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«itxcestorDECTJ'BEn, 1085 Vol. 11 No. 4 Whole Number 45 vOith tomorrow tec condnvaa^Z SANTA BARBARA COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY P. 0. Box 1303 Goleta, ...»

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itxcestorDECTJ'BEn, 1085

Vol. 11 No. 4 Whole Number 45

vOith tomorrow tec condnvaa^Z


P. 0. Box 1303 Goleta, CA 93116-1303


Janice Gibson Cloud President

Doreen Cook Dullea Vice President

Audrey Guntermann Secretary Dorcas Robson Treasurer Beatrice McGrath Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Fetter Director Kay Marvin Director Lilian Mann Fish Editor, Director Ruth Brooks Scollin Librarian, Director Norman E. Scofield Parliamentarian Marie LaBreche Asst. Librarian COMMITTEES MEMBERSHIP Lorraine Laabs, Meda Mylerberg BOOK Frances Ramsey, Mary L. Johnston Ruth Norris, Patricia Case HOSPITALITY Marilyn Owen, Doris Martin PUBLICITY Sylvia Byers SALES Ruth Pelch, Nona Armstrong EDITORIAL Doris Crawford, Helen Rydell, Anne Braddock Emily Thies, Carol Hamilton BUS Helen Miller SCRAPBOOK Alice Ovington


Doreen Cook Dullea 1984 Mary Ellen Webster Galbraith 1978 Norman E. Scofield 1983 Carlton M. Smith 1977 Harry W. Titus 1982 Selma Bankhead West 1975-76 Harry R. Glen Emily Perry Thies 1981 1974-75 Bette Root 1980 Carol Forbes Roth 1972-73 Harry E. Titus 1979 ANCESTORS WEST is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Non-member subscription $8.00 per annum. Single copies of current and back issues $2.00, depending on availability. Advertising by individuals: $3.00 for first 20 words and 10 cents for each additional word. Contributions of a genealogical or historical nature will be accepted as space allows. Queries are encouraged. Quotations and reviews of items in ANCESTORS WEST have the approval of the Society, if the source is credited. The Society assumes no responsibility for services or work undertaken by advertisers.

MEMBERSHIP: Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society dues $15.00 for calendar year, payable by February 1 include a subscription to the quarterly, ANCESTORS WEST. Family memberships $20.00 per year include one joint subscription to the quarterly.

REGULAR MEETINGS: Second Saturday of each month, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Room 8, Goleta Community Center, 5689 Hollister Ave., Goleta, CA. Library at same address open each Wednesday, 12 noon to 4 p.m. and beginning Saturday,Sept. 21,1985,each Saturday noon to 4 p.m.

–  –  –

Appeal is made for gifts of books, pamphlets and periodicals for the SBCGS Library. Contributions will be reported in the NEW IN THE LIBRARY section and are tax deductible. Reccmmendations for purchase of books are to be made to the Book Committee. Con tribute to the HALF AND HALF BOOK BUY PROGRAM. Articles and An cestral Charts for ANCESTORS WEST are solicited. QUERIES BRING RESPONSE and expansion of family data. Volunteer your services and make suggestions, particularly for Area or Special Interest Groups.

A BOOKBINDER is needed for seme recent fragile donations.


P. O. Box 1303 Goleta, CA 93116-1303 REGULAR MEETING DATE Second Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

–  –  –

A big THANKS to all who have contributed to make our Society the vital organization it isl Officers have given unstintingly of their time and effort, and many others have offered their help where needed. Thank you one and allIi Our membership now stands at 195 - an increase of approximately 75 new members over previous years! And, there are still genealogists our there who haven't heard that the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society is the place for action/ information, inspiration, and — (what else shall we provide?). Spread the word - bring a friend. Each new member enriches our organization.

One of the greatest assets we possess is our fine genealogical reference library. As our valuable collection grows, space continues to pose a problem, we would like to expand into the area of microfiche (as a space- and often cost-saving means), and in line with this, purchased a microfiche reader last year. In our current location, however, we have not been able to put it into operation due to constraints of space and the problem of secure storage.

