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«FREE REPORT FINALLY REVEALS. “The Astonishing Secrets Of The Most Talented, Most Knowledgeable, And Most Respected Musicians In The World. And How ...»

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“The Astonishing Secrets Of The Most Talented,

Most Knowledgeable, And Most Respected

Musicians In The World... And How You Can

Apply Them To Your Playing And Skip Years Of

Unnecessary Trial & Error...”


“The Pattern Pyramid”

Using this chart, you can easily figure

out how to play 80% of the songs you

hear. While all 5 elements of the

formula are essential, the big secret lies in understanding “PATTERNS.” Simply put, songs follow predictable, recycled patterns. If you master patterns and how they work, nothing will stop you from playing almost any song you hear in virtually minutes!

/ The Musician Transformation ‘Pattern Pyramid’ Chart. Copyright © 2015 HearandPlay.com. All Rights Reserved.

Read this entire report to discover, step-by-step, how you can put the Musician Transformation system to work for you and start playing almost any song you hear...


-1What You’ll Discover Inside:

The reason I’ve written yet another “Musician Transformation” report, • even after releasing 73+ pages in FREE material a few months ago...

(Report #1 – 44 pages: http://www.hearandplay.com/mtreport.pdf) (Report #2 – 29 pages: http://www.hearandplay.com/missingchapter.pdf) The widening “GAP” between advanced and mediocre players and what • keeps mediocre ones stuck at the same level for years while others get to advanced levels in months, let alone years.

How to take one element from the entire formula (hint: “PP”) and use it to • play almost any song you hear on the radio... without having to rely on sheet music or any other reference.

How you can put this entire Musician Transformation system to work for • you and stop struggling once and for all to get to the next level...

Part One: The Reason I’ve Written Another Musician Transformation Report...

So I’ve been on a mini “quasi” vacation since the last sold-out launch of my Gospel Music Training Center and Musician Transformation Free Giveaway in November of 2012.

Let me tell ya... that was a crazy launch. The fourth time we offered the 12-disc Musician Transformation to the world (and it's been off the market ever since --- OVER TWO YEARS).

The first launch was November 26, 2009 and we sold out all 1,000 packages and actually went over by some hundred copies when you combine some of our existing GMTC members who wanted to grab theirs too.

So that forced me to reorder them just to get the oversold copies out as soon as I could. And there were some issues there too (I won’t repeat that whole ordeal here but some folks will know what I’m talking about).

After the dust settled, I decided to have a second launch to get the final remaining copies off my hands. That was December 9, 2009. The third launch was April 28, 2010. And the fourth November 1, 2012.

–  –  –

Well, not really. I've had my hands full!

So between being “stay-at-home daddy” for the last year or so and tending to our private clubs (Gospel Music Training Center & Jazz Intensive Training Center), that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.

But here’s the thing...

I’m one of those guys that can’t stay put. Even when I’m not working, I’m jotting down ideas to implement when I get back to work.

So what I’m about to share has been brewing in my head for a couple months now and rather than giving it only to my private GMTC students, I’ve decided to release it as another FREE report to EVERYONE!!! “Woooooooooo-hoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!” What’s contained in this report can literally change the way you approach music forever.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again...

Whenever I release a report or lesson to the public for free, please don’t value it as “just free” and throw it aside.

And I know people do this because I’ll get the same questions even on my private GMTC training calls... and I’ll basically say “go read my free report on ‘practicing’ or my free report on the ‘5 elements of the musician transformation formula’” and they’ll come back thanking me many times over.

Yeah, it feels weird to tell someone who’s paying me to go read something that I’ve given to tens of thousands of people for free. But when I sit down and write something, I don’t make two piles and say “this is free” and “this is a paid product.” I give my all either way.

-3Business advisors have warned me against giving away so much free content as I have hundreds of pages of stuff on my blog and tons of video lessons all over the web. They say “familiarity breeds contempt.” In other words, when people get “too much of you for free,” they won’t respect you or they’ll devalue you or take you for granted. I’ve taken lots of advice, but I’ve gone with my heart when it comes to releasing free content online... and I’ve survived.) Ain’t it funny how we humans are?

If we pay for something, we “may” use it (some people still won’t). If we get it for free, there’s no urgency to get to it because it didn’t cost us anything.



So act as if you paid $30 to get this report. It, along with the other two I released, are worth AT LEAST triple that amount, if not more.

So to celebrate my transition back to work, I’m sitting down and restarting my creative engine with this insightful report. I may be rusty but I won’t stop until I’ve gotten my points across to you.

So with that, I’ll say: Enjoy.

–  –  –

Not a small gap.

A huge gap.

In my estimation, 80% of players are at the same average level.

They play. They fiddle around. They sound decent. They can figure out basic songs. They stick to the same basic rules of playing everything. They use the same chords the same way over and over. No variation. No risks. No freedom.

And those are the “good ones” in the mediocre 80% group. The “bad ones” can’t play a lick...

can’t pick up a song... can’t find the key to a song... no coordination... no rhythm.

Not that they don’t want it as bad as the top musicians --- it’s just that something hasn’t clicked for them yet. They’re stuck.

That’s 80% of self taught musicians in my book.

The other 20% (and truthfully, it’s probably more like 90%/10% but I’ll just say 20% to be nice) are miles in front of the rest.


