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«itxcestorDECTJ'BEn, 1085 Vol. 11 No. 4 Whole Number 45 vOith tomorrow tec condnvaa^Z SANTA BARBARA COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY P. 0. Box 1303 Goleta, ...»

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1960. Her addiction to genealogy began less than ten years ago. She loves it! This has been a meaningful pursuit for her. She was the youngest of seven children. She lost her mother when she was one and a half and her father when she was three. She is close to her brothers and sisters and has three children of her own, who have given her six grandchildren, but finding other relatives is exciting for her. Her research has taken her to England where she has established some family ties. She enjoys English research.

–  –  –

HELEN MILLER was born in Ventura. She attended college (at what is now UCSB) to become a teacher. She taught first grade in exotic places like Hawaii, Japan, Nicaragua and Germany. She has been in Santa Barbara since 1957 and is a charter member of the Society. She has many interests, including traveling, sewing, reading, bridge, and many organizations to claim her time and attention. One interesting way to start a conversation with Helen is to ask where she met her husband.

–  –  –

EILEEN JOHNSON was born in Glendale. She settled in Santa Barbara in 1946. She taught art, but substituted in every Jr. High subject. Her current interests include encouraging citizen involvement in the public access movement for electronic media. Her interest in genealogy came about because of her children's curiosity. She realized that the answers to their questions had disappeared when family members died.

She started to work for the answers.

Her research currently includes:

JOHNSON - Stockholm, Sweden - late 1800's RASMUSSEN - Copenhagen, Denmark - 1896 GRAHAM - Fresno, CA - d. 1894 DRENNEN - Bedford, PA - b. 1769


Carol Kosai - see also QUERIES SHERMAN AND JEAN CONDON are a genealogy team.

In 1972 when Sherm retired from the U. S. Postal Service, they were searching for at least one hobby they could enjoy together. In the process of moving from their house to a condominium, a long misplaced notebook containing family information was located.

This was the deciding factor in their joining SBCGS.

In turn, this has led them to travel all over the United States and Canada, discovering new friends and previously unknown relatives.

Sherman CONDON was born in Detroit, MI. He was the only son of Samuel CONDON and Ina SHERMAN. He attended schools in Detroit and from 1941-46 served as an officer in the U. S. Army. It was during a short stay at Camp Cooke that he ^discovered' Santa Barbara and decided that some day he would like to live there.

After the war, Jean and Sherm were married and lived ii Fenton, MI until 1957 when they were finally able to move to Santa Barbara.

Jean CONDON was born in Birmingham, MI. She was the only child of Harry LOWE and Nora ABBEY. She attended schools in Fenton and graduated from Michigan State University. She taught history and political science until the birth of son, Paul.

It is interesting to note that SHERMAN is a family name passed down through generations. It was from this fact that the CONDON'S came up with a familial relationship in the 1600's.

They are currently searching:

CONDON - WV - before 1830 ABBEY - Kingston, Ontario - before 1812 HAGER - Dresden, Ontario - before 1859 LORRAINE LAABS was born and raised in Centralia, Washington. She went to business college, which led to a bank job she enjoyed. Her husband is a builder and his work is what led them to California in 1956 and Santa Barbara in 1957. They are still here and he is still building. She enjoyed taking adult education classes. Betty Root's class on genealogy really took and now her only outside hobby is gardening.

She is searching for:

RICHARDS - Cardiff, Wales - mid-1700's MAUER - Berne, Switzerland - early 1800's MAUER - Rhineland-pfalz, Germany - early 1700's (The name MAUER is common to both sides) CRAMER - Konigsdorf, Westphalia, early 1800's JAHN - Olomouc, Austria - early 1800's

–  –  –

In his October 26th Seminar at SBCGS Ronald Bremer several times mentioned Masonic records as a source of help in genealogical searches.

A case in point frcm your editor's own family:

In the Boston Herald of July 2, 1916 there appeared an article, with a reproduction of a 1796 certificate of membership issued by a Masonic lodge in Elgin, Scotland, to William Mann, signed by his father John Man, Sec'y.

In 1920 this led to correspondence between the editor's father, Samuel Eleazer Mann, then of Pelham, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, a descendant of William Mann, and William Hamilton Gage Mann, a Civil Engineer, of Concord, New Hampshire, a descendant of James Mann, younger son of John Man(n) and his wife, Janet Laing, and comparison of family Bible records. Prior to 1860 descendants of James were resident in Orange County, Virginia. There probably are still members of the family living in Virginia. Also there may be descendants of James Douglass, a cousin of Janet Laing Mann, who was located in Columbia, S. C. in 1822.

Hopefully, further information may be gleaned of this branch.

