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HEIST In Heist mode, criminals must execute a robbery and the cops must stop them. The specific objectives for the criminal team are different for each map, but typically involve breaking into one or more vaults. Scout the maps for secret break-in locations! Most vaults have more than one way to break in, but they might not be obvious.

HOTWIRE Hotwire mode tasks each team with stealing and controlling several high-value vehicles scattered across the map. Get in a vehicle and drive it at maximum speed to earn points for your team. Control the majority of the vehicles for most of the match time to ensure your team comes out on top.

CONQUEST A classic Battlefield mode. Conquest tasks each team with capturing and controlling several key points on each map. Stand within the capture point radius to capture it for your team.

Control the majority of the points for most of the match time to make sure your team wins.

RESCUE Rescue is an intense highly competitive five-on-five gameplay mode where each player only has one life to live. The cops are tasked with rescuing one of two hostages from the criminal team and extracting a hostage to a safe area – this breaks the criminal’s negotiation leverage, and wins the match for the cops.

CROSSHAIR This is a five-on-five gameplay mode where each player only has one life to live. In Crosshair, one player is designated as the VIP and is on the cop team. The criminals try to eliminate the VIP, who is an important source of information for the cops, while the cops try to escort the VIP to one of two extraction points. Communication – and teamwork! – are key in this mode.


Watch the intense battle between police and criminal factions. Try individual player spectating in both first and third person to make yourself part of the fight or use complete camera control for an easy way to see the mayhem from any angle. It’s a visceral experience showing the scale of the all-out war on crime.

BATTLELOG BATTLELOG.COM Battlelog.com extends your Battlefield Hardline experience by enhancing your gameplay, tracking your progression throughout your Battlefield Hardline career, and allowing you to compete with millions of Battlefield players all around the world. Battlelog is available in-game, on the web, and through tablet and smartphone apps.

Battlelog can track all rounds you have played, your unlocks, stats, awards, assignments, and much more. You can use the Leaderboards to compete against your friends, or people in your city or country. Stay in touch with the Battlefield community through news and forums.

You can also design your emblem with the emblem editor and customize your Loadout.

IN-GAME You can always bring up Battlelog in-game by pressing BACKSPACE. Check your stats, your friends’ stats, see how you are doing in the Geo Leaderboards, and much more.

Please visit battlelog.com for a full overview of Battlefield Hardline.



Getting into a new EA game is as streamlined as possible so you can get right into the action, but if you’re stuck anywhere along the way, the below can help.

NOTE: You can find all of this information along with links to detailed EA Help articles and instructions at http://help.ea.com/article/how-to-get-in-your-new-game.

Before installing your game—specifically on PC—make sure your computer meets the game’s minimum system requirements. If available, you can find a game’s system requirements information in the Origin Store or at Origin.com alongside the game’s product description. You can also use System Requirements Lab’s Can You RUN It tools to scan your computer against the game’s specs, if minimum specifications are available.

Once you have your game, you need to have an active Origin Account to play. If you’ve played an EA game before or bought your game through the Origin Store, you probably already have an Origin Account. Use the same account across all your EA games to keep everything in the same place and avoid any issues. If you’re new to EA games and bought your game in a brick-and-mortar store, you can learn how to create an Origin Account on EA Help or at Origin.com.

Now you’re ready to install and launch your game.

For games purchased through the Origin Store, downloading and installation happens automatically as long as you’re connected to the internet. If you’re having installation problems after your game’s downloaded, try running it as an Administrator. Or, if you’re unable to find your new purchase in Origin’s My Games menu, make sure your order has processed or try reloading your My Games library. For any other download, installation, or launching errors, check EA Help for ongoing issues or search for the problem you’re running into.

If you purchased a physical disc of your game, insert the game disc into the DVD drive and follow the AutoRun menu prompts, which will guide you through installation. You can also find a few more options to jumpstart installation manually on EA Help.

To learn more about other issues related to installing or launching the game—like if your download stops before finishing, your connection drops while downloading, or you can’t connect for online play or game updates—access EA Help for more info or to contact an advisor for further assistance.



The official Battlefield Hardline manual is available on the title’s EA Help page right at launch. There you’ll be able to find basic controls, minimum specifications, and other bits of information. You’ll also be able to find technical troubleshooting and beginners’ guides for Battlefield Hardline.

You can also find more information at Battlefield.com and on Battlelog.



Head to Battlelog.com to check your stats, see what unlocks are coming up next, view match results, customize your loadouts, check your place in the leaderboards, and challenge your friends. PC players can also join a server there.


If you’re having problems getting into your game, first check the Battlefield™ Hardline page on EA Help (http://help.ea.com/battlefield/battlefield-hardline). There you’ll learn more about issues the EA Help team is investigating, workarounds to ongoing issues, and other useful information that can enhance your game experience.

If you’re specifically having trouble connecting, look for an orange stripe alerting you to any active issues, such as server malfunctions or maintenance windows, or other info about what’s blocking your access.

If you think it’s your system or connection getting in the way, try some of these common

connectivity troubleshooting steps:

★ Reset your router ★ Flush your DNS cache ★ Activate Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) on your router ★ Disable firewalls or opening up any specifically-blocked ports your game is using ★ Make sure you’re not running any conflicting programs, like antivirus or proxies.


The official Battlefield Hardline page http://www.battlefield.com/hardline is your main stop for everything related to this cops and criminals take on Battlefield™.

You can discover what the single-player mechanics will bring alongside the hard-boiled new setting and detective tools, how fast-paced cops and criminals multiplayer will be different from the soldier-based play you’re used to, character detail, video instructions, and much more.


The Battlelog forums are the best place to have your voice heard about Hardline. There you’ll have a chance to post on game-, discussion-, and platform-specific boards about topics like weapon balance and more.

If you’re running into a problem you think others are having, or have figured out a way around an issue that was bothering you, head to the Battlefield Hardline board at Answer HQ (http://answers.ea.com), where a community of EA fans and experts is constantly talking.


If you have a problem or gameplay issue and want advice from your fellow players and our EA experts, Answer HQ is your destination. You can help us out by submitting bug reports, MSInfo dumps for widespread issues, and help others out with in-game tips, tricks, and selfdiscovered troubleshooting steps.

Otherwise, head to EA Help to find troubleshooting tips and workarounds in our articles, or

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