jews. Ethical Addresses, January, 1906.

SCHWAB, MOISE. The Falashas of Abyssinia: An Authentic Report of African Jews. Jewish Comment, October 6, 1905.

NOTABLE ARTICLES 147 The Industrial Progress of Germany. II.


Yale Review, August, 1905.

Largely devoted to the Importance of the place of the Jew in Germany's industrial development.

STLVA, CABMEN. The Jews in Roumania. The Century, March, 1906.

THOMPSON, VANCE. The Rothschilds of France. Everybody's Magazine, November, 1905.

WACHENBAUM, F. L. Home Treatment of Consumption. Charities and the Commons, May 19, 1906.

WABD, R. D. Immigration and the South. The Atlantic, November, 1905.

WOODBUFF, C. E. The Complexion of the Jews. American Journal of Insanity, October, 1905.

WOBLD'S WOBK, THE. The Real Cause of the Russian Massacres.

August, 1906.

ZANGWIIX, ISBAEL. Holy Wedlock. The American Hebrew, New York, June 1 and 8, 1906.




AUGUST, 1905, TO AUGUST, 1906 [The following list is an attempt to record the literary output of the Jews in the United States in certain limited directions. It aims to include books, magazine articles, and notable newspaper articles written by American Jews, whether on Jewish or on other subjects, together with articles in the American magazines by Jews of other countries. Strictly scientific and professional work, as in medicine, chemistry, philology, etc., or relating to the technic of the arts and crafts, has not been drawn within the purview of the list. Also articles published in the Jewish press of the United States have not been noted here. They are indirectly made accessible to the inquirer by the complete " List of Jewish Periodicals Appearing in the United States," printed on pp.

167-74, and the most important of them are listed- on pp. 143-7, under the heading, " A List of Notable Articles of Jewish Interest in the Jewish and in the General Press."] The International Catalogue of Scientific LiteraADLEB, CYEUS.

ture. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. Ill, Part II, 1905.

[ADLEB, CYKUS, and SZOLD, HENRIETTA.].Editors. The American Jewish Year Book, 5666. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1905.

Seventh issue.

ADLEB, FELIX. The Essentials of Spirituality. New York: James Pott and Company, 1905.

ADLEB, FELIX. The Independence of Morality and What it Implies.

Ethical Addresses, September, 1905.

ADLEB, FELIX. The Punishment of Children. Ethical Addresses, November, 1905.

ADLEB, FELIX. Moral Conditions in American Life in the Light of Recent Revelations. Ethical Addresses, March, 1906.

ADLEB, FELIX. Impending Changes. Ethical Addresses, February, 1906.

ADLEB, FELIX. Self-Help in Affliction. Ethical Addresses April, 1906.


M. The Improved Gash Book System. A AFFELDEB, WILLIAM Treatise on the Use of the Gash Book and the Check Book, New York, 1905.

ALEXANDER, Louis A. The Drama of Blood. New York: The Author, 1906.

AMERICAN, SADIE. Vacation Schools. Education, May-June, 1906.

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