Lilian M. Fish, 2546 Murrell Rd.,Santa Barbara,CA93109

–  –  –

RUDESILL Query submitted by Helen Rydell,phone (805) 687-3234 Information wanted by Nancy J. Burke, 302 Westminster, O'Fallon, 111 62269 concerning location of research done by Martha Rudesill Watson who was b. 11/19/1863 and living in Santa Barbara after her marriage, on the Rudesill name.

–  –  –

PERRY Samuel PERRY and Rebecca SEARS were parents of 6 ch. bpt.

SEARS Dutch Reformed Church, Old Saratoga (Schuylerville) N. Y.

between 1790 and 1801 Ancestors of Samuel and Rebecca needed.

–  –  –

EASTMAN Josiah EASTMAN, Corinth, VT. m. c. 1800 Rachel HOIDEN.

HOSLDEN Parents of Rachel needed.

STEVENSON John STEVENSON b. Baltimore Co., MD, m. 9 Nov 1786 HAVENOR Mary HAVENOR (or Hebner). Parents of Mary needed.


–  –  –

?V.\Z - LV'~ 12 \"?". ?ro;- ?!J" s/jpiilic.\;;o.j?a? ; o? ir c.-i-j '•.rti 2I.0 in YT.LL" :t) ?r»7.;, Vol. /.v,.io.^,iQ05 -.ii7 (rjovit,' "p^t r^x0 * 'J^n^i.oricl c l i i f t o r i c l Societv.

Proct^ pjniic-'tion: a:- iv-jZL i?c r::::A:; Ar-cssTCR^, liftl*1.0- ""v.T'ne.'^ith vpt ""iti nlace of birth, de^th and n^rri^srp (=^ch u,3 f p li^te'' neT^r^tPly) *"lun th^ ?exrr ounti=T in vhich th^v liver?. ?or det-ilr. -rit? promptly to atnp^coTtjh L-.i/T^ry, lpf4-^ South '.Jolcott Court, Drnvc-r, 10 °.q?io.

–  –  –

SLSr^ 2f^ ??' daughte^ Grace Goodrich Smith, and several coloSS^fy,??- ^e^°e' R°Wland Cross.tells of Chauncey Goodrich's 3 »; £ ordered frcm Dorotheate mailable soon at a cost of662 50 and may be 2. took m11 Coryell, Theaburr Press Box bbZ, $17 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-0662. ^ress, tsox

–  –  –

f£L%*S?B WefGrn Also of the years under rh« ** to build up a form of Chinese dance. ^ltUre mChinese students i™^~ 4* canp, and her later life in uMffTwFrev!siSS|eSinna*en,nent 14b

–  –  –

As population frcm the eastern states poured into California during the goldrush days of 1859, ccmmercial and real property trans actions were entered into under the carmen law of England as modified and administered in the United States and without regard to the un known laws of the Republic of Mexico and the equally unknown customs and traditions of the Califarnians. The rule of law in California at the time of admission as a state was the civil law - of Spain and of Mexico. The first session of the state legislature in 1850 at San Jose was confrented with the problems of searching authorities in an unfamiliar language and an unfamiliar system of jurisprudence. It was necessary to examine the codes of Spain; the royal and viceroyal ordinances and decrees; the laws of the Imperial Congress of Mexico; the presidential regulations; decrees of dictators; and acts of pro-consular governors, ery frequently the legality of contracts entered into during the interregnum between the signing of the treaty and the passage of the statute adopting the camion law was attacked en the ground that such transactions were inhibited by principles of the civil or Mexican law.

The legislature met the complicated legal situation by enactment on April 13, 1850, of a statute adopting the comicn law of England as the rule of decision in the courts of the state. This act was followed on April 22, 1850 by the passage of an act repealing all laws in force excepting those passed at that first session of the state legislature, saving, however, the rights of parties under for mer laws.

Section 22 of the present Civil Code, declares:

"The cemmen law of England, so far as it is not repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution or laws of this State, is the rule of de cision in all the courts of this State."

To this day problems arise in construing the statute. What is meant by the term/'cemmon law"? When is a cemmon law rule so in consistent with conditions within the State as to be inapplicable?

An allied problem may be the meaning of "ccmmon-law marriage".

Under the English and early Colonial system in America it was ap plied when a man and woman, without the benefit of a civil or re ligious ceremony, commenced living together and openly held them selves out to be "man and wife:. Early in California state his tory, the legislature enacted statutes requiring a license to be issued and recorded with a report of the date of marriage by the officient, civil or religious, performing the ceremony. Ages of consent were established, changed frcm time to time from 15 to 16 to 18 for females and up to 21 for males,then reduced to 18 on the recent change of majority (now expressed in Section 4101,Civil Code). Sec. 4102, Civil Code, provides for a verified applica tion by a minor having no parent or no parent capable of consent ing and the making of a court order consenting to issuance of a marriage license.

