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Live out your cop and criminal fantasy in Battlefield™ Hardline.

This action-packed blockbuster combines the intense signature multiplayer moments

of Battlefield™ with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern

television crime drama.

CONTROLS ON FOOT Move W/S/A/D Look mouse Jump/Vault/Open parachute SPACEBAR Reload R Interact E Pick up R (hold) Switch weapon mouse wheel up/down Crouch (toggle) X Crouch (hold) left CTRL Prone Z Sprint SHIFT Takedown F Freeze (Campaign only) G Grenade (Multiplayer only) G Spot (Multiplayer only) Q Engage Scanner Q Analyze Subject (with Scanner) SPACEBAR (hold) Zoom Scanner In mouse wheel up ON FOOT (CONT.) Zoom Scanner Out mouse wheel down Commorose (Multiplayer only) Q (hold) Aim right-click (hold) Peek Over/Lean (behind cover) right-click (hold) Fire left-click Accessory T Gadget 1 3 Gadget 2 4 Fire Mode V Case File/Evidence Details TAB (immediately after scanning Evidence;

Campaign only) Throw Distraction (Campaign only) C Spray Tag (Multiplayer only) C Battlelog (while in menus) BACKSPACE Game Menu ESC Scoreboard (Multiplayer only) TAB (hold) IN VEHICLE Steer A/D Look (Campaign only) mouse Switch Seat F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6 Reload R Exit E Switch weapon F Radio Next Song G Radio On/Off G (hold) Switch camera C Passenger

–  –  –


Miami is embroiled in a drug war and Officer Nick Mendoza has just made detective.

A loner and a crusader, Nick is determined to make his way to the top of the pile -- and leave behind the man he feared he might become. Alongside his partner, veteran detective Khai Minh Dao, Nick follows the drug supply chain from the streets to the source. In a series of increasingly off-the-books cases, the two detectives come to realize that power and corruption can affect both sides of the law.

–  –  –

EQUIPMENT This indicates the currently equipped gadgets and selected fire mode for your current weapon.

MINI-MAP The mini-map shows your current location along with any enemies you have spotted. A vision cone extends out from enemy icons, indicating their field of vision. The mini-map border blinks yellow or red to represent the alert level of the enemy. To track an enemy on the mini-map, aim at the enemy with the Scanner and press the Q key. An arrow will appear over their head in-game to track them. Enemies that are on a different level will have their icon appear translucent, and will not have a vision cone.


This display shows your current magazine, total ammo, firing mode, grenade count (Multiplayer only), and health.



The briefing before each Episode lets you examine the situation, objectives, and Open Warrants you can collect upon.

–  –  –

Mini-map Press Q to activate your Scanner. Enemies you target with the Scanner reticle become tagged and glow red, visible through walls and other obstructions in the level.

The upper left of the display shows your distance to the evidence and your progress towards collecting all the evidence in the area.

Evidence in the environment can be analyzed. Hold SPACEBAR to analyze the subject for evidence and collect Expert point rewards.

Objects highlighted in green indicate something of interest. A blue highlight indicates the main objective, and red highlight indicates a threat.

CASE FILES Case Files are investigations that take place within the main Story. Completing Case Files not only expands and informs the main Story, but also offers rewards in the form of unique weapons and multiplayer Battle Packs.

EVIDENCE A Case File begins once you find the first piece of Evidence associated with the case.

Evidence can be found by exploring your environment or arresting criminals that have Warrants issued against them.

Your Scanner will alert you when a piece of Evidence is nearby. Evidence will be highlighted in green when viewed through the Scanner. To collect the Evidence, zoom in on the tagged Evidence and hold the analyze key until the analysis is complete. Successfully scanning a piece of Evidence rewards you with Expert Rank points and additional insights into the case at hand.

NOTE: Criminals with Evidence in their possession are marked with a magnifying glass icon when tagged and viewed through the Scanner.

WARRANTS Arresting criminals that have Open Warrants against them results in major rank advancement.

Details for each Warrant are available in the pre-mission briefing or from the Game Menu. To receive the full payout for a Warrant, you must identify the target using the Scanner and then take him down alive. Criminals who have been killed do not award Rank advancement.


To take a suspect alive, sneak up behind the enemy and press F.

FREEZE Flash your badge by pressing G to order up to three enemies to drop their weapons, put their hands up, and stay still until you can arrest them.

After they have dropped their weapons you still need to point your gun at them to make sure they comply. Otherwise they can seize control of the situation and attack you.

If you have a partner with you, they can cover you when you are arresting more than one criminal. If the enemies decide to attack, your partner can put one of them down.

Indicator NOTE: Enemies that can be caught off guard by a Freeze are marked with a blue icon.


Press C to throw a shell casing and distract enemies.

The Awareness Meter shows how close an enemy is to spotting you. The brighter the Awareness Meter, the closer the enemy is to discovering your location. Once the Awareness Meter fills up red, the enemy will attack. Stay out of sight, stay low, and move slowly to avoid detection.

–  –  –



Your arsenal is always within arm’s reach. Access storage spaces, including your vehicle’s trunk or orange boxes, to enter the Tactical Gear menu where you can swap out your current weaponry, gadgets, and other equipment.

Weapons, attachments, and gadgets unlock as you level up your Rank. Additional weapons can also be scavenged from fallen enemies.


