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 Only the bomb carrier can arm a target.

 The team that wins the most mini-rounds wins the match.

SET  The teams switch roles between sets. Attackers become defenders and vice versa.

 The destruction is reset between the sets.



Game modes share some common rules.


All game modes can have a Round Time Limit. The default time limit varies depending on the game mode. The larger the game the longer the round time limit.

TEAMS Unless otherwise specified there are always two teams fighting against each other.


You can always, unless stated otherwise, deploy next to a squad mate.




The following game modes can end in a draw. For TDM and SQDM the draw is resolved through sudden death:

 Conquest and Domination – Ends in a draw if both teams have the same amount of tickets at the Round Time Limit.

 Obliteration – Ends in a draw if both teams have destroyed the same amount of targets.

 Team Death Match – Enters sudden death if both teams have the same amount of kills when time runs out.

The first team to reach one more kill wins.

 Squad Death Match – Enters sudden death if two or more squads have the same amount of kills when time runs out. The first squad to reach one more kill wins.






You need to be a certain rank or higher to play as Commander. As Commander you fulfill a strategic role on the Battlefield by giving orders to your soldiers and providing them with equipment and information. Commander mode is available for the Conquest, Obliteration, and Rush game modes. The mode is always available on official servers. Ranked and unranked servers can disable Commander mode.

You can join a server as Commander via the server browser screen, or apply to become Commander in-game by selecting “OPTIONS TEAM SETUP TAKE COMMAND”. Commander is decided on a first come first serve bases.

However, if you connect to the server as Commander you will have a small window of opportunity where you can apply before those applying in-game.




As Commander you interact with your own soldiers and the enemy soldiers, as well as the enemy Commander.

You give your soldiers orders on what to attack or defend. You deploy assets that provide your soldiers with equipment and information. You kill enemy soldiers, destroy their Commander’s assets and hide information.

The Game Mode widget provides you with information about the status of the round. If you select the Live Camera the widget will show you a view of an area. Selecting a Squad Leader will give you a first-person view.

Selecting an objective shows you a top-down view of the objective and surrounding area, while the cruise missile will show you a view from its nose camera onboard. The UAV and Gunship show a view of the area they are circling.



MUTINY If the Commander does a poor job, and you are a Squad Leader, you can disapprove of the Commander via the TEAM SETUP screen, “OPTIONS TEAM SETUP CHANGE RATING”. If the majority of Squad Leaders disapproves of the Commander, a mutiny will start.

If a mutiny is taking place, the Commander will be kicked out within a short amount of time unless the majority of Squad Leaders toggles the rating back to “Approve”. A mutiny cannot be started against a player who recently became Commander.




When your squads work together they are awarded squad scores. All your Commander scores contribute to your Squad Asset Bar, with which you can award your squads with assets. When a squad asset is deployed, the Squad Asset Bar is drained. The amount drained depends on the value of the deployed asset.


As Commander, if you select a Squad Leader, his squad mates will appear in green. Selecting a Squad Leader also displays any orders given to the squad as a green line. If you give the Squad Leader an order it is displayed as a dotted line, and if the order is accepted it turns into a full line. An accepted Commander order replaces any prior Squad Leader order.



ASSETS Most assets have in common that they need to have a cool-down before they can be used again, i.e. they have a short delay before they are deployed. When assets are deployed tactically and used by the team, they increase the Commander’s score.

The Asset Overview displays all assets that are available in a mission, and distinguishes between those you currently have access to and those you can gain access to. It also displays the amount of time left until you can deploy an asset.




Assets fall into three different categories:

 Default – Always available to the Commander, used for gathering information and denying enemies information.

 Squad – Earned by Commander scoring. Squad assets allow you to award squads with equipment or increased squad progression.

 Objective – Vary between missions, contain powerful means for gathering and denying enemies information, as well as providing your team with equipment and directly attacking the enemy team.




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Battlefield 4 allows you to progress while you play in Multiplayer mode online. Various actions, kills, assists, resupplies, assignments, and much more count towards your progression and earns you statistics over the course of your career. The better you perform, the faster you move up the ranks, and as you move up the ranks, you gain access to new guns and gadgets.

NOTE: For a full overview of the progression, please visit battlelog.com.