It’s like they say about the richest 1% of people in the world... how they possess more than the bottom 90 percent. (I don’t think that’s right but that’s how it is!) But unfortunately, it’s the same in music. The top musicians get exponentially better and better and the average and bottom “do-it-yourself” musicians stay stuck or get worse.

In my first report, we’ve already established some of the reasons many mediocre musicians can’t break out of the trap.

We even talked about the 50+ year old problem in the church where experienced musicians outright refuse to teach budding musicians either because they fear losing their jobs to the “competition,” or they don’t want to share the spotlight... or just flat out think this is an “every man for himself” game.


–  –  –

But I’m not here to put advanced musicians on the spot again. (Some of them didn’t like how I exposed them in my first report).

After all, not all of them are that way. There are some kind ones out there who don’t mind spending time with the up-and-comers. If you’ve found one, value them.

Show them you appreciate them because from what I’ve heard time and time again all across the country, this is a rare trait.

So how do some musicians make it to an advanced, professional level while others stay stuck behind, thus creating this gap?

Well, let’s look at the word “GAP” for some possible answers (except I’ll spell it “GAPP” for the purposes of my illustrations).

1) You either naturally have the gift

2) You have access to top musicians (if you can)

3) You take action and practice productively Without question, whether you have a natural gift or get access to top players who share selflessly with you (or both), #3 is a requirement for everyone.

Let’s talk about this idea of “giftedness” first.

1) You have a gift I won’t kid you. There are folks who were born to do what they do. And there are others who aren’t as naturally gifted in their chosen arena but train so much they become masters at what they do.

I won’t say everyone has the “music gift.” I will say anyone can get to a level of mastery with hard work and dedication because most of us are given the basic skills to accomplish anything we want... whether we are naturally gifted at it or not.

In fact, some of the best the world has ever known started off on the polar opposite of the “talent” spectrum and worked their way up. It’s more than possible.

But let’s talk about “the gift.” There’s a parable in the bible where Jesus talks about a master who prepares to go on a long trip so he summons three of his servants to him.

He gives one servant 5 talents (equivalent of about $5000.00 today). He gives another servant 2 talents. He gives the last servant 1 talent.

–  –  –

Well, he finally returns from his long trip. The servant he gave 5 talents returns with a total of 10 talents. In other words, he doubles his master’s investment!

Likewise with the servant who was given 2 talents. He brought back 4.

But the servant who was only given 1 talent... what did he do? He dug a hole in the ground and hid the talent. He didn’t do anything with it. I guess he was scared since he only had 1 and didn’t want to risk the little he had. After all, the master was known to be hard on folks.

Needless to say, the master wasn’t happy about the last servant’s attitude.

He not only scorned him by calling him lazy, but he took away the one talent he gave him. He left the servant with NOTHING. What’s more, he gave the talent he took away to the servant who brought back 10.

(0 talents to 11... there’s a “widened gap” if I’ve ever seen one).

Not only that but he cast him away into darkness.

What does this have to do with you?


Now we’re literally talking about money in this parable but the implications are wide. Imagine the word talent really meaning “talent” --- above-average natural proclivities, attributes, and skills you possess. (In fact, I believe that’s where the current use of the word is derived, but don’t quote me on that one!) Sure enough, some people have more talents than others. Some “10,” some “5,” some just “1” (...give or take).

It’s not what you start with, though, it’s what you finish with.

See, everyone comes here with SOMETHING.

And if you think you’ve got nothing... hmmm --- if you can move your fingers and if you can hear the siren of an ambulance passing by, count your blessings. Some can’t do both.

Gifts can be as simple as that or as elaborate as the servant with ten talents. But it doesn’t matter because the common thread is what you do with them.

Imagine the best musician you’ve ever heard...

If they, in fact, did have a natural gift or inclination for music (which is not always the case), the gift still had to be honed.

It had to be cultivated.

–  –  –

The other one who had little and chose to bury what he did have... well, he was deemed “lazy” and lost it.

So if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

I bet if the guy who was given 5 talents to start came back with no gain, he would have been cast out too.

So don’t sit around sucking your thumb talking about who has natural talent or who doesn’t.

You have what it takes.

God doesn’t do for you what you can do for yourself. He only does what you can’t do. That’s why Jesus told the disciples to remove the stone so he could enter and raise Lazarus from the dead.

Don’t you think Jesus could have removed the stone, as powerful as he is? After all, that’s nothing in comparison to raising a dead man. But he knew the disciples could remove the stone so he required them to do what they COULD NATURALLY DO.

Then he entered and did the supernatural.

You want exponential growth?

Start working like you’ve never worked before. Start practicing like you’ve never practiced before. Start moving.

Growth is attracted to movement.

If you’re not active, you’re not growing and if you’re not growing you’re dying. There is no middle ground.

2) You have access In Los Angeles, there is a pack of professional musicians that play for all the big mega churches, tour with all the popular artists, and essentially work full time in the music industry.

Everyone seems to know each other. Everyone is at the top of their game.

We’ve had the privilege to interview and produce courses featuring some of them.

What I’ve noticed is that access to the “inner circle” is very closed and cliquey.

The only way in is to prove yourself or be introduced by one of the respected members.

–  –  –

Right out of high school, his amazing gift simply “made room for him.” He didn’t have to know an insider because after anyone heard him play publicly, they were hooked. You can find samples of him on our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/hearandplay He forged his way into the insider circle, into the industry. He’s played for Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Teddy Riley, Fantasia, and many more. Few can do that.

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