Completing various tasks and objectives in the game awards you with Rank points, increasing your overall Expert Progression. Each level of Expert Progression unlocks access to additional weapons and gadgets in the Tactical Gear menu. Open the Expert Progression menu via the Pause menu to check on your progress towards each rank.

Weapons, Attachments, and Description

–  –  –

RETICLE The reticle in the center of the screen indicates where you are aiming. Its appearance changes depending on the type of weapon you have equipped.

This reticle indicates the general accuracy of your weapon when firing from the hip – notice the shape and size changes based on certain conditions in-game.


This shows the current objective, time remaining, and score for the current match.

Sometimes, additional game-mode specific information will be displayed here as well.

MINI-MAP The mini-map shows the position of objectives, teammates, enemies, Battlepickups, and vehicles in a multiplayer match. Enemies will only appear on the mini-map if they are making noise, such as firing a weapon, or if they have been spotted by one of your allies or cameras.

Other icons related to gadgets or gameplay can show up here as well – for example, revive icons show up if you have the Revive gadget equipped.


Shows the current class and status of the members assigned to your squad. Also shows the current squad leader with a star icon at the top of the list.


This display shows your current ammo, grenades, firing mode, and health. Sometimes shows gameplay objective information, like how much money you are carrying in Blood Money.


A notification appears when any player is killed during a multiplayer match, showing the attacker, the victim, and the weapon type.


You can connect to Multiplayer via QUICK MATCH where you are randomly matched with other players.

There are three different server types for Battlefield Hardline:

OFFICIAL Official servers have strict default settings that are tailored for new players.

RANKED Ranked servers can use settings that are slightly different than default servers.

UNRANKED Unranked servers use settings that are considered to drastically change how the game is played. Therefore no Rank progression is awarded on unranked servers.


Whenever you connect to a Multiplayer session you are automatically placed in a squad. You can also manually join a squad or create a new squad. A squad can at most consist of five players. The members of a squad can deploy on each other, so-called squad-deploy.


A squad can be made private if you lock it. Only friends of the members of a private squad can join it.


All squads have a Squad Leader. The Squad Leader is identified by a star next to the player name. The Squad Leader is the only one who can give orders to the squad. The Squad Leader is also the only one who can request orders or a variety of assets from the Hacker.


Here you can see an overview of the map for the current match. Select a squad member using the mouse and left-click to start playing.

Alternatively, select your base or a vehicle using the mouse and left-click to start at that location or vehicle.

You can choose your class and loadout quickly via the menu bar at the top of the screen.


CLASS Each class has a specific job on the urban Battlefield. Read the descriptions and choose the one that best fits your play style.

WEAPONS As you gain proficiency with your weapons, new attachments will become available to purchase. Make sure to customize your gun to suit your style of play – read the description for the attachments to find out what they do.

GADGETS You know the drill – this is where you can select and purchase new gadgets. The description should help you understand what they do.

VEHICLES Customizing your vehicles is a key component to winning more matches. Buy upgrades once you’ve unlocked them through using your vehicle and create the tool you need for the job.

TEAM SETUP Choose a squad to join, or switch teams. You can’t switch teams while alive in-game – choose REDEPLOY from the menu and the option will appear.

HACKER Above the war on the streets, a Hacker can take control of local infrastructure to tip the balance for either police or criminal factions. Level up your subroutines as you influence the fight and change the outcome of Blood Money, Conquest, Heist, Hotwire, and Team Deathmatch games.



The Vehicle Armory is a new feature in Battlefield Hardline that allows you to customize your vehicle with a special weapon pickup in the trunk. Anyone on your team can access this weapon – generally these are powerful items that can turn the tide of an encounter!


The grappling hook allows you to ascend to new heights in Battlefield Hardline. The reticle in the viewfinder tells you when the grapple will attach successfully – it will attach to any flat ledge. To attach to a ledge, right-click and hold, aim the targeting reticle at the ledge, and then left-click to fire.

ZIPLINE The zipline creates a line of travel that allows you and your teammates to quickly cover long distances. Right-click and hold to aim the zipline and left-click to fire at any area lower than your current position. Once secured, stand under the zipline and hold E to begin your descent. If the line can’t deploy for any reason, look at the message displayed in the reticle – for example, if there is no room for the zipline stand to be deployed, a small red word “REPOSITION” appears underneath the reticle. Back up to give it more room, and the warning should disappear, allowing you to fire the line.

SPOTTING Press Q when an enemy is in your sights to spot them, marking their location on the minimap for your teammates.

COMMOROSE The Commorose system gives you the ability to quickly send basic commands and requests to your teammates. Hold Q to bring up the Commorose menu, move the mouse to select a message, and then release Q to send it.

Agents also have the ability to send contextual messages in-game as well, by pointing at a teammate and pressing Q. Let your teammates know you need ammo, health, or a ride with this feature.

Squad leaders have additional functionality: Target an objective to tell your squad what to do. Everyone gets extra in-game cash to spend by completing these squad orders, so use these constantly. If you have a bad squad leader, requesting an order and not being issued one makes YOU the new squad leader!

GAME MODES BLOOD MONEY Police and criminal factions compete to increase their cash reserves. Players must try to grab as much cash as they can carry from a central pile, and return the cash to their base to score points. Each team can steal cash from their opponent’s base, so keep a sharp eye on your ill-gotten gains. Ambush enemies carrying cash for a quicker way to get loot – just watch out for others trying to do the same!

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