We really need more spacious and permanent quarters for our valuable library and Society. Does anyone know of space that might be available for such use? At the moment, a time-sharing situation would parallel our current operation. However, should we be able to locate space for our exclusive use, we would then be able to expand the activities of our Society in more creative ways. More frequent library openings, small workshops, special interest groups are just a few of the directions in which we could expand.

Thoughts naturally turn to the Public Library, but this has been explored extensively in the past. The current director feels that they also have space problems and that genealogy is not an area in which they wish to expand.

Please give this some serious consideration. The advantage of our growing membership is the diversity of knowledge and contacts which it provides. Our Board of Directors has given this much thought, but has not yet come up with a suitable place. Can you help? Is there a commercial building with proper space (we could do some remodeling), a church (our time-share operation would fit their schedule), a non-profit organization from whom we could sublet? Perahps you can think of other possibilities. Please contact any of the Board members or me (965-7423) with your ideas. We're really eager for suggestions!

–  –  –


(Note: In his October 26th seminar for our Society, Ronald Bremer alerted us to the presence of Dr. Gordon Melton in Santa Barbara. ANCESTORS WEST thought it prudent to contact Dr. Melton and obtain more information about the Institute which he directs.) Dr. J. Gordon Melton has recently relocated his Institute for the Study of American Religion from Evanston, IL to UCSB. The Institute's 25,000 books and 12 file cabinets of additional material will be housed in Special Collections on the third floor of the University Library.

The library staff will be cataloguing the collection according to the Library of Congress system. This will be a time-consuming task as approximately half the collection is what Dr. Melton refers to as "fugitive" material - i.e. privately printed publications for which a LC classification was not previously assigned.

Dr. Melton's work, the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN RELIGION, describes the many and varied religious groups as they have appeared in America. Two volumes, as well as a supplement to the first volumes, are now in print. The thrust of the collection, therefore, supports research of this nature. The Institute collects material concerning the history, doctrine, organization and statistics of religious groups in America.

For those of you interested in computers, Dr. Melton uses Wordstar on an IBM PC to produce his manuscripts (perhaps compuscripts would be more accurate). He forwarded copy for the recent supplement to his current publisher, Gale Research, by mailing them his floppy disks. Shortly, he will begin transmitting to them directly via phone modem.

Gale is providing substantial support toward the research necessary for forthcoming publications.

Dr. Melton has graciously consented to answer brief, specific questions that might pertain to the Institute's collection (home 682-9317). If your ancestor belonged to an "odd" or obscure religious group, he may be able to direct you to information or historical accounts of that body. (In order that his work not be interrupted unnecessarily, please first check his two volumes + supplement of the ENCYLCOPEDIA OF AMERICAN RELIGIONS at the UCSB Library.) And, if you cannot find the proper reference in THE SOURCE (by Eakle & Cerny) or Bremer's COMPENDIUM OF HISTORICAL SOURCES, he will try to advise you concerning the location of archives for a specific religious body. Dr. Melton will undertake longer term projects for a reasonable hourly fee, if time permits.

We are pleased that Dr. Melton will speak at our January 11th meeting on "The Diversification of Religion in 19th Century America".

–  –  –

The book committee inaugurated a cooperative book-buying program at its last meeting. The program allows member contributions for specific books to be matched, up to fifty percent of the book's cost, from the book budget. Books of general interest will be given top priority, and ordinarily, no family genealogies or county-level titles will be considered. Approximately twenty per cent of the annual book budget will be set aside for the half and half program.

The committee will keep five titles on the program's acquisition list. When enough matching funds are donated to purchase a book, it will be removed and another title added. Donations are tax deductible. You may turn in specific requests to the book committee but please list the book's title, author, publisher, date, and price accurately in order to prevent confusion.

***** *****

–  –  –

Webster's Ufiw. Cnllftgiafca Dictionary. 1977, G.&C.

Merriam Co., (Springfield, MA) gives the following


" secret society: any of various oath-bound societies often devoted to brotherhood, moral discipline, and mutual assistance."

ANCESTORS WEST printed a list of "secret societies" in an earlier issue which included, among others, the Masonic Order. A member of our Society forwarded copy to us of a Masonic publication stating that the organization "is not a secret society". Most would agree that it is not 'secret' in the same sense that some societies, such as the Ku Klux Klan (with its non-public membership) are.