There also is a provision for "confidential marriage"(Sec.

4213, Civil Code)when an unmarried man and an unmarried woman,not minors, have been living together as husband and wife.eliminating the necessity of first obtaining health certificates. Requirements as to applications, filing, etc. are stated in considerable detail.

Authorizations are valid for a period of 90 days only and are to be used only in the county where issued.

In the 12 Marriage Declarations (1884-1895) this situation is not disclosed - one show marriage on "high seas" in Santa Barbara Channel;another shows date of marriage "about 3 years ago" and the rest state the same date for marriage,affirmation and recording.

–  –  –

CHARLES FRANCIS BRIGHAM 17 Santicoy.Ventura Co. B. F. Thcmas FLORENCE JOSEPHINE MADISON 17 Santicoy.Ventura Co.

Date of Marriage 5 July 1893 Married "on high seas" S. B. Channel Witnesses B.F.Thcmas, Court Ccmmissioner, F. D. Brigham, John Madison HANS SCOTT 34 Santa Barbara County C. F. Carrier N.P.

MARY ETTA NICKERSCN 24 Santa Barbara County Date of Marriage 17 March 1894 Recorded 17 Mar 1894 C.J.Murphy.Recorder Witnesses: G. H. Gould, Richard J. Hall, M. D.,Ada E. Nickerson

–  –  –

EDWARD A. COMBS 49 Santa Barbara County Mattie L.Nichols N P LILLY A. K. SMITHERS 23 Santa Barbara County Date Affirmed 22 Aug 1894 Recorded 27 Aug 1894

–  –  –

The above abstracts were made by Margaret Shanholtzer from Reel marked Marriage Books 1850-59 Declaration of Marriages #7 - 1884 Book AB 1850-82.

–  –  –

GUISEPPE GUrDOTTI from Switzerland age 29,Resident of Lcmpoc MARIA MANFRINA from Switzerland age 24 Resident of Lcmpoc tU,5 l?4 5 ?TA ^Ck1895. Witnesses: Peter Perazzi S P19 Feb. 1894 Reported 10 Aug prieSt' in ^^ JAcense ^sued Broughton, N.P., W. H. Robinson Recorded 12 Aug 1895 S. B County

–  –  –

Book of Marriages - Vol. 1, pg. 1 Marriage: May 8,1850 S. B. Mission by Fr. Antonio Limeno DIEGO (Indian) and INANA (Indian) June 28, 1850 S. B. Mission by Fr.JoseMaria deJesus Gonzales Don IGNACIO LUGO to Dona MARIA O0NCEPCTON RUIZ July 11, 1850 at Mission by Fr. Jose Maria de Jesus Gonzales Don GREGCRIO PICO to Dona MARIA SOLEDAD CARLTON of Santa Ynez July 12, 1850 - S. B. Mission by Fr. Gonzales both of Santa Barbara Don RAPHAEL AYALA to Dona INANA VALENCIA Aug. 5, 1850 Santa Barbara Mission by Fr. Gonzales Don IUSTO PERALES to Dona INANA RUIZ Aug. 16, 1850 S. B. Mission by Fr. Gonzales Don ZEFERINO CARLTON to Dona MARIA MAGDELENA VALENZUELA Aug. 30, 1850, by Fr. Gonzales Don ANTONIO MASSOI to Dona MARIA ANTONIA SERVA Recorded Record of Marriages Vol 1. pages 1-2 Harry Carnes, Recorder Pg. 3 Sep 9 1850 Fr. Gonzales Don INAN MARTINEZ to Dona MARIA DOMINGA PAYCRENA (or Poyorena?) Oct 23, 1850 Fr. Gonzales Don INAN BARRIAS to Dona MARIA ALTA GARCIA GARCIA Oct. 25, 1850 Fr Bonzales Don RAMON SANCHEZ to Dona MARIA DEL REFUGIO HERNANDEZ ************ *****


The Orange County California Genealogical Society Quarterly, v.22,no. 3, September, 1985, contains an article titled as above, by Dianne L. Maccary, reprinted frcm SCAN,(So.Cal. Answering Network) Scannings, Nov/Dec 1979, pp.1-3, which should be of interest to those looking for information re garding California male citizens who registered to vote between 1857 and

1898. There are several copies of the Great Register in the Gledhill Library at Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum.

The Great Registers have their origin in the "Registry Act" of March 19, 1866, which required the county clerk to provide suitable books in which were to be recorded the names of all domiciled inhabitants of the county who were qualified electors and legal voters. The entries are set forth in separate columns showing the name of the person in full, his age, the country of his birth, his occupation and exact residence and,if a naturalized citizen, further details regarding naturlization.

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