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You will be awarded with a Medal once you have collected a certain amount of Ribbons of the same type. Medals represent milestones for good performance and can be earned multiple times.



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A Service Star is awarded for completing a ”Tour of Duty” for every weapon, killing gadget, vehicle class, soldier class and game mode. The stars vary depending on class and difficulty. Each Service Star can be obtained 100 times.



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There are three levels of difficulty for assignments in Multiplayer: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. As you progress through different ranks, new assignments will be unlocked. Fulfilling the Assignments will unlock Dog Tags, Weapon Paint, and more.

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The Emblem is a feature that gives you an additional identity marker. The Emblem will be displayed on vehicles, weapons, and characters. Create your unique Emblem with the Emblem Editor on battlelog.com. You can create several Emblems and then choose between them before entering a server.




Through the course of your Multiplayer career, you will receive Battle Packs containing combinations of new Camos, Dog Tags, Knives, XP Boosts, and more! These items are designed to add customization options and give you some personalization on the Battlefield. Battle Packs can be earned through progression or promotion.

There are four types of Battle Packs:

 Weapon-specific  Bronze  Silver  Gold




As you play online your progress depends on how you play the game. Every point you get will contribute to your ranking, but depending on what you do to get the point, also allows you to specialize in different areas. E.g. if you regularly use a certain vehicle, you will gain the ability to unlock attachments or accessories for that vehicle type.

If you prefer to be a certain class while you play, you will unlock the opportunity to use certain weapons or gadgets for that class. Being consistent with your gameplay choices gives you more freedom for customization.



Spectator Mode allows you to record all your Battlefield experiences. To do this, connect to the server as a Spectator through Battlelog.

Start spectating by moving the mouse and pressing the W/A/S/D keys. Press C to customize your spectator options. It is possible to remove the tooltip, the HUD (press V), the player card (only seen in third person), and squad boards. By pressing Tab and clicking on another player, you will instantly jump into that person’s first person view.

TEST RANGE PRACTICE You can train your aim or driving skills at the offline Test Range. At the Test Range you can get acquainted with all weapons and gadgets that you have so far unlocked in Multiplayer, as well as practice your handling of all the main vehicle types that you will find on the battlefield. This is the perfect environment for setting your preferred kit and vehicle Loadout, as well setting your preferred controls and sensitivity of input, both for your soldier and the different vehicles.


EXTRAS There is a wide selection of options from which to choose within the Battlefield 4 store, found through your Origin account (EA). You can access all the latest information for available and upcoming Battlefield 4 content, redeem codes for in-game content, and purchase additional downloadable content.

BATTLELOG BATTLELOG.COM Battlelog.com extends your Battlefield 4 experience by enhancing your gameplay, tracking your progression throughout your Battlefield 4 career, and allowing you to compete with millions of Battlefield players all around the world. Battlelog is available in-game, on the web, and through tablet and smartphone apps.

Battlelog can track all rounds you have played, your unlocks, stats, awards, assignments, and much more. You can do missions and compete with your friends to see who the best tank driver is, or use the Geo Leaderboards to compete against people in your city or country.

Customize your Loadout and find a server in the SERVER BROWSER that is right for you.



Battlelog is available on iPhone and iPad, as well Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or higher. You can find and download the free Battlelog app from the relevant store for your device. Launch the app and login with your Origin account, email address, or by using the QR Code from the in-game Battlelog.

With the Battlelog app, you can access most of the features available from battlelog.com and take it with you on the go.

Battlelog can also act as a companion while you play. Access BattleScreen to have a full screen mini-map from the game shown on your device (tablets and PC only), or customize your Loadout and have it synced directly to the game. You can also find friends or new servers from your phone or tablet, and instantly switch to another game server.

BATTLELOG IN-GAME You can always bring up Battlelog in-game by pressing Backspace. You can check your stats, your friends’ stats, see how your suggested or tracked unlocks are progressing, create and join missions, see how you are doing in the Geo Leaderboards, and much more.

Please visit battlelog.com for a full overview of Battlefield 4.



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You have been kicked out due to the Game modes in Battlefield 4 have a varying player count. If you are on a server player count on the server having been that changes game mode and lowers the number of active players in a round, you changed. will be disconnected once the maximum number of players is reached.


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