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«Installing and troubleshooting For Arma 3 version 1.62 Battle Royale version Useful links: Web: This FAQ: ...»

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Installing and troubleshooting

For Arma 3 version 1.62

Battle Royale version

Useful links:

Web: http://battleroyalegames.com/

This FAQ: http://battleroyalegames.com/downloads/Arma3BattleRoyale_InstallFAQ .pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BattleRoyaleMod

Discord: http://discord.gg/battleroyale

Document version 0.6.1 2016-08-31

For any additions or corrections, contact Tzer @ Battle Royale Games Discordapp server Index Changelog

Installing and setting up

Install method 1: Through Web Browser

Install method 2: Through Steam Client

If the download doesn’t start

Arma 3 Battle Royale Rules

Setting up

Launcher settings

Binding Use Action keys

Moving health/Boost bar

Server Browser settings


Getting kicked when joining a server

Checking Arma 3 Properties

Checking Arma 3 folders

Re-installing the mod

BattlEye manual update

Mission file not downloading correctly

BattlEye: Admin Ban (wsXXXXX)

BattlEye: CreateVehicle Restriction #0

BattlEye: Public Value Variable Restriction #4, #8 or #35

Advanced troubleshooting

OsX and Linux support

Appendix A

Changelog 2015-10-29 Version 0.1 Initial document release.

2015-10-29 Version 0.2 Added this changelog.

Changed wording here and there a bit.

Changed the order of some items.

Added mention about not having any Steam games open during downloads.

Added mention to delete the mod folder manually after unsubscribing.

Added page numbering.

Thanks to filmgoerjuan and Znx for proofreading and corrections.

2015-11-03 Version 0.3 Added mention about Mac and Linux support.

Re-wrote parts of the Checking Arma 3 folder paragraph.

Added list of good Arma 3\Addons folder files (Appendix A).

Added mentions about clearing the SteamApps\workshop folder when re-installing mod.

Added some links to front page of the document.

2015-12-06 Version 0.4 Updated BR 0.7.1 / Arma 1.54 version specific information like file numbers and names.

Updated Arma 3 Launcher pictures.

Added section about binding the Use Action keys.

Added mention about teaming in SOLO servers.

Added mention to start Launcher after re-install.

Added section about replacing individual pbo files.

Added section about Launcher claiming corrupted mod.

Lots of smaller details re-written etc.

Thanks again to filmgoerjuan for proof-reading and corrections 2016-03-13 Version 0.5 Updated BR 0.8 / Arma 1.56 version specific information like file numbers and names.

Updated Public Value Variable Restriction section Added page “If the download doesn’t start” Added page “Moving health/Boost bar” 2016-07-16 Version 0.6 Changed picture to reflect updates to UI and colour scheme in Arma 1.62 Clarified Use Action Keys page Added Arma 3 Battle Royale rules Added Steam Max pings settings Many sections re-written and expanded Thanks again to filmgoerjuan for proof-reading and corrections 2016-08-31 Version 0.6.1 Changed ban durations in rules Changed server filters chapter Updated a few screenshots Installing and setting up Install method 1: Through Web Browser If you know you have previously logged into your account on the Steam website with your web browser, just go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421900169 and click the Subscribe Button.

However, if you have never used your web browser to log into Steam, you need to go through the Steam Guard verification hoops, so install method 2 might be easier for you.

Install method 2: Through Steam Client In the Steam window, go to Community - Workshop Search for Arma 3 In the Arma 3 Workshop, search for Battle Royale You will get a big list of mods by many different authors. Choose PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale by PLAYERUNKNOWN. Do NOT choose the [DEV] version.

Click the Subscribe button You should now see Steam downloading Arma 3 – Workshop Content. Make sure you don't have any Steam games open or -- with default Steam settings -- it won't start the download. If the download still doesn’t start, exit and restart Steam. Make sure you have enough space on your hard disk (approximately 2GB).

If the download doesn’t start First try verifying the Arma files (page 18). Make sure you have set Arma 3 to auto-update (page 17).

