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«itxcestorDECTJ'BEn, 1085 Vol. 11 No. 4 Whole Number 45 vOith tomorrow tec condnvaa^Z SANTA BARBARA COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY P. 0. Box 1303 Goleta, ...»

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Another column provided for cancellation of the entry with the words "dead", "removed." "insane," or :infamous." In 1895 even fuller informa tion was required: business or occupation, age, height, complexion, color of eyes and hair, location of visible marks or scars, place of resi dence (ward and precinct), time and place of naturalization if naturalized, date of entry, post office address, whether or not able to read the Con stitution in the English language, to write his own name and whether or not prevented by any physical disability frcm marking his ballot. The Great Register was discontinued by an amendment to the Political Code approved April 19, 1909. The California State Library at Sacramento has the largest collection of the Registers An incomplete record of county court house holdings is in the California Historical Survey Canmission's Guide to the County Archives of talifornia, Sacramento, 1919.

The Los Angeles Public Library has a set of the IDS Salt Lake City micro film of the California State Library's collection and its Genealogical Dept. indexes periodicals for their inclusion of the Registers.

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MILLER* Miller Monitor. 1979-19B5. Donated by Peggy Singer.

WARREN* Warren Family Historian. Donated by Ruth Scollin. Aug. 1985.


OHIO* Perry Co. Heirlines Vol.2*1-4, 1984. Donated by Nancy Oster.

OKLAHOMA* Oklahoma Gen. Soc. Quaet. Vol. 28*4.

The Chronicles of Oklahoma. 1983 - 1984.

TENNESSEE* East Tennessee Roots. Mar. 1984.

UTAH* The Genealogical Computer Pioneer. Spring

1984. Donated by Nancy Oster.


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CONNECTICUT ANCESTRY, Vol. 27, No. 2, November, 1984,ISSN 0197-2103 A 60-page quarterly publication of The Stamford Genealogical Soc.,Inc.

P. O. Box 249, Stamford, CT 06904 Membership,annual payable June 1, includes subscription and free queries. Brief accounts of ancestral lines,previously unpublished, including information dating frcm the 18th century or earlier are solicited. Articles in this issue include THE KCKWCODS OF NCftWAUC,O0NNECTICuT,by Harriet W. Hodge, C.G. - a 5-page segment,plus 2 pp. source references; THE KLING FAMILY OF DENMARK AND CONNECTICUT with Data of Related DEVANTIER.BUSK and ByXSH Families.Paul W. Prindle, F.A.S.G.,being the known ancestry of Robert S. ELing, of Sarasota, Florida, a former society member.

LISTS OF ELEMENTARY AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS in Suffield,Ct.May 25, 1906,compiled and indexed by Walter H. Mcintosh. AFurther Report on


by Jane C. Merchant 8 LaForge Rd..Darien, CT 06820. A segment of a listing of GENEALOGICAL REFERENCES IN STAMFORD LAND RECORDS 1767alphabetical, HUBBARD to LOT & LOW. QUERIES #8449-8469 (several originating frcm California) QDERY ANSWERS to #8446 HOBBY-HOLMES and WATERBURY-PARCETT, by Paul W. Prindle, F.A.S.G.,2 Meadow Way, RD1, Orleans, Mass.02653 (2 pp.with references). It is noted that copies of one of the references: ELIZABETH BARRETT GILLESPIE ANCESTRY, by Prindle, are available at The Huntington Library, in San Marino, CA.

and at the Los Angeles Public Library.

********* GENEALOGY DIGEST, Vol 16, #3, Summer 1985 - Special Issue: NGS Con ference, 1985. An Historical View of Salt Lake City, Utah, 420 South 425 West, Bountiful, Utah 84030 Tel: (801) 208-4029. A 60-page quarterly, offering to genealogical societies and any of the members of SBCGS a 1-year subscription for $15.00 or $25.00 for 2 years,in cluding full benefits in the Genealogy Club of America. Member bene fits include FREE QJDERTES-one free in each issue of the DIGEST YEAR'S SYBSCRIPTION, 25% Discount on foims,charts and other related supplies and on research and lineage surveys;TOUR and TRAVEL PACKAGES, DISCOUNT en any printing of family histories, books or personal print ing. Article in the copy received include GROWING UP WITH A NANNY.by Ruth Harris Swaner who grew up in Smithfield, near Logan, Utah; DISCOVERING A LOVE STORY, by Judith Ann Currier, of Cohoes, New York and named for the woman in the story her thrice-great-grandmother, Judith Ann Hogebocm.

