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12.2.2. Air National Guard technicians may wear the uniform according to ANG regulations while performing air technician duties, however, guard members do not receive a uniform allowance for voluntarily wearing the uniform.

170 AFI 36-2903_TINKERAFBSUP_I 1 FEBRUARY 2012 12.2.3. State-appointed ANG officers without federal recognition do not wear the uniform or any distinctive uniform item. Newly appointed ANG officers granted temporary recognition by a federal recognition board wear the uniform.

12.2.4. Enlisted ANG members wear the uniform on enlistment.

12.2.5. Upon written request of the governor and the consent of the Air Force Chief of Staff, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau authorizes a state adjutant general, who holds a federally commissioned status in the Air Force, to wear the rank insignia of his or her stateappointed rank while occupying the federally recognized position on the state headquarters unit manning documents, provided that rank does not exceed Major General.

12.3. Air Reserve Technician. Will wear the uniform while performing duties in civil service status as an Air Reserve technician.

12.4. Retired Personnel.

12.4.1. Retirees may wear the authorized uniform prescribed at the date of member’s retirement or any of the uniforms authorized for current active duty personnel, including the dress uniforms. Do not mix uniforms.

12.4.2. Retirees who had an assignment prior to retirement that included command at squadron, group or wing level are authorized to wear the Command insignia pin on the left lapel.

12.4.3. If member’s last assignment prior to retirement was a First Sergeant and/or Command Chief, the member is authorized to wear appropriate chevrons in all instances the uniform is worn.

12.4.4. Retirees may wear the retired lapel pin on civilian attire. The retired lapel pin is placed on the left lapel. If member is authorized to wear the Command insignia pin, it is placed on the same side, below the retired lapel pin.

12.4.5. May wear full-size or miniature medals on civilian suits or equivalent dresses on appropriate occasions such as Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day.

12.4.6. May wear the uniform at occasions of military ceremonies.

12.4.7. May wear the uniform at military funerals, weddings, memorial services and inaugurals.

12.4.8. May wear the uniform at patriotic parades on national holidays, other military parades or ceremonies in which any active or Reserve U.S. Military unit is taking part.

12.4.9. May wear the uniform at educational institutions when engaged in giving military instructions or responsible for military discipline.

12.4.10. May wear the uniform at social or other functions when the invitation has been influenced by the member’s active military service.

12.4.11. May wear the uniform when traveling to or from any function listed above when travel is within 24 hours of the scheduled function.

12.4.12. Members of the reserve components who are eligible to retire but are not at mandatory age (60 years) do not wear the uniform while traveling on military aircraft.


12.5. Medal of Honor Recipients. May wear the uniform at any time Chapter 1 does not prohibit wear.

12.6. Separated Personnel.

12.6.1. Honorably discharged Air Force personnel (including service with an air component of the Army before the Air Force was established and other than retired, Reserve or ANG with war time service, during a declared or undeclared war), may wear the authorized uniform prescribed at the date of member’s discharge or any of the uniforms authorized for current active duty personnel, including the dress uniforms. Do not mix uniforms. Honorably discharged members who served during World War II wear the Honorable Discharge Emblem on the left lapel. May wear full-size or miniature medals on civilian suits or equivalent dresses on appropriate occasions such as Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day. May wear the uniform at military funerals, memorial services and inaugurals. May wear the uniform at patriotic parades on national holidays, other military parades or ceremonies in which any active or Reserve U.S. Military unit is taking part. May wear the uniform on any occasion recognized by the Secretary of Defense in DODI 1334.1 or when authorized by law.

12.6.2. Discharged Air Force personnel (other than retired, Reserve or ANG without war time service) may wear the authorized uniform from place of discharge to home, within three months after discharge. The member will wear the highest rank authorized on date of separation. Do not mix uniforms. Installation commanders authorize such separatees to use military clothing sales stores (MCSS) to purchase uniforms and accessories required for special occasion such as military funerals, parades or other ceremonies. Separatees purchase only the service dress or mess dress uniforms and accessories. Separatees may not purchase items commonly available from commercial sources. MCSS establish adequate controls over quantities of uniform items each separatee purchases. Commanders ensure separatees present proof of honorable discharge under honorable conditions and know current uniform and grooming standards.


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13.1. Supplements. MAJCOMs may supplement this publication. Organizations not reporting to a MAJCOM may supplement this publication. Changes to this publication will be updated in supplements to this publication within 180 days IAW AFI 33-360, Publications and Forms Management.

13.2. Air Force Virtual Uniform Board (AFVUB). Uniform Change Requests (UCRs) will be submitted through the Air Force Innovative Development Through Employee Awareness (IDEA) Program Database System. Submissions will be reviewed by the AFVUB, DCS, Manpower, Personnel & Services, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force with recommendations submitted to the CSAF for final decision. Approved changes will be made via policy message until an Interim Change (IC) or re-write is published.

13.2.1. The AFVUB Process. UCRs must be submitted via the UCR Module in the IPDS. Each UCR may only have one uniform proposal. Every proposed change or new item element must be its own individual UCR. UCRs must not duplicate or propose a similar recommendation as another UCR from the same Uniform Board session. The Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA) will determination eligibility on all UCRs, by eliminating exact duplications. AFMA will forward UCRs to AF/A1SUO for considerations. UCRs determined eligible for consideration by AF/A1SO will be forwarded to a group of advisors, consisting of representatives from the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP), the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), AF/A1SOU, and the Air Force Materiel Support Division. These advisors are responsible for determining if there is a capability to support a recommendation or to make it a reality over time. After the advisor’s initial review and comments, the UCRs and advisor’s comments are forwarded to the MAJCOMS/DRU/FOAs. MAJCOM/DRU/FOAs recommend which UCRs will be forwarded to the AFVUB for consideration. After MAJCOM/DRU/FOA recommendations, the UCRs are then consolidated and quality reviewed prior to forwarding to the AFVUB. The AFVUB evaluates each UCR and makes recommendations to the CSAF.