If this doesn’t work, shut down Steam and restart it. Try starting the Arma 3 Launcher. See if there’s a Force Download option in the bottom of the Launcher window.

If it still doesn’t start downloading, try changing your Steam download region. Go to Steam Settings - Downloads -Download Region. Change it some other country near you.

Arma 3 Battle Royale Rules

Before setting up BR, let’s go through the rules you agree to follow when joining our servers:

No hate speech allowed of any kind, either in voice or text chat. A first offense results in a 2 week ban, a second offense is a permanent ban. There are no longer any appeals to reduce HS bans and longer bans may be given at the discretion of the admin staff if you say something particularly offensive or spam hate speech repeatedly.

Hate speech includes but is not limited to:

 Racist slurs (e.g. any variation of the n-word)  Homophobic slurs (e.g. any variation of the f-word)  Playing Hitler's speeches, etc.

 Playing racist or homophobic songs, etc.

Use common good manners and please don't try to test our limits and patience; using slight misspellings and spoonerisms to avoid detection but still get your meaning across will be treated just as harshly as if you used the offensive terms outright.

Teaming is forbidden in servers with [RANKED] tags. If you get caught teaming in a RANKED (SOLO) server, you will receive a 72 hour ban for your first offense, a 2 week ban for your second offense and a permanent ban for your third offense.

Teaming includes but is not limited to:

 Playing together (e.g. running around the map in tandem, looting, sharing loot, not killing another player when you have the chance, etc.)  Picking up other players for car rides  Sharing information over VOIP services If a teaming investigation leads to a conclusion that the teaming has continued for a longer duration without being detected earlier, a more severe punishment (up to and including a permanent ban) may be given without any prior warnings.

Abusing bugs such as glitching inside rocks or viewing through walls will result in a 1 month ban for a first offense and a permanent ban for a second offense.

Stream sniping can result in a ban, up to and including a permanent ban for a first offense.

Cheating and hacking will result in a permanent ban for a first offense.

Any questions and clarifications about the rules will be answered in Discord, so it's better to ask before rather than after getting banned. If you feel you have been banned by mistake, you can appeal in the #arma3-banappeals channel on the Battle Royale Discord. Please note that we are unlikely to reduce the length of your ban if you are guilty, though we will consider evidence that you were banned incorrectly. The Discord invite is http://discord.gg/battleroyale Setting up Launcher settings Once the download is completed, click the Play button to start the Arma 3 Launcher. In the PARAMETERS tab, make sure you don’t have any other Mods enabled (un-tick the box). You can tick the No Splash and Skip Intro boxes for faster startup.

In the MODS tab, make sure you have the PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale mod enabled.


Click Play to start Arma 3.

NOTE: this FAQ might not be updated for every minor client update, but you can always verify the correct File size in our Discord server (http://discord.gg/battleroyale) Binding Use Action keys The next task is to set up the keys for the Skin selection menu, toggling Earplugs and using Boost items.

You can assign the keys to your liking in Options- Controls - Custom Controls

Here's the way to set them up like they were in previous versions of Battle Royale:

–  –  –

You may assign other keys to these actions, but will have to ensure that they don’t conflict with their assignment to other actions in the Arma 3 settings.

Moving health/Boost bar By default the health/boost bar will be underneath the GPS.

To move the health/boost bar, go to Options- Game - Layout.

Drag the AV Camera box to your desired location. In the example picture above, it has been moved under the GPS window. You can resize the box by dragging the box while clicking the right mouse button.

The bar is located on the top part of the AV Camera box. If you want to move it to the very bottom of the screen you can drag the box partially outside the window border.

Click OK when you are done and then restart Arma 3 to apply the new settings.

Server Browser settings If you have the mod enabled correctly, you should see the Battle Royale icon in the main menu.

There shouldn’t be any other 3rd-party mods active. Click MULTIPLAYER - SERVER BROWSER.

Select SERVERS - INTERNET Note that you can only join servers with a green question mark icon. The servers with an orange lock icon are currently in play and so you will need to wait for the round to end. A red icon means that you either have extra mods enabled or your Arma or Battle Royale mod is corrupted or it’s the wrong version.

