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«Abstract We conducted a qualitative study of Nokia to understand its rapid downfall over the 2005–2010 period from its position as a world-dominant ...»

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Acknowledgments For their comments and other help in this research, we thank Associate Editor John Wagner, four anonymous reviewers, Joan Friedman, Linda Johanson, Tom Albrighton, 36 Administrative Science Quarterly XX (2015) Marina Biniari, Jason Davis, Douglas H. Frank, Vibha Gaba, Giovanni Gavetti, Robin Gustafsson, Tiina Korvenoja, Tomi Laamanen, Juha-Antti Lamberg, Tuomas Liiri, Daniel Mack, Markku Maula, Joe Porac, Taco Reus, Henri Schildt, Aino Tenhia ¨, Joosef Valli, ¨la Natalia Vuori, Gabriel Szulanski, and the many informants who shared their views and experiences openly. We also received useful comments from seminars at Aalto University, INSEAD, University of St. Gallen, Strategic Management Society (Tel Aviv, 2013), and Academy of Management (Philadelphia, 2014). A grant from the Foundation for Economic Education, Finland for Timo Vuori is acknowledged. Part of this research was conducted when Timo Vuori was a visiting scholar at INSEAD, Singapore.

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