We draw attention to the definition given by Webster and let readers use the term as they deem proper.

–  –  –

From a growing list of suggested titles the above has been chosen as best describing what the Congress is all about.

The Library of Australian History (Sydney) and Gould Books (Adelaide) will have stalls at the Congress with a wide range of books and materials for sale to participants and individual societies will display their• own published materials for information and sale.

Heather Smith, a qualified Heraldic Artist-Craftsman, will be 'artist-in-residence' at the Congress.

The numbers of early registrants are growing steadily and most have asked for accommodation on the ANU campus.

This is very encouraging as the committee believes

•living-in' maximises the opporunities to promote ideas and share experiences and sources of information, and to meet informally and socialise with fellow enthusiasts.

The Committee urges you to give YOUR registration a high priority. Registrations, fees and accommodation deposits (if you opt to stay at ANU) are due by 21.

JANUARY 1986. But why wait until then? Register now and ensure your participation in this major genealogical event.

Remember, the Congress address is: GPO £Q& 666.


See you in Canberra in May 1986!

–  –  –

Hosted by the Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra.

(Note: Jan Cloud, our president, spent 1981 in Canberra and belonged to the Canberra Society. She joined at mid-year and was member # 285. Their current membership now stands at 1500+! It's obvious they do things right there! Doreen Dullea also is a member of the Canberra group and both she and Jan recommend their quarterly, "The Ancestral Searcher", as one of the best genealogical publications around. Have a look; it's in our library.) ***** *****

–  –  –

1986 dues are due January 1, but our Treasurer would be happy to begin checking them in now. You'll have it out of the way and she'll have less of a 'crunch' in January!

Same low price: $15 individual; $20 family.

–  –  –

The Seminar is entitled "GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH IN ENGLAND AND WALES and consists of nractical advice on how to begin a search for English ancestors. Also included ia a comprehensive introduction to the widest possible range of sources for English Family History designed to help those who have already begun their search. It is well illustrated with documents and slides and a hand-out will be provided that contains useful addresses, etc.

Time is allowed far questions and for the audience the value of hav ing an English Professional Genealogist 'face to face' is outstand ing.

Ms. Hills will be with us in March of 1986. She has spoken in both Northern and Southern California on previous visits and has received "rave" notices.


WALL STREET JOURNAL, Nov. 4,1985, Sec.2,Page 1, "'HERITAGE BOOK';

family history or phone book?" is the heading of yet another article regarding Beatrice Bayley and her son Kurt Schneider and post cards offering a Family Heritage Book for $29.85 frcm Beatrice Baylev Inc Sterling, Pa. *' Manhattan tracers is another name mentioned in the St. Lawrence Valley Genealogical Society publication and in a cannunication frcm an SBCGS member. Letters to its operators, Janes W. and Grace Branch, of St. Nicholas Street in New York have been returned No such street - and letters to their P.O. Drawer #5528, New York N.Y. 10027 have been returned marked "Box Closed - No Order."

Names of Pioneer Presbyterian Ministers in California, 1849-59 are listed in Orange County California Genealogical Society Quart erly, v 22 no. 3,S-p. 1985, p. 104.

S^;F0T"n R^o incr9pc,ei ^irth certificate,.3^.00Nr!"fa certificates znd divorc* records. ^.00. "eoth certificates, Vj-.oo. *.*..&,,.uj, „-e?t.i L1**1 ?:cor(,s' Jefferson 3ity, 1:0, bo sur« ?o ^rSo e»V underlinei R^nST C0JIPT^?T LC"I1 FOR" %rn «?v-V-?£f®., QT™' Others ?bhWl-M forn ^uY in nany stated bf CniShS^

-hi* nrae-ution m^lies tfJ t^th Rr?C0RD, VlROpiA CoTjipc, of all oxistino- Vir^inie birth H0,th «** njrri-sre records ?rior to 13Q6,re\v"il^ Jn'SicSn'^ ;t S!j;i5rchlVM ^virion. Vir.ini, st-t, Libr^Richnond,


Carol Kosai - see also QDERIES NIDA SCOTT-ARNOLD has been in Santa Barbara since

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