The difference between Hardcore (HC) and Regular (REG) servers is that on Regular servers you can use 3rd person camera and set waypoints that show up in your character’s view.

We would like to remind you again that you MAY NOT TEAM in servers which have a [RANKED] tag in the server name. This will lead to you and your mate receiving a ban from all BR Servers (both RANKED and unranked). RANKED servers are meant only for solo playing, not teaming.

Loading the full server list can take ages on some occasions, and some low-end modems or routers can actually choke trying to download them all. To prevent that, click the FILTER Button under the server list. Set Mission to battleroyale and Type to Last Man Standing.

With the filters set, the server list should download a lot faster.

If you are still having problems getting the server list to load properly, go to Steam - Settings In-Game - In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute. The default value is 5000, so try lowering it until your server browser starts working properly.

As a last resort, you can manually join a server by going to http://battleroyalegames.com/servers/ and copying the IP address and port and pasting (ctrl+v) them to DIRECT CONNECT tab.

Troubleshooting Getting kicked when joining a server Getting kicked from a server can happen due to a multitude of reasons and, unfortunately, there is no magic bullet solution. Even though all of the major known causes are already in the FAQ, we will go through them here again, one by one.

CASE 1: You don't have the correct version of the mod. You still have the 0.6 or older version.

SOLUTION: See FAQ pages 4-5 for how to install the mod from the Steam Workshop.

CASE 2: You don't have the mod set up correctly or you have other mods enabled.

SOLUTION: See FAQ pages 8-Virhe. Kirjanmerkkiä ei ole määritetty. for how to set up the launcher and to verify you have the mod enabled.

CASE 3: You Arma 3 files are corrupted.

SOLUTION: See FAQ page 18 for how to verify your Arma 3 game files. Bohemia Interactive recommends you verify your files, especially after an Arma 3 patch has been released, just in in case something has broken during the update process.

CASE 4: You are using DEV/RC version of Arma 3.

SOLUTION: See FAQ page 19 for how to opt out of any beta programs.

CASE 5: You have additional files in your Arma 3\addons folder.

SOLUTION: Check FAQ pages 20-21 for how to get rid of the extra files.

CASE 6: Some of your MOD files are corrupted.

SOLUTION: See FAQ pages 22-23 for how to unsubscribe and manually delete the leftover files from the workshop folder.

CASE 7: Your BattlEye hasn't updated correctly. Usually you should be able to join a server, but get kicked after 30 seconds or so.

SOLUTION: See FAQ page 24 for how to manually update BattlEye.

CASE 8: Mission file doesn't get updated or downloaded correctly.

SOLUTION: See FAQ page 24-25 for how to check the folder and empty the mission cache.

CASE 9: Signature fails and timeouts SOLUTION: See FAQ page 27 for possible solutions.

Checking Arma 3 Properties

–  –  –

In the UPDATES tab, make sure "Always keep this game up to date" is selected Verifying the Arma 3 game files can fix problems if some file(s) got corrupted during an update or for some other reason. If any files are found to be corrupted Steam will re-download them.

It should be noted after the bar reaches 100% only the base Arma 3 games files are verified. It still continues to verify all the mods downloaded from Steam Workshop. If you have many mods downloaded this can take a substantial amount of time. Wait until your disk activity ends before starting Arma again.

Make sure you are using the Stable version of Arma 3, not a Beta or Release Candidate.

Checking Arma 3 folders It's possible that you have tried some other mods which instructed you to install their files in the Arma 3\Addons folder. All files inside this folder are automatically loaded when Arma 3 starts.

Having any non-Arma 3 game files in this folder will cause you to be kicked from Battle Royale Servers as they are forbidden -- this is for anti-cheat purposes. If you have non-Arma 3 game files in this folder sometimes you will get kicked when joining a server and other times you will see all the servers with red icons as illustrated below.

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Addons or wherever you have the game installed.

At the time of writing, Arma 3 is at version 1.62 and there should be 350 files in the folder.

There shouldn’t be any subfolders. If any other mod you may have installed earlier instructed you to install any files in the Addons folder, they must be removed completely.

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