13.2.2. New UCRs submitted after the cut-off date and/or during an active AFVUB being convened will be held over and considered by the next AFVUB.

13.2.3. All UCRs are considered outside the submitter(s) job responsibility.

13.2.4. Base Individual Program Managers (IPMs) will validate and accomplish award payment requests for approved UCRs.

13.2.5. Submitters do not retain ownership rights for UCRs.


13.3. Out-of-Cycle Request. Out-of-cycle requests are requests received from MAJCOM Commanders and 2-digit Air Staff/Secretariat Principals. Requests are submitted via an electronic Staff Summary Sheet (eSSS) to the HQ USAF/A1SOU Workflow Box (afa1sou.workflow@pentagon.af.mil) for processing. Changes will either be reviewed by the HQ USAF/A1s or CSAF for a final decision. Approved changes will be made via policy message until an Interim Change (IC) or re-write is published.

13.4. Functional Authority. Changes impacting Air Force uniforms by either removing or replacing a uniform item with a functional clothing item will receive coordination from the HQ USAF/A1 prior to approval.

13.5. Exception-to-Policy. All exception-to-policy requests will be submitted through MAJCOM/A1 channels (chain of command) to the HQ USAF/A1SOU Workflow Box (afa1sou.workflow@pentagon.af.mil) for processing.

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AFPC—Air Force Personnel Center AFPD—Air Force Policy Directive AFR—Air Force Reserve AFRC—Air Force Reserve Command AFROTC—Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps AFS—Air Force Specialty AFSC—Air Force Specialty Code AFSOC—Air Force Special Operations Command AFSPC—Air Force Space Command AFVUB—Air Force Virtual Uniform Board AMC—Air Mobility Command AMLO—Air Mobility Liaison Officer ANG—Air National Guard AOR—Area of Responsibility APECS—All-Purpose Environmental Clothing System ARC—Air Reserve Component BDU—Battle Dress Uniform CAC—Common Access Card 176 AFI 36-2903_TINKERAFBSUP_I 1 FEBRUARY 2012 CAFSC—Career Air Force Specialty Code CCDR—Combatant Commander CEM—Chief Enlisted Manager CFETP—Career Field Education and Training Plan CGO—Company Grade Officer CMSAF—Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force COCOM—Combatant Command CSAF—Chief of Staff of the Air Force CC—Commander CCC—Command Chief / Senior Enlisted Leader / Senior Enlisted Advisor CL—Civilian Leader / Director CSS—Commander Support Staff DAFSC—Duty Air Force Specialty Code DCS—Deputy Chief of Staff DoD—Department of Defense DoDD—Department of Defense Directive DoDI—Department of Defense Instruction DOS—Date of Separation DRU—Direct Reporting Unit DSCP—Defense Supply Center Philadelphia ECWCS—Extended Cold Weather Clothing System EOD—Explosive Ordnance Disposal EM—Emergency Management ETP—Exception-to-Policy FA—Fitness Assessment FOA—Field Operating Agency FSS—Force Support Squadron GCC—Geographic Combatant Commander HAF—Headquarters Air Force HQ—Headquarters IAW—In Accordance With IC—Interim Change AFI 36-2903_TINKERAFBSUP_I 1 FEBRUARY 2012 177 IDEA—Innovated Development through Employee Awareness IEE—Individual Equipment Element IPM—Individual Program Manger IPDS—IDEA Program Data System IRS—Improved Rain Suit JCS—Joint Chiefs of Staff JFACC—Joint Forces Air Component Commander JFC—Joint Force Commander MAJCOM—Major Command MCSS—Military Clothing Sales Store MPF—Military Personnel Flight NAF—Numbered Air Force NATO—North Atlantic Treaty Organization NGB—National Guard Bureau NORAD—North American Aerospace Defense Command OPR—Office of Primary Responsibility OSD—Office of the Secretary of Defense PACAF—Pacific Air Forces PAFSC—Primary Air Force Specialty Code PCA—Permanent Change of Assignment PCS—Permanent Change of Station PME—Professional Military Education PTU—Physical Training Uniform ROTC—Reserve Officer Training Corps SECAF—Secretary of the Air Force SECDEF—Secretary of Defense SPDP—Space Professional Development Program SPFA—Space Professional Functional Authority SPMO—Space Professional Management Office SSS—Staff Summary Staff TDY—Temporary Duty UCMJ—Uniform Code of Military Justice 178 AFI 36-2903_TINKERAFBSUP_I 1 FEBRUARY 2012 UCR—Uniform Change Request UN—United Nations US—United States USAF—United States Air Force USAFA—United States Air Force Academy USAFE—United States Air Forces in Europe USC—United States Code USCENTCOM—United States Central Command USEUCOM—United States European Command USJFCOM—United States Joint Forces Command USNORTHCOM—United States Northern Command USPACOM—United States Pacific Command USSOCOM—United States Special Operation Command USSOUTHCOM—United States Southern Command USSTRATCOM—United States Strategic Command USTRANSCOM—United States Transportation Command VUB—Virtual Uniform Board AFI 36-2903_TINKERAFBSUP_I 1 FEBRUARY 2012 179

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United States Africa Command United States Central Command United States European Command United States Joint Forces Command United States Northern Command United States Pacific Command United States Southern Command U. S. Special Operations Command United States Strategic Command

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