VPTICSJ \t, aL.^A?:i:m

In this Sumner 1985 Issue of GENEALOGY DIGEST there is «]?« SviS^l people togetherst^ed purposeeachFAMILY RBGISTrF bv ElS^iTCle^ii3l?StrSed * fQImS' » ™ The Family Regis *m?0^' ^e who can help of otheTand thS try is To get avoid unnecessary duplication in generalcSicarreseScTeffort WSTants and^by ^.if?^^^^ cSfScaL ™^^'^Sr??-Snr(SSCriptionS * INTERNATIONAL SCHEDULE CORRESPONDENCE. PROFESSION^O^SS^iSSSS?^


SOURCES: ^uarters OR SECONDARY? by Helen Free'vaSer^ cSv Sf™SS PRIMARY at 35 North West Temple St. Salt Lake Sis ofailveSs mS t^Jl?^ *^^^ scale1^c£2d or the mcment he is born 2. The midwife records the hiSh 2 ™ * the county seat two days later. T Whin S trJvellS preacSr book. 4 John's older sister writes a school paper about theTiSt ylT S^Jonn^fSf -£**« thing that h^Snedl^Lr ?hatg ' mm: ^'^,^u father' 20 years a"61, his marriage, buys a familv SSliJ*1*™?8 wife makes the necessary change? 6 STfLi?f y frcm memory His reCQrds a11 the births and deathsin John^ £2£ l^S17 getla passlng P6^1^ ito tacSSnw'to writ! a SmS ZJ!^' ^ ^ oensus taker gets infoimation about John's t TXhn^nHVelghb0nieCause they^ters a11 * town that L.

TCre John's family (her in«?? ! ' ? elderly widcw Ljb) in her own family Bible - now that all of theTSe dSd 9 ta Subt8?.01?,?811' *?• "- •«*« abcut^eTjSfJ' ™^+oT^lSe^u™ ^ S^ 2" ^ local resident decides *^nT*Arou^ JfJ * the c^tury a hiS ^^ «** «• to !?5L iSL^fl017- For ^oimation on John's fami^ helo^l £c£hi2l1™£^ Form for^° "" 5yeara old **en JoS S3.

ANCESTRAL EXCHANGE - J"*8? submitting query and 5-nlus 3 r^i,,™ ?a^A^qS^STCl0Sely P^ed Applesu^E S FDTX SpS v*™ with Pies ASTITCHINmiF GRANDMA'S KITCHEN, Old-Fashioned Cherringtcn. an illustrated desertion ofher Sat^Snd^he^ Rosella Jane Enniss' rose-colored wedding drlssfoS hlr^Ts?

1884 marriage to Joseph Daniel WadleyrS Logan Utah Also many shorter items, facts, tips andldvertiSts.

PERCY-PIERCY FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY. E. C. Peroey, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor, High Trees, Brocm Way, Oatlands Park, Weybridge Surrey, England (Waltcn-on Thames 25441) aska that persons interest ed In the Quarterly Newsletter or information as to aims and objects contact him. He expresses a hope of eventually going to computer for compiling infoimation and drawing all branches together and also states that a French researcher is able to provide infoimation on their French roots and derivative family trees.

HEARTLAND QUARTERLY, Vol 11, No. 14, pp. 13-14, contains Hospital Lists (1912-1913) for Names Starting with F & G. A-B were in Vol 1 No. 4; C, Vol. II, No. 1, D-E Vol. II, No. 2. Will be continued in' future issues.


MISSOURI ARCHIVES - The Secretary of State cannot do a search of state newspapeis for infoimat fin on a particular surname. His office does not keep newspapers. Information can be obtained far an SASE to State Historical Society, 1020 Lowry St., Columbia, MO.

which does have a newspaper collection. Barbara H. Russell, editor of "OZARK HAPPENINGS", the publication of the Texas County, Mo.

Gen. & Hist. Society requested that SBCGS membership be informed of the error published In seme genealogical societies concerning the Missouri State Archives.

SBCGS LIBRARY HOURS - have been changed frcm Wednesday to TRUPSDAY, 12 noon to 4 p. m. Saturdays as previously announced.

Marie LaBreche saw this ad in the Goleta News recently: Relative needs info en mother and baby. Marie Fay OAKLEY, 21, gave birth to a boy 2-23-1918, in Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara. Dr. L. S.

Loveran; lived at 1328 De La Vina, March - June 1918. Mother Dorothy Fay (real name) worked for Susan Trenwith in Woman's Ex change - Children's Shcp Sept 1918. Phcne Collect M. Fay Ayers, (415) 526-9313 or write 224 Cambridge Ave..Kensington,CA 94708 KANSAS KIN, Riley County, Kansas Gen. Soc. Vol XXIII, No. 3,Aug.

1985, pp 48-49 REGISTER OF DEEDS RESEARCH: AFFIDAVITS OF HEIRSHIP, sometimes indexed under Miscellaneous Records.

FEDERATION OF GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES NEWSLETTER, VOL 9, #2 Mar /Apr 1985 HAS YOUR RESEARCH TURNED UP A STOCK MJffiK? Barbara Duskin, Whittier Area Gen. Soc. (Calif), article re earmarks, etc.

Brands are recorded ii County Recorder's Office, Santa Barbara, CA.

NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY NBVSLETTER, Vol 11, No. 4 July/Aug 1985 ILLINOIS COMPUTERIZED FINDING AIDS p. 75 includes Statwide Marriage Record Index to all marriages frcm the period prior to statehood through 1900. Project begun in Feb. 1985. Public Domain Land Sales Records provides information on over 550,000 original sales of 54,740 sq. miles of public lands in Illinois. Patrcns may use list ings or make inquiries by mail. Information Services /Land Sales, Illinois State ARchives, Archives Bldg., Springfield, IL 62756. list ing en 144 microfiche available at $?5.00 per set. Checks payable to Secretary of State.

SURNAME SEARCHERS DIRECTORS, Stone's Cemputer Service, Bex 251, Bartley, NE 69029. Printout received of Vol, 2 No. 1,April,1985.

Memberships renewable overy Dec. 20, $10. Inserts $2.50 each per issue, 50 word limit a query.

International Society of British Genealogical & Family History.

MARITIME RECORDS Newsletter Vol. 7, No. 2, Apr-June 1985.

Lloyd's marine collection of records (1870-1960) deposited at the Guildhall Library and is available for search. From 1838 micro film index listing vessels in A-Z order and complete vcyage record of all ocean-going vessels for period 1740-1970. Guildhall Libra ry, Aldermansbury, City of London EC? Tel. ol-60603030.

ARCHAIC AND UNUSUAL MEDICAL TERMS - The Genealogist, Conejo Valley Genealogical Society, Vol. 6, No. 11, 1985.


OF ARIZONA 1975 W. Wetmore Rd., Tucson, AZ 85705 Announcement required entries to be submitted by September 30, 1985 - not re ceived in timr for inclusion in September ANCESTORS WEST. Parties listed agree to exchange services for those of scmecne else research ing only in their local areas and states with which they were willing to barter.

–  –  –

Records closed. Voluntary registry for birth familie and adult adoptees to contact each other California Colorado Florida Kentucky Louisiam Maine Michigan Nevada New York Oregon Texas Sourcet "Adoption and State Legislatures," Public Welfare. Spring, 1984 issue.

Montgomery County Genealogical & History Society,Conroe.TX THB HERALD Vol. 8, #2, Summer, 1985 p. 95' DID YOU KNOW? Signing a name with an ° XH wasn't always an indication of illiteracy, according to the Handy Book of Literary Curiosities, published by the Gale Research Co. Among the ancient Saxons, everyone, whether he could read and write or not, was required to make the sign of the cross after his signature as proof of his good faith. Fromi Signing with 'X' Once Mandatory, contributed byi W. Haden Smith, Illiana Genealogist, Vol. 6, page 45 p. 981 Gravestone thefts are expressly forbidden in 34 states. Connecticut's gravestone law was adopted in 1984.

p. 85, continued on p. 98 GENEALOGY BIRDS, from Cherokee Gen. Soc. Quarterly, Michael J. Hogan.



Check the ODD 'N ENDS 'N THIS 'N THAT section of the Conejo Valley Gen. Soc. Quarterly for many gems of information BRITISH CENSUS RECORDS 1891/1901. Application form for search can be obtained from the General Registrar Office, St. Catherine's House, 10 Kingsway, London WC2B 6JP -for a search to be made for details of one person at one address, A fee (at present L19.25 including VAT) has to be paid for the search. Information required on the application form isi

a) the specific address in which you have an interest

b) the full name of the person whose age and place of birth you require c4 the purpose of the application e.g. - genealogical

d) your relationship to the family - a direct descendant has to give written consent to the disclosure of the information.

e) the applicant has to give assurances that the informa tion will not be used in litigation or to the detriment of any person nSi^iS +«di!r!8h ancestors living in England at that *ime only had to list country of birth.

–  –  –

ANCESTORS WEST, Vol. 11, No. 3, p. 115, September, 1985 First Name misread as Peter Corrected Item CLEVENGER, Porter Stephen 21 LosAngeles (CA) Cora Adella BENNETT 22 Arroyo Grande (CA) 16 Feb 1912 S. B.


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